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Note: This was not requested. I just wanted to do a Twitter thing. I hope you enjoy.

Wordcount: 1108

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: A bit of swearing (??) Also this is unedited because I have no surplus energy in life.

Originally posted by neighborhoodz

February 12 / 12:30


So, @Y/N said in an interview, that she has a celebrity crush. Is that by any chance @DaveedDiggs?


Because that would be really cute and they should totally date.


Just saying, I support @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs dating.

February 20 / 23:02

So, a little birdie told informed me that you indeed do have a crush on @DaveedDiggs – Is that true, @Y/N?

Talking to @TheEllenShow today was great. Got to talk about my book and we talked a bit about celebrity crushes. Btw @RafaelCasal I still won’t tell you who my celebrity crush is.

I’ll get it out of you at some point @Y/N just you wait.

February 21 / 10:05

Working on a secret project with @Y/N you guys are going to love it.

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N Oh, really? Is that project called a relationship?

@Y/N Who invited @RafaelCasal?

@DaveedDiggs No idea. Maybe we should just go out alone tonight and ignore him?

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N If you two are going on a date you are more than welcome to go alone.

@RafaelCasal is officially a dick.

February 21 / 15:04

Last night was amazing. Had a great time with @DaveedDiggs and @RafaelCasal

Had a great night with @Y/N and @RafaelCasal last night. @RafaelCasal is still a dick, though.

Last night was amazing. @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs still aren’t dating, though.

March 3 / 12:00

Our secret project is finally out. Had a lot of fun working with the amazing @DaveedDiggs and the rest of clipping. Check it out on @clppng ‘s Youtube.

Check out @clppng ‘s new track featuring the lovely @Y/N over on our Youtube channel.

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N Are you two flirting?

 March 5 / 20:34

The music video for our former secret project is now out! – Head over to @clppng ‘s channel on Youtube to check it out

Check out @clppng and @Y/N ‘s music video out on Youtube. It’s amazing!

Had a great time working with lovely @Y/N during the last couple of months. Hoping to get to work to something again soon.

March 14 / 13:12

@DaveedDiggs If you tell us your celebrity crush, I’ll tell you mine?

@Y/N I’m in.

@DaveedDiggs You first.

@Y/N Cute. But no. You were the one who wanted to do this.

@DaveedDiggs Not going to happen.

@Y/N Too bad. Guess we’ll never know then.

March 17 / 16:31

Revealing my celebrity crush tonight in an interview with @FallonTonight on @NBC be sure to check it out. It’s your turn now @DaveedDiggs

March 18 / 09:00

Apparently, @Y/N revealed last night on @FallonTonight that I am her celeb crush. So, guess it’s my turn then. My celeb crush is @Y/N

March 30 / 19:12

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N So are you guys finally dating?

April 3 / 10:24

Had a great night out with @DaveedDiggs last night. Was fun meeting some of your guys, please don’t ever stop being so amazing supporters. <3

Going out for dinner last night with @Y/N was great, but meeting you guys with her was even better. Stay amazing.

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N Why was I not invited? ;)

@RafaelCasal I don’t know, maybe because you won’t shut up?

@RafaelCasal because you won’t shut that pretty mouth of yours.

@DaveedDiggs Your girlfriend is flirting with me.

April 7 / 12:14

It’s official! @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs shared their first kiss last night! Look it up, kids. I’m not lying!

I don’t care about anything else right now, Daveed fucking kissed her. Finally!

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs I am the best matchmaker, right?

April 10 / 21:39

Working on a new track with the love birds.

@RafaelCasal Who are the love birds? I thought you would be working with @DaveedDiggs and me.

@RafaelCasal @Y/N Yeah. I don’t know which love birds you are talking about, friend.

April 28 / 12:30

The new track featuring @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs is live on my Youtube channel now!

You heard the man. @RafaelCasal ‘s new track featuring @Y/N and I is live on his Youtube now.

You heard my boys. @RafaelCasal ‘s new track featuring @DaveedDiggs and I is live on his Youtube now. We won’t disappoint.

June 3 / 18:34

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs Why don’t you guys ever tweet each other anymore?

June 4 / 10:33

@RafaelCasal Because now I actually get to see her every day.

An important note might be that @DaveedDiggs and @Y/N finally moved in together and are officially dating. Have been dating unofficially since the release of their first song, though. Just thought you should know.

July 1 / 12:30

Going to Miami with @DaveedDiggs for the next two weeks. Take care of @RafaelCasal while we’re gone, please? He needs to be fed 3 times a day and you need to keep him hydrated.

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs I’ll stay full on your love.

July 14 / 04:30

@Y/N and I are Back in LA now. Heading to bed to get some sleep. Love you all.

September 3 / 10:32

Oh, how time flies. 6 months and I still love you just as much.

@Y/N Love you more.

@DaveedDiggs Oh, I wasn’t talking about you… I was talking about our track. But I love you too

December 18 / 21:22

So as you all probably know; Daveed is on tour and probably won’t make it home for Christmas.

December 21 / 20:29

@DaveedDiggs Can you just come home, please?


@Y/N I miss you too babe.

December 24 / 24:00

@Y/N Merry Christmas baby. Now, could you please let me in? It’s getting a bit cold out here.

So apparently @DaveedDiggs is back. Am I happy? Definitely. Merry Christmas to all of you.

March 3 / 12:10

Hey @Y/N ?

Hey, @DaveedDiggs ?

@Y/N Just wanted to let you know that it has been a year and I still love you just as much. Happy anniversary babe. <3

@DaveedDiggs I love you more. Happy anniversary. <3

@Y/N Can you come to the living room? I need to ask you something.

March 4 / 10:22

So… Apparently, my dude, my man @DaveedDiggs and I are getting married now

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs Was that what he wanted to ask you yesterday?

@RafaelCasal Yes?

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs I knew it! The mission was a success! I am officially the best matchmaker.

@RafaelCasal Get of your high horse, Rafa.

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Watch a cut Moana song sung by Hamilton stars (Entertainment Weekly):

See the line where the sky meets the sea? That’s where the lotto line for Hamilton stretches back! Fortunately for all, one no longer needs a ticket to enjoy some of that Broadway show’s erstwhile talent, which found its way onto the screen in 2016 via Disney’s Oscar-nominated Moana.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who co-wrote many of the songs featured in Disney’s arguable insta-classic, enlisted his former Hamilton cast mates Christopher Jackson (the original George Washington) and Phillipa Soo (Eliiiza) to assist in helping develop the sound of the island movie-musical. Fresh off Moana’s upcoming Blu-ray release, EW can reveal a brand new look at one such Hamilton-happy tune — “Warrior Face” — that didn’t make the final Motunui cut but can still be found on the film’s soundtrack. […]

more Moana/Hamilton crossover fun!

Rubber Ducky

Note: Finally got something down, whaaat? I’m pretty happy with this one tbh. I hope you enjoy. Sorry for the lack of posts lately

Request: Daveed is going to be on sesame street. and he sang a rubber ducky song. now i need a fic about him and reader in the bathtub (stupid tumblr didn’t let me put the link for it)

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x reader

Wordcount: 2080

Warnings: SMUT

Originally posted by playbill

You were hard at work when the video of Daveed’s appearance on Sesame Street, the ‘Rubber Ducky’ video was released for the first time. You kept refreshing your page, waiting for the video to show up and once it did, you grinned. You had honestly never thought that someone could ever be able to make rapping in a giant, red bow tie look attractive. But, Daveed certainly managed to do so. Your day went by slowly, as you really looked forward to getting home and handing him the small present that you had spent your lunch break buying him. – A rubber ducky, obviously. You had not even bothered wrapping it, as it was mostly for fun. So, when your shift finished you remembered to grab the yellow rubber duck from your desk and made your way home in the horrible downtown LA traffic.
Once you made it to you and your boyfriend’s shared apartment, you locked yourself in. You were honestly quite relieved to finally be home. You were stuck in traffic for a really long time and when you finally got back to you and Daveed’s shared apartment you felt exhausted. You had contemplated whether you should start taking public transport before, but now you were definitely considering it even more.
“D, I’m home!” You said from the entrance while pushing off your shoes.
Daveed soon appeared in the doorway, looking slightly tired. “Hey, babe. Guessing bad traffic?” He questioned, placing a gentle peck on your forehead.
You nodded with a sigh. “Yeah.” You breathed. “I got you this, though.” You added with a quick grin and handed him the rubber duck you had spent your lunch break finding earlier.
At first, he looked confused but then broke into laughter. “Cute.” He said, poking your nose.
You crinkled your nose at that, shaking your head. “Ass. I wasted my lunch break buying you that.” You huffed with a pout. There was no real fire behind your words, though. It was nothing special, you just wanted to poke a bit of fun at him.
“So, are you gonna test this out with me, babe?” He asked, arching an eyebrow at you as he held up the small, yellow rubber duck.
You were unable to help the grin that spread across your lips. “Sure.” You chuckled. You really had not expected him to ask you that. Or maybe you had, just a little. You had at least hoped that it would be the case.
So, when he held his hand out for you, you gently took it and followed your boyfriend to the bathroom. You had no idea that this was exactly what you needed after a stressful day at work and a very annoying drive home in the LA traffic.
Both of you quickly undressed and while Daveed filled the small tub with warm water and let the rubber duck fall into it, you found towels for the two of you. The tub was basically tiny and with someone as tall and built as your boyfriend, it was almost impossible to fit both of you in there. Almost. So, when Daveed had sat down, you followed suit and sat in his lap, leaning back against his chest. You already felt a lot more relaxed and so much more at home. When his fingers started running over your shoulders, gently massaging your slightly tense muscles you felt yourself relax into his touch.
When you felt yourself starting to drift off a little, you buried your face in the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent and feeling his pulse against the tip of your nose. He placed a gentle kiss against the top of your head and wrapped his arms around your waist.
“Tough day?” He asked.
You simply shrugged. It had not seemed like it at the time, but perhaps it was? You sighed. “I don’t know. Maybe?” You mumbled, placing a gentle kiss against his neck.
“That isn’t really an answer, babe.” He stated, but you could definitely hear the smile in his voice.
You felt like you had nothing else to add, so you simply pressed a few small kisses against his jawline. “How was your day, then?” You finally asked.
“Fine. Busy as always. The rubber ducky song was released, but you already know.” He said. While he answered, you had sat back up and turned towards him, looking at him with a small smile.
“I definitely do.” You grinned. You still did not get how someone managed to look hot rapping about a rubber ducky in a red, giant bow tie. But, Daveed definitely did. “And I must say, while you looked pretty good in that giant, red bow tie. I think the rubber duck was a much better choice.” You teased.
He simply snorted at that and shook his head shortly. “You’re impossible.” He sighs. He did not seem to mean it, however, if his smile is anything to go by.
Instead of answering, you simply leaned in to kiss him, though. You had quite honestly been wanting to do that all day, so it was quite a relief to finally be able to kiss your boyfriend.
When he felt your lips on his own, he wasted no time but simply kissed you back, smiling lightly against your lips. It was soft, gentle and filled with love.
When both of you ran out of air and had to pull back, Daveed’s lips gently ghosted over your neck which made goosebumps appear on your skin. “I’ve missed you.” He said.
You shook your head slightly in response. “You just saw me this morning, D.” You breathed, closing your eyes as his lips kept ghosting over your neck, jaw, and collarbones.
“Well, still. That’s far too long.” He chuckled. “I mean, I love you, so I’d like to spend as much time with you as possible.” He added in between placing light pecks all over your face.
Your cheeks flushed a light pink-ish color at his words and the small pecks he placed all over your face. It was adorable. “I love you too, Diggs.” You breathed softly as you placed a short kiss on his lips.
It was nice, getting to relax like this, taking a bath with your boyfriend. Not stressing out about anything. You rested against his chest lightly, arms wrapped around his neck, fingers dancing over his skin lightly. You felt relaxed in a way that you had not been in a long while.

You were probably about to doze off with your head resting against his shoulder, so when you heard his small “Y/N?” You jumped slightly. He chuckled and you shook your head a little.
“Yes?” You asked, sitting back up to look at him.
He looked at you for a long while, gently resting his thumb under your chin. “You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen.” He beamed, which caused your cheeks to flush yet again.
You lowered your gaze, letting a small giggle out. “I’m not, Diggs.” You breathed. It was no secret, that you did not feel a 100% good about your body and your boyfriend definitely knew that and he kept showering you in compliments, hoping that you would one day see what he did.
“Yes, you are. You can’t put words in my mouth, babe.” Daveed declared. He knew that you did not agree with him, that you did not see yourself the way he did, so instead of letting you answer, he kissed you. It was a lot more intense and demanding the previous one and his lips and his touch almost felt electric on your skin.
You simply kissed him back, letting yourself move closer to your boyfriend, your lips colliding perfectly with each other.
You were very aware of the way his fingers ran over your skin as if trying to touch every inch of your body and they left trails of heat behind, making you skin feel as if it was on fire. Your breath hitched in your throat slightly, as his fingers ghosted over the sides of your neck. However, they disappeared as fast as you had felt his fingertips against your neck and was replaced by a pair of warm lips, which placed a burning trail of kisses down your neck. When he nibbled at your skin and let his tongue ran over the area softly, a small, choked “Daveed.” Left your lips.
“Yes?” He questioned, arching an eyebrow lightly with a way too teasing smile on his lips.
“Shut up.” You managed as his lips ghosted over your collarbone. His lips felt amazing against your skin and you were pretty aware of how turned on you were getting.
“Make me.” He whispered beside your ear, pulling back to look at you with a shit eating grin.
And that, you did. Your lips crashed into Daveed’s, shutting him up effectively. The two of you melted into the kiss immediately, lips moving in perfect sync.
His hands were all over your body again, your hips, thighs, ass, everywhere and it was way too overwhelming. Everywhere he touched you, felt like it was on fire and you were pretty sure that you could not take any more.
He broke away way too soon, looking at you with slightly blown pupils. “Fuck you’re so perfect.” He breathed, his voice sounding somewhat raspy. His fingers ran through your hair, tugging at it gently to expose your neck. His mouth was on your neck in a matter of sitting, placing a trail of bruising kisses. “Fucking perfect.” He added in between kisses.
Had you died and gone to heaven? Maybe. You were very aware of the fact that you would need to find a way to hide the small bruises that would eventually form on your neck, but you found yourself not caring at all. You moaned out an open-mouthed “D..” Once his tongue flicked over your neck. Had you died and gone to heaven? Definitely.
This time, no teasing followed your moan and his lips instead moved further down your body, soon reaching your collar bones. “Tell me if you want me to stop.” He remarked, not wanting to make you uncomfortable.
You pushed yourself further against him, simply shaking your head. “Don’t stop.” You managed, rolling your hips against his lightly, causing him to groan.
“Fuck, Y/N. Need you.” He pleaded. You definitely needed him too, if the wetness between your thighs was anything to go by.
You gently pushed him back against the back of the tub, trailing wet kisses down his neck and chest. He moaned as your teeth graced his skin lightly, followed by a light flick of your tongue, just like he had done to you. “Please, Y/N.” He pleaded again. You smirked lightly against his skin, sitting back up.
“Yes, D?” You questioned teasingly, just like he had done earlier. It simply caused him to roll his eyes at you.
“Please.” He tried.
You gently wrapped your arms around his neck, positioning his length at your entrance. His breath caught in his throat slightly when the tip of his length touched your wetness. You could not help the shit eating grin that spread across your lips as you let yourself sink down onto him, letting him fill you completely. A moan escaped both of your lips, as Daveed threw his head back in pleasure.
“Fuck.” He said as you started to roll your hips. His hands were on your waist in no time, helping you move. This took you to a high that you had no idea that you needed right now. He kissed you, lips crashing into yours harshly. You had no idea how much you craved this until he was finally inside of you.
“D…” You moaned, as you pulled back from the kiss, burying your face in the crook of his neck. A growl escaped his lips as your hips moved faster against him and you nibbled gently on the soft skin on his neck. You had no idea that sex in a bathtub could be this amazing, but it was.
Before you knew it, you came undone and so did Daveed. You fell forward, being caught by a firm chest and a pair of strong arms. Both of you needed to catch your breath and a moment to come down from your highs. But, when you did, Daveed’s lips placed a kiss against your jaw. “Bedroom?” He questioned and you nodded.

  • mother: asks me what i want for birthday
  • me, internally: i want nothing more than for pearl to confront, deal with, and come to terms with both what she is, a pearl, and WHO she is, THE Pearl, and learn to accept and balance those two lives equally and harmoniously in her quest to define herself as her own person instead of as the broken remnants of a former caste who is lost without someone to devote herself to, finally accepting and loving herself as a whole and complete individual
  • me, to my mother: haha socks i guess
Don’t brag

 Note: Okay. I did it. I wrote actually decent smut??? What. Idk. It took a while. About half of it is smut, so be prepared I guess. My reader inserts are also getting longer, so that’s a thing I gues???

Request: Reader overhears Daveed bragging to the other guys how he’s such a top and she just gives him the silent treatment until they get home then attacks him with kisses and ends up being on top and Daveed is just a moaning mess. If that’s not too much to ask?

Pairing: Daveed x reader

Wordcount: 3098

Warnings: Smut, swearing

Originally posted by dailydaveeddiggs

You had gone out to party at Lin’s place with your boyfriend, Daveed. It was nothing crazy, just a cozy ham fam get together with drinks. You had grown pretty close with all of them after first befriending Daveed and later becoming his girlfriend. The original cast saw each other a lot and you were always welcome, as were everyone else related to any of them.

You had a lot of fun with the cast and Lin’s wife and they had all become like family really quickly. At first, you were very hesitant. Not because they seemed like they would not be likeable, but because you were somewhat of a private person. But, that soon vanished once you actually met them. They all cared about you and they all wanted you the best.

While you were helping Vanessa and Jasmine with the drinks Rafa and Daveed were hanging on the couch.

The subject of Daveed and Rafa’s conversation had somehow fallen on Daveed’s sex life and luckily you were not with them. You were busy bringing drinks around to everyone. But if you had been, Daveed definitely would not be bragging like that.

”No, for real. I’m serious. I’m totally dominant. Y/N is basically butter in my hands.” Daveed bragged.

“Yeah, I am sure you are.” Rafa snorted, not really believing him. He always noticed how much power you had over Daveed. He was actually pretty sure it was the other way around.

“Shut up, Rafa. You don’t know what goes down in my bedroom. I’m just saying, I can make her come just by touching….” He trailed of, as Rafa signaled frantically for him to stop. It was too late, as you had just come up behind them and had practically heard everything your boyfriend just said.

“Hey Rafa. Want a beer?” You asked sweetly, ignoring Daveed. You were somewhat pissed about him sharing your sex life, but you also wanted to knock him off his high horse and you were already making plans on how to do so. Starting by giving him the silent treatment until you got home was your first move, then you would have to figure out what to do once you got there.

“Y/N. Sure.” He gulped, obviously worried that you were pissed at him. But, you were not. This was not his fault after all. You handed him one of green bottle with a soft smile.

“Uhm. Can I have one too, babe?” Daveed asked, treading lightly. He obviously knew that you were not too happy with him right now.

You simply ignored him and walked off to hang with Jasmine and Anthony instead, because they were always great at giving you advice no matter what it was about. You were actually sort of embarrassed that Daveed was telling people about what happened in your bedroom. If he told Rafa that, who else has he talked to about it?

You sat down with them and with a soft groan you buried your head in your hands. You wanted to give your boyfriend some kind of payback. But how?

“What’s going on, Y/N?” Jasmine asked worriedly as you seemed to have lost your previous happy spark that you had had all night.

“D just told Rafa about our sexlife.” You admitted.

Anthony could not help the chuckle that left his lips and Jasmine had to nudge him away from the two of you so you could talk somewhat privately. “And that’s a problem?” She just wanted to confirm if that was really the problem.

“Well, no. Yes. I don’t know Jass… Not normally. I guess? It’s just he bragged so much and I just want to give him some payback….” Your trailed of, not knowing what else to say. You were not even sure what you wanted to do.

“Well, what did he say Y/N?” She asked with an arched eyebrow.

A giggle slipped through your lips at that. “He told Rafa that he was so dominant and such a top.” You told her while laughing. It was not exactly true. Not all the time anyway.

“What? Seriously?” She laughed too and shook her head shortly. “So, from what you’ve told me that definitely isn’t true.” She added with a grin. It seemed like she was trying to help you piece together a plan.

“Yeah. It’s sort of ridiculous. I mean…. It’s right most of the times. But, he literally said that he could make me come just by touching me.” You laughed again. It was actually sort of ironic.

“Well, I totally agree. You gotta give him some payback Y/N.” She grinned. It was one of her mischievous ‘I know what we are going to do’- grins.

“Spit it out, Jass.” You said with a grin. You definitely wanted to know what she had in mind. She was so much better at this than you were. At least, you thought so.

“Well… First off, do you have anything in mind?” She asked. It felt like you were planning some kind of crazy revenge, and in a way, you were.

“Well. I sorta wanted to give him the silent treatment, you know. Until we got back home. But other than that, I am kind of clueless.” You admitted. You wanted to show him that he definitely was not as much of a top as he would like to think.

“You gotta fuck him, Y/N. You just have to. Just give him that silent treatment of yours for the rest of the night. And make him want you so bad. I don’t know how, but I’m sure you do. Then, when you get back home take charge and show him that you won’t take his bullshit.” She explained with a grin.

“Yeah, I love it Jass.” You agreed and high fived your friend. He was definitely going to get some payback and it would definitely be a lot of fun.

After what seemed like ages, the party was finally starting to come to an end. You had tried really hard to be cool about this, but you were actually sort of nervous. Though, you quickly got into it and you had managed to turn him on pretty quickly and he was basically begging you to go home a couple of times. Still, you had simply ignored him and kept talking to whoever was around. At first, it was Jass, then you talked to Lin, Chris. You managed to go through a lot of conversations while ignoring your boyfriend. It was a lot of fun to watch how impatient he grew.

You had stuck around, helping Lin and Vanessa with cleaning. It was not too bad, as everyone had taken out their bottles and stuff before they left. The only thing left was to clean the kitchen. You took it slowly, just to drag everything out.

“Y/N. Can we please leave now?” Daveed begged while you finished of the last vine glasses. You still had no intention of answering him. Vanessa had luckily been let in on your plan, so she quickly helped you out.

“Jesus, Daveed. You are so impatient. We’re done in a minute.” She said with a gentle chuckle and you looked at her with a thankful smirk. She had just saved your ass from breaking your own plan. You were honestly starting to get a bit annoyed with all the begging. It was his own fault, honestly.

After finishing off the rest of the kitchen as slowly as possible, you hugged Vanessa and Lin goodbye before the two of you walked home in silence. He obviously had no idea why you were ignoring him, but he still kept his mouth shut because his brain was working hard on figuring out what the hell he had done wrong.

Once you made it back to your apartment, you locked the two of you in and started taking off your shoes and jacket without a word.

“Y/N. Seriously, why the fuck are you angry man?” He had obviously given up on trying to figure it out and was getting a tiny bit annoyed.

You were unable to help the small smirk that crawled onto your lips. He was obviously frustrated. “Strip.” You simply answered as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“What?” He asked with a stifled chuckle, he really thought that he heard wrong.

“You heard me, D. Strip.” You stated firmly. You were not going to give in to the temptation of having him on top of you. This was your chance to show him that he was not as much a top as he would like to be.

He hesitantly started by taking of his shirt, sort of unsure as to what was going on at first. He shrugged his shirt of his shoulders and let it fall onto the floor behind him. When he stopped afterwards, an annoyed groan escaped your lips.

“Really? Are you dumb or something?” You deadpanned, though you were cracking up inside. He was so clueless. “Pants.” You commanded. “Or do you need help with that?” You arched an eyebrow teasingly.

“Y/N… Wh—“

“Pants.” You cut him off. You bit your bottom lip lightly as he started to remove his pants. He was definitely starting to get what all of this was all about and both his pants and boxers came off in a matter of seconds.

He started to step towards you, but you held your hand up, stopping him in his track. “Bedroom.” You simply said and he obliged, leading the way to your bedroom.

Once inside, you gently pushed him onto the bed, letting him land on his back. You started by removing all of your clothes slowly, except for your underwear while he looked up at you with wide eyes. You had no plan of giving in and creating some sort of boundary between the two of you was probably the easiest way to do so and that was probably why you decided to keep your underwear on.

You looked down at him for a second. He was already hard for you and it made you grin. “Who has control over who, huh?” You teased and simply owned an annoyed groan from him.

“Really is this what this is ab.-“ He cut himself off with a moan as your slightly cold hand wrapped around him.  

“Sorry, you were saying?” You asked, as your hand started to move around him at an almost painfully slow pace. The question simply earned you a grunt from your Daveed.

You quickly noticed that he was starting to grow impatient, and you were confirmed in this just seconds later by his words. “Stop teasing me, Y/N.” He growled.

“Only if you shut up.” You answered innocently. He definitely did not like having you in control, mostly because you spend more time teasing him than pleasing him.

He obliged and kept his mouth shut, even while you kept torturing him with the slow pace. You could practically see him grow even more and more impatient and when he was finally about to say something again, your hand disappeared from his erection, which caused a whimper escaped his lips. You cut him off again before he could say anything, taking him into your mouth.

“Jesus.. Fuck.” He moaned as he was about to grab a fistful of your hair.

You pulled back with a slight pop and glared up at him. “If you touch me, I will literally leave this bedroom.” You breathed. You were really turned on too, but you still wanted to show him that he was not in charge… Not all the time anyway and definitely not now.

He obliged and as you took him into your mouth again and swallowed around him, his fingers dug into the mattress on each side of him as a row of moans escaped his lips. You looked up at his gorgeous face and immediately made eye contact with his lust blown eyes. You were unable to help the moan that escaped your lips, though it was luckily somewhat oppressed by his erection. You started bobbing your head gently and used your hands as well to give him somewhat of a better experience than usual. You earned a mix of groans, moans and ‘fucks’ from him pretty much every other second.

When you felt him starting to twitch inside your mouth, you pulled away and sat back onto your knees. A breathy whimper escaped his lips at the sudden loss of contact.

“Relax, idiot. I’m not superwoman.” You blurted.

His eyes went straight to your breast as you slowly undid your bra in front of him and let it fall to the bed. You knew that he wanted to reach out and touch you, but you were not going to let him.

“Please, Y/N.” He begged, desperate to feel your soft skin under his fingertips. Though you simply shook your head in return.

You watched him watch you as you got off the bed to take of your panties slowly, letting him take in your naked form for just a second. You quickly returned to the bed though, this time taking a seat on thigs as you waited for him to beg for it.  

You were practically dripping onto his trained legs and you could actually feel his lust for you growing, if that was even possible.

“Fuck. Y/N. I need you. So bad.” He pleaded, as if you did not know already. You needed him too, but you wanted to take this as far as you could.

You took your time with leaning over him to get to the condoms in your bedside table, letting your breast hover just inches from his face. It earned you a growl and you barely managed to retrieve a condom from your bedside table before his hands were on your breast.

You shot back up, pushing his hands away from you. Even if you wanted him to touch you, you could not just let him. You also knew that you should probably get up and leave as you had promised to do if he touched you, but you just did not. “One chance Diggs.” You growled.

You rolled the condom onto him, taking your time with it. You were being a tease and you knew. It was intentional and you tried to suppress the smile that formed on your lips at the next thing he said . “I hate you.” He rasped as you took your time. In his mind, it definitely could not take that long to put on a fucking condom.

Once you finally rolled on the condom without giving him an answer, he was probably ready to feel you around him. However, you were not going to allow that yet. Instead, you leaned over him and started to place gentle bites down his neck. You were driving him insane, but it was definitely going to be worth it.

“Fucking Christ Y/N.” He blurted as you got to his sweet spot, on the side of his neck, just where his jaw stopped and underneath his ear. You smiled lightly against his skin.

“How about you stop telling people about how dominant you are if you are ever going to get anything again, D?” You whispered innocently into his ear and while you gave him just a second to think about it, you bit down on his earlobe softly, earning a somewhat loud moan from him.

“Okay.” Daveed growled. He was growing impatient again and so where you. You wanted him so bad, but you needed to stay focused, even if you sort of just wanted to lose yourself to him as so many times before.

You sat up again and without a warning, you sank onto him, letting a few moans escape your lips. He seemed to have gotten the note about touching you, because even now he did not dare to put his hands on your hips. You actually liked being in control a lot more than you thought. You could make him want you to an extend where he thought he was going to lose his mind.

“Daveed.” You cried as you felt him fill you up.  He groaned in return.

“I know baby.” He husked.

It took a bit of time for you to adjust to his size, but when you did you started to roll your hips slowly, teasing him again. It was almost painfully slow for you too, but you did not want to lose control. Not yet at least.

“I swear. If you don’t stop fucking teasing me, Y/N.” He growled impatiently. Not getting to touch you was one thing, but you teasing him like this was almost painful for both of you.

When he was about to complain even more, you finally gave in and picked up your pace. Your head fell back in utter bliss as you did your best to stifle the moans that were forming in your throat. You did not manage to do so, as it was just too great.

“Y/N…” He moaned softly, as his eyes fell shut. You knew that he was close and honestly, so where you. Obviously not as close as Daveed though, because he came mere seconds after in a mess of groans and moans.

Your thigh muscles were starting to grow sore and tired and when you felt Daveed’s hands on your hips, you did not push him away. You gave in and allowed him to help you reach your peak as well. His fingers gently found their way to your clit and started to massage it roughly. It only took a few seconds for you to finally come, your walls clenching around him. You saw white and felt yourself fall onto his chest as his name slipped through your lips.

After both of you finally came down from your high, a soft chuckle escaped his lips. “That was so fucking hot, Y/N.” He muttered. You smiled against his skin as you pressed a light kiss against his chest.

“I meant what I said, though. Stop telling people about how much of a top you are or I won’t give you anything.” You warned. It was not true, though. Both of you knew that you were unable to keep your hands off him.

He let you catch your breath for a while, before he pushed you into the mattress and hovered you with a devilish grin on his lips. “And I meant what I said about being dominant.” He growled.

You already knew that you were in for quite the night.

Sakura Fest 2017

I went to Sakura Fest 2017 in Tokyo today!  It was a really amazing event and has already left both the Japanese and International fandoms buzzing!

Perhaps the biggest and BEST surprise was the reveal of the trailer for the Original Animation DVD coming out with the Special Edition of Volume 3 in September.

You can watch the trailer for the OAD here.

The rest of my rundown is below the cut. :) Most of it was posted on Discord earlier tonight in #ccs-general as well, so if you missed it and are curious, please have a look.  I added in a few extra details as they came back to me.

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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Several former cast mates went to go see the press viewing on opening day!  Visitors included Arai Shou (Aone), Kimura Atsushi (Futakuchi), Hirono Ryouta (Sakunami), Hashimoto Zen’itsu (Kamasaki), and Gotou Takeru (Yaku)!  

All of them were impressed by the new show and wish the current cast the best of luck!


SNL FACTS (Kristen Stewart edition)

  • This is the 821st overall episode.
  • This will be Kristen’s first time as host.
  • Though not well-known for doing comedy, Kristen has worked in films with former SNL cast members Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader (Adventureland), and was recently in a film with long time SNL host Steve Martin.
  • Former SNL cast members Noel Wells and Jenny Slate have done impressions of her.
  • Alessia Cara will be the musical guest.  It will be her first time performing on the show.
New Grey's Anatomy 'Villain' Talks Minnick's Weak 'Hookup Skills' and Fearing 'Crazy' Calzona Fans | TVLine
By Michael Ausiello

Marika Dominczyk knew she was walking into a hornet’s nest when she took on the role of Grey’s Anatomy‘s feather-ruffling new surgical consultant Eliza Minnick, whose actions in last week’s episode led to the suspension of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). And making matters more incendiary, she’s maybe-possibly looking to fill a certain romantic void in Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) life.

“‘Calzona’ fans are crazy,” Dominczyk tells TVLine with a laugh, referring to the still-zealous acolytes of Arizona and her ex, Callie (former cast member Sara Ramirez). “I really appreciate their passion. I think it’s amazing. The show’s been on the air for 13 years and has an incredible fan base. And I’m so happy to be a part of it, even if it’s on the [negative] receiving end.”

The actress admits she has avoided going too far down the Internet rabbit hole “because I would probably see more of the people who don’t like Eliza. Luckily, the [fans] that follow me [on social media] like me and can see past [the ‘Calzona of it all]… You kind of have to just put your head down and do your work and not think about any of that stuff or else it’ll drive you crazy.”

Dominczyk — the real-life wife of Shondaland vet Scott Foley (who appeared on Grey’s before segueing to Scandal) — jokes that her husband’s one piece of advice to her prior to starting work on the ABC drama was, “‘Stay off Twitter.‘”

The Brothers & Sisters alum nonetheless concedes that “being the villain is kind of fun… Eliza’s stirring up all these feelings.”

Curiously, Eliza has thus far been reluctant to mix pleasure with business where Arizona is concerned — why is that? “Eliza takes her job crazy seriously,” Dominczyk surmises. “It’s a huge separation for her — work and personal life. Work comes first. And she’s at a place where people don’t want her there — and they’re vocal about it. And [yet] she has to continue to be professional. If that happened to me, I don’t know how confident I would be with my hookup skills.”’

Her confidence in her surgical skills, however, will be evident in this week’s episode (ABC. 8/7c), which finds Eliza going “full-throttle with her teaching method,” Dominczyk previews, adding that it’s “definitely the biggest episode for Minnick” so far.

“I hope Eliza sticks around,” Dominczyk adds of her currently open-ended stint. “I don’t know if she’s going to stick around, but it’s been super fun playing her.”

Okay this is gonna be a long post…yesterday i posted , like an hundred of other people 😂, about the tweets Emily liked before the msp of the show. As you guys can see i study more the social media side of td rather than the shows part because since episode 10 of season 5 i stopped watching ( yeah i’m that petty )… But i follow the show through what i read here on Tumblr… I’m writing this now because i think that what Emily did yesterday is VERY VERY INTERESTING…. This morning i looked at the other former cast members of the show, i thought that maybe they all wrote and posted about the show for support, but she was the ONLY ONE doing it. Chad for example posted about a Tyr3es statue… That is SELF PROMOTION… It is very different from what Emily did… She promoted the show not herself. Why??? And the screenshot of the RS’s article above really caught my eyes. “Is there anyone they can call???” Yeah they could be talking about the junky yard Kids but the thing is SHE POSTED THE ARTICLE and also liked it… Like 👀👀👀👀…. The rest of the article is a shade festival against the show and sorry but i totally agree with it… It’s getting repetitive and even if you stop watching the show for half season and then you decide to start again, you’ll not have problems with it because it’s a never ending cicle of the same things again and again…Anyway…The point of this post is that Emily is promoting the show even if she’s doing other things. She’s filming another “gig” right now still she posts an ARTICLE and the SHOW WRITER’s tweet to ask people to watch the show. She was filming for C0nviction still all her interviews were about twd. I looked up Stev3n, L@urie, Ch@d, Sarah, Jon, Michael none of them did something like this…only her. You have to wonder why she’s doing it…actors don’t do nothing if there is not a come back. Posting about friends/past co workers new projects yes, but always promoting the show where you were killed off in the most senseless way no… Sorry but i don’t understand it. Haters can keep going on and on saying SHE’S DEAD ect ect… But there is something fishy behind all this story and it’s still relevant.

Coffee Breaks with Oak - Part 1: Lin

Note: I really feel in the mood for writing right now, so that’s a thing I guess??? We need more Oak in our lives, so here you go. To me, Oak likes milk in his coffee ok? This is probably gonna be a series because I really like writing it (Ok, it’s definitely gonna be a series. Sorry, not sorry) (This is supposed to take place while the original cast was still on the show btw.)

Request: okay um hi, this is my first time ever asking for well anything on here so I was wondering if you have the time if you could write an Oak x reader fanfic, I never see enough for him. The prompt can be whatever you want/are comfortable writing for him. All love ❤️

Wordcount: 2280

Pairing: Okieriete Onaodowan x reader

Warnings: None???

Originally posted by falling-through-autumn

You had just started working at a small coffee shop in downtown New York close to the Richard Rodger’s theater. When you had started working there, it was just a way of making money on the side while you studied as well as a bit of an escape from exactly that. You had not expected it to very eventful. Oh, how you were wrong.

It was no secret to your colleagues that you were a huge fan of the newest musical to arrive at the Richard Rodger’s theater, Hamilton An American Musical. When Lin-Manuel Miranda himself had come into the coffee shop, you were pretty much about to lose your shit. You had been the only one except for your boss there since it was morning and regularly, not a lot of people showed up in the morning. You were in the middle of wiping down a table when he entered and your jaw practically dropped. You tried to keep your shit together, though. You were not about to lose it in front of the writer and lead of the musical.

“Good morning sir. What can I do for you?” You questioned as you returned to your spot behind the counter, leaving the cloth at the table you had just been wiping.

He smiled at you and it was infectious, making you smile as well. He looked at the name tag on your apron before answering. “Good morning, Y/N. Can I have a black coffee please?” He asked.

“Of course, do you want it to go or are you drinking it here?” You asked as you tapped the price of the coffee into the cash register.

“To go, please.” He smiled at you. He seemed polite and down to earth and it made it a lot easier to handle.

After he had paid for the coffee and you were about to turn around to make it for him, he caught you a bit off guard by his question. “Don’t you need my name to put on the cup or something?” He asked politely.

It made you blush slightly. You already knew who he was, so you had not really thought about asking him for his name. “Uhm… I already know your name.” You said, lowering your gaze.

“Oh…” He simply breathed with a huge grin on his face that you did not quite understand. “Hamilton?” He asked and you nodded.

“Yeah. A bit of a fan, I guess.” You admitted as warmth spread across your face. You felt awkward, so you simply offered him a smile before turning around to make the coffee he had ordered.

You had a couple other customers and being the only barista currently working, it took a bit longer than expected and when you finally finished by writing his name on the cup you had expected him to have grown a bit impatient, but when you turned to the counter to put it down and call his name, he seemed relaxed, even smiled at you as you called his name “Black coffee for Mr. Miranda.” You called.

He arrived at the counter in a matter of a few seconds, taking the cup with a small “Thank you.” Unable to conceal the grin that spread across his lips. You were still blushing and it was embarrassing. You just felt so awkward. “If it’s any good, I’ll definitely recommend the place to the rest of the cast. I hope that when I come back you will have seen the show and can tell me what you think.” He joked.

You were unable to hold back the giggle that left your lips. You felt a bit less uncomfortable when it seemed like he just thought the whole situation was fun and light. “Have a good day, sir.” You simply said and with that, he left.

You did go to see the show a couple of weeks later. Lin had visited the coffee shop a couple of times before you went, always in the morning. At least what you knew of. You had had time to chat with him several times and you had become somewhat friends. He was nice and easy to talk to and you did not get half as embarrassed around him anymore. He even came by the morning on the day where you were going to see the show and you had not really talked to him about going.

So, when he entered the coffee shop, a grin spread across your lips. You should probably tell him, you figured

“Well look at you, sunshine.” He joked as he approached the counter. “Why are you so happy this dull winter morning?” He asked fondly.

You giggled at that, shaking your head slightly. “Well. You know. I’m gonna go see a certain Broadway musical tonight.” You said, unable to help the grin that spread across your face.

“Whaaat? That’s great Y/N!” He genuinely seemed excited and it made you happy.

“I know! I’m so happy.” You giggled. You had no idea why you had not told him before. Maybe because you still did not fully believe that it was happening.

“I’ll definitely take you backstage so you can meet the cast. Whoever you are going with too, of course.” He said excitedly and it made you blush.

“Oh… Lin, you don’t have to.” You laughed. You were pretty sure that they were busy and probably could find better things than saying hi to Lin’s barista friend.

“No, no. I’m serious! You’re great. They’ll love you.” He decided.

You gave in with a small smile. “Fine.” You giggled because you knew there was no way you were getting out of it. You suddenly felt very nervous about going tonight. The people you were going with knew that you had the biggest crush on Oak, so it could potentially be the most embarrassing night of your life.

“Yes!” He exclaimed. You had trouble believing that Lin was actually excited about you meeting the cast, his friends. But, he genuinely seemed excited and it made you happy that it seemed like he considered you his friend.

You laughed softly, shaking your head a little. “The usual?” You asked, trying to change the subject. You just had to let the fact that you were meeting the cast sink in.

“Yeah. Can you add a coffee with milk for Oak? Promised him to bring one along for him.” He asked. You swallowed lightly at the mention of Oak. You still could not believe that you would be meeting the guy that you had a celebrity crush on.

“Sure.” You said after a second and as he paid for the two coffees, you wondered if Lin had noticed you zone out for a second at the mention of Oak’s name. You hoped not.

You had the two coffees ready in no time as there were even fewer people than usual in the shop. You wrote Lin’s name on the cup with regular, black coffee and Oak on the one that had milk in it as you placed it down on the counter. “I hope you boys enjoy your coffee.” You smiled.

He thanked you before leaving the coffee shop. The rest of your shift went by pretty quietly as a lot of people decided to stop by the coffee shop that morning. You were going to see the show tonight with a couple of your coworkers and you managed to catch them just before leaving. Or rather, they managed to catch you. You had planned on just texting them that Lin was taking you to meet the cast, but now you might as well tell them.

“Y/N! Are you ready for tonight?” One of them asked.

You grinned slightly at that and nodded. “Definitely is. Lin invited us backstage, by the way.” You giggled as their eyes widened.

“He was here, again? Seriously, Y/N. You need to get his phone number or something!”

You shook your head a little. “First of all, he is married. Secondly, Y/N is into Oak, not Lin.” One of your other coworkers said before you could even get to answer.

“Right… I’ll see you tonight, then?” You questioned, really wanting to get out of this situation. It was not like you did not like your coworkers, a lot of them had become your close friends. But, first of all, you had studies to attend to and second of all, it was getting a bit embarrassing.

“I’ll come over to your place tonight, help you with your outfit and all that.” Alex teased, who just so happened to be the person who you had grown closest with out of all your coworkers but who also constantly teased you about your crush on Oak and especially after you had met Lin.

“Bye, Alex.” You waved at her. You had not exactly said no since you would probably be really nervous tonight and having a friend’s help would definitely be nice. So, having someone there with you would probably be nice.

Once you got back to your apartment, you were pretty exhausted and you barely managed to lie down on your couch to take a nap before there was a knock on your door. With a sigh, you got up and already knowing who it was, you mentally facepalmed yourself for not realizing earlier that Alex would probably be there way too early.

You opened the door with a slight groan to reveal Alex in a dress, something you had never seen before. Usually, you never saw your coworkers in anything but their work clothes or the stuff that they wore on a regular day. “Hey.” You simply said.

“Hello, grumpy.” She teased, which made you roll your eyes.

“Give me a break, I just arrived.” You snorted. You should probably have expected her to be here already, but you had just expected her to be there 30 minutes before you had to go or something. Instead, she literally arrived an hour and a half before.

“Poor thing.” She said sarcastically, as she stepped into your apartment. It was not like she looked like she was going to some fancy party, but she still wore heels and a pretty gorgeous, yet simple black dress. Casual but pretty, but then again; It was Alex. You had just planned on putting on a pair of black jeans and some kind of shirt. But, she obviously had other plans for you.

“Where’s your closet? You should take a shower while I pick your outfit.” She winked at you. You groaned, but simply lead her to your bedroom where your closet was.

“Don’t pick anything I wouldn’t or I swear, I will strangle you.” You said a bit dramatically. You were still not sure you wanted to show up in a dress, but it was probably what she was going to pick out for you.

“Well, you need to impress Oak somehow.” She called after you as you left for the bathroom to take a shower and put on makeup afterward.

When you left the bathroom a little over a half an hour later, your bedroom was scattered in clothes and you were pretty much ready to just stumble back into the bathroom. You had just organized your closet a couple of days ago and now it was all a mess again.

“Alex, really?” You groaned, pressing two fingers against the bridge of your nose. It was truly a mess.

“Relax. I’ll help you clean it up later. What do you think?” She asked, holding up a black dress that you had had for years. It was nothing special but it was definitely too short too.

“Definitely not.” You snorted and rolled your eyes. Had you been going out to get drunk, maybe. But you were going to the theater.

“Okay… How about this one?” She asked, holding up a black pencil skirt and a white silky top.

You shrugged a little at that. “I don’t know… isn’t it a little office-y?” You questioned. She had to agree with you on that one, so she moved on to the next thing she had figured you might want to wear.

She held up a pair of your best, black jeans and a black turtleneck with short sleeves and happened to be a little cropped. “You could pair it with a cardigan or a denim jacket?” She suggested. “And I figured these shoes would go well with it.” She added, holding up a pair of nice, black shoes.

It seemed pretty great to you, so you nodded approvingly. “Yeah. Seems good to me.” You said. It had taken you a good amount of time to find the outfit, but you still were not late. Though, it was probably good that she had arrived a little if not a lot earlier than you expected.

While you changed in the bathroom, Alex put your clothes back into your closet where she had found them and once you were all set, you could begin to feel the nervousness.

“You know… Maybe this isn’t a good idea.” You swallowed.

Your friend simply snorted at that. “Really, Y/N? This is going to be great!” She said as she held out a dark green cardigan that she had found in your closet. “Put this on.” She added and you did.

The two of you were out of your apartment after having pulled your coats on. It was not a long walk to the Richard Rodger’s, but you had all decided on getting there a little early to find your seats and as you made your way to the theater with Alex, you felt more and more nervous. What if you embarrassed yourself completely?

Damon Albarn teams up with Noel Gallagher at Gorillaz comeback show

Damon Albarn called on an all-star cast – including former nemesis Noel Gallagher – as his band Gorillaz played a thrilling surprise comeback show in London on Friday night.

At the start of the show at Printworks in the south east of the capital, the former Blur front man promised that many of the performers on the band’s upcoming Humanz album would be making an appearance – so many, in fact, he said he would be unable to introduce them individually.

He did not disappoint fans, and a thunderous set which started with a full rundown of the new record later featured turns from Danny Brown, De La Soul and Jean-Michel Jarre.

Gorillaz secret gig (Mark Allan)

Damon took the back seat for most of the first half of the show, acting the emcee, but he showed he was just as at ease leading the proceedings when called upon.

Despite the pairing with his former Britpop foe Noel, the unlikely duo were somewhat overshadowed by outstanding Savages frontwoman Jehnny Beth during their collaboration of new track We Got The Power.

Speaking between songs during the band’s three-track encore, Damon told the audience of a “crazy year” of preparation in order to produce the new record, which boasts a huge breadth of concepts and contributors.

Gorillaz secret gig (Mark Allan)

Few artists could expect such familiarity with material that has barely been in the public domain, but such is the adoration for Gorillaz that many were singing all the words back directly as Damon paraded the stage.

If the latest show is anything to go by, Humanz represents a major leap forward in the band’s development: a collection of ideas that works as a candid whole, as well as something long dreamt for but not quite attained until now.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Several former cast mates went to go see the press viewing on opening day!  Visitors included Arai Shou (Aone), Kimura Atsushi (Futakuchi), Hirono Ryouta (Sakunami), Hashimoto Zen’itsu (Kamasaki), and Gotou Takeru (Yaku)!  

All of them were impressed by the new show and wish the current cast the best of luck!

Lin-Manuel Miranda introduces a cut clip from Moana performed by Chris Jackson and Phillipa Soo

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who co-wrote many of the songs featured in Disney’s arguable insta-classic, enlisted his former Hamilton cast mates Christopher Jackson (the original George Washington) and Phillipa Soo (Eliiiza) to assist in helping develop the sound of the island movie-musical. Fresh off Moana’s upcoming Blu-ray release, EW can reveal a brand new look at one such Hamilton-happy tune — “Warrior Face” — that didn’t make the final Motunui cut but can still be found on the film’s soundtrack.

Watch below as Miranda himself introduces the storyboard animatic of “Warrior Face,” a song that Maui sings to Moana to help gird her for their undersea battle against the phosphorescent giant crab Tamatoa.


A big happy birthday to the handsome, amazing and incredibly talented man, John Astin

Today he turns 87 and I wish him the most wonderful day! May he have many more years ahead of him.

John Astin played Gomez Addams in the 1960s television series The Addams Family and was the very first actor to portrait Gomez. In fact, he was the one who chose to go with the name Gomez. When coming up with names for his creations, Charles Addams had two names in mind, Repelli and Gomez. He left the final decision to Astin, who chose the latter.

Among other roles, Gomez is probably his most famous one. - He did the voice of Gomez in one episode of Scooby Doo when the gang meets the Addamses (1972) as well as the voice of Gomez in the animated series from 1992. - He reappeared in his role of Gomez in Halloween with the New Addams Family (1977) together with Carolyn Jones, as well as the rest of the former cast. - He also had a small role in The New Addams Family (1998) as Grandpapa Addams.

Even though talented actors have portrayed Gomez since, it’s probably safe to say that no one comes close to Astin’s brilliant performance. At least, if you ask me.