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The Party Part 2 (Reggie x Reader)

A/N: I put it up quickly due to all of my requests. Let me know if you want a part three.

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You were putting your books into your locker as a figure walked up to you. You looked up and smiled at the sight of Reggie. His tall frame had a inches on you but it didn’t matter as he loved to tease you about how short you were.

“Talk to anyone yet?” Reggie asked as he leaned on the lockers, you shook your head no. You hadn’t seen anyone since the party not even Archie. You had been staying with Reggie to get away from everyone and all of the gossip. You knew your friends and brother didn’t react well which made you on edge on what was to come.

“I’m scared you know. They all look so disappointed in me. I can’t get their faces out of my mind”

“Hey it will get better, trust me” Reggie whispered as he pulled you close giving you a kiss on your forehead. “They’ll will come around” With that the bell rang meaning it was time to get to class.

“Meet me in the student lounge after?” Reggie nodded. You blew him a kiss as you made your way to your next class.

— The tension in the lounge could be cut with a knife. The atmosphere was off as Reggie and the football team sat on one side, where Archie and his friends sat on the other. Archie kept glancing over wondering if you were going to show up to see your precious boyfriend or not. He decided to stop and get back to his friends conversation until he heard your name.

“So how is she Reggie?” One of the football players asked

“What do you mean?” Reggie clearly didn’t understand what he meant which made Jughead laugh showing that he was also listening in.

“What’s so funny?” Reggie was now standing up from his spot and making his way over to the boy that was leaning against the wall.

“You. How could you not know what they meant? You’re dumber than you look” Reggie was getting angry as Jughead spoke. The football player didn’t like what Jughead was saying. Most times you were there to calm his anger if anything happened but you were nowhere in sight

“If you’re so smart Donnie Darko what did he mean?” Taking a step closer towards the smirking boy.

“He-” But was cut off as Archie stood in front of the two

“Stop it Jughead. Let it be”

“Butt out Andrews, I would love to know what he’s going to say”

“How good is she in bed? Dumbass that what he means” Archie shot Jug a look as the words came out of his mouth. Reggie on the other hand looked happy with the answer. A smirk already forming on his face. Knowing exactly what he was doing Reggie opened his mouth to speak

“Well in that case. Let’s just say little Andrews is pretty good or amazing for that matter. She surely knows how to handle a man like me” Archie fist were by his side, fluming from the way Reggie was talking about you. “Didn’t you know that she loves-” Reggie stopped as Archie jumped on him sending them flying to the ground. Archie was throwing hit after hit with Reggie only getting a few in. Reggie wanted this to happen so maybe Archie would take out all of his anger on him then you.

“How could you sleep with my sister? REALLY MANTLE!” Archie yelled as he sent a hit to the side of Reggie jaw. Everyone stood and watched not knowing what to do.

“WHAT’S GOING ON HERE? Archie what are you doing? Get off of him” You let out as you rushed over to the two boys. Archie looked at you with a guilty look in his eyes as Reggie growled in pain. He didn’t want you to see him like this. Knowing you care for the boy deeply it was the last thing he wanted. Archie quickly got up making his way away from you two.

“Hey, are you alright” You asked kneeling down next to Reggie.

“I’m fine” He replied but his busted lip and the bruise forming said otherwise. You motion for some of the players to come help Reggie up as you made your way to your brother.

“What were you thinking? Honestly. I know you may be mad”

“Mad isn’t the word”

“You still don’t have the right to attack him Arch. He’s my boyfriend whether you like it or not you’re going to live with it.”

“You don’t even know the whole story” Archie shouted at you as you started to walk away.

“I don’t care”

Archie and them watched you walk out after the boys who were mostly likely bringing Reggie to the school nurse. As much as Archie hated to admit he saw the look of love in Reggie’s and yours eyes when you bent down to see if he was alright. Archie knew you needed to know what Reggie was saying but right now it could wait because now the tables have turned. He was no longer mad at you but you were to him.

  • Teammates: *die one after another trying to revive each other*
  • [slow motion form of the final person dying]
  • [defeat sound]
Messers Moony and Padfoot

‘At least give us a clue!’

‘No chance.’ 

‘Oh come on, like it even matters.’

‘Don’t care.’

‘I bet you’re lying. I bet you don’t even know.’

Sirius turned to eye the two red haired boys standing behind him. Blast, he was never going to be able to tell them a part. They had been pestering him for weeks now, very time about the same thing.

‘Yeah.’ George added after his brother. ‘I’m starting to think you don’t even know who the marauders are.’

‘Oh yeah? I wouldn’t be sure about that.’

‘Go on then,’ Fred said, grinning. ‘Tell us their names.’

Sirius sighed, ‘Okay, it’s-’


Sirius turned back, he hadn’t noticed Remus standing over at the back of the kitchen, he pouted before walking over to the tall man.

‘Come on Rem, I’ll just tell them.’ he whispered quietly, aware that the twins were craning their necks trying to hear.

‘You will not. I was their teacher, what would they think?’

‘That you’re the coolest Defence teacher ever… and the hottest.’

‘Sirius.’ He scolded.

Sirius stuck out his bottom lip. ‘You’re no fun anymore Rems.. fine, let me just tell them some random names then, yeah?’

Remus looked torn for a second and Sirius could sense the wheels turning behind his eyes, but Remus just sighed and nodded his head. Sirius smiled and cheekily squeezed his bum before walking back over.

‘Okay,’ Sirius grinned. Fred and George had almost toppled over each other trying to listen in, and so had to hastily correct themselves as the older man spoke to them. ‘I’ll whisper the names, but you have to promise not to spread it around okay? It was meant to be secret.’

The other two just grinned and nodded. ‘Course not.’ They said.

So Sirius leaned in and quietly murmured four names that he had thought of on the spot, feeling Remus’ eyes burning into the back of his neck. When he moved away from them, Fred looked satisfied, finally knowing, but George looked more confused.

‘Wait, Reginald Wolfshine and Solomon Blanc-’

‘Don’t say the names out loud!’

Sirius turned to look over at Remus, his shout echoing slightly on the walls of Grimmauld Place.

Fred opened his mouth, but Remus spoke over him. ‘Don’t say the names. You can only whisper them…the names are cursed.’

The twins paled slightly. ‘What?’

Remus nodded, making the briefest eye contact with Sirius. ‘The boys, when they left the map, they cursed it so if their names where ever spoken, peril and haunting would come to those who said it. That’s why Sirius only whispered the names.’

 George looked over at his twin, his freckles now very clear on his skin. ‘But-but I just said.’

Sirius frowned, finally catching on to what was happening, and nodded. ‘This isn’t good, you boys have to be very careful, especially tonight, it’s the first night when their spirits are most aggressive.’

‘Go,’ Remus said. ‘Go to bed now, if you can fall asleep before they get here it may help.’

Fred mouth opened and closed, like a fish, and Sirius had to fight the urge to laugh, but George just grabbed his brother’s arm, and the two silently walked out of the room. Sirius turned, but Remus was already smiling.

‘No fun anymore am I?’

Sirius walked over and slid his arms around Remus’ hips. ‘I take it back. That was even more ingenious than I could have imagined.’

Remus bent his head down so his forehead was touching Sirius’. ‘This is going to be so much fun.’ he giggled.

Remus, bent down by the door of Fred and Georges bedroom, was silently casting a cold breeze into the room through the crack at the bottom of the door. Sirius was using the crack and the top of the door to cast terrifying shadows across the walls, and he could he Fred whimpering. Both men were trying very hard not to laugh. They had been torturing the wins with a number of sounds, breezes and smells for the past hour, and the two Weasleys had become convinced that they were being haunted. Remus used his free hand to scrape some metal chains he had found in one of the rooms of the old house across the ground.

‘No, screw this, I’m going downstairs.’ Said a voice from inside the room.

‘I’m coming with you Georgie.’

Remus and Sirius back away from the door, Remus casting a spell to turn off all the lights, before backing into a dark corner of the hall. The twins came out as quietly as they could and attempted to sneak down the stairs opposite their door, but not before Remus could light a candle at the bottom of the stairwell, illuminating the big black dog growling at the bottom. Remus grinned, Sirius looked terrifying.

Fred screamed first, before shoving his brother over and over again back into their bedroom and after a series of bangs and thumps, the final click of the lock on the door was heard. Remus turned the lights back on, smiled down at the man who had jsut turned back form a dog, and motioned for them to go to bed.

The next morning Sirius, Remus and Mr and Mrs Weasley were sitting around the dining table eating toast and drinking tea Sirius had made, when two sleep-deprived teenagers made their way into the room.

‘Merlin’s beard!’ Mrs Weasley cried as they walked in. ‘What have you two been doing! You look dreadful.’

Fred merely shook his head, and George said. ‘Nothing Mum.’

They both looked over at Remus and Sirius, who were calming sipping tea and reading the Daily Prophet. Sirius glanced up at the boys, before turning to look at Remus.

‘Sleep well, Moony?’

Remus looked up and grinned at his boyfriend. ‘Like a dream, Padfoot.’


AFTER A FUCKTON OF ARDUOUS RENDERING…I PRESENT….an actual project that i submitted for form & motion class. for real. enjoy


orphan black + top ten episodes (imdb)

a beauty unfathomable

pairing: jaehyun x reader
genre: fluff
word count: 1.205
about: a collection of moments in which jaehyun finds you to be the most beautiful girl in the world.

“beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” — kahlil gibran

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charles carter calls libra the dreamer of dreams. it pours crystal clarity into a lake of creative imagination. libra is where oppositions collide, so there is an expression of multiple forms in libra, a direct motion of creative architecture and

honestly this was just supposed to be a drabble about some thirsty thoughts i had when i couldn’t sleep a few days ago but it turned kinda long and i swear i am still on writing hiatus don’t expect anything else soon sfhlfhsldh also thank you to my darling @1suho for reading over it

pairing: namjoon x reader
fluffy smut

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

it’s a dance of silhouettes, shadows swaying back and forth the wind moves the branches outside as if it was to put on a play, the bedroom wall the stage, the full moon the lights. but even as if it feels like the act is displayed for solely your entertainment alone, the rustling and howling of the breeze is faint, it’s white noise that fills your ears and acts as an invite to muffle cumbersome thoughts, but tonight it’s no use.

even as the hands of the clock creep further towards 3 a.m. there is no trace of sleep found in your eyes yet. this, however, does not keep the body warming the other side of the bed from resting his tired bones, chest rising and falling in even breaths. you barely can make him out in the dark, the moon just hinting on his frame, but you don’t need to see him entirely, there is nothing about him that is not etched into your memory for ever.

the slope of his nose curving into full lips, slightly parted as the occasional snore escapes, a sharp set of jaws down to the broad shoulders and the firm chest that the duvet just leaves the slightest bit uncovered, tan skin smooth and warm to the touch. it’s a warmth that you find solace in, no longer being able to sleep without his body comforting yours as he has you wrapped in an embrace.

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