*~30 Days of Amour~* [ Day 5: Cuddling ]

“Did you want to check out the next episode?” He muttered, brushing my hair to the side so his lips could touch my skin lightly. His gestures were never anything that ignited some fiery dance between my sheets, but they were intimate enough for me to only fall deeper in love with him each time that he was in town. “Attie?”

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention…”

Normally I was always alert around him, so Crescendo didn’t even need to second guess himself to know that something was up. There were many instances where I was upset and all it took for me to smile again was for him to tickle me or kiss my nose, but this was different. It was the same depression that cloaked over my entire body the day before the one I dreaded the most.


“It hurts,” I admitted. “It hurts not having you near me.”

His soft exhale caressed my shoulder while I watched him push my laptop away from us, because the moment it wasn’t present as a distraction, he cupped my chin and smiled sweetly. His lips were soft against mine and for that moment I felt all of my worries leave me. I felt like a fool for being so afraid, but at the same time I worried more and the pain in my heart only increased.

“‘Scend, I–”

“I know. Believe me, I know it does. I don’t look forward to it either, sweetie, but we’ll get through it. We always do.”


“I’ll be back before you’ll know it, and maybe this time the lab will approve my transfer.”

I looked back at him, gazing deeply into his orbs as I nodded slowly. He was right. If I wasn’t visiting him, then he was visiting me, but there was always the emptiness between all that. And that was what I dreaded: the absence of the man who truly completed me.

Turning for my back to face him, Crescendo slipped his arm over mine, lacing our fingers together while we rested with our heads on the same pillow. As much as I wanted to believe our proclamations of how quickly time would pass before our next reunion, I knew that for us the hours would drag into days, that would only feel like eons in the end. That was the truth that tugged at my heart with a colossal weight that brought me down to the point I had to squeeze his hand, as if to make sure he was still there.

“Then we’ll be together? Always?” I whimpered.

Softly planting a reassuring peck against my nape, Crescendo curled his lips against my skin before pulling away to mutter: “Always.”


*~30 Days of Amour~* [ Day 3: Movie Night ]

“So now you’ve seen Amelie. What did you think?” I grinned wildly when his arm wrapped around my shoulder.

“Honestly?” He asked, pausing with his smile already slanting into one of uncertainty. “Well…”

“Oh, come on! Don’t hold back!”

Not being able to fight against me tickling his side, he adjusted his glasses with his free hand and leaned his head closer to me, as if to let me in on some deep, dark secret.

“Ooooh, ‘Scend! Don’t do this too my poor heart!”

“I think we could have been just as good in that movie,” He smirked, pecking my cheek quickly. “That vespa scene at the end? Come on, Attie, you had to admit that you thought of the time I took you out around Champs!”

Oh, now he had me smiling like a loon, because he was right. So very right! 

“I think that’s why I like it that much more, because when I do watch that movie, all I seem to think of is of the time we spent together back in France.” I sighed happily when I felt him squeeze my shoulder lightly. “Hmm?”

“Well, there’s a midnight showing of it again.”

“Again? You want to see it again?”

He shrugged. “Why not? This time we can really reminisce. Are you up for it?”

“Oh, o-of course, love! <3”


*~30 Days of Amour~* [ Day 2: First Kiss ]

It was then in that moment that our eyes met, but when I was waiting for Crescendo’s lips to part, to answer me, I got something else.

That something else was his arms pulling me into him, planting his soft lips against mine. Initially, we were both startled, but we gasped in unison, pulling each other closer, desperately trying to keep our lips locked. He let go of my waist and brought his hands to my face. Our breaths were short and staggered when we pulled away for a mere second before going in for another warm kiss. Everything about that moment was just flying past me, I couldn’t piece things together except for the obvious fact that I was in awe. My heart was beating as fast as a humming bird flapped its wings. My body burned and I couldn’t stop the corners of my mouth from curving upward. I wanted to smile. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to love him. Every feeling that was sealed within the lines of the letters was spilling through a kiss.

[Excerpt from Chapter 16 {Part II}]