forming a healthy family bond

anti but also pro hinata rant

I know I reblog a lot of anti-hinata, but its mainly because I hate what she has become because of studio pierrot/kishimoto. I hate that they used her, a side character with so much potential, to ruin the entire series. giving her the spot light basically out of nowhere, dismantling the messages and story naruto had as a whole, and rushing her in with the main character, forcing their relationship to explain and create itself TWO YEARS AFTER THE STORY ENDED IN CANON in a movie, showing how minuscule hinatas role in narutos life truly was. naruto never wouldve considered her for a girlfriend or anything like that without that movie. the movie proved that any interaction with naruto and hinata in the manga meant nothing, which should enrage naruhina and antinaruhina fans alike. naruhina is one of the worst pairings they could have had her end up in. in this pairing she doesn’t blossom, she doesn’t take charge or take care of her clan, she never stands up to her father, she helps and cares for no one but herself and naruto (and their kids, but she does a shit job due to her never growing a spine). she even admitted what she has for naruto is selfish, and this is proven with how she stays the same way as she always has since she was a kid, just like sakura, a selfish little girl in a 30 year old womans body with a crush on a guy who barely interacts with them, despite being married.

Hinata, if youre really going to have her get married in the naruto story, should have went with either Neji or Shino, or even Kiba (I dont particularly like kibahina, but Ill admit it could have worked, to each their own). With Neji, they bonded and formed a healthy relationship despite the family feud going on in their lives, from when neji used to hate her to truly loving her as family and supporting her. the fanfic comic “Terrace” perfectly shows how nejihina is constructive and good for each of neji and hinata’s characters. Its very good, I highly recommend it 😊.

With shinohina, both are quiet and spent time getting to know each other in the same team (also kiba but in the chunin exam arc it was shown/stated that kiba often went ahead of them and left shino and hinata in the background…true, they were still in the early stages of forming their team bond, but even FROM THERE, hinata and shino were left with each other). Also in what little dialogue shino has, he often makes remarks/observations of hinata. They could have bonded and understood each other even more from their shared reserved types of personalities and quietness, if the author had allowed, but alas. There are much better analysis of the pairings if you just search the shinohina tag on tumblr or some fansites but I dont want to restate what they’ve said in their posts too much, you can check for yourself if youre that curious.

but yeah, I often reblog anti hinata because her character irks me now, but every now and then I’ll reblog some nice hinata related things, because like I said, if she really has to be in a pairing, there are many others where she wouldve been much better off. 👌