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Rumbelle Fanfiction: One Night Stand

RATING: Explicit

SUMMARY: When Belle asks Mr Gold for a delay in rent for her father, Gold is willing to forgive all the debt for one night with Belle. But he never expected her to accept his proposal. IndecentProposal!Remix

NOTES: During the write of Indecent Proposal I was wondering a lot about Belle’s characterization. I like the rare moments on the show when she shows her sense of humor. With Rumple she is always so gentle and patient so I wanted to explore this side of her as well. Hence the Remix. 

Thanks to foreveronelittlewish for  her amazing gif-sets! And thanks to my dear Fluffy, temporalteatime, for discussions and listening to my whining and everything.
This is for shadowsseeker. She encouraged me and so far I never have written anything for her and that needed to change. And this is for all of you. My very belated Fluffapalooza-story is finally here! I hope you enjoy!


Noah Gold couldn’t afford to dream of things without price tags. And he certainly couldn’t afford to fall in love with Belle French. But unfortunately, he had. Even worse, he loved her.

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foreveronelittlewish replied to your post: We might all have ranted and raved after Skin Deep…

The Return (and Skin Deep, really) are the reasons why I find it difficult to “trust Jane” like everyone is saying one should do. The woman hurts my heart, I find it hard to trust her.

Yeah, but you hurt in a “OMG, I can’t deal with what happened in this episode” way, not in a “Oh, God, they’re ruining the character, making us assume all this stuff, disregarding continuity and making such a such into a victim” kind of way. I trust Jane to write Rumple and Belle beautifully in character, to never make us assume such an such thing happened off screen and to give us hope, because that’s always the end game with her.

essentialasair-deactivated20150  asked:

One of the things I love about your posts about Belle and Rumbelle is your passion. In five weeks I have a three week break between semesters and 'd really love to do a letter/email/twitter write-in to let Adam and Eddy know just how much we not only love Rumbelle, but Belle as well... and that we'd love to see more of her. What do you think?

I think that a polite show of interest in Rumbelle, Belle and their possible storylines in the future is a very good idea. Maybe show them that, though we understand that there were a lot of stories to tell this season and maybe fitting Belle into an already-planned story was not easy we hope that she’ll feature more in season 3, since Belle is a great character, Rumbelle is a great relationship and Emilie and Robert are amazing actors.

I would try to, if possible and again with all the respect they deserve, write to the writers. Jane, Ian and Andrew above all, because they write Rumbelle and Belle the best in my opinion. Let them know how fucking great we thought their job was this season and how we fervently wish they’ll give us even more great Belle, Rumple and Rumbelle. I think that would be the best strategy, as well as having the added bonus of allowing us to congratulate our favourite writers on their amazing work.

And… yeah, I get a bit passionate. I do try to keep it nice and, well, sane.


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essentialasair-deactivated20150  asked:

Hi, sorry to be weird and ask this, but where did you order the magazine? I've been trying to find it with no luck. Thanks :-)

Hi, no that’s not weird at all :-) I found it on google and because the publisher is Titan, they have a proper website in the UK etc where you can buy it. Or at least when you click to buy it it goes to the uk website :P

Go on this link and scroll down to the bottom and click ‘UK, Australia, New Zealand’ which I assume you’re in. There’s also the USA link but that isn’t taking international orders on the internet and I think you have to call them (but yeh, if you are in Australia, UK or New Zealand, click the bottom link and you can buy it there. It’s also on the official Titan site but the UK etc version which is where I bought it earlier :-)).

foreveronelittlewish replied to your post: All the sudden Hook hate on my dash is pissing me…

I only dislike his actions. As a character he’s fucking awesome! An asshole, but brilliantly acted and portrayed by Colin.

It just seems like today has been a flareup of Hook hate (and I didn’t want the sneak peaks so).

I dislike his personality but I don’t hate him and he is Hook whether anyone likes it or not.

I mean I dislike Cora but admire her as a character so.