forms in motion

  • Teammates: *die one after another trying to revive each other*
  • [slow motion form of the final person dying]
  • [defeat sound]

AFTER A FUCKTON OF ARDUOUS RENDERING…I PRESENT….an actual project that i submitted for form & motion class. for real. enjoy


orphan black + top ten episodes (imdb)

honestly this was just supposed to be a drabble about some thirsty thoughts i had when i couldn’t sleep a few days ago but it turned kinda long and i swear i am still on writing hiatus don’t expect anything else soon sfhlfhsldh also thank you to my darling @1suho for reading over it

pairing: namjoon x reader
fluffy smut

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

it’s a dance of silhouettes, shadows swaying back and forth the wind moves the branches outside as if it was to put on a play, the bedroom wall the stage, the full moon the lights. but even as if it feels like the act is displayed for solely your entertainment alone, the rustling and howling of the breeze is faint, it’s white noise that fills your ears and acts as an invite to muffle cumbersome thoughts, but tonight it’s no use.

even as the hands of the clock creep further towards 3 a.m. there is no trace of sleep found in your eyes yet. this, however, does not keep the body warming the other side of the bed from resting his tired bones, chest rising and falling in even breaths. you barely can make him out in the dark, the moon just hinting on his frame, but you don’t need to see him entirely, there is nothing about him that is not etched into your memory for ever.

the slope of his nose curving into full lips, slightly parted as the occasional snore escapes, a sharp set of jaws down to the broad shoulders and the firm chest that the duvet just leaves the slightest bit uncovered, tan skin smooth and warm to the touch. it’s a warmth that you find solace in, no longer being able to sleep without his body comforting yours as he has you wrapped in an embrace.

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a beauty unfathomable

pairing: jaehyun x reader
genre: fluff
word count: 1.205
about: a collection of moments in which jaehyun finds you to be the most beautiful girl in the world.

“beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” — kahlil gibran

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Newlyweds// Fred Weasley x Reader imagine

Fluffy imagine where the reader and Fred are doing stuff together as newlyweds!


The sun was slightly peaking through the blinds. You sat up quietly in bed. You looked over to see Fred sleeping soundly. You decided to make breakfast for you two so you quietly snuck out of bed and into the kitchen without waking him.

You started cooking and a little while after you heard footsteps come down the hall. You looked over and saw Fred standing there in only his boxers. “Morning love, how’s my beautiful wife this morning?” Fred asked you wrapping you up in a hug. He picked you up and spun you in a small circle before placing you back on your feet. You shared a kiss before responding. “I’m doing great and how about you dear?” You asked back. Fred had a cheeky grin on his face. “Just dashing.“ You two both smiled before sharing another kiss

After the breakfast you made you two went into the living room together. “What will we do with all these presents?” You said sarcastically, pointing to the small pile of presents from the wedding. “Re-wrap for Christmas?” Fred joked. You playfully slapped his arm. He pretended to be hurt before letting out a small chuckle. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and kissed the top of your head. You two looked around the room at all the presents and boxes of items you still needed to put away. You spent some of the day unpacking and organizing while Fred did nothing and relaxed. “Love, I thought we were going to relax today. We have quite a while still until we have to unpack and everything. We’re married now remember?“ Fred called to you.

You let out a sigh before caving in and going to the living where Fred was laying on the couch flipping through the TV stations. You stood in the doorway and simply admired him. You couldn’t help but smile. This was your life now, with your best friend and forever partner in your very own house. “Something on your mind?” Fred asked, looking back at you. “No, still getting used to this that’s all” You saw a small smile form on Fred’s face. He motioned you over to him and you gladly went. You layed next to him on the couch, his arm around you. You grabbed his hand and looked at his ring. You kissed his hand and looked back at him. You gave him a warm smile before looking back at the TV. “This is it. This is our life now” You said. “i wouldn’t want it any other way” Fred whispered to you.

“I love you Mr. Weasley"
“And I love you Mrs. Weasley"

Jumin Han: Last Breath

Hello everyone welcome to this new angst series :D So with Jumins part I really recommend reading his Wedding Dance One Shot before reading this c: it gives it extra feels :3 

Jumin: * his pov *

I always knew I had to eventually lose her. I would have never guessed that 50 years of marriage can pass by so quickly. We both wanted to die in each other’s arms but that was only just a dream. If there is a word that I can describe my life with (y/n), it would be the word dream. Many people would be puzzled why I pick that word and it’s only because they simply don’t know that (y/n) made every single one of my dreams come true. She gave me two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl, and they suddenly became my world. After many precious and memorable years, we finally completed our last dream; which was growing old together. The only downside of growing old together is that eventually one of our names will be placed on the tombstone first. I always hoped that my name would be first but with the cancer spreading throughout my loves body, it seems that God didn’t listen to my wishes. For many months, (y/n) health slowly decline and suddenly, the cancer is spreading quickly. The doctor told me that she only had 2 weeks left yet, my love has been here for 5 weeks. I made sure to visit (y/n) every day and today was going to be a special visit. Today is our 50th year anniversary and I’m hoping that the doctors let me stay a few hours past normal visiting hours.

 I smiled at the nurses while I was making my way towards her room with flowers and a balloon hand in hand. I slowly opened the door afraid to wake her up with my presence. I was greeted by the sounds of her heart monitor and other machines that were connected to her. Seeing her like this, breaks my heart even more because I’m seeing her become more lifeless every single day. I smiled at her putting down the flowers and balloons making my way towards her. She grabbed my hand and gently whispered “Please tell our children to come now”. Her request was a bit odd because she knows our kids always visited around the afternoon. As always, I respected her request. She wanted to meet with our kids one by one. I didn’t understand why but it was finally my turn. I walked in and she had tears running down her fragile face. I grabbed my handkerchief and wiped her tears away “what is wrong my soul, today is our 50th anniversary! We will get through this my love, I promise you” I whispered gently. I saw the wrinkles from her lips form a small smile. She motioned me to sit down and I grabbed her hand while doing so. She tilted her head towards me, preparing to break my heart. The look of her face told me everything before she even said a word.

 She caressed my thumb while looking into my eyes “Jumin, my love, my heart, my soul… I c-can’t keep fighting. I’m.. I.. I’m tired of ha-having tu- tubes everywhere. We lived a bea-beautiful life and you ca-can let go now Jumin. You can l-let me go now my love” she pleaded with my heart but neither my mind or heart was ready for that request. I looked into her eyes noticing how her soul was slowly leaving her body. I gave her fragile hand a tighter grip “remember our wedding day 50 years back?” I managed to squeak out while tears were caressing my face. I felt cold thumbs caressing my hand as if she tried to tell me to keep going. I gave a heavy sighed and brought her hand to my forehead “I vowed to worship you till my last breath and that will always continue. I told you that day that you were the color in my black and white world. I cannot lose you (y/n) you m-mean too much to me and I wo-wouldn’t know what do without you. P-Please” I got off the chair and kneeled on the floor “let’s con-continue fighting together because I can’t lose you. I refuse to lose the best thing that has ever happened. I know this is selfish, but seeing your face always gets me through the day. I will give up my heart, mind, body and soul for you (y/n). Everything I did in our life together, just know it was for you. Please don’t make me sign the paper.” Tears started to flow out of my eyes like waterfalls and I looked into her face seeing she hasn’t changed her mind. I kissed her hand gently finally accepting her last request. “We were made for each other. Thank you for the life you have given me. Thank you for keeping me alive. My shattered heart belongs to you now.” I got up from the floor and kissed her forehead.


 I talked to the doctors and signed all the paperwork that was necessary to fill my loves body with morphine. That is what she wanted screamed my mind. Congratulations, you killed your happiness screamed my heart. My wife’s last request was to not let the kids be in the same room. I was the only that was going to see her last breath. I sat on the seat next to her while the nurses were removing all the tubes that helped her stay alive. I felt my wife’s hand grip mine tighter with needle being pulled out. I finally saw that she was in pain. My loves head tiled to the side and gently whispered “Thank you”. I nodded while I was seeing the nurses prepare the morphine for the doctor. I saw two more doctors enter the room as a witness for the report the hospital needs to do. I looked into my wife’s beautiful eyes while the doctor slowly inserted the morphine inside her. Tears were rolling down (y/n)’s beautiful angelic face. I cleaned them with the same handkerchief that I wore on our wedding day. I notice she was feeling more relax and I felt cold hands caressing my face. I breathed in anticipating the moment of when she gave her last breath “Thank you for showing your heart to me, thank you for handing me the key to your heart. I vow to love you for the rest of my time here in earth and I vow to find you in our next life. I thank God every single day for allowing an angel to be my wife. We raised two beautiful children that gave us the gift of 5 grandchildren. We been through so much in life that I do not know what to do without you. I am going to miss you for the rest of my short life. Everything that I do will always remind me of you. I just want you to know that everything I did for you, I put my heart and soul into it because you are worth my blood, sweat, and tears.” I couldn’t breathe because I notice her soul was starting to leave her body. I was scared I wasn’t going to have enough time and I gripped her hand and screamed “I vow to worship you till my last breath, just know when my heart stops beating the last beat was made for you!” I breathed heavily and heard “I love you Jumin Han” ever so softly. Your last breath was my name. My least breath will forever be your name. I love you (f/n) Han. I’m going to love you till my last breath.

for the potter prompt

“You’re so Ace I should play poker with you” Luna teased and Ginny started cracking up next to her. Neville paused a moment not sure how he was supposed to reply to that.

He felt a smile tugging at his lips when a reply forms in his head and motions for Ginny to quiet down. He clears his throat before nonchalantly replying “You’re so Aro, it’s a surprise I’ve never seen you shot from a bow”

Ginny is silent for a moment before she loses it making a ruckus with loud “OHHH”’s while Luna starts giggling uncontrollably.  

“Wait… wait I have one for me” Ginny shouts and Luna does her best to quiet down to hear. “There’s no doubt about it, I’m one hell of a Pandemic” she almost shouts.

Neville can’t help that he starts to laugh and soon luna joins in laughing while Ginny flushes happily. They keep joking around as they sit by the lake and soon ‘someone’ starts a water fight as one too many pun was shared.

(You didn’t tag this as a fic, so I’m not sure if you meant it as a fic or just a long headcanon, but this is the fic prompt, so I assume this was indeed meant as a ficlet! In any case, thanks so much for the cute story! ~Hufflepuff Mod)

Friends [Part 3]; Optional Bias

author’s note: the last part is mostly filler, and this part kind of is too?? lol let’s be real i’m just trying to give you guys as much smut as possible in each chapter while advancing the story. this part is pretty long as well, so i hope that’s not a problem. anyways, i hope you all enjoy, and please continue to give your feedback and opinions! i thank you all for your support!

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**nsfw below the cut

warnings: fingering, begging, dirty talk, asphyxiation kink, dry humping, probably more shit that i’m leaving out lmao

You groan to yourself, trying to cover your head with your pillow as you hear loud knocking coming from your front door. You take a deep breath and clamber out of bed. You feel a slight chill travel up your bare legs, to the racy black lace that covers your bottom half. You pull your thin t-shirt down a bit, but it doesn’t help much. You unlock the door and it swings open to reveal B/N, grinning smugly.

“Well don’t you look lovely,” He winks and you roll your eyes. He steps inside and hangs his coat up as you walk into the kitchen. You can feel his gaze traveling down to your backside, and you can picture the way his tongue flicks out to wet his lips at the sight of your ass in those little panties.

“Where’s Hana?” You try to ignore him as he comes closer, still staring at you as you make coffee. “On her way. She’ll be here in about fifteen minutes, give or take.” He steps into the kitchen and presses his body into you from behind. His hands slide the thin material of your shirt up, his fingers dipping into the waistband of your panties.

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