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I feel as old as I’m ever gonna get… Older than I ever intended to be.
—  M*A*S*H
The Gilmore Girls Drinking Game

- Every time Lorelai makes a reference

- Every time Rory is reading or studying

- Every time Emily mentions the DAR

- Every time Emily, Paris, Michelle or Doyle says something rude

- Every time Jess says something sarcastic

- Every time Luke says something moody

- Every time Logan calls Rory “Ace”

- Every time Kirk is working or says something weird

- Every time Mrs. Kim references God or Jesus

- Every time Sookie and Jackson argue

- Every time a new maid appears

- Every time Lane and her band reference music

- Every time Dean is being soppy

- Every time Tristan calls Rory “Mary”

- Every time Madeline or Louise talk about or to boys

- Every time Richard takes a work call

- Every time Miss Patty talks about her show days

- Every time Taylor talks about the town

- Every time Babette talks about cats

- Every time Jackson does something stupid

- Every time Christopher comes back to town

- Every time someone says Stars Hollow

- Every time someone drinks coffee

- Every time anyone references anything!


It’s finally Autumn! The start of Taylor’s favourite time of the year! And we have to celebrate that of course. Are you ready for hot choco, cinnamon candles, Halloween, buying Christmas presents and comfy clothes? 

How does this work? 

All you have to do is reblog and like this post and follow the person who did this before you. Let’s make some new friends!  ♥ I honestly think that this is the time where we feel most united in the fandom. 

Don’t forget to enjoy your time here on Tumblr and may your Autumn be wonderful. Spread the love and long live Taylor Swift! 

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