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Welcome to Storybrooke

imagine if it actually became a thing for cursed Storybrooke to have a daytime TV show where the characters star.

You could have:

Mary Margaret Blanchard & Emma Swan - Home decor and improvements

“At home with M-M & Em”

Mary Margaret gives hints & tips on how to spruce up your home without spending lots of money, and Emma teaches viewers neat little DIY tricks to save shelling out for a handyman. 

David Nolan - Crime & Current Events

“Stay safe with Dave”

Th former Sheriff gives viewers up to date information on crime and concerns around town, plus advice on how to stay safe.

Killian Jones - Food & Nutrition

“Cooking with Killian”

Killian teaches adventurous and healthy recipes and affordable meal options with the easiest of ingredients.

Regina Mills - Business & Finance

“The Mills Market”

Regina reports on the latest stocks and shares as they come in, plus important information on all your business queries.

Marco - History & Nature

“Views from Storybrooke”

Marco relays the history of storybrooke, often showing its most historical sites. He journeys to the most beautiful areas the town has to offer while educating on local nature and things to do around town.

Archie Hopper - Advice

“Agony Archie”

Certified psychologist, Dr. Archibald Hopper answers your questions and concerns, offering advice to callers and viewers.

Mr Gold - Weather

“How’s the weather looking out there, Mr Gold?”

“It’s cold.”

“Thank you for the update. Back to you in the studio.”

of course behind the scenes all types of shenanigans happen. Feuds, romance, flirting, fighting, propsals…. it’s all going on!

"The show is for kids. It doesn't mean anything."

So many people are so quick to judge Girl Meets World and doubt it’s depth because of the channel it’s on. A lot of people believe that there can’t be meta or anything below surface-level because it’s for “kids”. Let’s go over a few things:
1. Why is it that the many fans that say “it’s for kids” aren’t kids?

2. How many times do the creators of the show have to say that the is not only for the younger viewers but for former viewers of BMW?

3. Have any of you watched a children’s movie or children’s show before? They are extremely meta! Writers, producers, and all parts of production realize that a large amount of the audience of children shows and movies are actually adults because they watch with their kids! I mean look at Zootopia! They use fuzzy, furry animals to mask the symbolism of theme that relates to racism, stereotyping, and even sexism–Large issues that we are facing in society right at this moment!!

It’s time to realize that even if GMW was just a “kid’s” show(which it’s not),doesn’t mean that underlining large themes can’t be at play. Discrediting GMW theorists like @theowldetective over this issue is unreliable. You can disagree all you want but a stronger argument should be put forth because this one’s faulty.

Co-worker is a former Scandal viewer. I was talking to her about recent story lines and theories. Her response left me speechless..

She said (and im paraphrasing) Scandal has become another show focusing on White privilege with the Black person who serves their every need and takes care of all their problems, somewhere in the background.

They have fleshed out Mellie’s character in various dimensions, giving her direction, goals, ambitions and purpose while Olivia’s life remains in shambles. Olivia will remain the hired help brought in to fix the White people’s problems, make them happy, then go back to her lonely, miserable existence.

Then she went into more detail, expressing her disdain for how the writers have treated Mellie’s character in comparison to Olivia’s.

I couldn’t say anything but WOW. I just went back to my office and posted this.

anonymous asked:

So, after the Stana interview with ET Canada, I think that her experience in castle it's over. The sad thing, to me is that if they already know they should say, for the respect of the fans, I mean the ABC. But a new show on a cable tv means that she will not be in a S9. Sad knowing almost accidentally. Sad.

Yeah, not necessarily Anon. Development means that Stana is in the planning stages and that can take years. You have to write a script, pitch it to the networks, get a green light, cast it, film a pilot and get it picked up for series.

Here’s the other thing: no one knows anything, you are assuming it’s over because that’s what you heard. I just watched that interview and there is no indication to me that Castle is over or that Stana is leaving. She says she’s developing a show for television that she could possibly star in. There is nothing in that sentence that guarantees any of that; lest of all that her idea makes it onto a tv screen. Dozens of pilots never get made, and having an idea and being a current tv star brings no additional certainty that your pilot will be among those that makes the cut.

ABC also doesn’t owe us shit. Especially given how some people have treated the network, the cast and the crew this year. Castle’s renewal depends as much on contract negotiations as ratings, and that is something that takes time and likely something being discussed right now. Would you rather they give up? To say ‘well, the fans demand an announcement one way or another. Since we haven’t closed a deal with Nathan and Stana yet, we’ll just have to cancel the show.’

No. ABC would love to be able to do what CBS did and let us know that the show is going to end. They’d want to push that and promote it to hook casual viewers to watch live and former viewers to come back and see how it ends. But they don’t know if it’s ending yet. And just because Stana is looking forward, it doesn’t mean she’s already out the door, either.

That said, the show is ending in the next couple years. There is no use in pretending otherwise. Could be this year, could be next year, but it’s gonna end. These actors are going to start looking for other projects and preparing for the next step in their careers, as they should. No sense in getting overly sad or upset, it’s part of life and part of show business.