formula red

I have my own F1 championship here.

Sebastian’s RB9 model had just fallen off a shelf making Michael’s F2005 collapse into Lewis’ MP4-27 and Mark’s RB8 standing nearby. 

So in fact Seb’s car model had just maldonadoed the rest of my f1 collection.
Or should I say “maldonaDID”? What has it maldonadone?

P.S.: All the cars are alive and well.


Fox cub update!

Our two little fox cubs are now back at the centre for good, having fully opened their eyes and ears. Whilst still occasionally fed on a special milk substitute, they are slowly being weaned onto solid food and should be free of any human interaction before long!

They are quite messy and seem to love nothing more than wearing the contents of their water bowl!

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Fox cubs are hungry little animals, and during their time at WAF they, along with our other orphans, will eat their way through over 10,000 cans of dog food! If you would like to help with their treatment please donate on our website or text WILD5 to 70300 to give £5 (texts are UK only). They will love you for it!