Achieving Happiness By Tackling A Vision

Last month I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t even know where to start. I told nearly no one my idea because the 2 people I explained it to shot it down.

So I’ve been quiet because I spent the past week of 15 hour days following this vision I had about “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out For Orchestra”. Maybe this idea works out, maybe it fails, but I’ve never been this happy nor this confident. One more rehearsal and then we shoot:

That lo-res screenshot above doesn’t look like much, but it’s nearly the entirety of everything I’ve worked for this month. I couldn’t afford a $2,000 studio space rental or even hire a special effects artist. Any money I had I wanted it to go towards the dancers while I concentrated on the offscreen stuff.

This past month I learned about:

1.) How to set up dance auditions, booking studio space, working with choreographers, and different dance styles. The dancers I have are the best - seriously, they’re incredible.

2.) The importance of lighting setups, kinds of fixtures, keying, and creating depth layers.

3.) I learned about software and of course the VFX side of motion tracking, rotoscoping, and histograms. I learned about camcorders, shutter-speed, and luminance.

4.) I also learned how to build a freaking boxing ring. I studied how to use chainsaws, kinds of paints, and even how to future proof my constructions for easier transportation of future photo shoots (if I ever get that far).

So it will have costumes, green screens, lights, effects, graphics, choreography, and of course some of my best orchestra music I’ve ever composed.

My orchestra arrangement sounds fantastic, and the video is beginning to shape up too. My lifelong journey to keep entertaining you and personally grow as an artist has just begun. I feel good about this - I feel good about this! But I’m scared, and that means I’m on the right track.

So why is this the happiest I’ve ever been? Because I’m so fortunate for your support on this journey while getting closer and closer to growing the orchestra with each passing day. I’m happy when I take risks - after all, that’s how ForOrchestra got started in the first place.

This is a vision worth pursuing, and it’s a diehard community worth fighting for. To the ForOrchestra Army: I know I’ve been quiet - but that just means I’m about to get really, really, really loud.