in order to be an f1 fan you must:

  • like f1
  • seriously that’s it
  • you don’t have to know the history
  • or stick with 1 team
  • you can like a driver bc they’re hot
  • you can like a team bc your fave is on it
  • you can be friends with people who don’t share your opinion 
  • just have an interest
  • and you’re an f1 fan
  • don’t let anyone tell you differently 

So the Formula 1 challenge put this up and there were quite a few interesting points in the video:

  • Most drivers not exactly sitting with their teammates (that is, Lewis and Esteban were sitting next to each other and I’m slightly screaming).
  • The main guy asking Jenson if he had any thoughts from the Spanish GP.
  • Actual discussion about the incident with Seb and Lewis which made it much clearer as to what happened.
  • Felipe is amazing and is clearly very sensible and smart. 
  • “Maybe it’s a little faded.” “Funny you should say that, it’s been painted about six times.”
  • “He is supposed to retired, remember?”
  • “Instead of the yellow trampoline…” Oh, Daniil.

Basically, this was like watching the morning post-assembly briefing at school and Liberty Media needs to give us more videos like this, because it’s clearly great!