Okay forreal though. 23 years old, 5′4″, Los Angeles, INTP, Melancholic, Ravenclaw, Scorpio, and I’m too cool for pronouns. I like sweets, TMNT, the color chartreuse and Rizzle Kicks. I dislike hot weather, tinny sounds, the kind of people who play devil’s advocate just to piss you off, and ants. I’m going to graduate college this summer, I drew this on my new iPad as a warmup before homework, I once won a doughnut-eating context by putting away eleven in five minutes, and my skin isn’t actually chartreuse, but it might as well be. Nice to meet you.

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nah v app crashed LOL i feel ironically proud

It’s not just you that can’t access the page rn!! Mine isn’t working either and I haven’t shared any of the pictures or anything like that so I have no clue of what’s happening lol

I think the app crashed, because I got the same error (I managed to get the free trial)

“The proxy server could not handle the request” lmao good riddance forreal what kind of bs 


these were legit the only most recent ones that i actually took on the same day so .. rip (u can tell what song i was listening to during dat second pic like 😪😪)
i was tagged bY THE BEAUTIFUL @ryoguk THNK U!! 💗💖💓🗣 k so forreal since im the same i rl talk to like no one exhept two or sth, imma just tag som’ (nd when i say some i rl mean some bc legit if u could i would put all of u,,, forreal) of my fav mutuals 😇 ;
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I don’t know if there’s anyone else that feels this way…. but doesn’t it seem like everyone in the TS fandom knows each other ? Don’t get me wrong, it’s great and it’s beautiful to see that Taylor has brought so many people together, and it warms my heart to see how people from different parts of the world have friendships because of Taylor! I guess what I’m trying to say is: hi! My name is Jessica and I’m from California and I loooove Taylor Swift as much as you all do. I love meeting new people and BE MY FRIEND YOU GUYS I NEED PPL TO FREAK OUT WITH WHEN TAYLOR DOES A THING!!! Forreals tho, my inbox is always open if anyone wants to say hey😌❤

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shes said several times that she does support the lgbtqia+ community, and the others she doesnt actually mean legit (ex the "slut shaming") most of the bad stuff she says is a joke

Idk fam, you can’t always say things like that and expect everyone to just take it as a joke without getting upset ^^;

At the end of the day, her nail videos are really pretty and stimmy, but if that’s her sense of humor now, it’s no thanks for me ^^;;

(Last ask about this forreal!!)


Sometimes…I’m really proud of my Screen cap taking skill…

They look like they’re kissing.

I feel like MAPPA is secretly hiding them kisses.

K I’m done

don’t disappoint phil lester by electing donald trump just don’t