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Making a Cybertronian, Pt 1 - Forging

“Where do Cybertronians come from?”

Well, it depends, my friend. But for a starter, we’ll talk about Forging- which is where the majority of Cybertronians originated for a long time. Forging is perhaps considered the most “typical” or “natural” way for Cybertronians to be born by most.

Forging begins with an energy discharge building under the surface of Cybertron or Luna-1 - this can occur in seemingly random locations, rarely, but more likely this will occur at a “hotspot” or an established “sparkfield”. A hotspot is a one-time ignition of multiple sparks in the same area, whereas sparkfields continually generate sparks, sometimes for millions of years straight.

The energy buildup can be difficult to sense, particularly because it happens incredibly quickly, being generated near the planet’s core and racing towards the surface, but a spark’s coming is heralded by a sudden energy spike, followed by sparks and static- and the spark emerges! Some ignite quietly, simply flickering on, others pop or bang or even create a firework-like display of sparks- particularly high-energy sparks tend to create this sort of show when they ignite and can be easily spotted. The spark then settles, exposed partially upon the surface, and while initially unstable, once it stabilizes it will begin it’s next stage of development-

However, it is worth noting that from the point of spark stabilization on, sparks can be harvested and grown to completion, even by artificial means, which is standard in some areas.

The surrounding area of Cybertron’s surface will begin to convert to sentio metallico, a very specific type of unspecialized nanite that forms several key componants in a Cybertronian’s body, and is vital for the growth of a protoform. The sentio metallico will being to “grow”, covering the spark entirely in a shell that thickens over the course of several hours, filling with vital basic minerals and metals in order to prepare for building a body. Briefly, the actual protoform is exposed in most cases, before it is covered by the growing shell. These growths are typically referred to as pods, although some other earthly terms that may apply could be buds, or eggs.

Inside the pod, the protoform is quickly growing around the spark, forming first the sparkchamber, and then simple, basic shapes that will become the foundation for a body. While initially little more than a soft, plastic-like protoform “armor” stuffed with busy nanites, over the course of several days distinct shapes and features may form- including the beginnings of a sensory patch, which appears as a dark, glossy screen-like section that will later become the optics and several other key sensory features. Sparks are aware of their surroundings and of the EM fields of other cybertronians around them from ignition, but it is not until a sensory panel develops that newsparks may begin to react to outside stimulus, turning within’ their pods to face nearby mechanisms or in response to sound.

External the pod, they grow in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and will look very unique depending both upon the demands of the spark within’ and the surrounding area- they are not limited towards growing upon the ground, either. Any portion of Cybertron’s surface may support a pod- there are even established sparkfields within’ tunnel systems or upon cliff walls. Vos’ most famous sparkfield even hangs upside-down upon the bottom of a floating “island”, and upon Luna-1 the lower gravity means that pods can grow upon tall, tube-like structures in certain situations.

As the pod nears completion, the thick mixture of nanites, energon, and other basic materials inside depletes and becomes translucent as it’s glow fades, and the shell of the pod becomes thinner and more delicate. The shape of the bot within’ can be seen in silhouette easily, and cultures that practice the culling of protoforms often begin to do so early in this stage, when it is easy to identify the features of the new mechanism within’, but still easy to simply harvest the pod without “waking” the bot inside to transport them.

Typically within’ two to three weeks of a spark first igniting, their first stage of growth is complete, and…

Out comes a mobile, well-developed youngling! Younglings often have very simplified features, and their smaller bodies are packed with reserves of nanites and energon to assist them in growing further. They are covered in the same white, soft, plastic-like “armor” that they had in earlier protoform stages and may only have the beginnings of certain features, and still sport exposed mesh, wiring, tubing, so on, so forth. They continue developing quickly, however, imprinting upon the features of those around them and voraciously hungry- younglings consume raw materials and energon at an alarming rate, and depending upon size, altmode, and the simple matter of development, may become fully grown physically anywhere between several days, or several months.

Protoforms that are allowed to develop to completion naturally are automatically drawn towards other bots, forming groups, and seeking out fully-developed mechanisms. Typically, nurturers and harvesters will wander sparkfields ready to “hatch” and wind up collecting a gaggle of newsparks trotting, driving, wandering after them, who they will help to feed, organize, and educate as needed. They rapidly grow in size and awareness, and typically it is only a matter of weeks before they can go on to other forms of education or to seek jobs.

Protoforms who are harvested earlier are more malleable and can be shaped into slightly different forms or appearances, but require more care and basic materials in order to grow in tradeoff, often times being unable to move by themselves or transform for some time until they finish development.

FUN FACT: Arcee was previously a “harvester/nurturer” and this was effectively her lifelong job- to pick up the cabbage patch babies as they hatched and make sure they were taken care of. Nurterers are somewhat empathetic, by nature, in that they have unusually strong EM fields and sensory capabilities regarding the sparkfields of other bots, allowing for them to not only sense protoforms, but also to calm and influence their behavior with emotional “nudges” from their own fields. This skill can also be used to manipulate other mechanisms to some degree, and became a standard practice for special operations during the war.

However, forging is simply one way that Cybertronians can come to be…

Lucien x Azriel - 1/1 - Gen - A Tender Resignation

This is a Dark Challenge fill (numbero 6) and it is neither spooky nor smutty nor dark so basically I have failed my life. Nice.

Prompt: Azrien, Forbidden Relationships

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Azriel is extraordinarily lucky; He is able to see the strings tying soulmates together. Too bad it’s making him miserable.

Tags: Soulmates AU, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Me being salty but also obsessed with soulmates/mates as a concept

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Speaking of which on the flipside there are some southern struggle foods that people who aren’t struggling still lean on way too much and like do you, please do you, but realize that those foods were created by poverty stricken people and they are in no way shape or form the foundations of a healthy diet so it kinda doesn’t make sense to continue to glorify them (sans context) and eat them nearly daily if you no longer have to.

Like I see people shittalking healthier/fresher foods constantly in favor of some struggle food and again, if that’s where you’re at, do you! This isn’t about you at all. But if that’s not where you’re at please understand what it is you’re talking about and how.

anonymous asked:

Do you maybe have any tips/advices for body anathomy ??

Hmmmm, this is rather difficult to answer because really what advice would be useful to you entirely depends on what you already do or do not know. Like I’ve gone through several dozen phases in regards to learning anatomy. It’s not really a single subject, but a collection of multiple subjects that are loosely tied together by purpose that can be learnt in many, many ways… This is why art is so hard to learn, it’s just super super vast.

I think one of the core skills is the ability to recognise everything is made of basic shapes, how to replicate those shapes and thinking about those shapes in a  3D space. No matter what style you are using you will ALWAYS benefit from having a solid foundation of basic shapes. It makes your art more solid, it let’s you understand better how things fit together, what they look like if you see them from a different angle.

This is what my sketches basically look like underneath my lineart

But my very /first/ step to making my sketches is to start laying out the basic shapes. They form my foundation that I then add detail to.

There are honestly a lot of different ways to approach these shapes, I myself have gone through several ways I break them down and draw them, and probably will continue to change how I do it. I recommend finding examples of these breakdown that you like the look of and see if you can do it yourself. I’ve always found it useful to pick sketches out from artists I like and see how /they/ break down the shapes. You should be about to see what their foundations are.

Hopefully that was somewhat useful! Sorry for being so vague, it’s something that I am still 100% working on myself hahaha


New addition to the sewing room!  I’ve named it Eupheme with hopes that will bring me luck when it comes to making the cover for it.

This is a Uniquely You dress form. I’ve wanted one for about a year now so getting one for christmas was very exciting! These forms are made from a soft foam which feels like a dense mattress. They come in a variety of sizes and then you make covers for them that match your body shape. Once the cover is zipped over the form you should have a perfect body double! 

It also means that you can put foundation garments on the form and it will change shape. I want to do more 16th-18th century pieces in the new year and this means I can drape patterns over stays! 

I might have to shave it down a bit at the waist. The form is naturally around 38/31/40, so it already has to squish down three inches to fit my natural waist. I’m not confident it will collapse down another three inches when I put corsets on it. But hopefully that will be easy and I can get to using it soon!

The evolution of their friendship has been the highlight of this show in its first two seasons. In that time, they’ve progressed from enemies to allies, from allies to friends, and from friends to most trusted confidants. You would be hard-pressed to find a character on this show that Clarke trusts more than Bellamy. He has shown her that no matter what life on the ground may throw at them, he will be by her side. Together they made the choice to irradiate the entire population of Mount Weather. In the wake of that decision, Bellamy also saw the pain that act caused for Clarke, and understood why she needed to leave. He has proven his loyalty to Clarke in every way, shape, and form. Their friendship is the foundation of what could become one of the greatest love stories on television.
—  Hypable

I read that persons reply n i wrote a draft but i dotn wanna post it more just to release steam. One thing that stuck out to me is they said i dont listen to “actual survivors” when like statements of survivors from the sex industry literally formed the foundation and shaped my current views??? One thing i’ve noticed is a lot of pro-sex industyr ppl tend to paint ‘sex workers’ and survivors in this collective bubble where they all share this opinion altho they all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences and of course they’re gonna have differing opinions about the sex industry. And lets not mention majority of the ppl in the sex industry want out. But as an indigenous women i don’t have time to wait for a ‘collective’ opinion to be formed, and my sisters can’t afford to wait either. Women are being trafficked, raped, beaten, murdered, etc because of the sex industry. Reform is necessary because abolition doesn’t happen in a day, but in the long run abolition is the absolute solution. Reform can only go so far in a colonialist, misogynist, white supremacist, capitalist industry. I thought this was an accepted understood idea? That if a system and/or industry is built off shit like this, then it can never be truly free despite reform. Male violence will always exist in the sex industry, and that’s why we can’t afford to wait.

Personally i could never tell a pro-sex work person that they don’t listen to “actual survivors” because i have no doubt there are survivors who actually agree with them. Not majority, but they exist. So that comment really rubbed me the wrong way. It was disgustingly put together, and was done so in a way to make it seem like my anti-sex industry stance exists separate from the statements and experiences of those from the sex industry. It doesn’t. I can cite anyone on these statements, anytime. But whenever ya’ll ready to talk about it is all