The sun was pretty low as I came back, and far off across that desolation, here and there they showed–just formless, squarish, cornerless masses erected by man against the infernal Storm that sweeps for ever, night and day, day and night, across that most atrocious Plain of Destruction. My God! talk about a Lost World–talk about the end of the World; talk about the ‘Night Land’–it is all here, not more than two hundred odd miles from where you sit infinitely remote. And the infinite, monstrous, dreadful pathos of the things one sees–the great shell-hole with over thirty crosses sticking in it; some just up out of the water–and the dead below them, submerged….If I live and come somehow out of this (and certainly, please God, I shall and hope to), what a book I shall write if my old ‘ability’ with the pen has not forsaken me. (Hodgson quoted in Out of the Storm: Uncollected Fantasies compiled by Donald Grant, 115)

Carl Jung - Becoming Whole (Aion Chart showing symbolic representation of the psychic totality through the concept of the Self using Western religious metaphors to make his examples), “Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self”, 1951.

Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.
—  Extract from The Art of War, Sun Tzu (544 BC - 496 BC)

Only when you surrender to love are you truly alive. Only through love are you able to see for the very first time with clear eyes who you truly are and why you are here. Through deep surrender your life mission will be perpetually revealed, and you’ll understand how the Universe is carrying you, as if you were in a protected cocoon in each moment of your life. By consciously surrendering to the most loving feeling you can fathom, there is nothing that can harm or threaten you in any way.


As you practice surrendering to higher love, you’ll see that God is here now. The divine is your deepest essence and only through surrender can you see it. Surrender brings forth your divine purpose, knowledge and consciousness out into your life, unlocking the narrowed mind and revealing the most enlightened being inside you! It is the secret to discovering your divinity, and knowing you are ONE with Infinite Spirit and Source. It is through this path that you will discover a richer experience of life, knowing yourself to be divine, and truly appreciating your life in this amazing world.


~ Jafree Ozwald

In Japan, some believe in a formless specter called Betobeto-san that follows you around at night. Its wooden sandals make a ‘beto-beto’ sound behind you, but when you turn around, nothing is there, and if you start walking again, the sound continues. However, if you step to the side of the road and say, 'After you, Betobeto-san,’ it will leave you alone. Source Source 2 Source 3