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the only thing worth being upset about flashpoint cisco is that they didn't let carlso keep his beard. otherwise, this is just cisco taking his rightful place as the richest man in america. reverb said it best. they're gods.

Oh my goodness that beard. That would have ended my life on sight if I’m being completely honest. The waistcoat and a beard? It would be over. 

 Like if the writers didn’t want us to expect greatness and riches for everything that Cisco is capable of they shouldn’t have equipped his character with an amazing actor and all them damn skills. Like they literally put one of the most powerful metahumans in the universe (Amanda Waller’s words) on a show and also gave him a genius intellect that allows him to build a time machine in a day, and basically whatever else they’ll ever need ever. The only thing he has ever needed to build something was fucking time like are you forreal. Like the writers shouldn’t have given us alll of that if they didn’t want us to focus on him, if they didn’t want us to want to see him develop. 

There’s no reason he shouldn’t be the richest man in America. The only reason he isn’t in the regular timeline is because of his loyalty to Eowells and then his loyalty to vigilantism and The Flash. 

Also I’m personally really excited to see Cisco snark at Barry. 

Also this is unrelated but if they’re going to go the route of the JLA Vibe that can disconnect speedsters from the speedforce I wonder if they’re ever gonna go a Civil War route with Cisco and Barry. I don’t know if I could take that angst. 

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im so late to the party. Milk and Honey!!! oh my goodness i need a copy of that book in every room that i go to. i want pages of that book pinned to my walls and restroom mirrors! i really needed to read it. what did you think of it?

i loved it a lot.. and it kinda made me consider writing poetry forreal.. like im actually building up a collection atm and im so inspired by the realness of rupi kaur’s poems.. i read it over a span of 4 days (1 part a day) and it definitely changed smth inside of me, really felt like being broken down and building up myself as i healed

sit ur ass down bc i have a story

so today i had an interview at this printing company, hoping that I’d get a place on the design crew but I was willing to work anything they got. So the dude started interviewing me, asking all sorts of strange questions and forreal not paying any attention to me for the most part.

 His nose was deep into his phone for atleast 75% of the interview and I was getting antsy. So, I took a bathroom break once he settled down in the computer room rite…. and i come back… and this dude…. was watching porn on his gotdamn phone…. the entire time….

 AND THE BEST THING WAS we immediately made eyecontact once i saw his phone screen….. and he told me he’s “seen enough’ in a stern voice and sent me hOME AS IF IT WAS MY FAULT THT I CAUGHT HIM PEEPIN SOME PORN

man i wish i put big tiddie ladies on my tshirt mockups maybe i woulda got the job


It’s Not That Complicated 💗💜💙 by Thomas Sanders