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The next story arc of Supernatural will be Dean and Sam discovering [pulls paper from hat] the Garden of Eden but it’s guarded by God’s [spins wheel] former pet dragon and Cas has to leave because of [throws dart] an angelic plague

Long ago, there was a hunter by the name of Brutal. He hunted game of all sizes fearlessly, and took their hides as many trophies.

There came a day when Brutal slew the great favorite pet boar in the garden of a forest god. The god in a terrible rage bashed his head into a stone, and ripped the skin from his body to hang as a warning over the grove.

Brutal did not die.

Driven mad from pain and the blow to the head, he dressed himself in animal skins to replace his own. As he healed, he grew gradually into the shapes of the many beasts.

The glen of the forest god is empty and silent. His animals have abandoned him and his worshippers are slain. His former pets follow a new god now, a god in their own image, wearing their own faces. A god of shapeshifting. A god of the hunt. A god of revenge.

ID #66550

Name: Michele
Age: 27
Country: Canada

I keep forgetting how old I am. The initial description that comes to mind is “I just graduated college, I’m dating, loving life” etc. But then I remember I’m 27, married, have a career and own a house already?!

Anyways, my not-for-dating dating profile would say that I am a happily married lesbian that lives just outside of a large city in Ontario, Canada (no, not Toronto). We have 2 cats and a dog in our house and have been trying to make a baby (not easy). We both have steady jobs; I work for the local police service as a dispatcher, my wife works in corrections. We are kind of in-between with friends. Some are still partying every weekend which we just can’t do and others have school age, or older kids and don’t want to just hang out and talk. So I guess between work and boredom, I’m just looking for someone to chat with.

For other info: I was a paramedic, I love most things science, particularly medical related, I spend hours reading, I have a horrible sense of humour, I’m a huge introvert in person and I am usually the sounding-board for most friends/family. I’m not too particular on who I’m looking to talk with but someone that can work on carrying the conversation since I will admit, I usually suck at that.

Preferences: Anyone 18+ feel free to respond but closer in age will have more to talk to.

The World(s) of Entropic Horizons - Nations


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A rocky earth-like Planet, Ferelden  is at the outer habitable edge of the Thedas System and has a moderate to cold weather overall, with both poles capped with ice. Ferelden cities often make use of geothermal energy and hot springs are popular with travellers and locals alike. Ruled by King Alistair and Queen Rythlen, Ferelden exports natural resources such as steel, fresh water, and lyrium that is mined by Orzammar transplants.

Noteworthy Locations

  • Haven - A station dedicated to serving and hosting pilgrims to the Temple of Sacred ashes that was on Frostback, Ferelden’s lone moon. Both are now destroyed, and debris periodically falls into Ferelden’s atmosphere causing blazes of light as they burn up. These are now called ‘Andraste Tears’ and are rumoured to be signs of the dead passing into the Maker’s arms.
  • Denerim - The Nation’s capital and seat of power. Home to the Royal Couple, both veterans of the Fifth Blight.
  • Redcliffe - Ferelden’s primary mining city, near to Kinloch hold, a former circle.
  • The Blight Lands - (including Lothering and Ostagar) Lands ravaged and poisoned by the Fifth Blight

Noteworthy Fereldens

  • Rythlen Theirin - Queen of Ferelden and Hero of the Fifth Blight, Rythlen’s become somewhat of a celebrity in Thedas as footage of the heroic (and beautiful) woman saving her planet spread to Orlais and beyond. Now married to fellow Grey Warden and Blight Veteran, Alistair Theirin, Rythlen is back in the fray, working with the Inquisition to make her planet safe once more.
  • Haylan - A former Templar Hound, Haylan was born in Ferelden but was transferred to a Starkhaven Circle when her magic appeared. She now works with the Inquisition as their main doctor and healer.
  • Leliana Nightingale - Spymaster of the Inquisition, veteran of the Fifth Blight
  • Garrett Hawke - Former Champion of Kirkwall and instigator of the Great Mage Rebellion
  • Carver Hawke - Grey Warden and reluctant brother of Garrett


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Ferelden’s nearest neighbouring planet, Orlais is closer to the Sun, and is significantly larger and richer. Formerly spanning both planets, the Orlesian Empire contained to it’s titular planet and it’s two moons. Officially ruled by Empress Celene, Orlais has been embroiled in a brutal Civil war as General or the Orlesian army Gaspard attempts to take the throne.

Noteworthy Locations

  • Val Royaux - The Capital of Orlais and seat of the Divine, Val Royaux is a picturesque city. Everything about it is manicured and ornate. The slums are kept in an undercity, kept out of view. Elves are rarely seen above ground.
  • Halamshiral - The true heart of Orlais. Halamshiral was built on the blood of elves, and had one of the worst alienages among the outer Thedan planets. Unlike Val Royaux, Halamshiral’s slums are still above ground, although Celene had the Alienage purged shortly before the War of the Lions broke out. Construction to tear down the Alienage and build a gentrified neighbourhood has ceased in the meantime.
  • The (Hissing) Waste - The larger of Orlais’s two moons, whatever greenery and life once covered this moon, now there is only poisoned sand and ruins from the Second Blight. It was renamed after the Blight.
  • Approach - The smaller of Orlais’s moons, Approach is similarly tainted by the Second Blight and little survives on the arid surface. However, there is an oasis on the far side of Approach where something has kept the Blight’s Poison at bay.
  • Adamant Fortress - A station built above The Waste by the Grey Warden Corps ages ago, Adamant was one of many staging grounds the Wardens used to fight back and defeat the Second Blight.
  • L'Emprise du Lion - A province-continent towards the northern Orlesian pole, L'Emprise is temperate, and was formerly known as a resort getaway for Orlesian Nobility and the nouveau Riche.

Noteworthy Orlesians

  • Milliara Lavellan - Unwilling Herald and reluctant Inquisitor, Milliara is a former 'pet’ bard (a bard sponsored by a singular patron and looked down upon by others in the profession). She grew up in Halamshiral’s Alienage before meeting her Patron and eventual lover, Frederic. When their son, Nils, exhibited magic, she abducted him and fled to reconnect with her father’s Dalish clan. Bargaining for them to instruct Nils in magic and take them both in, Milliara offered her services as spy to the clan, and wound up at the Conclave. Brusque, short tempered and bitter, Milliara has a soft spot for family and a habit of throwing herself headlong into danger.
  • Nils DuLion - The son of Milliara and Frederic, Nils is sweethearted and kind. Like all Half-elves he exhibits no elven traits aside from slightly more pigmented irises and a predisposition to magic which he revealed at a young age. He’s currently being tutored in magic by Peanut Adaar, Dorian Pavus and Solas.
    • DuLion is a common name given to bastard children of nobles.
  • Frederic Rousseau - A Captain of the Chevalier Legion and Baron in his own right, Frederic is loyal to Gaspard, and even considers him a close friend. However, Frederic’s love for his son drove him to renounce his ties to the Orlesian Empire and join the Inquisition so he could spend time with Nils. He holds Milliara accountable for stealing away their son, but old feelings resurface the longer he’s around her.
  • Empress Celene - The Empress of Orlais (contested).
  • Grand Duc Gaspard - The General of the Orlesian Army and head of the Special forces the Chevaliers Legion.
  • Galaren DuMarc - a bastard son of the nouveau riche family the DuMarcs, Galaren was sent away to live with a great aunt rather than bring shame to his family. He’s been rather forcibly recruited into the Inquisition.


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Stronghold of the Inquisition, Skyhold is a large and ancient fortress found in the asteroid belt beyond Ferelden. Built before Tevinter influence, it runs on spells and mechanisms that have been lost to time but maintain a planet like atmosphere and barrier to help protect those that live inside. Now it’s home to the remnants of the Lavellan clan, and other wayward souls that have joined forces with the Inquisition.

Noteworthy Skyhold Residents

(Who are not otherwise listed as part of another nation)

  • Clan Skyhold - What’s left of Clan Lavellan
    • Fiowyn Lavellan - 'Auntie Fi’ to Nils and often the volun-told babysitter, Fiowyn is actually Milliara’s cousin, not her sister. Sweet, awkward, and with a love of books and pretty people, Fiowyn’s happy to stay in Skyhold caring for the residents. After all, there’s bears out on Orlais and Feredlen
    • Aldes Lavellan - A hunter and consummate flirt, Aldes and his sisters survived the purge of Lavellan’s clan by being out on a salvage mission when the Marcher nobleman’s forces attacked.
    • Karya Lavellan - The youngest of the lavellans, Karya is shy around strangers. Quiet and thoughtful, she’s still reeling from losing her family, although being at Skyhold helps. Especially around so much knowledge and this sweet android who she keeps seeing around.
    • Kalieth Suryana - A warden mage, half sister to Aldes and Karya, veteran of the Fifth Blight. 


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The closest habitable planet to the Sun, Tevinter is only habitable in sub-polar lattitudes and above due to the proximity of the Sun’s rays. once the centre of an empire that conquered nearly the entire Thedan system, now Tevinter is a crumbling shell of the glory it once was.

Noteworthy Tevinters

  • Dorian Pavus - Pariah Altus, wonderful, sparkly, sassy man.
  • Kenslynn - a half-elf from Tevinter, she’s now joined the Inquisition. Often seen hanging out with Clan Skyhold.

The Free Marches

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Composed of different stations and colonies scattered throughout the asteroid field between Nevarra and Orlais, the Free Marches are a collection of independent nation-states that often band together to bargain with and defend against the larger planetary nations. Each colony has it’s own culture, from Kirkwall’s reputation as a Sin City (and now anarchy and terrorism) to Ostwick’s trade hub and Starkhaven’s…. accents.

Noteworthy Marchers

  • Theseus Trevelyan - formerly a Templar of Ostwick, Theseus, the 'spare’s spare’ of the Trevelyan family was attending the conclave when the Breach exploded, destroying Ferelden’s moon Frostback. He joined the Inquisition shortly after.
  • Maeve Trevelyan - A distant cousin of Theseus, Maeve is one of the two Heralds that emerge from the Breach after the Conclave is destroyed. A trained assassin, Maeve worked for a time with the Antivan Crows. In a relationship with the Commander.
  • Peanut Adaar (and brother Tanim) - A Vashoth mage, Peanut was always an apostate, but she’s as far from the snarky tourtured stereotype as you can get. She’s sweet and prefers baking to fighting. Often seen giving hugs to those who need it, like Clan Skyhold. Part of Team Nanny with Aunti Fi.

Par Vollen

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A large flotilla of stations and ships that appeared in Thedas in recent times. In an endless war with Tevinter, with the Tevene moon Seheron as the main battleground.

Home of the Qun.

The Dalish

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A nation with no homeland left to them, Dalish elves travel in clans, using special ships with solar sails called aravels. The main ship’s systems are powered by magic-infused animals called Halla, who are sacred to the Dalish.

Dalish elves are easily identifiable compared to 'city’ elves by their glowing facial tattoos called vallaslin that are made with luminescent ink that often will visually pulse in time with their heartbeat.


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A dwarf planet (hah), Orzammar is between the Astroid belt of the Free Marches and Orlais. It’s surface is barren and the residents live in vaults and cities carved out of the planet’s caverns. However the continued excavation over millennia resulted in an unstable crust, and after a massive quake, Darkspawn erupted from an undiscovered cavern, overrunning most of the Dwarven kingdoms.

Now, only a few cities remain, and the dwarven diaspora has spread across the whole Thedan system, with many dwarves creating new cities in the crust of other planets. Unfortunately, it appears darkspawn have followed.

a little purr-suasion [bucky barnes]

@hymnofthevalkyries​ requested: So: get this. Bucky is trying to keep something hidden from you, probably a small animal of sorts. In fact, he’s trying to hide it from everyone. You’re the one that discovers it, and now you have to help him keep the secret.

tagging: @mattymattymerduck, @avengerofyourheart, @wakandasoldier,@darlingbuchanan,@bemystucky, @idorkish, @iwillbeinmynest,@aubzylynn (and just for the heck of it) @bovaria, @etherealbarnes, @capsbuchanan, @theycallmebucky, @whotheeffisbucky, @buckyywiththegoodhair, @winterdaybreak, @bxckyfxcknbxrnes, @beccaanne814-blog

warnings: pure fluff, flirty bucky

additional notes: reader (of an ambiguous gender) is an avenger. bucky is weak for cute things including you. thank you, kai, for helping me name the kittens.

update: so after writing this i found out that 1) cats are lactose intolerant and 2) three-week-old kittens can’t consume anything other than milk so i’m sorry! i’ve changed it to four weeks old. no kittens were harmed in the making of this fic.

Since Steve had first introduced him, Bucky had rarely been one to participate in, as Tony liked to call it, “family fun time,” so you didn’t bat an eye when he started spending more time in his room and less time with you and your teammates.

You didn’t question it when he started making excuses for why he couldn’t make your sparring matches. You didn’t protest when he began to turn down your offers to make some headway on his movie bucket list. When he canceled his Monday morning jog with you, Steve, and Sam, the three of you just shrugged and went on your merry way.

Nevertheless, you had to admit his behavior was odd. You and Bucky had grown close in the last year he’d been staying at the compound, and you had grown accustomed to having him around while you read on the couch or sunbathed by the swimming pool. You missed his endearing nicknames and rare, sweet smiles and even rarer, sweeter laughter. You missed him.

Lately, Bucky had been taking his dinners back to his apartment. When you cooked salmon for the team one night, he wrapped up three helpings to-go, thanked you over his shoulder for the meal, and didn’t even come out of his room for dessert. You knew he liked your cooking and that he, like Steve and Thor, required multiple servings of every meal. Still, no one had ever liked your salmon that much.

Around ten o’clock that evening, everyone began to retreat to their respective corners of the tower or turn in for the night, wishing you and Natasha sweet dreams while she helped you with the dishes. You took that opportunity to question her about Bucky.

“Hey, Nat,” you began, eyes focused on the tray you were scrubbing, “is it just me, or has Bucky been acting strangely lately?”

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How do you earn the money to support the life you're living? Money is always the thing that scares me when it comes to making decisions. I'd love to travel around and explore this planet but money is always holding me back

Since I quit my main job as a pastry chef almost three years ago, I’ve lived off a variety of incomes, including but not limited to:

  • I had money saved prior to quitting
  • I sold my car and all of my belongings over the course of a year and added this to my savings
  • a modest monthly stipend from a former employer
  • house and pet-sitting
  • sales from my e-book
  • selling donuts / pastry catering
  • ads on my YouTube channel
  • ads on my blog

My husband Kuba also saved money for years before he started travelling nomadically this summer.

I’m sharing this with you but keep in mind our situations can be very different. Also, if you have the idea that you want to travel, you’ll need to start planning now for a few years down the road. This can’t happen overnight unless you were to land a job or volunteer abroad, and even then, it might not be that much money.

There are plenty of ways to earn money while travelling. Many people choose to teach English abroad, you can volunteer on farms in exchange for room and board, you can house or pet-sit in exchange for a place to live. Depending on where you are from, you can legally work in Europe or the UK. These are just a few options off the top of my head.

Instead of worrying about how you’ll earn money while travelling, I’d change the way you live so you spend less. I spend considerably less money per month while travelling than I did when I was working full-time as a pastry chef living in California. Everything I do (and everything Kuba does since we work as a team) goes towards our travels.

If you are serious about travelling, start saving now and research your options. Change the way you live to reflect your goal and don’t let the fear of not having enough money hold you back. Plenty of people travel the world with minimal money. They just do whatever it takes to make it happen. They couch surf, volunteer, hitchhike, pick up part-time jobs, busk, work multiple jobs at home for part of the year and then travel for the rest, they live out of their car, they go to a university abroad and then find a job that allows them to travel…these are just a few ideas I’ve seen in action!

Good luck!


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punk!piper nerd!jason au maybe??

The only reason that Piper can come up with for having to take this stupid class is that the college just wants more of her money, because there is no other reason she should have to take an this poly-sci course. She tugs her bag higher on her shoulder and hurries past the students mindlessly starting at textbooks or cellphones aiming for the group of tables in the corner. The study group should have started five minutes ago and Piper’s going to get enough looks with her hair freshly dyed hot pink. She rounds the corner and steps past a sign that informs her this is a group study area to find no one there.

Four huge tables take up most of the space and all of them but one are completely empty. The one that’s not is covered in papers and home to a wary looking blond. Piper stands there and wonders if she just imagined the email about the study group, or if today is actually Wednesday, or if this is even the right library.

While she’s questioning if this isn’t some horrible dream the guy looks up and moves his mouth but she doesn’t hear what he says. Now she’s sure this is a dream because there’s no way the TA can be that hot and she’s apparently fine deaf. Piper’s about to say screw it and try to take this dream another direction, maybe one with a beach and a cold drink or blue eyes over there in just board shorts, when he points at his ears and Piper remembers she’s wearing head phones.

The instant embarrassment sends her stomach plummeting and the temperature in her face skyrocketing. She fights the shake in her hands and ignores the blush that’s burning through her cheeks to pull off her headphones. She runs a quick hand through her pixie length, undercut hair and tugs at the piercing in her tongue.

“Are you looking for something?” He asks and fixes her with his electric blue eyes.

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The Intern: Valentine’s Day Collaboration - WinMin

Here is the second part of the collaboration I did with lootibles​ for the The Intern – Valentine’s Day Special! I had so much fun drawing the pictures, so a biiig THANK YOU to you, Lutte, for giving me such an opportunity! Below is a snippet of the scene.

You can find the full chapter here: The Valentine by Lutte


“So, what would you like to do first?”

Armin pursed his lips slightly and glanced around us. “I wanna get ice cream. I heard they have the best kind here.”

I raised a brow and stared at him as if he’d lost his mind. “It’s the middle of winter.”

“I know,” he shrugged, “But I’m here now and I want to try it. I won’t get a big one.”

I tried to hide my knowing smile and decided not to mention that their smallest size was still an intimidating tower of ice cream. “If it’s what you really want, then we’ll get it. Just don’t freeze yourself.”

“I have you to warm me up,” he smiled before pausing to dig out his wallet. I grabbed his wrist instinctively and stopped him.

“I’m paying.”

He looked up at me and frowned, a bill pinched between his fingers. “You always pay for everything. At least let me get the ice cream.”

I released his wrist and folded my arms, angling my head to the side before looking over at the ice cream stand. Their prices were reasonable, but I hated the idea of Armin paying for anything in my presence. Of course, that had been one of our arguments in the past, and I wasn’t looking to repeat it now. Not when we were supposed to be having a romantic day out.

Armin leaned against the counter and ordered the ice cream, sliding the money to the cashier. I watched his expression as they built his frozen treat, and his eyes grew progressively wider as the ‘small’ turned out to be an offensively large amount. He took the cone into his hand and stared up at the tip of the ice cream, a soft sound of surprise escaping his lips.


We started walking towards the rides, the brilliant Ferris Wheel spinning slowly ahead of us. 

“Like I said,” I laughed, sliding my arm back around his waist. “Don’t freeze yourself.”

“You knew it was this big?” Armin asked, glancing up at me.

“Of course, I did. But I know how good you are at getting big things into your body.”

He licked the cream and his expression lit up with delight before he realized what I said. A deep blush filled his cheeks as he peeked up at me, “What was that about not teasing?”

“Call it payback.”

Armin watched me for a moment and then a mischievous glint flashed in his eyes. He drew his tongue up the length of the ice cream, licking it very slowly as he stared up at me through his eyelashes. I felt desire heat up in my body like a sudden wild fire, and I suppressed a groan before shutting my eyes. He was too damn smart and too damn skilled at fucking with me. It was actually hard to keep up with him at times.

“Are you trying to get yourself punished tonight?”

“I might be,” he admitted, licking it once more, “We haven’t done it in a while.”

“We did it three days ago,” I answered, amused.

“We’re overdue.”

Now I was sure this had something to do with Levi.

Usually I was the one who initiated our little games, and the fact that he was so openly pursuing it meant that he was jealous. I knew, because he’d done it once before when we bumped into one of my former pets. After they had left, he’d found a way to get me back home and into the bedroom in under an hour. He called me Commander the entire time, and I knew it was because he needed the reassurance. He needed to remember that I was his.

“You’ll have to wait until we get home.” I murmured softly. “Besides, you have an ice cream to finish.”

I bent down and held his eyes as I dragged my tongue in a slow, deliberate lick up the side, swirling it over the tip once. I drew back and licked my lips, watching his eyes haze with a need that was so profound I could feel it myself.

“You’re right, it’s too cold,” he breathed, dropping the ice cream to the ground.

He moved forward so quickly that I barely caught the movement, his hand fisting into my shirt and giving a sharp yank as he pulled me down. Surprise rushed through me as he pushed up onto the tips of his toes and met me halfway, claiming my lips in a kiss that was so desperate for more that I almost gave in. I groaned softly and he parted his lips to do the same, my tongue plunging into the silken heat of his mouth the instant I had access.

His breath caught and my arousal grew stronger, my hands quickly finding the soft flesh of his ass and pulling up until he was off the ground. His lean arms wrapped around my neck as his legs tightened on my waist, his fingers gripping my hair and pulling me further into a kiss I was already lost in. I was quickly forgetting where we were and what we were supposed to be doing. It was impossible for me to focus on anything else when he was wrapped around me this way. He was the only thing that mattered in these moments.

“We can’t do this here,” he gasped against my lips, breaking our kiss.

At least one of us was able to think.

It took all of my control to set him back on his feet, and I had to look away in order to compose myself. I didn’t give a damn about public decency right now, but I knew he did and I was willing to respect that.

Armin stared up at me, wearing the same blush he had on before our kiss. His fingers were brushing his neck once more, reminding of where I put his collar. If he was trying to tease me, it was working too damn well. I didn’t want to keep my hands off of him. I wanted to put the collar around his neck and play with him for the rest of the day. I wanted him as sexually frustrated as I was, knowing that we couldn’t do a thing until we got home.

“I want you to put the collar on me,” he whispered breathlessly, still touching his neck.

I let the air rush out of my lungs and closed my eyes.


This boy would be the end of me.

Steven was to say the least more than a little confused to see his friend and former…pet poke her head through the door opening and rather, cracked open the walls because the size of their house couldn’t handle the size of the gargantuan youngster.

“Um…Pink?” Steven gave a wry smile. “Pink I thought…you weren’t allowed to be here.”

“I just fixed that door!” came a growl from Pearl.

“….Maybe shape shift.”


swtor OC pet list. Name is first, species/notes in parentheses. If it’s unnamed, that’ll be in parentheses.

Azukni Dabarein Kela’an (and family)

  • Lt. Green (orobird)
  • akk dog (unnamed)
  • (lord knows how many strays and droids)

Coshbyss Dabarein

  • Lobelode
  • Womp Rat
  • Wriggler
  • Nexu
  • Lizard (chemilizard)
  • Blurrg (x8 - a total of 8 blurrgs)
  • Zuzu (Xuvaa)
  • (he doesn’t give any of his pets names. The only exception is Zuzu because the party named it for him.)

Rakheshi Keiroda

  • Darth Oro (orokeet, former pet)


  • Tooka (unnamed)
  • Orokeet (unnamed)

Drelan Opsci

  • (technically has a gazillion droids but doesn’t count them as pets, he counts them as family dammit)
  • (especially Alis)

Davi Mingxin

  • Ruus’alor Shit Monster

Ying Zii

  • Tito (akk dog)

Kara Wren

  • Al’verde Shebkov (kell drake)

This doesn’t just look like a Photoshop; it looks like a shitty Photoshop. It appears some lazy hoaxer spent about 10 minutes cropping and pasting the face of a black cat onto this orange tabby. They didn’t even bother to make the eyes match!

But this is an unaltered photo of a cat named Venus. (There are videos embedded there, if you still think it’s fake.)

The Top 116 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped

blackjackgabbiani  asked:

In that case, have any headcanons for Chatots? I love those sarcastic little brats.

A lot of people try to get Chatots as pets. Unfortunately, they (the birds) are loud, messy, need a lot of attention. Many people dump their former pets. Fortunately, many rescue centers are in place.

Pink Chatot are nicknamed “berry birds.”

Chatot live for cashews.

Chatot groom each other (as well as their trainers) as a form of bonding and affection. Trainers with short hair or bangs seem especially prone to receiving attention.

Chatot are attracted to the color green.


Zoo AU part 2! 

Wendy is still 15.  Fidds is around 21, and Soos is 19-20ish, with an emphasis on the ish. Waddles is 1.

Fidds is a proper, certified, of-age docent– he works mostly in the reptile house.  What he’s holding is, loosely, a blue green tree python.  He’s trying to get the zoo to implement a “mechanical zoo” program where visitors could experience the ‘animals’ up close, but they keep turning him down because “living animals are enough,” and that if people want to experience animals up close they should visit “Jurassic Park” or “the petting zoo.”

Wendy went through the proper channels and became a junior docent– she can handle the animals, but only with proper supervision, so it’s not something she gets to do as much as she’d like (and, like, she doesn’t tell anyone, but she really does enjoy the animals’ company).  Since she’s not able to handle the animals all the time, she also spends some time in the gift shop.

Waddles is a former petting zoo animal who Mabel “liberated.”  She modified a shirt to fit him, and printed a custom nametag designating him as a “Junior Junior Naturalist.”  He accompanies Mabel on all her tours.

And Soos is… Soos.  In khaki.  He likes to talk to the animals while he works around them, especially the big cats.

[part one]

anonymous asked:

Are you going to introduce your former pet (the winged pig) to Cameilla someday when she gets older?

What part of “I had to leave it behind” did you not understand? There would be little point in travelling all the way to Universe 10 just to visit an animal companion that no longer belongs to me.

Taylor Swift has a better memory than anyone else on the planet. I only state the facts. She literally knows every fans name, every concert they’ve ever been to, all their current & former pets, their zodiac sign and their blood type. YOUR FAV COULD NEVER. @taylorswift

New Romantics

Based on this prompt from castlefanficprompts:  “ First time Kate calls Castle Babe :)”

Set anytime between ‘Probable Cause’ (5x05) and ‘Still’ (5x21/22). Enjoy, and happy Castle Monday! <3

Castle restlessly shifted his legs once more as he wriggled on the leather couch, gently grasping at the laptop screen to ensure that it didn’t drop and break on the living room floor, making him lose the current draft for the third chapter of ‘Driving Heat’.

Not that there was much to lose anyway.

He’d always known that he couldn’t write as effectively when he wasn’t in his office, needing a combination of the comfort of his chair, the warm glow of the lights that basked behind him, and the photos of his loved ones placed on his desk.

But it was thanks to one of the said loved ones that he was temporarily banned from his office.

He’d been sharing the desk with Kate after she’d dragged a chair from the dining area, both of them comfortably sat with their laptops, him writing fiction and her writing case notes for an upcoming court hearing.

When he paused after concluding a car chase scene, he timidly looked over to his girlfriend, taking in her features. The messy bun that was tied to the nape of her neck, the purple sweater sleeves that covered the majority of her hands flitting over the keyboard, her pearly white teeth biting down onto her bottom lip as she leaned forward slightly to read some smaller print.

She looked… comfortable.

At home.

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