What depresses me most is the easy dismissal of beauty in such an open minded generation. We will never see the sky if we keep looking down, especially at our phones. Technology is needed but the overuse of it is not.


Of course, this is excellent hiking territory. Great forrest trails, deserted beaches and crystal clear water (however, quite cold: only 15 degrees Celsius. The last ice melted in June! You can even drink it). I will be on the Great Baikal Trail for the next 5 days. We are walking from Peschanaya Bay north to Buguldejka in the Baikal National Park. No internet. No posts. Read more in about a week.

kitkatkat18 asked:

Beach, Forrest, mountains, or desert?

I am a sucker for the forest, I love the smells and the feeling of being protected by the trees, the ground beneath me and the movements and sounds of animals in the distance.

I’m not a fan of the beach, but I love the ocean. I have a little place I like to go to when I meditate where the forest meets the ocean, it is my happy place.

Forrester Beach Startrail by MattLauder

“ Full moon once again and the conditions were perfect to head back out and do another night shoot.

When I took this and showed my wife she said, “You stayed out until to 2am to get this, why didn’t you just take the shot during the day”… she just doesn’t understand

About a 7 min exposure @ f8 / 250iso - manual focus. “

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Hahaha perfect. This ought to be good then:) I'm definitely a dog person, but I have a cat

The correct answer is you are an all animal person but yours is okay to. Also stop laughing at me, I’m a Leo and fragile pride is an issue;) Beach or Forrest?

Sometimes I really want to leave and move somewhere new… But then there are days like today, where I really appreciate where I live and how close I am to the forrest, lakes, beach, and river.