forrest crooner


Images from my livestream tonight. First up is the grand prize for the winner of my ‘win a date’ contest on Deviantart. The winning entry was a short story depicting the supposed date of Forrest Crooner and Aurora Heartnote. He also has a few more images he earned as prizes, but they aren’t finished yet.

Second is a full color commission for an old friend of mine of his character, and the characters of some friends of his.

Third is a colored sketch commission for my friend Sunny of her two OC’s. :)

The last two are for a client on DeviantART who commissioned a military pony/cutie mark.


The Heroes of Tumblrpon are able to work as they do with the help, and most of all PERMISSION, of the Tumblrpon PD. Because of this, Non-Major events such as stopping bank robberies and such need to be cleared by the Police Chief before the Heroes jump in to save the day. This is where Detective Crooner comes in. He acts as a go-between for the PD and the Heroes, officially there to make sure the heroes don’t butt into mundane crimes unless the situation is dire. In reality, he works to allow the heroes as much leeway as possible while making sure they don;t abuse this trust.