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Is Formula 1 becoming extinct?

By: Ennio Longo (Follow him on twitter)

“Is Formula 1 on the verge of becoming irrelevant and extinct?”, is the question which I have been pondering. More importantly, how can me make it relevant again? I propose that F1 should transition to electric vehicles over the course of the next few years.  I can see people swearing at the screen right now, questioning my intelligence, my ancestry, my loyalty to the sport and are probably uttering a number of words to which children should not be exposed.  However, after your blood pressure returns to normal, I would challenge you to have the courage to listen to my argument with an open mind and read through to the end dismissing it as fodder. Remember that great change comes not from doing that which has always been done but by doing something which people think is crazy and making it work.  The world is littered with these people.

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