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I want to thank each and every one of you. This was my first day with this blog an it’s encouraging to have followers already. I’m planning on starting contests and stuff like that soon, so keep your eye out!

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If you get this in your ask box you must say 5 good things about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favourite followers :)

I have to admit, I don’t like to reveal too much about myself on Tumblr, I would prefer to remain mysterious. But for you, my darling Barbara, I will broke that rule. Okay, just five good things. You might think that is easy task, but not for me, I confess. 

1. Pretty much everything I cook is delicious. So they say. My family, the consumers of my cooking.

2. Most of my wardrobe is unique. I am seamstress and knitter

3. I am very patient. When I start something, I would very much like to finish that. I am the fan of closure.

4. I ain’t sentimental. I ain’t collecting old things as memories.

5. I am very practical and reasonable individual.

darkmasterplan:gleaming-flower: My New follower

darkmasterplan: I have new follower… gleaming-flower is Merida, young girl from United States. Merida is novice cosplayer. She has a blog dedicated to Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

Merida is shipping Rumbelle, Swanfire, Snowing and Red Cricket.

This hilarious dashboard screenshot belongs to

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In 2011, a 23 year old woman checked into hospital reporting formication (insect-crawling sensation) in her genitals. She was found to have a massive wart in her vulva. During the procedure to remove the wart, live maggots began to crawl out of the mass.

darkmasterplan:formicality: Old follower

darkmasterplan: I have old follower that I haven’t welcomed jet ( because of the reasons)… formicality  is Kay, young woman from South Eastern part of U.S. Kay has a fiancee and soon expected to be married.

My new follower is making gif sets and photosets. She has side blogs:, , and

Kay has another blog for Game of Thrones: Khaleesi, Tyrion, Jon Snow, Bran, Arya and Samwel Tarly are her favorite characters. 

My new follower is shipping RumBelle, TinyGrump, Snowing, SwanFire and WoodenSwan. Good luck with that last one, Dearie.

This sassy RumBelle dashboard screenshot belongs to my darling follower, . My girl has quite collection of these funny, interesting, sassy dashboard screenshots. If you are interested…

How long are you on Tumblr? Little longer than me. You started blog on 19th of October, 2012. I started mine on 1st of December, 2012. Kay isn’t very active and hasn’t got many followers, but she is real, honest, truly dedicated fangirl.

Kay likes to watch OUaT, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Harry Potter, Raising hope, House of Cards, Duck Dynasty. Her favorite OUaT characters are Rumple, Belle, Tiny, Grumpy and Henry.

This adorable dashboard screenshot belongs to

Kay isn’t skilled cook. Thank God, I have thought I am the only one in our fandom. She adores cats. Her favorite colours are Chocolate Brown and Burnt Orange. My old follower has great sense of humor.

I am darkmasterplan. I am Milica, Dearie, sister, aunt, RumBelle and SwanFire shipper and Dedicated Tumblr Blogger. I live in Serbia, Europe. My blog is RumBelle centric, OUaT related with occasional outburst of Doctor Who, Sherlock, How to train your dragon, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. I am posting RumBelle fanart, fanfiction, gif sets, funny conversations and comics, music, videos, OUaT spoilers, swords, castles, stained glass, fashion, art and everything else I find interesting. 


I am Little Fire Dragon. That is my nickname. Thanks for following me, Dearie. Welcome to OUaT fandom.

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[ nightmare starters - meme ]

☁ My muse is screaming for help.

Sleep. That’s what it started as. It wasn’t often that Ender actually got into a state where he would dream in his sleep. But recently it had been happening. His dreams were weirder and weirder as he was able to dream more. 

His dreams were slowly progressing to be worse and worse. It was like they were all one big dream, with breaks of being awake in between. He was scared, scared and intrigued by what was happening, but more scared than anything. He was helpless against them.

They were dissecting him, and studying him just like they did to the formics. Except he was alive. He was alive and he could feel it all. The first scream came and he didn’t even register that it was real.

The second scream came and he woke up, cries of help echoed in his empty room.

Not one to ask for help ever, but when what he saw seemed so real, so plausible, he couldn’t help it.

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☯ - hisgenius

| nightmare starters meme: my muse can’t tell the reality apart from nightmare | 

It’s been a little over a week since they won the war. The shock and guilt resonated with everyone, even Petra. But for her it was different, perhaps even a bit more in depth.

Nightmares and reality no longer had a line between them, but were blurred together. The girl would often scream during the day-time of rotting formic corpses that would appear in the hallways or that the whole planet was ablaze in fire. The nights were no better, it was the time when they would sedate her, hoping to put her to rest when they were only trapping her inside her own mind.

Sometimes the formic corpses would turn into human corpses; after learning that millions of men and woman died during their ’practices’ and even the final simulation because of her mistakes, she broke down.

There was no peace for her and their superiors declared her mentally insane, secluding her away from everyone, especially the others from the jeesh. They didn’t need her insanity rubbing off on anyone.

So she stayed in the confined quarters screaming at the walls and things that weren’t there. Everyone believed that she had lost herself the moment she detonated the Little Doctor, and perhaps they were right.

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My darling friend tagged me:

I am not comfortable with revealing too much about myself on Tumblr, but for you, I will make extra effort.

1. Favorite Animal. The cats, obviously.
2. Favorite holiday. New Year
3. Rumbelle or Snowing. I will ship RumBelle, until the end of time
4. Favorite episode of Once Upon a Time. Skin Deep, naturally. 
5. If you could be any OUaT character, who would you be? That is tough one. I would say Ruby or Abigail. I would love to be Ariel, but I am afraid I am not that pretty.
6. Favorite Disney character I don’t like Disney stuff, too much
7. Favorite Disney movie Disney is one of reasons why I am considering acquiring Tumblr Savior
8. What would you do if you met me? I would be very surprised.
9. Favorite food Pasta and pizza
10. Hobbies? Tumblr, reading, sewing…