Entrelazamiento cuántico

El entrelazamiento cuántico, descrito en 1935 por Schrödinger y representado por la fórmula de Dirac «(∂ + m) ψ = 0», es una propiedad de la física cuántica entendida como un proceso en el que una sola función de onda describe dos objetos separados. En la teoría se dice que:

Si dos sistemas interactúan uno con el otro durante un cierto período de tiempo y luego se separan, lo podemos describir como dos sistemas separados, pero de alguna manera sutil están convertidos en un solo sistema. Uno de ellos sigue influyendo en el otro, a pesar de kilómetros de distancia o años luz

Dicho de otro modo, el entrelazamiento cuántico describe dos partículas separadas que, habiendo estando unidas en algún momento, siguen estando de algún modo relacionadas. No importa la distancia entre ambas, aunque se hallen en extremos opuestos del universo, la conexión entre ellas es instantánea, es decir, comparten una misma existencia.

Ok so I should have let this render a bit longer cos it turned out amazing but I was too excited, and it was taking ages. 

I found out about Gray Scott Model of Reaction-Diffussion. I know… way too sciencey. Don’t worry, cos I don’t even really understand exactly what is happening but I was able to piece together a few pieces of what was going on and ended up making this! Still needs a lot of tweaks but very cool.

From what I do understand Reaction-diffusion is mathematical formulas of how chemical substances interact in space… or something.

Check out openprocessing for some grey scott examples if you’re interested.

When I got the mail today I found a random package labeled to me from Gerber. I opened it and found a whole brand new unopen can of infant formula inside! The little cards tell me about the formula and welcome me to becoming a new mom and all that jazz. 

Since we are about 90% sure that I can’t breast feed (Due to family history, Doctor reviews and our own personal choice we have decided to go with formula. So go ahead and burn me at the stake, throw rocks, do your worst. FED IS BEST) we have been looking into the different kinds of formulas to see which is the best. I know I had a horrible time as a baby with too much iron in my formula, so we did try to find low iron- but it doesn’t seem to exist at our local area stores lol

ANYWAYS I don’t remember ordering this?? 

So I’m unsure of how I got it… but I am not complaining one bit! Free is for me! lol

Glory Water

Brings glory, success, and good fortune wherever used. Consider adding some to a floor wash or bath.

  • Orange blossom water or neroli hydrosol
  • Frankincense, essential oil or resin
  • Bergamont essential oil

The orange blossom water is essential and may not be substituted. 

Blend these three ingredients together with spring water.

- Sourced from the Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells