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Both Lillie and Gladion are Autistic

My Evidence?


  • Quiet/Introverted
  • Not the best at conversation
    • will happily jump in if it relates to something she’s interested in (in the anime Lillie is shown as being incredibly well researched in Pokemon)
  • “Behavior Parrot”-ing; when Lillie pretended to be the SuMo Protagonist, Lillie’s “Z-Form” motions
  • Content with being given a routine/orders; always wearing the same outfit Lusamine dressed her in
    • also only ever wears one outfit (her changing from Lusamine’s given outfit to one of her own making was a big development)
  • likely has Anxiety, also maybe Depressed and has low Self-Esteem
  • very much dislikes things that may harm Pokemon, has the desire to rescue them if she can (Nebby)
  • intense/overwhelming situations may cause her to lock up; when Nebby was being attacked by Spearow on the bridge
  • p damn gay


  • poor socialization skills
  • connects better with Pokemon than people (Type: Null)
    • also has three pokemon that evolve through high happiness; Silvally, Crobat, and Lucario
  • also very much dislikes Pokemon being harmed/abused and will try to rescue them if he can (Type: Null)
  • only ever wears one outfit (and probably suffers from heatstroke like wow)
  • Gladion’s twitchy hands = Stimming?
    • also, him holding his wrists might’ve come from Lusamine’s growing “children must be perfect/obedient” personality, and that’s him trying not to stimm
    • also could be a nervous behavior stemming from abuse?
  • very like Depressed, anxious, and definitely has low Self-Esteem
    • attributes his self worth to whether or not he can protect Type: Null
  • “Behavior Parrot”-ing (because his battle pose came from some anime let’s be honest)
  • also gay
The whole foundation on which our existence rests is the present-
the ever-fleeting present.
It lies, then, in the very nature of our existence to take the form of constant motion, and to offer no possibility of our ever attaining the rest for which we are always striving.
We are like a man running downhill, who cannot keep on his legs unless he runs on, and will inevitably fall if he stops; or, again,
like a pole balanced on the tip of one’s finger;
or like a planet, which would fall into its sun the moment it ceased to hurry forward on its way.
Unrest is the mark of existence.
—  Arthur Schopenhauer, On the Vanity of Existence
24 days of Books (1)

There are 24 days to Christmas and I thought I would do something a little bit different. So, everyday till Christmas I will post a book recommendation. It will be a math or math related book of course ^_^ Enjoy

First is Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy

Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Latin for “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy”), often referred to as simply the Principia, is a work in three books by Sir Isaac Newton, in Latin, first published 5 July 1687. The Principia states Newton’s laws of motion, forming the foundation of classical mechanics, also Newton’s law of universal gravitation, and a derivation of Kepler’s laws of planetary motion (which Kepler first obtained empirically). The Principia is “justly regarded as one of the most important works in the history of science”.

The French mathematical physicist Alexis Clairaut assessed it in 1747: “The famous book of mathematical Principles of natural Philosophy marked the epoch of a great revolution in physics. The method followed by its illustrious author Sir Newton … spread the light of mathematics on a science which up to then had remained in the darkness of conjectures and hypotheses.”

Level of mathematics: I would say a high level, this is basically calculus. 

Instructions. Experience.

Orgasm via your girl’s tender breasts.

Warm up the nipple. You already know about the various other foreplay methods, when it comes to warming up the nipple all you need is kissing.Deep kissing is the best nipple foreplay and will blow her mind. Knead her breast with both hands and work your thumb and the edge of your palm in the direction of the nipple. Use indirect stimulation by not touching the nipple while kneading the breast, it builds up the sexual sensors in the her body.Take your focus to the nipple.

Once you have thoroughly kissed and massaged the breasts, you can begin to shift your focus on her nipples. There are two forms of motion you will focus on doing, motion and speed.

The first is motion and it should be done slowly without much speed at all. The motion involves using your thumb and index finger to gently grasp the nipple and move it back and forth and rotate the nipple as if you are tuning a stereo.Use your tongue to increase the speed while moving the nipple. Start by flicking the nipple with the tip of your tongue for about two-three minutes and suck the breast area around the nipple. Alternate the movement between sucking and flicking. Give 5 minutes(or longer if you want to really tell her how special she is to you) and you will give her the most intense orgasm you have ever seen her have.


this is what i have so far of my “at the soup store” typography for form and motion class