its 3 in the morning and i went and got some snacks and mom… got up, came and looked in the closet, and when asked what she was looking for, said “i dont know.” then she stole one of my cookies and presumably went back to sleep

Sooooooo….I’ve been screwing around with my tablet and this happened.

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Sycamore as a dad is a 10/10 concept but let me bring you this: The professor finding out his s/o is pregnant. Bonus if his s/o kept giving him hints but the man is so oblivious he couldn't catch it at first


Professor Sycamore versus Pregnancy

Round 1 
(the first twelve weeks)

- Sycamore honestly just thinks that his S/O is sick when he catches them with their head shoved halfway down the toilet, and is genuinely concerned but when it stops after a few days, he writes it off as the flu
when it happens a few days every week tho, he’s like ‘we gotta go to the doctor’ like this man’s doctorate is useless. he is a doctor in cute animals not people problems. His S/O talks him down from a doctors visit but he still brings them a bunch of vitamins and like anti-nausea medicines until the sickness seems to go away after a month or so and he forgets about it.

- When his S/O starts tossing and turning in the night, Sycamore is quick to figure out that their need for cuddling has gone way up - he loves it but he worries about his S/O’s sleep cycle and health when he’s away at conferences and has to pull all-nighters at the lab. Of course, he just thinks it’s that they’re just getting closer as a couple.

- To be honest, both of them might be in the dark at this point, but so far,
Sycamore Status: Oblivious as Hell

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Song translation

Tomine Harket ft. Unge Ferrari - Nostalgi 3Millioner

In an apartment that’s meant for two
In a bedroom, in a bed to big
You know I can be here all by my self

Cigarettes, empty bottles
He is lucky, he is lucky
This wine, this wine
Was for us

You have found someone else
What about what we had?
I have seen you cry
I have seen you naked
Nothing happened like you said
Just want to be who I was

Time passes, the summer left
The winter came, the apartment still stands empty
I just want to become myself again
I picture it again and again
You have another hand to hold
And I was so lucky, so lucky
But that was before

You have found someone else
What about what we had?
I have seen you cry
I have seen you naked
Nothing happened like you said 
Just want to be who I was

You promised me, promised me
You promised me, promised me

*bolded lyrics were used in the clip

HONESTLY my boyfriend is the only person I’ve never gotten tired of? And I never ever will? Like I have friends that I don’t necessarily want to speak to them everyday and I’ve always had those kinds of friends, I get annoyed of them sometimes (nothing serious though) but my boyfriend is the only person who I JUST LOVE TALKING TO no matter what and he’s like so dorky and funny and affectionate MY HEART POUNDS FAST AND I STILL GET BUTTERFLIES WHEN I THINK ABOUT HIM EVEN THOUGH WE’VE BEEN DATING FOR LIKE ALMOST THREE YEARS

My evolution started when I got married,“ he says, sitting comfortably in a chair, wearing yellow, slacks, a black jersey with "New Power Generation” in black letters, and yellow suede ankle boots. “When I look back at my life and as it is today” I would not be at this point or position if I had not made changes in my life. You know, people are fearful by nature… Things change. We all evolve into something. I want tons and tons of children running around this place,“ he says, gesturing with slender hands, a simple gold band on his left ring finger. "Now I’m on the light path,” he says as he and Mayte snuggle affectionately. It took all that I’ve been through to get on the right path. You gotta believe that things will change. 

…I’ve always been close to, God, but I took things for granted. This is it celebration of things that led up to this point. Real faith ill God got me to this point. He also emphasizes that it was Mayte who helped to open his eyes and to advance his spiritual evolution and emancipation.

 Mayte has been my best friend for years and years; she is the, only person who showed me no malice,“ he says, adding that it was as though he was engulfed by a universal knowledge or awareness. "That was when I realized that I was in love with her, with everything about her, in love with the process itself. Somebody discovered this thing [love]; whoever did was a genius. I fell on my knees and said `thank you’ [to God].

"At that point I decided that I did not really ever want to be him [Prince] again,” he explains. “The human body will trap you. It is egotistical, flawed. I did not want to go back. Mayte helped me to understand some things.”

One of those things is that while growing up in Minneapolis, friends never called him Prince. “Prince [Rogers Nelson] is on my birth certificate,” says the Artist. “My father wanted me to be a star, so he named me Prince. He was a musician. I’ve distance not feel right about the name Prince. Mayte never called me Prince. She just didn’t use it. Her soul knew.”

—  Ebony Magazine, 1997

Me every time I get a new follower and I get super excited and I want to message you saying thank you but I don’t want to look like a weirdo so I just quietly giggle in my room. Thank you to everyone who has been following me and to everyone who just followed me. Welcome to the family bbys. (We are a family I have decided to adopt you all) ❣️❣️❣️

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How does one go about defining "fatness" and "thinness"? Im autistic and have issues in subjective reasoning like that. I am genuinely confused. Do you have to be overweight to be fat? At what "size" (for lack of a better word) does someone become fat? For example, I will say "Im fat and beautiful" but people say Im not fat. I am overweight, but Im not "thin". When I was younger I was normal weight but people called me fat because I looked fat. Now Im taller so I look thinner but Im overweight.

These links should help answer most of this, but if you still aren’t totally sure, please feel free to come ask us more questions! 

-Mod Bella 

i just found out i got an Award for doing Very Good in my hungarian class

and i have been invited to accept this Award at a Very Fancy Gala this saturday

i’m……… so overwhelmed