forrest and the evergreens

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I really like the head cannons about all (or most) of class 1A!! Simple but gets you thinking about everyone. This is seemingly random but could I request what class 1A's favorite smells/scents are? Like chocolate chip cookies or salty ocean air, ya know? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but thank you anyway!

midoriya; spearmint because it reminds him of the feeling of being clean

kirishima; peppermint because it’s red and it smells great

bakugou; anything old spice makes

uraraka; vanilla because it reminds her of mornings with her parents

iida; engine oil i don’t even know why

kaminari; bacon, he tried to buy bacon deodorant and the girls dragged him away

kouda; forrest evergreen 

aoyama; honestly, everything that smells nice

mina; jasmine because it reminds her of disney

hagakure; lavender it’s purple and reminds her of mina

shouji; also loves old spice

tokoyami; pine trees

tsuyu; fresh cut grass 

jiro; fruity or really anything citrus 

sero; log fires

ojirou; roses 

momo; cinnamon or cinnamon buns that sato makes for her

sato; anything that reminds him of cake 

Don't Touch Him

So everyones throwin in their own Gray/Natsu battles since (spoilers) he knows about E.N.D

I decided to throw in my own rendition, but with a shorter, more painful and sad battle instead of an angry one.

Alot of Nalu btw


The whole ordeal seemed to happen within seconds, leaving Lucy in a haze of emotions as her best friend seemed to change before her very eyes.

The sky swirled from a hopeful and vibrant blue to a murky red, with clouds encircling them in a ring of utter despair. Fire seemed to have risen from the ground, growing ever more bright as the incantation was repeated.

Beside her, now groveling on his knees in agony, was Natsu.

“No…stop….” He heaved, gripping onto the soil beneath him as his body convulsed in pain.

Lucy turned towards the black wizard himself as he read some sort of ancient spell from the book of E.N.D.

“It’s almost complete Natsu. There is nothing you can do to stop it.” He spoke, his voice reverberating through the airwaves as his eyes glowed a dark an evil red.

Lucy knelt beside her friend as tears welt in her eyes, unable to do anything but stare as he twisted in torture.

“Natsu…what’s happening?” She choked out, knowing very well what her friend was turning into.

His eyes met hers, filled with both physical and emotional pain as tears began falling down his cheeks.

“Lucy…I-” he began, yet heaved once more as his skin began searing with heat.

Lucy jumped back as her hands burned from the warmth of his body.

Looking up, she felt her tears stop in her throat as horns began jutting out from Natsu’s skull. His skin began peeling back, revealing scarlet scales that littered beneath. She was terrified and mesmerized at the same time as her friend transformed into something feared for hundreds of years.

When she met his eyes, she expected to see the evergreen forrest that was his irises, but instead she met molten gold that kings wore around their heads.

“Lucy….run…please….” He panted, keeping an iron grip in the dirt as he heaved in pain.

“You know I can’t Natsu…” Lucy cried, shuffling weakly toward her best friend to try and help.

He snarled, having flames flare around his body to keep him shielded from her advances.

Lucy wouldn’t have moved if it weren’t for the strong hand that pulled her from harm.

Looking up, her eyes moved toward the long, glistening ice blade that had surrounded Gray’s upper arm. His entire body seemed to be guarded in some form of ice armor, except for the half of his body that glowed a dark purple from his markings.

His face was covered in a hard, stoic expression, yet his eyes were filled with nothing but sadness.

“He’s gone Lucy. Or atleast…he will be.” Gray said coldly, holding his blade towards Natsu.

The demon looked at the blade before cackling maniacally, throwing his head back for extra mockery.

“You think a little ice is gonna hurt me?! As-aGH…as if….AGH…DO IT GRAY-!nNO! I’m in control….” Natsu convulsed, the smirk on his face deforming every other second as he seemed to fight the demon inside him.

“Natsu! Fight it! I know you can!” Lucy cried, feeling her body being lifted up as Erza and Cana pulled her further away from the battle field.

“I…I c-an’t Lucy! You have to kill me Gray! Before I hurt….before I-aaGH!” Natsu groaned once more, before throwing his head back a spewing flames from his mouth.

They all watched in silence, in awe, as Natsu hung his head low.

The entire battle field was hushed as they waited for him to move.

It started with a slight jitter of his shoulders, then a soft jostle of his head, before that evil cackle was heard once more.

Natsu lifted his head up, eyeing gray intimidatingly as a condescending smirk splayed against his face.

Natsu pounced, attacking Gray with full force, resulting in gasps of horror.

They had always seen them fight, but this one was fueled with hatred and pure anger. A fight that was fueled with a need to kill.

The battle unfolded before them, and they could do nothing to stop it as Zeref had encased the two in a dark barrier of black magic.

Punches were thrown in a fit of fury from each direction, covered in either scorching fire of blistering ice. The ground had shook with every blow, and the sky thundered with every blast. Even from the barrier, one could hear the pained cry from Gray and the aggravated below from Natsu when hit. Flaming walls of bright fire clashed with pillars of dazzling ice, resulting in the explosion of heated vapor.

Then, Natsu had stopped moving once more, dropping to the ground like some lifeless zombie.

“No…” Lucy gasped, watching as Natsu had regained control of the demonic form.

“No.” She chocked, seeing Natsu struggle with pain as he bowed before Gray.

“No!” She cried, following the tear that Gray had shed before slowly lifting his blade to Natsu’s head.

“NO!” She screamed, gaining the attention of everyone around her.

Light had begun to radiate from her body as she felt a rush of energy through her fingertips. The ground began vibrating from her footsteps and the gravel had begun swarming around her magic power.

As her hand touched the barrier, small cracks of light engraved themselves into the shield. Slowly, the cracks coiled around the forcefield until it shattered into nothing.

“Impossible…” Zeref breathed, watching as the golden girl had begun to walk into the battlefield.

“Lucy?” Gray gasped, watching as the girl headed toward them, enveloped in nothing but golden light.

Natsu kept his eyes glued to the women, watching as her hair swirled above her from the powerful energy she had been emitting.

“Don’t touch him….” Lucy said, placing her hand over Gray’s heart.

He was enveloped in light as well, watching as his wounds had begun to seal themselves.

Gray stepped away, allowing for Lucy to be beside Natsu once more.

“Lucy..” Natsu breathed, noticing how her eyes had reached a dazzling gold that sparkled like the stars.

“Shh….You’re not leaving me again.” She smiled softly before pressing her lips against his.