whenever someone inaccurately portrays a character that already has a design, i cringe. 

so i made this movement? so that whenever you see a constant resurrection of inaccuracy, you draw the accurate representation of the character destroying the inaccurate representation. This should never be used to target a specific person… more like trying to wake people up to the true aspects of a character. 
______________ is it REALLY so difficult to look up a god damn picture of masky instead of referencing on someone elses art?  there’s no orange jacket theres no light brown hair and there especially is no blue eyes. watch the actual series. don’t base your views off of what i or that other person says.  here i’ll even link the first one to you:… i don’t understand why this inaccurate representation is still floating around… really? c'mon guys! A real fan of masky would do their fucking research aight? it’s different when you’re drawing a picture for someone… but if you constantly draw this character the same god damn way without a clue of what their true appearance is… i will feel shame for you for quite a while.