Christmas Island Crab Migration

The Christmas Island Red Crab is a land crab that is only found on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. Though they’re land crabs they spawn in the sea and undergo a mass migration to the water’s edge yearly. During this time the island is covered in a carpet of crabs- they’re all over the roads, trees, sidewalks- EVERYWHERE. Their journey is arduous and many of them die, either from being run over by cars or yellow crazy ants which shoot them in the face with formic acid and then eat them as they decay.

However, the people of Christmas Island are sensitive to the plight of the crabs, and rather than kill them off, they build tunnels and bridges to help them get across the island safely, and even close off certain roads to decrease fatalities. They’ve also undertaken baiting programs to kill some of the yellow crazy ant supercolonies, since they’re not native and wreak havoc on the islands wildlife.

My new favorite, the Eschweiler–Clarke reaction!

The Eschweiler–Clarke reaction (also called the Eschweiler–Clarke methylation) is a chemical reaction whereby a primary (or secondary) amine is methylated using excess formic acid and formaldehyde. Reductive amination reactions such as this one will not produce quaternary ammonium salts, but instead will stop at the tertiary amine stage. It is named for the German chemist Wilhelm Eschweiler (1860–1936) and the British chemist Hans Thacher Clarke (1887-1972).

The mechanism of the reaction is really simple, first methylation of the amine begins with imine formation with formaldehyde. The formic acid acts as a source of hydride and reduces the imine to a secondary amine. The driving force is the formation of the gas carbon dioxide. Formation of the tertiary amine is similar, but slower due to the difficulties in iminium ion formation.

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The only problem was, that the yields were at a maximum 60%, but for the first run it’s not that bad.

The title ‘Ender’s Game’ is really quite cruel.

I mean, the gut-wrenching tragedy that had us all in tears at the end of the book was the fact that Ender had been lied to. His soul had broken because of the fact that the simulation wasn’t really a simulation and he had just gone and wiped out a whole species. It wasn’t his game.It was the teacher’s game and the government’s game and Colonel Graff’s game but never was it ever Ender’s game. By the end, he didn’t want to play anymore, and that’s how he managed to defeat the formics. 

Seriously, Ender’s Game? More like The sick and twisted joke we play on Ender Wiggin.

Let’s see when he breaks.


Preparation of a red dye. 

After a reaction between an aromatic nitrile, a stong base (potassium tert-butoxide) and something else, a deep blue-purple compound formed (1.-st pics). After diluting it with methanol (2.-nd pics) it turns pink and after when it is acidified with formic acid it turns red (3.-rd pics).

I always loved when a chemical transformation could be seen with my eyes, but sadly this happens rarely. In most cases I start from a white powder or a liquid, it turns yellow/brown/black and after a lot work hopefully I can get another white powder or a transparent liquid.

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formic — An exhibition space presenting works by contemporary artists for a colony of European fire ants. The space is a glass cube measuring 25 x 15 x 15 cm located between the colony and a feeding area. It can be visited by the ants 24/7. Humans are invited to experience the documentation online 🔥🐜