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Coffee Breaks with Oak - Part 1: Lin

Note: I really feel in the mood for writing right now, so that’s a thing I guess??? We need more Oak in our lives, so here you go. To me, Oak likes milk in his coffee ok? This is probably gonna be a series because I really like writing it (Ok, it’s definitely gonna be a series. Sorry, not sorry) (This is supposed to take place while the original cast was still on the show btw.)

Request: okay um hi, this is my first time ever asking for well anything on here so I was wondering if you have the time if you could write an Oak x reader fanfic, I never see enough for him. The prompt can be whatever you want/are comfortable writing for him. All love ❤️

Wordcount: 2280

Pairing: Okieriete Onaodowan x reader

Warnings: None???

Originally posted by falling-through-autumn

You had just started working at a small coffee shop in downtown New York close to the Richard Rodger’s theater. When you had started working there, it was just a way of making money on the side while you studied as well as a bit of an escape from exactly that. You had not expected it to very eventful. Oh, how you were wrong.

It was no secret to your colleagues that you were a huge fan of the newest musical to arrive at the Richard Rodger’s theater, Hamilton An American Musical. When Lin-Manuel Miranda himself had come into the coffee shop, you were pretty much about to lose your shit. You had been the only one except for your boss there since it was morning and regularly, not a lot of people showed up in the morning. You were in the middle of wiping down a table when he entered and your jaw practically dropped. You tried to keep your shit together, though. You were not about to lose it in front of the writer and lead of the musical.

“Good morning sir. What can I do for you?” You questioned as you returned to your spot behind the counter, leaving the cloth at the table you had just been wiping.

He smiled at you and it was infectious, making you smile as well. He looked at the name tag on your apron before answering. “Good morning, Y/N. Can I have a black coffee please?” He asked.

“Of course, do you want it to go or are you drinking it here?” You asked as you tapped the price of the coffee into the cash register.

“To go, please.” He smiled at you. He seemed polite and down to earth and it made it a lot easier to handle.

After he had paid for the coffee and you were about to turn around to make it for him, he caught you a bit off guard by his question. “Don’t you need my name to put on the cup or something?” He asked politely.

It made you blush slightly. You already knew who he was, so you had not really thought about asking him for his name. “Uhm… I already know your name.” You said, lowering your gaze.

“Oh…” He simply breathed with a huge grin on his face that you did not quite understand. “Hamilton?” He asked and you nodded.

“Yeah. A bit of a fan, I guess.” You admitted as warmth spread across your face. You felt awkward, so you simply offered him a smile before turning around to make the coffee he had ordered.

You had a couple other customers and being the only barista currently working, it took a bit longer than expected and when you finally finished by writing his name on the cup you had expected him to have grown a bit impatient, but when you turned to the counter to put it down and call his name, he seemed relaxed, even smiled at you as you called his name “Black coffee for Mr. Miranda.” You called.

He arrived at the counter in a matter of a few seconds, taking the cup with a small “Thank you.” Unable to conceal the grin that spread across his lips. You were still blushing and it was embarrassing. You just felt so awkward. “If it’s any good, I’ll definitely recommend the place to the rest of the cast. I hope that when I come back you will have seen the show and can tell me what you think.” He joked.

You were unable to hold back the giggle that left your lips. You felt a bit less uncomfortable when it seemed like he just thought the whole situation was fun and light. “Have a good day, sir.” You simply said and with that, he left.

You did go to see the show a couple of weeks later. Lin had visited the coffee shop a couple of times before you went, always in the morning. At least what you knew of. You had had time to chat with him several times and you had become somewhat friends. He was nice and easy to talk to and you did not get half as embarrassed around him anymore. He even came by the morning on the day where you were going to see the show and you had not really talked to him about going.

So, when he entered the coffee shop, a grin spread across your lips. You should probably tell him, you figured

“Well look at you, sunshine.” He joked as he approached the counter. “Why are you so happy this dull winter morning?” He asked fondly.

You giggled at that, shaking your head slightly. “Well. You know. I’m gonna go see a certain Broadway musical tonight.” You said, unable to help the grin that spread across your face.

“Whaaat? That’s great Y/N!” He genuinely seemed excited and it made you happy.

“I know! I’m so happy.” You giggled. You had no idea why you had not told him before. Maybe because you still did not fully believe that it was happening.

“I’ll definitely take you backstage so you can meet the cast. Whoever you are going with too, of course.” He said excitedly and it made you blush.

“Oh… Lin, you don’t have to.” You laughed. You were pretty sure that they were busy and probably could find better things than saying hi to Lin’s barista friend.

“No, no. I’m serious! You’re great. They’ll love you.” He decided.

You gave in with a small smile. “Fine.” You giggled because you knew there was no way you were getting out of it. You suddenly felt very nervous about going tonight. The people you were going with knew that you had the biggest crush on Oak, so it could potentially be the most embarrassing night of your life.

“Yes!” He exclaimed. You had trouble believing that Lin was actually excited about you meeting the cast, his friends. But, he genuinely seemed excited and it made you happy that it seemed like he considered you his friend.

You laughed softly, shaking your head a little. “The usual?” You asked, trying to change the subject. You just had to let the fact that you were meeting the cast sink in.

“Yeah. Can you add a coffee with milk for Oak? Promised him to bring one along for him.” He asked. You swallowed lightly at the mention of Oak. You still could not believe that you would be meeting the guy that you had a celebrity crush on.

“Sure.” You said after a second and as he paid for the two coffees, you wondered if Lin had noticed you zone out for a second at the mention of Oak’s name. You hoped not.

You had the two coffees ready in no time as there were even fewer people than usual in the shop. You wrote Lin’s name on the cup with regular, black coffee and Oak on the one that had milk in it as you placed it down on the counter. “I hope you boys enjoy your coffee.” You smiled.

He thanked you before leaving the coffee shop. The rest of your shift went by pretty quietly as a lot of people decided to stop by the coffee shop that morning. You were going to see the show tonight with a couple of your coworkers and you managed to catch them just before leaving. Or rather, they managed to catch you. You had planned on just texting them that Lin was taking you to meet the cast, but now you might as well tell them.

“Y/N! Are you ready for tonight?” One of them asked.

You grinned slightly at that and nodded. “Definitely is. Lin invited us backstage, by the way.” You giggled as their eyes widened.

“He was here, again? Seriously, Y/N. You need to get his phone number or something!”

You shook your head a little. “First of all, he is married. Secondly, Y/N is into Oak, not Lin.” One of your other coworkers said before you could even get to answer.

“Right… I’ll see you tonight, then?” You questioned, really wanting to get out of this situation. It was not like you did not like your coworkers, a lot of them had become your close friends. But, first of all, you had studies to attend to and second of all, it was getting a bit embarrassing.

“I’ll come over to your place tonight, help you with your outfit and all that.” Alex teased, who just so happened to be the person who you had grown closest with out of all your coworkers but who also constantly teased you about your crush on Oak and especially after you had met Lin.

“Bye, Alex.” You waved at her. You had not exactly said no since you would probably be really nervous tonight and having a friend’s help would definitely be nice. So, having someone there with you would probably be nice.

Once you got back to your apartment, you were pretty exhausted and you barely managed to lie down on your couch to take a nap before there was a knock on your door. With a sigh, you got up and already knowing who it was, you mentally facepalmed yourself for not realizing earlier that Alex would probably be there way too early.

You opened the door with a slight groan to reveal Alex in a dress, something you had never seen before. Usually, you never saw your coworkers in anything but their work clothes or the stuff that they wore on a regular day. “Hey.” You simply said.

“Hello, grumpy.” She teased, which made you roll your eyes.

“Give me a break, I just arrived.” You snorted. You should probably have expected her to be here already, but you had just expected her to be there 30 minutes before you had to go or something. Instead, she literally arrived an hour and a half before.

“Poor thing.” She said sarcastically, as she stepped into your apartment. It was not like she looked like she was going to some fancy party, but she still wore heels and a pretty gorgeous, yet simple black dress. Casual but pretty, but then again; It was Alex. You had just planned on putting on a pair of black jeans and some kind of shirt. But, she obviously had other plans for you.

“Where’s your closet? You should take a shower while I pick your outfit.” She winked at you. You groaned, but simply lead her to your bedroom where your closet was.

“Don’t pick anything I wouldn’t or I swear, I will strangle you.” You said a bit dramatically. You were still not sure you wanted to show up in a dress, but it was probably what she was going to pick out for you.

“Well, you need to impress Oak somehow.” She called after you as you left for the bathroom to take a shower and put on makeup afterward.

When you left the bathroom a little over a half an hour later, your bedroom was scattered in clothes and you were pretty much ready to just stumble back into the bathroom. You had just organized your closet a couple of days ago and now it was all a mess again.

“Alex, really?” You groaned, pressing two fingers against the bridge of your nose. It was truly a mess.

“Relax. I’ll help you clean it up later. What do you think?” She asked, holding up a black dress that you had had for years. It was nothing special but it was definitely too short too.

“Definitely not.” You snorted and rolled your eyes. Had you been going out to get drunk, maybe. But you were going to the theater.

“Okay… How about this one?” She asked, holding up a black pencil skirt and a white silky top.

You shrugged a little at that. “I don’t know… isn’t it a little office-y?” You questioned. She had to agree with you on that one, so she moved on to the next thing she had figured you might want to wear.

She held up a pair of your best, black jeans and a black turtleneck with short sleeves and happened to be a little cropped. “You could pair it with a cardigan or a denim jacket?” She suggested. “And I figured these shoes would go well with it.” She added, holding up a pair of nice, black shoes.

It seemed pretty great to you, so you nodded approvingly. “Yeah. Seems good to me.” You said. It had taken you a good amount of time to find the outfit, but you still were not late. Though, it was probably good that she had arrived a little if not a lot earlier than you expected.

While you changed in the bathroom, Alex put your clothes back into your closet where she had found them and once you were all set, you could begin to feel the nervousness.

“You know… Maybe this isn’t a good idea.” You swallowed.

Your friend simply snorted at that. “Really, Y/N? This is going to be great!” She said as she held out a dark green cardigan that she had found in your closet. “Put this on.” She added and you did.

The two of you were out of your apartment after having pulled your coats on. It was not a long walk to the Richard Rodger’s, but you had all decided on getting there a little early to find your seats and as you made your way to the theater with Alex, you felt more and more nervous. What if you embarrassed yourself completely?

MMFD Fic: “I'm Waking Up to Ash and Dust”

Hi MMFD fandom, how’s it going? Anyone home? ;)
I’ve been sitting on this one for ages and ages, thinking I’d write more parts, then I suddenly asked myself - why? Just post what you got. so here you go.

Much much thanks and love to the bestest beta of all time - @madfatty
and to my dear @how-ardently for the constant encouragement. If I write at all, it’s because of you two.

Story titles are from lyrics by R.E.M and Imagine Dragons.

“She’d spent the majority of her life feeling huge and cumbersome. Always awkward, never graceful. And look at her now, she’s practically athletic. And all it took was the end of the world.”  
This is story 1 of 2 in an extreme AU reality where things went horribly wrong after Finn went to Leeds…

It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Part 1 - “I’m Waking Up to Ash and Dust”

Rae Earl is running.

Down the street and through a broken fence, into the yard of the former textile factory, zigging and zagging between the fallen beams and rubble. Behind her she can hear them shouting to each other, arguing, trying to figure out which way she’d turned.

She’s good at running. Also climbing, and leaping. She tightens her grip on the two backpacks on her back, and jumps over a fallen piece of wall. Two steps and she finds a sunken hole behind some bricks, a dark spot, hidden from view. She crouches down and waits, trying to control her breathing. Her cheek feels like it’s on fire. It’s already swelling up, and will probably turn purple soon. Fucker took a serious swing at her face while trying to snatch her bags.

Despite the pain in her cheek and the uncomfortable position behind the rubble, Rae is quiet and still. She’s good at stealth and is an excellent hider as well.

The irony is not lost on her. She’d spent the majority of her life feeling huge and cumbersome. Always awkward, never graceful. And look at her now, she’s practically athletic. And all it took was the end of the world.

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Today we hung out in a really cool, art-y district. It’s got tons of souvenir shops but I remember the variety being better than it is now.. seems like every store on the main strip was a copy & paste of the one before. But we had a nice time wandering and drinking tea.
We had Italian for dinner!! I find the Italian restaurants near us in Norn Iron kind of lacking so it as nice to take advantage of one that’s closer to what we have in NC.. even if they didn’t have the pasta bread bowl on the menu that I loved as a student 😭

I just… got an idea how to make the ending to the Guardian Angel AU even angstier.

Everything’s the same up to the point where Mari wakes up. But instead of remembering everything she just doesn’t. She vaguely remembers that she wasn’t alone (in this version everyone still tells her she was), but the memory is all foggy. She doesn’t remember Kanan or the time they spent together. All she knows ist that something is missing, a vague indicator of her love for Kanan. She can’t get rid of this feeling but continues on with her life nonetheless.

Kanan still gets punished for falling in love with her charge. She still gets send back to earth to redeem herself and to earn her place in heaven back as a normal human. The difference this time: Her memories are wiped out and she also can’t remember Mari (or her time as an angel in general).

But fate is a strange concept, you know? Something draws Kanan back to Uchiura and especially Awashima. She buys the run down former diving shop to repair it and to live there. Mari on the other hand always felt a strange connection towards the ruin and would walk by on a regular basis.

So someday… it happens. Kanan’s cleaning up outside when Mari decides to go there one afternoon. Their eyes meet and somehow the other seems familiar.

And that’s where everything starts anew.

Coffee Shop Girl

You work at a coffee shop the Avengers frequent and Pietro wants to ask you out. Problem is, it’s harder than he thought.  

Warnings: None


Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 1,293    

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Whilst visiting Osaka we had a relaxing day off from filming for the most part and checked out a bunch of tuning shops in the local area that are all closely linked to one another. One of these shops is known as Sergeant, a Honda and AE86 specialist.

Those of you not familiar with Sergeant may be a little more accustomed to the shops former name, Revolver. The very shop that helped lead Katsuhiro Ueo and his iconic AE86 Trueno to victory in the 2002 D1GP Championship.

Sit down and shut up:

Angry former comic shop owner here.

Folks keep jamming and jiving about who and what Ol Captain America would support in today’s modern political quagmire of hashtag activism and and extremist ideologies that are so close in behavior that they might as well be the same pair of jack boots.

He would tell people to look at the real facts. Guess what? 16 years of stolid and ungrudging polarity between Red and Blue mean that neither dominant group will present those.

He would tell y'all to protect America and all her freedoms from danger. It’s not a Muslim ban, it’s a temporary restraining order against a group of countries chosen by our President’s predecessor.

He would support immigrating to America and becoming a part of its traditions, not coming here to replace them.

He was a proud American, a proud soldier, who fictionally killed the ever living fuck out of ACTUAL NAZI’S ( not just people who disagreed with him) and communist scum looking to undermine the values and traditions that make America a beautiful and amazing place to live.

To top it off, Steve mother fucking Rodgers was killed, in combat, fighting an over reaching and deliberately controlling government.

Your lauded hero died, fighting a barely veiled metaphor for surrendering your fate to a controlling power.

Quit saying he was a border hating (or foreigner hating) icon and skewing his fight (however fictional) to your own views.

In short, put down the comic book, to the fuck outside, TCB, stop getting your FUCKING ENTIRE BELIEF STRUCTURE FROM CLICK BAIT AND SOCIAL MEDIA, buy a pair of work boots, and make America great again.


Go outside.

Ps: seriously go outside and quit virtue signaling in every way but the way that works.

Idk fuck off or something

Harvey Milk Day

Today, HRC honors and celebrates Harvey Milk Day. Every year, the LGBT and allied community celebrate Harvey Milk Day, the LGBT leader and legend who was assassinated in 1978. He would have turned 85-years-old today. Milk made history in 1977 when he was elected to serve as a San Francisco City Supervisor and became one of the first openly LGBT elected officials in the country. Less than a year later, he was murdered, along with San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, on November 28, 1978. Milk’s legacy lives on through LGBT activists across the country. He envisioned a world where all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, were treated equally— a goal HRC is still working toward today. The San Francisco HRC Action Center and Store in the historic Castro District is located in Milk’s former camera shop. In addition to keeping LGBT individuals and allies informed on national issues, the action center engages advocates to push leaders at all levels in support of equality. Learn more about HRC’s Action Center and Store in San Francisco here and share the image below to show your support in the fight for LGBT equality.

anonymous asked:

The females of Class 1-A are at the mall and see a very timid and nervous, but cute girl. They go up to her and ask if she's alright, causing her to get more frightened and she starts crying. Just then Kacchan appears and it turns out she's his girlfriend with social anxieties? :)

I hope this is okay =) Since I’m no expert on social anxieties, I tried to keep it as vague as possible, so I hope I didn’t mess things up =)

Yaoyorozu and Jirou spot her first, while the other girls are chatting with each other. The girl they see looks a little worried and most of all, nervous.

Jirou nudges Yaoyorozu lightly. “Should we talk to her?”

That’s the moment when Ochako and Ashido see her as well, followed by Asui and Hagakure. The girls exchange a look, before they walk towards the other girl, which keeps looking around as if she’s waiting for something. Jirou notices how she fidgets and worries the hem of her clothes between her fingers.

“Excuse me, do you need help?” Ochako asks kindly, smiling at the girl. The girl startles and takes a step back, looking at the group before her with wider eyes.

“Are you alright?” Asui asks then, keeping her voice calm and with her smaller, slightly slouched posture, no one would usually call her threatening or intimidating in her everyday life.

The girl however, looks frightened now by all of them and when they see tears welling up in her eyes, they’re startled. Jirou leans back to give the girl some space, trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Before any of them can say anything though, a rough voice cuts through the tense and confused atmosphere.

“What the fuck are you all doing?” It’s Bakugou, who walks right up to them.

The unknown girl, however, seems to relax slightly at his sight and when he stops beside her, she’s moving closer to him.

Bakugou himself looks at her and frowns when he sees her tears, even as she quickly wipes a hand over her face. Glaring at his classmates, he takes an almost defensive stance.

“What the fuck? The heck did you do?” He sounds angry, though he pauses when the girl touches his arm.

“No, they just…” Her voice is quiet and she bites her lower lip for a moment, searching for the right words. “Wanted to help.” Bakugou’s glare slowly lessens to his usual frown at her words.

“I’m sorry, if we scared you.” Asui says in this moment and the other girls nod as well. “We thought we could help.”

Ochako then turns to Bakugou. “Is she your girlfriend?”

He nods, putting one of his hands into his pants pockets. “Yeah, and she doesn’t like crowds, so leave.” He makes a shooing motion with his free hand.

His girlfriend shoots him a look that’s half relief and half a frown at his rudeness, before she turns to the girls.

“Sorry, for causing trouble.” She says, still looking very uncomfortable with all of them around. The other girls wave it off though, saying it’s alright. Then they slowly filter away, returning to their former shopping trip, though they glance back at the couple once or twice.

Bakugou looks at his girlfriend then and sees her shoulders relaxing more. When they both walk towards where they want to go, she slips her hand lightly into his, testing if it’s okay. He just grips hers back wordlessly and feels her cool fingers warming up against his skin.

C:KND turned 13 yesterday

Abby (age 23) is off travelling, doing humanitarian work. She’s modest about the whole thing, and will easily admit she’s doing it more for the sense of adventure. She doesn’t have any notion that she’s changing the world.

Wally (age 23) is in graduate school, going for his doctorate. He plays a lot of local sports, still under the delusion that he’ll be scouted for the major leagues soon enough, and this stupid “Doctor Beetles” thing will never play out. But, he got this far, so he might as well see where it goes.

Kuki (age 22) has an internship with the Rainbow Monkey Corp. She’s constantly overworked and underpaid, which has been slowly eroding at her cheerful disposition, but she does feel like she’s been working her way up to better opportunities. At the very least, her energy has been noted by her superiors.

Hoagie (age 23) has two part-time jobs: one in an auto shop and the other behind the desk of a local hobby shop. The former is alright, but he does kinda get bored with the more tedious work. The latter has board games! Yipper tournaments! Models! He seriously could not be happier there.

Nigel (age ??) is off-planet. Further information is classified.

The sixth of every month, the five of them will carve out time in their busy schedules to share a video conference with each other, reminiscing on their days as Sector V and catching each other up on what’s been going on in their lives.

» We’re all a little mad here. «

Lewis Hatter is 70 years old, but people say he doesn’t look a day older than 37. As the owner of a tea shop, the former Mad Hatter earns his living in Belle Dona now — but don’t be fooled. The shapeshifter shouldn’t be underestimated, because he is well-connected, ruthless and charming. Still, his grandiose lies and his greed could be his downfall.

» The sun set in Magnolia one night… «

He grew up without a name, firmly believing that the world was ripe for his taking, just waiting at his very fingertips to grab– it was a thought installed into him by his parent. Whether they were mother or father or both or neither the boy could never tell, always watching his parent switch faces and personas with the kind of ease that had his lips parted in awe, making him wonder whether, if he only tried hard enough, he could be like this as well: a different person every week, a king one day and a beggar the next. It seemed like a fascinating life to lead, the boy suspected, and even though he from time to time yearned for a name to call himself, he knew why his parent urged him against it. A name was a chain, a way to handcuff oneself to a life that could not be shed like a snake sheds it’s skin– no, a name was like a brand, it stuck, and one would never again be able to discard the person they were and become someone new. They were shapeshifters, the boy and his parent, hustling through life by impersonating folks and taking what they fancied– their kind was rare in Magnolia, only a handful were left his parent liked to say but the boy never met anyone else like them. Witches sometimes liked to think they were shapeshifters too, whispering words beneath their breaths to transform them in the way their bodies naturally did– the boy laughed at that, of course, finding their attempts to be amusing in comparison to the ease with which his own body changed form until he was whoever he desired to be.

Hunters would be rewarded handsomely for the head of a shifter and under King Liu’s orders, the boy’s life became more and more dangerous, his life depending on his ability in new ways now– he only used to shift whenever it struck his fancy and whenever he needed to eat, but now it seemed as though he had to disguise himself more carefully, not attract attention from the crowd that would rat him out to the King’s hunters. They got to his parent when the boy was just past maturity– a hustle gone wrong and his parent was gone, their head cut off. The boy was fascinated to realize that even in death, they didn’t shift back to who they truly were– perhaps their bodies forgot who they used to be before they shifted, so the boy is to this day haunted by the dead, grey eyes of the blind beggar his parent had impersonated last minute in order to hide from the hunters. On his own now, the boy travelled farther away, choosing a disguise and sticking with it as much as he could– but nothing fit, not really. It seemed that after all those years, he had forgotten his own face– this realization drove him near madness, to the point where a young witch took pity on him; at least she believed so. A gentle spell later the boy’s face was unchangeable, his powers gone, the person looking back at him in the mirror still not right– in his wrath to get the witch to lift the spell of him, he killed her, beat her death with little mercy. Soon, however, the boy realized that he was trapped now– unable to change into whomever he wanted, his madness only intensified, thoughts of This is not me buzzing in the back of his head as he travelled from town to town, selling hats that he sewed with tears in his eyes. The Mad Hatter was a household name soon enough, his extravagant hats quickly adorning the heads of wealthy ladies and gentlemen alike– it made sure Hatter could live more comfortably than he used to. Still, even though he did his best to adjust, to forget who he used to be, Hatter can’t help but feel himself cringe every time he looks at a mirror, unable shake the feeling of this is wrong

» …and it rose again in Belle Dona. «

Belle Dona was not an issue for Hatter– it was a welcome change and for a long time, it seemed as though he was the only one not shaken by it. Upon coming here, he broke rule number one. He named himself Lewis Hatter and even though most people still refer to him as Hatter, it feels different to have a name now, to be attached to this reality in a manner that at times feels suffocating for him. Opening up a business wasn’t as hard as he had imagined it to be and while Hatter’s specialty still was making hats, he decided to pursue a different career by opening a place where he sold and served tea, calling it Mad Tea Party– the fact that he owned a tea shop doesn’t account for the gold rings around his fingers or the expensive fabric of his vests; Never one to deny himself a good old side-hustle, Hatter has taken to become the unofficial drug supplier in Belle Dona– one can obtain both delicious teas and opiates in his shop, yet every time the police come to bust him for it, Hatter manages to hide his product before they can find it. He is also known for his exorbitant stories, tales that can only be lies but still are fascinating to everyone who hears them– he’s a hustler at heart, after all, and Hatter knows nothing better than to pretend to be someone he’s not. Sometimes, those fabulous stories have a pinch of truth in them– it’s the listener’s task to figure out which.

Upon hearing of Liu’s murder, Hatter popped the champagne and drunk himself silly that day, a wide grin on his lips that spoke to both his glee and his madness alike. He was no fan of the King, not since he had hunted his kind relentlessly and Hatter has no issue saying so; when asked for alibis, he produces tragic stories of lost kittens and puppies in trees (or was it the other way around?), always changing up his story depending who asked him. Truth was, he didn’t kill Liu– but oh God, did Hatter wish he had. 


» That morning people realized«

  • ARIELLE NIX; “She’s a frequent visitor and a tortured little soul– while the darling girl won’t tell me much about herself, there is something in her eyes that almost warms this cold, cold heart of mine. Either way, she is a good customer and appreciates my tea– especially the special ones. Everyone needs to calm down sometimes, yes? No need for her to know that she does it more frequently than she knows.”
  • AXEL SINCLAIRE; “You know, ever so often a youngster comes by trying to dabble in things he has no business dabbling in. It’s adorable, like a child trying on it’s father’s jacket and finding it to be much too large– but something adorable can very quickly become a nuisance. And we all know, I’m not much of a patient man, am I?”
  • BONNIE ADAIR; "I get all of my glamours from her and my aspirin from time to time too. She’s as cold as she is pretty and I don’t think we like each other all that much, but does it matter? She’s got a few good spells… perhaps I can convince her to make me one to lift my… restrictions… I will be sure to do her a favor in return.”
  • MALIK TAHIR; "Lovely lad and a shapeshifter like me… I haven’t met many of my kind before and while he doesn’t need to know that I can’t shift anymore, I enjoy having him around. He’s always so high-strung though, it’s a shame… perhaps I can find something stronger than my teas for him, if you know what I mean. He’s worth it.”

» …that happily ever after was over. «

Lewis Hatter is Sexuality UTP and uses He / Him pronouns. If he had to pick one song to describe himself, it would be Death Valley by Fall Out Boy. He is portrayed by Harry Shum Jr. and is currently open.

CHARACTER NAME:  Semi-Negotiable
FACE CLAIM: Negotiable

Harry Styles hires former pizza shop worker

London, May 13 (IANS) Singer Harry Styles says he met his band member Mitch at the pizza shop he worked in and was blown away by his playing skills.

The 23-year-old met Mitch through his sound engineer and was impressed by his talent, reports

“I found a guy who is now in my band called Mitch. He was actually working in a pizza shop when I met him. And he’d never worked in a studio or anything. He is the engineer’s room mate and he came down into the studio.

"He was just an absolute monster and now he is one of my closest friends,” Styles said on “The Chris Evans Breakfast Show” on Friday.

When Evans quizzed if that was a good thing or a band thing that he is a “monster”, Styles quipped: “It’s a good thing. He’s a monster as in a musician. At midnight he just turns.”

The “Sweet creature” hitmaker released his debut self-titled solo album on Friday.



Jiayang Fan reviews Sweet Afton:

As the Scottish bard Robert Burns must have known well (“My muse! Guid auld Scotch drink! . . . Inspire me, till I lisp an wink”), few things are more intoxicating than the pairing of poetry and a good pint. To name a pub after a two-hundred-year-old pastoral ode to serenity, then, seems like a natural move—especially if that pub, housed in a former smoke shop and owned by three Irishmen (proprietors of the Wren and the Penrose), unabashedly exalts in the riparian.

Illustration by Andrea Kalfas