former constellations

neighborhood party - six o’clock

*reminder: cynosure is completely gender neutral*




5:45 PM. 

The first thing to catch your eye is the clock.  

You find yourself sitting in a chair in your living room, hands curled around the armrests. For a second you allow yourself to revel in the softness of your armchair. You’re practically sinking into it. 

With a jolt, however, you realize that you only have fifteen minutes to get ready. 15.


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Team VCTA Weapon Revamp

  • Viola’s  Lyra - [MRDV]: Multi Range Dust Viola
  • Balthazar’s Crux - [EDGL]: Extendable Dust Great Lance 
  • Ferdinand’s Aquila - [EPSN]: Electricity Powered Stun Nunchaku
  • Ajax’s Hercules&Perseus - [DPSS/AIAS]: Dual Purpose Sword Spear/Anti Impact Attachable Shield

Following the team’s motif, Astrology(Moon, Stars, Jupiter and Mars, respectively), Team VCTA’s weapons are all named after Constellations.

Viola’s is named the constellation of Lyre a musical instrument.

Balthazar’s after the Cross constellation, a religious symbol and former part of the constellation of Centaur. Balthazar is a Horse Faunus(Human and Horse).

Ferdinand’s is the constellation of Eagle. Zeus/Jupiter was said to possess an eagle that would carry his thunderbolts in Greco-Roman Mythology. 

Ajax’s arms are named after the constellations of Hercules and Perseus, both mythological heroes. Legend has it that Perseus was given a polished shield by the Goddess Athena and used it to defeat the Gorgon.