I want to live. I don’t mean go to parties and have sex with as many boys as possible or try to beat some frat guy at beer pong. I’m not saying that isn’t fun, but I want life long fun. I want to absorb information about thousands of different cultures and countries. Let’s explore the unknown and rediscover the famous artifacts. Let’s travel with only a nickel in our name, but at least we’re living. Let’s road trip for 2 weeks straight, staying in crappy motels with neon signs and cigarette trays on the nightstand. Let’s camp on the beach, in the woods, or on top of a random buildings roof. Let’s take a midnight drive and jam to our favorite throwback songs. Let’s take trips to Waffle House at 3 am and talk about everything and nothing at all. Let’s swim in the clearest and murkiest waters. Let’s touch noses with sharks and swim along side Dolphins. Let’s discover the sea as much as we possibly can. Let’s hike up a random mountain just for the sake of what the view might look like. Let’s grab the cheapest flight out to Alaska just to possibly touch the northern lights for a blink of an eye. Let’s experience snow before our earth is too warm to withstand it. Let’s go party with Italians in Venice, getting drunk on fine wine, but knowing it’ll be okay. Let’s roam New York City when the city sleeps. Let’s climb to see the Hollywood sign up close. Let’s
go play in Universal resorts and Disney land in the same week. Let’s eat macaroons under the Eiffel Tower. Let’s stand at the top of the Empire State Building and talk about our dreams. Let’s lay in hammocks in Hawaii and learn to surf after a nap under the warm sun. Lets live.
—  Let’s Live // J. Eliasson