An Artist of many Worlds

Jastun slipped on his headphones and began listening to some of his favorite songs. Mostly instrumental and orchestra type music, the kind of stuff that would get his creative flow going. Bobbing his head a bit he turned to face the giant block of granite. 

What will I make today? he wondered before shrugging and placing his bare hands to the material and brushing away layer after layer from the main body, using his shifting magic to sculpt directly into the stone without a single tool. He had tried to sculpt the old fashioned way, but using his hands gave him so much more control over the details.

After maybe half an hour of shaving away the granite block was now a formless lump and he sat  on the floor of his studio surrounded by piles of dust staring up at the object.

“Hmmmmmm…. maybe I should hire a model or something….”

Carl Jung - Becoming Whole (Aion Chart showing symbolic representation of the psychic totality through the concept of the Self using Western religious metaphors to make his examples), “Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self”, 1951.

Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.
—  Extract from The Art of War, Sun Tzu (544 BC - 496 BC)

Only when you surrender to love are you truly alive. Only through love are you able to see for the very first time with clear eyes who you truly are and why you are here. Through deep surrender your life mission will be perpetually revealed, and you’ll understand how the Universe is carrying you, as if you were in a protected cocoon in each moment of your life. By consciously surrendering to the most loving feeling you can fathom, there is nothing that can harm or threaten you in any way.


As you practice surrendering to higher love, you’ll see that God is here now. The divine is your deepest essence and only through surrender can you see it. Surrender brings forth your divine purpose, knowledge and consciousness out into your life, unlocking the narrowed mind and revealing the most enlightened being inside you! It is the secret to discovering your divinity, and knowing you are ONE with Infinite Spirit and Source. It is through this path that you will discover a richer experience of life, knowing yourself to be divine, and truly appreciating your life in this amazing world.


~ Jafree Ozwald

Let’s travel under the floorboards. Let’s sing to the curtains. We are all carpeted. We are all painted. We’re becoming the walls of this house, so let’s burn down. I am a window (I am a window). I am transparent (I am transparent). I am the air in which you are standing. We are the lawn and we will exist when this house is gone. But we’re not scared, though we should be scared. Our voices fill the house then out the windows and into the yard, where smoke and grass are holding our hands. We’re not alone in our interests inside the rooms that connect us. We will become everything, we’ll shatter as the doorball sings. We can be everywhere just like the carpet in this house. We’re moved in and peeling the layers of skin we drag around. Burning the kindling. The embers, they make a simple sound. The stone walls are sweating and our friends are dancing in the dark. The friction brings a reaction and this house was waiting for a spark

theworldisa - Gordon Paul