As you may or may not be aware, the slave formerly known as Kurt now belongs to me. From here on out, he is called Minou and will not respond to anything else.

Slaves, should you address him as anything else, you will be punished. And to my fellow Masters and Mistresses, I encourage you to report any attitude or poor behaviour from Minou to me. Although I don’t forsee that happening.


IPO Go! Lite Android App

“IPO GO!”, an illuminating phrase that actively depicts moments in our sport!  Handlers and dogs, both on the go, focusing on accuracy, speed, consistency and power.

This mobile app adds technology as an additional tool in your pursuit of the sport formerly known as Schutzhund. IPO handlers are often literally “on the go” attending IPO events, training sessions and seminars. Your mobile device can now assist during those IPO GO! moments in capturing trial scores, communicating with the IPO community via Twitter (Premium version only) and easily navigating and searching the rulebook.

Full version of the app is $2.44. Click here for the link in Google Play.

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  • Dissociative Identity Disorder

DID (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) is not about having two people sharing a body, it’s not about being quirky and having different styles for different moods, it’s not always about trauma, it’s not about having huge mood swings and saying that he/she is ‘a different person when they’re angry’, it’s not about being ‘that one person’ and then having other made up personas, it’s not about having a good side and a bad side, it’s not an excuse to fool around with more than one person, it’s not about having different people fighting to take over the same body, it’s not a person talking to themselves, it’s not necessarily hearing voices, it’s not just for traumatized or abused people even if such a trigger is usually what causes it.

DID is often slipping into a state where nothing seems real other than your thoughts, not even your own body, and even other people appear to be dream-like and surreal. It’s looking in the mirror and not being able to fully recognize the person in it or at least associate it with yourself, it’s looking in that same mirror one day and seeing something totally different the next, it’s losing track of time for hours and only vaguely being aware of what you did even if you didn’t actually black out or forget, it’s feeling like your brain is tuned into too many radio stations at once, it’s often having too many feelings or opposing thoughts on things because there’s more than one side of you expressing an opinion, it’s having to talk to yourself out loud because sometimes it’s the only way to be sure which thoughts are your own.

DID can frequently be about having more than one identity- sometimes you aren’t aware of each other and struggle to understand things you’ve done or said without realizing it as well as making sense of panic-inducing periods of lost time; other times you are completely aware of everyone in your head, each with their own emotions, opinions, tastes, genders, sexualities and so on and you either feel like you’re being torn apart or you learn to live with it and accept all the different sides in a fairly harmonious existence.

DID is needing more than one identity in order to process different feelings and experiences because otherwise it all overwhelms you and some sides of you can’t cope with specific things, it’s the need to compartmentalize different aspects of your existence just to stay in control of yourself and not lose your mind.

DID is feeling lost in your own house because suddenly something in you changes and you don’t know why you are where you are, it’s sitting down for a test and suddenly information you didn’t know you possessed starts flowing out of you, it’s having your handwriting change between different styles as if different people wrote it to the point that sometimes you can’t read your own writing, it’s having a hard time talking to people from time to time because your feelings for those people aren’t always the same, it’s being startled when people point out that your accent or manner of speech are different that day, it’s sometimes having the knowledge of your real age but the emotions and desires and even perspective of a child or someone much older than you, it’s often feeling so muddled that though you didn’t quite forget your name you still don’t know who you are, it’s feeling like sometimes you have been pushed into the backseat and can only watch as your body keeps on living.

DID is having to write things down and leave notes to yourself because you don’t know if you person you’ll be tomorrow will understand those things or remember them, it’s being afraid of losing your temper or being pressured because you don’t know what you’ll say in the heat of the moment and it’s likely that some other part of you will suffer for it afterwards. It’s arguing with yourself because your mind in torn between opinions and yet it’s also finding comfort and safety in yourself when other sides of you prove to be strong and supportive. It’s about being a mystery to yourself and even being afraid of what you might capable of.

DID is feeling ashamed to admit you have DID because no normal person can really understand how it feels and you immediately feel crazy or farfetched just by voicing it. It’s having trouble maintaining close romantic relationships because some sides of you can be too much for your partner to take or may not be compatible with your partner at all, not necessarily due to emotions but due to identity factors like perceived age or sexuality.

DID is wondering if the ‘you’ of this moment will someday fade for the others to take over, it’s having everyone else try to divide you into different people and decide who is the host when in reality you are all equal parts of a whole regardless of who is the face of your life. It’s wondering if someday one side of you will go rogue (as is so often see in fiction) and do unspeakable things without your knowledge.

DID is not necessarily crippling, it’s not necessarily destructive, for some people it’s a defense mechanism or a necessity for a damaged mind to maintain emotional balance, it can be lived with though it’s exhausting  and stressful and shrouded in negative stigma… And yet it can also wreck a person’s life and drive them insane, it can make a person unable to function and turn them into something unpredictable. DID is not ‘quirky’ nor is it the stereotype seen in fiction, it’s a complex existence filled with constant doubt.

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She wasn’t just a supercomputer, an AI.
She was a human girl.
Angel had so Many things she could do, including playing games. Any video game she wanted, she could play. (A bored mind wasn’t very useful)
But when you’re isolated from any other kids your age, or anyone, really, playing games got boring. and lonely.
One of the doppelgangers- One of her dad’s body doubles, formerly known as timothy Lawrence, was notorious for being friendly and kind. She’d met him before, only as an emotionless AI, giving him orders.
“Are you busy, ‘Timothy’?”

Immortan Joe - formerly known as Colonel Joe Moore - was a veteran of The Oil Wars and a hero of The Water Wars. He formed a biker gang terrorizing the people after the fall.

i haven’t read the comics or anything yet bUT is this actual canon bc if so



ESEA-Intermediate and Invite double header

Tonight, at 11PM EST and 12AM EST, TeamFortressTV will be broadcasting 2 ESEA TF2 matches. 

First, we have an ESEA-IM (Intermediate) match with Pizzagon eSports visiting Luca Goers on Process. Luca Goers started off the season under the name “Getawhale Fanclub”, but have since changed the name. 

After that, we have 2 top-Invite teams also playing on Process: Street Hoops eSports, who are hosting against Ascent (formerly known as eLevate and Exertus eSports, but sponsors and seasons come and go).

To make the Street Hoops vs. Ascent match even crazier, both teams will be coming off a double header of their own. Before they face each other, Street Hoops play The Grime, and Ascent play [Attack of] The Yomies. 

The Grime sit at 5-9 while The Yomies fare better with a 7-6 record. While both 20b and Ascent should be able to pick up wins relatively easily, either team can crack if they let their pre-match matches have an impact on their energy and emotions.

ESEA-IM: Pizzagon eSports vs. Luca Goers will be casted on EVL TV at 11PM EST - Match Post |

ESEA-I: Street Hoops vs. Ascent will be casted on TeamFortressTV at 12PM EST - Match Post |

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Yes I am The Blog Formerly Known as Torch Dick. Got tired of that name so changed it like a few days ago. Gotta keep up.

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The Speed of Falling

Professor Castiel Novak has trained his entire life to earn his current academic position as the youngest professor in a century to earn tenure, so he’s not sure why the victory feels so hollow. Dean Winchester owns an autoshop with his dad’s best friend, has a giant for a brother, and might have a secret that could change the world. When they meet over a ticking car, neither of them expect a lesson on ambition, desire, and honesty, upending their usual method of sacrificing everything as a means to an end.

What happens when an academic losing his purpose and a mechanic that is more than he seems start to fall in love?


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