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hey guys, it’s thxsetwxkids here, and I’m just letting you guys know that I changed my url to go together better with my other blogs, and i’ve always really liked this url, so yeah, bear with me through the transition, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal aha! XD 

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If a certain genre of music can make one masturbate, I can admit that I am one of those people who do - I masturbate to Hard Rock & various types of Metal (Symphonic, Progressive, Glam, Death, Viking, Thrash, Instrumental, & Glam)…yet, I love listening to GEOFF TATE (formerly of Queensryche/currently of Operation: Mindcrime)!!! 😈💖😈💖😈💖😈💖😈💖

I gues one can say that I love having METAL ORGASMS!!! 😈💖😈💖😈💖😈💖😈

Yvonne Strahovski Joins Hulu's 'The Handmaid's Tale'

Yvonne Strahovski will play Serena Joy in Hulu’s upcoming series, The Handmaid’s Tale.

The ten-episode series —adapted from Margaret Atwood’s classic dystopian 1985 novel — tells the story of Gilead, formerly part of the United States but now a totalitarian society where plunging birthrates and environmental disasters have led to women being treated as property of the state.

Elisabeth Moss will star as Offred, one of the last fertile women who is forced into sexual servitude as a handmaid in The Commander’s (Joseph Fiennes) household. Orange is the New Black’s Samira Wiley will play Offred’s best friend, while Strahovski will portray the Commander’s wife.

The series, created and written by Bruce Miller, begins filming in Toronto this fall and is expected to premiere in 2017. Strahovski will next be seen in Marc Foster’s All I See Is You opposite Jason Clarke and Blake Lively.

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favorite oth blogs!!

send me a character fandom & i will list my favorite blogs from that fandom
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okay so there are a whole bunch of oth blogs i adore – & if i miss anyone pLEASE forgive me, i’m just trying to do this off the top of my head. this is a mix of both single & multi-muse blogs & you’re all so incredible and gosh yEAH.

@tutorgirled  // @floriilege (formerly @punkndisorderlys ) // @loveisaviolence //  @nathcnroyals // @nscott // @giftedsouls // @everyvictory // @tractilis // @industrialsandpaper // @leftoverfear // @soulhcart // @triicksterfox // @moonsunandme // @frayedbabe // @starsfallen // @woredeath //  @gonnabelegends // @offacades // @elysiansouls // @boldpsyche // @wildhcarts& probably a whole bunch more ?? this is just the list i gathered in like .03 seconds. 

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okay so yes you will be having the babies with an analation and you shall have the kids on the weekdays, they will be beautiful and we shall name them after lizards

alright this sounds like a good deal. i will get started at once with the artificial analation, and i already have a list of some of the names that we will name them. these names are non-negotiable. some of the names on this list include but are not limited to:


-cucumber, (yes the comma is part of the name)

-gertrude II


-mary land mond row

-the artist formerly known as gertrude

-[jackhammer sounds]


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It's the formerly sex-repulsed anon. I think it might come from the feeling of calm when my friend sexually abused me, I didn't feel anything and still struggle to recall much other than shadows and words. Though I was scared I was very calm.

Why did it feel calm tho?
In Defence of Rojava
By Memed Aksoy

The Turkish army, together with a rag-tag team of jihadist Free Syrian Army militants, has invaded areas of Rojava and continues its incursion further into territory that had already been liberated from Islamic State.

Turkey backed FSA militants, made up of Nour al-Din al-Zenki Battalions, Faylaq al-Sham (Sham Legion), Sultan Murad Brigade and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly al-Nusra) among others -all Salafist/Islamist groups responsible for countless human rights crimes- have already declared they will march onto Manbij, which had rejoiced with joy recently after being liberated from Islamic State by Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Images of women taking off their enforced niqabs and smoking, and men shaving off their beards is still fresh in the memory of those following events in Syria.

After taking Jarablus in agreement with the Islamic State without firing a single bullet, the Turkish army has engaged in airstrikes and shelling of civilian areas, killing at least 45 in two villages south of Jarablus. Dozens of local fighters from the Jarablus Military Council, affiliated with the SDF, have been taken prisoner and tortured in front of cameras; most of them Arabs.

With its latest military foray Turkey, which has tried to camouflage its regional war on Kurds by using the Islamic State as a pretext, is trying to prevent the conjoining of Rojava’s three cantons. Furthermore this is also an attempt to strengthen Sunni/Muslim Brotherhood forces, which are ideologically aligned with the Turkish AKP government. Through these proxies Erdogan hopes to revive his neo-Ottoman aspirations to have a say in Syria’s future and a longer-term influence in the Middle East and North Africa.


St John’s Island, previously known as Pulau Sakijang Bendera, is a tiny island off the south coast of Singapore. The island formerly housed a quarantine station for cholera cases detected among immigrants in the late 19th century. 

Photos taken by Connor Butler - St John’s Island, Singapore. 

Monsters University > Finding Dory

The year is 2016, and the Era of Pixar Sequels - formerly a hazy prospect on the horizon - is very much in full swing. There was a time when we all thought of sequels as antithetical to the studio’s whole identity, with only one film in Pixar’s first ten - the Disney-requested Toy Story 2, an unlikely triumph bashed together in trying circumstances - being a non-original property, but the tide has turned since then, with seven of its next 11 being sequels or prequels. It’s a pretty drastic shift in approach, and one that’s been spoken about in suspicious tones by many - including myself! Nevertheless, those who always kept the faith in Brand Pixar are likely to be feeling pretty vindicated at the moment, thanks to the tremendous response to Finding Dory, which has been just the tonic the studio needed after The Good Dinosaur’s commercial washout and the biggest success story of their patchy post-Toy Story 3 period.

Riding a tidal wave of Millennial nostalgia into US cinemas, the fishy sequel scored the biggest ever opening weekend for an animated film in June and is now comfortably the top-grossing animation of all time in America, while its global total is flirting with the magic $1 billion mark. It’s also proven a critical favourite, earning a 94% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 77 on Metacritic - not quite the same level of rave earned by acknowledged masterpieces like Inside Out or WALL-E, but a definite step up from the collective shrug The Good Dinosaur received - and also a tier above the lukewarm reception afforded to 2013’s Monsters University, their previous non-original movie, which earned polite notices but was generally perceived as a bit of a lesser effort. Coming so soon after the legitimately awful Cars 2, Dan Scanlon’s unasked-for Monsters Inc prequel was a lightning rod for a lot of the worries people had about Pixar’s new sequel habit three years ago; while it performed well commercially, it’s never been talked about with much love, either at the time or in the years since.

Finding Dory’s critical and financial success will help change the narrative around Pixar sequels to a certain degree, helping fans to look forward to Toy Story 4, The Incredibles 2 and hell, maybe even Cars 3 with a bit more optimism. However, the pleasant glow cast by this reassuring, crowdpleasing hit also does a good job of retrospectively illuminating the finer points of Monsters University, revealing it to be a far better and braver film than it have first appeared under the harsh, punishing spotlight that Cars 2 was shining on it. Mike and Sulley’s second big-screen outing was a tough sell from a creative point of view, with a premise that felt less organic and more forced than this summer’s Finding Nemo sequel, but dig deeper and you’ll find a work of laudable thematic ambition that adapts its material with more coherence and a lot more imagination than Dory, to the point where I’d rank it as a better piece of work overall, even if its appeal is less immediate. When it came out, Monsters University was microanalysed as a manifesto for Pixar’s entire creative future, and that no longer feels like a proportionate, reasonable or relevant way to look at it; with the benefit of some distance and a useful comparison point in Finding Dory, I do hope more people might see this apparently shallow college comedy had a lot more going on under the hood than it got credit for.

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(Pokemon AU speaking) Walter would def’s be a gym leader that specializes in ghost-type pokemon (and whom probably acts like a psychic or hex maniac). He probably owns a formerly abandoned building filled with wayward gastly’s and spooky rift-raft.

[ Tangerine Quartz | Guardian ] 

Age: Around 6000 Years
Gem Location: Hand
Weapon(?): Shield
Formerly - Yellow Diamond
Current - The Crestfallen Unity & The Crystal Gems Inspiration for design: My brother.

(Former)Purpose: Quartz gems are typically made to be warriors but in some cases, a Quartz is assigned to protect and guard certain gems from harm.

(Tangerine Quartz is a gemsona I’ve designed for my brother. It’s basically him with a visor and a turned up coat collar. Chose this gem because he LOVES the color orange and he’s hecka tall.)

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Rules: a) Always post the rules, answer the questions that are written by the person who tags you, then write 11 new questions yourself. b) Tag 11 People and link them to the post. Tell the person who tagged you that you’ve answered their questions.

1. What’s the story or meaning behind your URL?

Nyx is the deity of darkness so it’s literally ‘darkness rising’. To be honest though? When I was making my youtube channel I just wanted something unique and recognisable that I wouldn’t get sick of too soon, because formerly I was in the habit of changing my uname weekly and I wanted something consistent to be giving out on business cards and so on. Nothing more than wishful thinking at the time~ but now a few years later I am damn grateful I did because I was signing a picture of myself at Metrocon (still my single weirdest life experience to date) last month and thinking “I’m so glad I’m signing ‘NyxRising’ and not one of my old URLs, jfc”

2. What is your zodiac sign?

Cancer. If you read anything about Cancer, it’s my whole personality to a tee. I hate small talk, love my home and I’m emotionally volatile as hell. There was one I saw yesterday that said something along the lines of ‘really interesting person, somehow few/no close friends’. Ouch, call out post for me.

3. If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be?

I am going to be boring and say I just want a pet husky. I’ve always wanted one and having the choice of like a lion or giraffe or something like that doesn’t change my mind on the subject one bit. But if I had to choose something more exotic, maybe a lemur? My mum’s favourite animal, they’re always going to remind me of her, and they’re so sweet and curious.

4. Do you think you would survive a zombie apocalypse?

Not a chance. I’ve got a solid survival plan but I’ve got all this medical stuff going on so I’d run out of meds quickly and I can’t eat just anything I’d be scavenging. There’s no room for picky eaters or the chronically ill at the end of the world.

5. If not, you’ll have the option to take with you whoever is in your icon. How good are your chances at surviving now?

Definitely up from what they were. My beautiful angry small man would probably have the physical prowess to protect us both but surviving with him would be an emotional chore because of those pesky abandonment issues of his.

6. What’s your favorite holiday?

Halloween :D Lots of reasons, I love the build up to it, the whole season surrounding it, the cute spookiness and actual scary stuff. It’s also the holiday I always got to throw a huge party for every year as kid and so it was the one time everyone was really looking forward to seeing me.

7. Are you left or right-handed?


8. Do you enjoy reading fluff or smut?

Smut if it’s a short one. Mostly I like reading long and complex plots with a bit of both and a large helping of angst.

9. Elena or Nadine?

Elena. I’m a professional writer & photographer so I feel that girl on a spiritual level. Sorry Nadine - you’re still a boss-ass bitch and you’re welcome to kick my ass any day.

10. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Dogs dogs dogs dogs! Mmm yeah, love me some fluffy dogs. 

11. If your favorite character was real, what would you say to them?

Mmm, Rafe Adler. No talking. Probably just action, if you get what I mean ;) Actually, I’d probably talk to him about getting some psychological help and tell him I wasn’t going anywhere no matter what~ Someone’s gotta stick by him. Also I’d ask to take a ride in his fastest car. Because hell yeah.


Okay, my 11 questions for the next people:

1. Where are you from and where would you live by choice if you could choose anywhere?

2. What shows do you love to watch?

3. What is your favourite video game and why do you like it?

4. If you could only pick one outfit from your wardrobe to wear for the rest of your life what would it consist of?

5. If you were running for President of the USA, what would your campaign pitch be?

6. What would you probably go to prison for?

7. Who are the people you would do anything for?

8. What period of history would you like to live in the most?

9. If you could have any career without the effort or trouble of qualifying to do it or finding a job, what would you want to be?

10. What does your bedroom currently look like?

11. Do you believe in ghosts and why/why not?

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Jackie’s mother and grandmother - 

Janet Norton Auchincloss formerly Lee aka Bouvier -  Mother of Jacqueline Lee (Bouvier) Onassis and Caroline Lee (Bouvier) Radziwill

maternal grandmother Margaret Merritt Lee. Daughter of Irish immigrants, as was her husband, Mrs. Lee’s mother was kept upstairs when guests were visiting their home.


A bit belated but I saw posts about OC’s parents, so I took a bit of time this morning to quick put together some portraits of my OC’s parents, male on left is Fenris senior. Not much is known of him to my OC other then this is his father and he was named after him. Female on the right is Xau Molkoh, formerly of a keeper clan after being exiled for baring a half breed child. She raised little Fenris alone in the south shroud area. Tragically murdered during Fenris’ mid adolescents.