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Sit down and shut up:

Angry former comic shop owner here.

Folks keep jamming and jiving about who and what Ol Captain America would support in today’s modern political quagmire of hashtag activism and and extremist ideologies that are so close in behavior that they might as well be the same pair of jack boots.

He would tell people to look at the real facts. Guess what? 16 years of stolid and ungrudging polarity between Red and Blue mean that neither dominant group will present those.

He would tell y'all to protect America and all her freedoms from danger. It’s not a Muslim ban, it’s a temporary restraining order against a group of countries chosen by our President’s predecessor.

He would support immigrating to America and becoming a part of its traditions, not coming here to replace them.

He was a proud American, a proud soldier, who fictionally killed the ever living fuck out of ACTUAL NAZI’S ( not just people who disagreed with him) and communist scum looking to undermine the values and traditions that make America a beautiful and amazing place to live.

To top it off, Steve mother fucking Rodgers was killed, in combat, fighting an over reaching and deliberately controlling government.

Your lauded hero died, fighting a barely veiled metaphor for surrendering your fate to a controlling power.

Quit saying he was a border hating (or foreigner hating) icon and skewing his fight (however fictional) to your own views.

In short, put down the comic book, to the fuck outside, TCB, stop getting your FUCKING ENTIRE BELIEF STRUCTURE FROM CLICK BAIT AND SOCIAL MEDIA, buy a pair of work boots, and make America great again.


Go outside.

Ps: seriously go outside and quit virtue signaling in every way but the way that works.

Idk fuck off or something

My former fave pagan goods shop, The Crystal Wizard, was selling SS flags and Nazi paraphernalia, the owner threw a baby fit when his Facebook page’s likes dropped 80%, going on about how it’s his right to sell whatever he likes in his shop and everyone offended by his Nazi goods are too easily offended special snowflakes. You know what dude, it’s your right to sell whatever you want, yes, but it’s my right to take my money elsewhere. You’re not the only pagan shop in STL and I’m not going to give my money to a Nazi sympathizer, and it would seem the 3,000 people who unfollowed your shop’s page would agree with me.

Whilst visiting Osaka we had a relaxing day off from filming for the most part and checked out a bunch of tuning shops in the local area that are all closely linked to one another. One of these shops is known as Sergeant, a Honda and AE86 specialist.

Those of you not familiar with Sergeant may be a little more accustomed to the shops former name, Revolver. The very shop that helped lead Katsuhiro Ueo and his iconic AE86 Trueno to victory in the 2002 D1GP Championship.

Harvey Milk Day

Today, HRC honors and celebrates Harvey Milk Day. Every year, the LGBT and allied community celebrate Harvey Milk Day, the LGBT leader and legend who was assassinated in 1978. He would have turned 85-years-old today. Milk made history in 1977 when he was elected to serve as a San Francisco City Supervisor and became one of the first openly LGBT elected officials in the country. Less than a year later, he was murdered, along with San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, on November 28, 1978. Milk’s legacy lives on through LGBT activists across the country. He envisioned a world where all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, were treated equally— a goal HRC is still working toward today. The San Francisco HRC Action Center and Store in the historic Castro District is located in Milk’s former camera shop. In addition to keeping LGBT individuals and allies informed on national issues, the action center engages advocates to push leaders at all levels in support of equality. Learn more about HRC’s Action Center and Store in San Francisco here and share the image below to show your support in the fight for LGBT equality.

Jiayang Fan reviews Sweet Afton:

As the Scottish bard Robert Burns must have known well (“My muse! Guid auld Scotch drink! . . . Inspire me, till I lisp an wink”), few things are more intoxicating than the pairing of poetry and a good pint. To name a pub after a two-hundred-year-old pastoral ode to serenity, then, seems like a natural move—especially if that pub, housed in a former smoke shop and owned by three Irishmen (proprietors of the Wren and the Penrose), unabashedly exalts in the riparian.

Illustration by Andrea Kalfas


Queen Mary’s Centerline Boutique. Went to the Queen Mary on September 4th, this year for the Art Deco Festival. Too broke to attend anything that cost money, so I didn’t get to do too much. The former ‘knick-knack’ shop has been evicted and now it is a boutique of English things like tea and salt & pepper shakers.They now charge $ 18 for parking; no wonder more & more folks get uber-ed & lyft-ed in.

etsyfindoftheday | wedding week | 6.14.15

DAY TWO BLITZ: unique engagement rings from mineralogydesign
feature: recycled gold diamond curve band (and prong-set yellow diamond ring)

soooooo i totally didn’t get enough rings yet … so here are a few more finds from one of my former shop feature sellers, mineralogydesign. they’ve recently come out with some GORGEOUS new designs, including this curvy diamond band that would pair super well with any number of solitaires. plus, they’re made from recycled gold. love.