Rockman 29th Anniversary gallery Open Call

Hi guys! This is the artist formerly known as Soul Rokkuman. As you know, whenever I have the chance to prepare something nice for a Rockman Anniversary, I love the opportunity to work alongside fellow fans. This time, I’m making an open call for people to participate in a new project from The Hyacintho Team.

What is this about? As I mentioned in some earlier posts, I’m collaborating with Braulio Morales to bring you more fan music, covering some of the most beloved tunes that best represent Classic Megaman and Megaman X, merged in a beautiful music medley. With the date fast approaching, we would like to invite fans all around the world to, once again, show their love for the Blue Bomber on his Anniversary, through your fan art and fan love.

How to participate

Deviantart Users:  When your art is finished and ready for submission, submit your art to your, send me your link and name (or preferred online alias) to my current DeviantArt account MangoTeaCat (Please remember, I don’t use the account  “Soul Rokkuman” anymore on DA ^^ ;; ).

 Tumblr Users: Submit via email at with the subject “ Rockman 29th Anniversary gallery”.

Size specifications:  2150x3035 pixels, 300 dpi (horizontal or vertical).

 Even though the subject of this album will be focused on the Classic and X Series, you are welcome to draw art from any Megaman series you love. However, for this project, we will only be accepting artwork of the main Rockman characters/protagonists. For example, Rockman.EXE and Hikari Netto are OK, but Elpiso is not.

Please do not publicly post your art submission to any of your galleries or accounts until after the project is over and has been revealed. Thank you for understanding! 

The deadline is on Saturday, December 10th,  [23:59] (Chile Summer Time (CLST) -0300 UTC ). If you need more time, feel free to ask (´ω`).

We are eager to create this new gallery alongside all of you, the the fans. Personally, I would like to add fans from the other side of the world and would like to request art in other languages, besides Spanish and English. I would greatly appreciate your help with this! 人´∀`o) (o ´ ∀`人.

I hope for the best with this project. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to send me a message.

You can also visit us at the Hyacintho Team Facebook Page

Carpe Diem! (●´ω`●)

I love how we have confirmation that incineroar (formerly known as beltigre) will be fire dark and people are still complaining that he is fire/fighting or looks like fire/fighting.

Rosabella Vongola

formerly known as Rose Potter

Protagonist of KHR/Harry Potter crossover Sky Rose

  • sarcasm. sarcasm.
  • do not mess with hair
  • reborn can’t get her to smile which is Very Annoying
  • raised by the Varia from age six
  • current heiress of the Vongola Famiglia
  • ridiculously pure Sky Flames
  • remembers previous life
  • uses kubotan for weapons. they’re basically reinforced pencils
  • given to her by Squalo aftter a what-is-mightier-sword-or-pen debate in which she made one argument for pens but trust Squalo to be Utterly Offended
  • she probably should have known she’d get roped into doing paperwork with a weapon like that
  • and people wonder why she’s so sarcastic