Four shells protection spell

Hellooo everyone! I did a lil something to celebrate summer since I’m finally officially on holiday! ♡


• salt

•black pepper

•rose thorns (pins will work as well)

•sea water (you’ll need just a few drops)






•4 candles (one for each element- I used blue for water, red for fire, black for earth and white for air.)


•4 sea shells (like these ☟)

☾1☽ Draw on the inside of the shells the symbols of the elements (one on each)

☾2☽ Light the candles, then place the herbs, salt and seaglass inside of each shell (the order does not matter). Sprinkle the sea water on the shells; while you do so visualize your goal, for example protecting your house from thunderstorms, from burglars… whatever you need

☾3☽ When you’re done, pour the wax of each candle on the corresponding shell to seal it.

☾4☽ Once the wax has cooled down, place the water seashell west, the air one east, the earth one north and the fire one south. 

You can bury them in the garden or if you don’t have one you can bury them in small jars. You can also keep them on the floor or forniture inside your house! ♡