Her name is Japanese, where 水 sui or mizu, means “Water” –  it represents the fluid, flowing, and formless things in the world.
Water in Japanese philosophy is associated with emotion, adaptability, flexibility, suppleness, and magnetism…

Beside obvious connotations to the hair color, that tend to be a very popular trend this season  [that my friend, Sara pointed out] this girl had something soft and elusive in her look that drew my attention to the Water element.

I used some tricks, that were before tested during creation of Mia doll. Both Mia and Mizu were given smaller, more proportionate heads, with soft acrylic hair, and some basic lip shape  resculpting.

If you are interested in adopting Mizu – she is ready to ship. Available here.

I hate how many fashion brands are now going “hey look, we have unisex clothing too, we’re so progressive with breaking gender norms #GenderRevolution”

and then it turns out that their “unisex” line is Completely Straight Cut shirts and pants and hoodies, in dull, monochrome colors (maybe dark blue). Basically a whole bunch of ultra-ultra-baggy formless outfits made out of some heavy, ratty-looking materials.

Like im sorry but flour sacks have always been gender neutral, you’re not doing anything. And we all know this is just being cheap and lazy about sewing and good materials. Say what you want about vintage clothing not being #Minimalist and #GenderRevolution, but it was actually form-fitting and in nice colors.

the darlings of atlantis

aquarius walks a borderline between genius and madness

pisces teeters between mystic and psychotic, inspiration and insanity, in their own delirium

the water bearer is god in human form

the unbound pisces is formless, omnipresent god. 

the aquarius has an intellectual creativity, they can be drawn to the invisible vibrations of music and sounds, they can make unusual orchestras, 

pisces is taken away, far away, as their fingers hit the keys or their fingers grip the pen, awash with watery creative invigoration, saturating and sensual. neptune is a planet of mist, like you could fall right through it, it’s sometimes like how the pisces seems of vapor and non substance, a ghost walking through walls. the discovery of neptune was clouded with confusion, to this day there is an international dispute about who exactly found the planet

uranus spins on its own axis, orbiting in the unusual aquarius way, the glaring misfit of uranus as maverick as aquarius. uranus is raw individuality, sculpted in crystal eyes, an inspired catalyst

pisces is glamour and illusion, neptune wants to see how much she can fool you, even for a brief moment. from the sea and the sky

aquarius and pisces are floating toward greater ideals, freedom and love and communion for all of humanity. peace and protection. 

Gloaming at the seaside. Low tide is late today. I’ve walked out to the naked rocks and sat among the barnacles, listening to their bubbling, the gentle surf, the sound of geese coming to roost on the island. The air is heavy with brine - a smell I can never get enough of, but hesitate to call pleasant.

Looking out over the water, I see the occasional flash of a distant lighthouse. A pod of orcas swam through here a few days ago after breakfast for the second time in a month.

The denizens of tide pools are coming to life. A shaggy mouse nudibranch, Aeolidia papillosa, crawled over my fingers when I crouched beside the water. It moved so slowly that my feet began to cramp as I waited for it to move on. The dark shapes of crabs skitter into the shadows away from my flashlight. Anemones draw themselves inward. Ochre sea stars cling to the undersides of rocks, misshapen, just out of reach. Their genus name, Pisaster, hints at the mysterious wasting epidemic that struck these creatures in recent years - “sea star-associated densovirus”, or SSaDV. The disease has wiped out scores of sea stars all along the West Coast since 2013, dissolving their bodies into formless goo. A Pisaster disaster.

Everything here is so fragile. Happy Earth Day.

Love is a state of being. Your love is not outside, it is deep within you. You can never lose it, and it cannot leave you. It is not dependent on some other body, some external form. In the stillness of your presence, you can feel your own formless and timeless reality as the unmanifested life that animates your physical form. You can then feel the same life deep within every other human and every other creature. You look beyond the veil of form and separation. This is the realization of oneness. This is love.
—  Eckhart Tolle

Character Design is an important part of any movie, but few use it to map out character design as well as Howl’s Moving Castle

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Thich Nhat Hanh on the Prajnaparamita Diamond Sutra

“"And when this innumerable, immeasurable, infinite number of beings has become liberated, we do not, in truth, think that a single being has been liberated.”

This is the first flash of lightning. The Buddha goes directly to the heart of prajnaparamita, presenting the principle of formlessness. He tells us that a true practitioner helps all living beings in a natural and spontaneous way, without distinguishing between the one who is helping and the one who is being helped. When our left hand is injured, our right hand takes care of it right away. It doesn’t stop to say, “I am taking care of you. You are benefiting from my compassion.” The right hand knows very well that the left hand is also the right hand. There is no distinction between them. This is the principle of interbeing- coexistence, or mutual interdependence. “This is because that is”. With this understanding- the right hand helping the left hand in a formless way- there is no need to distinguish between the right hand and the left hand.
For a bodhisattva, the work of helping others is natural, like breathing. When her brother suffers, she offers care and support. She does not think that she has to help him in order to practise the Dharma or because her teacher said she should. It isn’t necessary to have an idea of helping. We feel the need to do it, and we do it. This is easy to understand. If we act in the spirit if formlessness, we will not say later on, “When my brother was sick, I took care of him every day. I made him soup and did many other things for him, and now he is not at all grateful.” If we speak like that, our actions were done in the spirit of form. This is not what is called a good deed according to the prajnaparamita. Formlessness is something concrete that we can put into practise here and now.”

-Commentaries on the Prajnaparamita Diamond Sutra by Thich Nhat Hanh

you don’t have to define it. there’s lots of words and words can be good. you know? there’s a million words for genders, a million words for sexuality. and what they can be good for, these labels, are for helping you to understand your feelings ‘cause if you see a description or something written down you can think, “that’s how i feel,” and maybe if you want to convey your personality to somebody, then you can look that up and go, “yeah.” i know that some people argue that sexuality and all these labels and definitions are different things but we don’t even know what sexuality means so… on one hand, you don’t have to label yourself. a lot of tumblr, they… you know… make you feel like you have to “label myself with these complicated labels to be cool.” you don’t have to. if you just want to be a formless blob, a mess that struggles to define themself from moment to moment, that’s also okay. you can use labels if you wish, if it helps you to define yourself. and you can change!


Endless List of Favourites + Actors ||  Eddie Redmayne

  I didn’t train to be an actor, I blagged my way into it, and I always feel I’m waiting to be found out. So whenever you get a job, there’s a moment of euphoria and then the realisation, “Oh my God, you’ve got to do this.” And you feel there should be some scaffolding. I’ve worked with people who have their preferred way of rehearsing guaranteed by clause in their contract. But it’s not like I have a process, it’s a very formless thing, and there’s no one telling you, “This is what you’re going to do and this is how you’re going to do it.”

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Dan: you dont have to label your sexuality, you can just be a formless blob :) Dan 5 minutes later: I'm a formless blob haha :) .. that was intentional right ??????

Common (And Misunderstood) Spiritual Tropes

Are you seeking radical awakening? Do you suspect personhood to be a shallow reflection of the depth within your actual Being? Have you undertaken a spiritual path? 

Then the following are elements you may want to consider and of which you should be wary. 

  1. Don’t Seek. While coming from a place of dharmic intent, this piece of wisdom can actually be disadvantageous. It hints at the effortlessness behind spiritual awakening but at the same time can be easily coopted by the ego. If we shouldn’t seek, then why bother meditating, contemplating, and being mindful? The best way I can re-orient this wisdom is as follows: If you do not seek you will not find but you will not find as a result of seeking. The spiritual path is not easy, it is natural. Naturalness can be difficult for those of us who have lived identified with our egos for so many years and potentially lifetimes. By all means, seek enlightenment. It is perhaps the only sane thing we might be after in this lifetime. 
  2. Don’t try. This follows on the heals of “Don’t seek.” In some spiritual philosophies, effort is seen as being contrived, trying too hard at something that is natural. Enlightenment is natural, as natural as a flower growing up through concrete and unfurling before the sun. But effort is often required–especially in the beginning of the path and sometimes until the very end. Meditating requires effort, mindfulness requires effort, overcoming our habitual energies requires effort. This comes from our desire for liberation. While worldly desires are, for the most part, a source of pain and illusion, the desire for liberation is what will keep you on your path. There is no such thing as having too strong a desire for liberation. What matters, though, is that you seek liberation in a fruitful manner. Meditation, mindfulness, and self-inquiry have been demonstrated to be invariably fruitful throughout the ages. 
  3. Don’t desire. This follows naturally from the previous point. The things we desire are harmless but it is our desiring mind that can be harmful. Often we are told that we must be desireless. This isn’t always so. We can work toward whatever it is we desire in this world but if we wish to remain sane and at peace, we must be ready to accept the results of our efforts, whatever they may be. In this way, you can work towards whatever it is you like without being attached. When attachment forms, confusion and suffering follow. The exception, of course, is our desire for liberation. Again, we must surrender our expectation for the results of our path, for we truly don’t know how it will turn out. We don’t know what enlightenment is like, we have only had tastes during rare divine moments. But it is the desire for liberation that ultimately leads to the extinguishing of all desires and the revelation of bliss, the sweetness in everything we have experienced and sought. 
  4. You are the body/there is no body. This particular point is rather funny. If I share wisdom about how you are not the body, people will inevitably comment that the body is sacred and part of the divine. If I share wisdom about how the body is a gateway to the formless Self and how to honor and use the body, people will comment how we are not the body and that such is dualistic thinking. The Avadhuta Gita nailed it when it said: “I honor my body as though it does and does not exist.” So let’s put this to rest: Inhabit your body fully, feeling every inch of your body from your toes to your fingers to you groin, chest, head, and back. Feel all of it at once. Then, focus on the feeling and let go of any identity regarding that feeling. Forget gender, forget name, forget shape and appearance. Just feel your inner body as one seamless whole. Drop human form. This is the point in which the dualism of being the body and not being the body falls away.

Keep these points in mind. Practice meditation. Practice mindfulness. Practice contemplation. Practice self-inquiry. Read spiritual books by self-realized humans. Seek liberation from illusion to realize your Real Self beyond and before birth and death. 

Then you shall enjoy the divine and fathomless bliss that is your nature and primordial inheritance.