My beautiful babies!

Furnace and Soft-Break (formerly known as Princess Bigarms) got a few updates. They’ll probably get more updates so that Soft-Break looks less like a wormy Zarya and Furnace less like the product of Raiden knocking up a xenomorph.

I think Furnace is blind. Sort of blind anyways. Since his brain was modified to favor speed over accuracy his vision his largely unconscious now (consciousness is great but very slow). Blindsight, basically. So that’s why he can dodge bullets but can’t read signs. He knows things are around him and he’ll never bump into anything but he’s very slow at figuring out what he’s seeing. Hearing and touch are conscious though (he’s learning braille and loves terrible spy novels). He also has other eyelike sensors around his body, so 360 degree vision that’s really only good for combat.

Hey guys, recently some idiots tried to tear down a discord server that I’m in. I’d really appreciate it if you could spread the word/join/etc.

It’s an Overwatch server called Watchpoint: Dorado and had almost 16k members and we’re now down to 4.6k members. We’re really disappointed on the staff who revolted against us. We’re currently trying to get everyone we know who was in there back to it. We were one big family and hated to see everyone get kicked/banned.
We welcome everyone and have a bunch of different channels you can talk in, so it’s not just about Overwatch. 

Thank you so much!

Here’s the invite link! -

“Watchpoint: Dorado (formerly known as the SombraARG) is mainly focused around Overwatch and would love for you to join our community! We were one of the major contributors to the Sombra ARG and we are also ready to shift to become an arg server if there are any future Overwatch related ARGs. Recently someone tried to tear down the server so we’re working on getting everyone back! We have many channels and are very user-friendly. “