Sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try, no matter how much I give, I will never be good enough for anyone
—  Courtesy of the Depressing thoughts eating me alive

Day 10

Imagine Being Sacred To The Clave

For My Followers

Part 1?

“I’m Lydia Branwell envoy from the Clave,” your older sister announces as you enter the Institute of New York. You said behind her with your beefy bodyguard Chris unbeknownst to her.

“And I’m (Y/N) Branwell stowaway from the Clave,” you add making your older sister whip around and gape. “Oh and this is Chris my bodyguard.”

“(Y/N) you aren’t supposed to be here,” Lydia hisses and you grin.

“Yeah I know, I’m supposed to be at home in my gilded cage practicing with my abilities,” you say and brush past her to the Shadowhunters who are all staring in shock. “I’m (Y/N), you are?”

“Alec Lightwood, this is my little brother Max,” a tall dark haired man introduces.

“Nice to meet you! Now could you point me in the direction of a free room where I might stay?” Alec stares at you numbly and nods.

“Sure follow me,” he mumbles and leads you from the entrance leaving your sister in shock.


“Oh Chris I love this place,” you exclaim and clap your hands excitedly. The room Alec lead you to is large and fancy.

“Lady (Y/N) can I ask why you decided to come here?” Chris questions disregarding your cheer.

“Chris you and I both know what they wanted from me, I had to get away from that,” you growl and Chris frowns. The Clave had a very steep request from you, one you didn’t care to do.

“I would not have let them do that,” Chris insists and you cross your arms. “I am loyal to you not the Clave.”

“I know Chris I still had to leave. Besides that I’ve been dying to get out and use my powers to fight!” you shout and your riding anger makes the light on the bedside table shatter.

“Careful (Y/N),” Chris warns and you roll your eyes.

“Yeah I know. Come on Chris lets go check out this place,” you huff and leave the room in a rush.


The Institute is more crowded than you imagined and every person seems to know who you are.

It makes sense they do, you’re the Claves precious little doll and all Shadowhunters know who you are.

You became sacred to the Clave when you first used your powers in public. You have strong telekinesis making you a particularly gifted Shadowhunter so the Clave locked you away and has been training you ever since. You’ve never actually fought before of course.


In the center of the Institute there is a hub of tools meant for missions and demon hunting.

That’s where you see Alec, a girl who looks strikingly similar to him, and a red haired girl. They are speaking tersely and frantically.

“Alec!” you sing song and skip up. “Introduce me to your friends please? I want to know everyone and see everything! Please also take me on an unsanctioned mission I wanna know what fighting is like!” you rattle off while Chris stands stoically behind you.

“Alec who is this?” the red head asks.

“This is (Y/N) Branwell, she snuck away from the Clave and came here with her sister. (Y/N) this is my sister Isabelle and Clary Fray,” Alec explains and you smile wider.

“Clary Fray! I’ve been dying to meet you! Idris is buzzing with all the crazy things you’ve done! It’s been a long time since anything different has happened in the Shadow World. Oh sorry Isabelle I got carried away, it’s so nice to meet you!” you chirp and bounce on your feet.

“Pleasure, uh why do you want to go on unsanctioned missions? Aren’t you like the Clave’s little angel?” Isabella inquires with a raised eyebrow.

“More like caged angel, this is the first time I’ve ever been anywhere besides my Clave guarded home. I’ve been training for ages to fight but I never have. I want to stretch my powers and make a difference! I’ve been given a gift and I want to help,” you explain desperately. The Lightwoods and Clary all seem relatively understanding so you continue. “Now I can get Lydia off yours backs about he unsanctioned missions if you take me on one.”

“I like her,” Isabella declares with a smirk and you blush. “Stick around (Y/N), we can take you on a mission.”

“Great!” you squeal. “I love this place already!”


Later you manage to find your way to the training room so you sit and watch Alec and Hodge spar.

They seem evenly matched to you but it’s still fun to watch. Chris is next to you dutifully as always.

A loud crash from the wall makes everyone jump at turn to face it.

A forsaken warrior has busted through the wall and swings a mace at Alec. Alec being caught off guard takes a hit to the shoulder.

Chris shoves you behind him and pulls a seraph blade from his pocket.

Hodge holds the forsaken in combat keeping him away from you.

This is your chance! Breathing in sharply you focus your energy and holding up your hands you lash out.

You throw the Forsaken into the wall with one hand and while you hold him there you use your free hand to grab the mace away. With the mace you lift it up and repeatedly bring it down on the struggling forsaken until it stops moving. Then you lower your hand and let the beast fall to the ground dead.

Alec and Hodge stare in shock but Chris only smirks.

“Sorry I didn’t get it before it hit you,” you apologize after a moment.

“That’s fine,” Alec breathes out. “So that’s why the Clave keeps you locked away.”

“Yeah, and why I have a bodyguard,” you answer sheepishly. “I’m a valuable weapon for them.”

Hodge ignores us and drags the body of the forsaken away without saying a word to me.

“You aren’t a weapon, you’re a person,” Alec states and you smile.

“The only people I’ve ever met that think that way are you and Chris. So thank you,” you murmur and pat his arm gently. “Lets get you patched up.”

You’re starting to think this place can be a new chapter for you.

Elton Mulligan was my main priest and only Forsaken character for a very long time.  He was my Benediction priest and I loved playing him as disc ever since WotLK. His crotchety old man personality grew out of how aggressively I played him in PVP and how unappreciated I felt as a healer in dungeons.  #justhealerthings lol.  

Although he is still an important part of my characters’ history, I officially said goodbye to him in-game when I faction switched him in late WoD.  Elton is canon dead (dead for good lol) but I still remember the good times.

I drew these months ago and completely forgot until today when I was digging through some old folders for something else. Tbh I like them!

And I drew him as a goat because he was basically an old billy goat lol.