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“In Marvel Studios ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok – the destruction of his homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilization – at the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela. But first he must survive a deadly gladatorial contest that pits him against his former ally and fellow Avenger – the Incredible Hulk!

Thor: Ragnarok BTS Image and Synopsis

“In Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok, Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok – the destruction of his homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilization – at the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela. But first he must survive a deadly gladatorial contest that pits him against his former ally and fellow Avenger – the Incredible Hulk!”


James Madison  (March 16, 1751 – June 28, 1836) [x]

MADISON is incisively intelligent, quiet, professional. A former Hamilton ally, he becomes Jefferson’s detail man concerning all matters—he gets things done. RZA meets Zach from Chorus Line.

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I know for blackmadhi you headcanon/have the idea that they 'did the do' sometime after meeting, before the end of the game (or smth along those lines), but for blackbright/phantomquill, do you think anything of a similar nature occured? Or was it more like implied/subliminal *looks at cuffs and jolts of justice*

I do, actually!  I kind of go back and forth on if this is their first/only time hooking up, but I headcanon that Simon and Bobby/the Phantom slept together the night before Simon’s execution, because Simon requested it.  He actually had fallen in love with his Fool Bright but refused to ever give voice to it, and played it off as though he was asking for a last meal sort of thing.  Really, he just wanted to be with this man for one night before his death, which he was at that point certain was going to occur.  He has a bit of stockholm syndrome about it due to the whole jolts of justice and everything, but he excused them as things Fulbright “had” to do when he thought about it in his cell later on.  

The Phantom agrees because he thinks that Bobby would concede, and frankly, he had become obsessed enough with Simon in his own right.  I wouldn’t call what he felt as “love,” simply because the Phantom doesn’t really know what that even entails.  It is an obsession; he thinks about Simon constantly, and finds him to be the best adversary that he ever came across.  Seeing Simon so unguarded and unfolded underneath him would just be…interesting.  He couldn’t deny that it was something he wanted, though he wouldn’t be able to pin it as an emotional response; he just wanted to see all of Simon Blackquill, and wanted to be the last person to see him unhinged. 

The Phantom has a “only I can defeat you” sort of mentality to Simon (and vice-versa).  If he was ever able to identify or regain a full emotional range, he could have fallen in love with Simon.  He could have.  

Steven Xue Asks: Why didn't Tywin purge Robb's allies post Red Wedding?

I’m sure you will eventually cover this somewhere down the road, but I have to ask. After the Red Wedding wouldn’t it have been more beneficial in the long term if Tywin had agreed to Joffrey’s wishes on purging Robb Starks former allies?

I know Tywin believes “if your enemies bend the knee you must help them to their feet otherwise nobody will bend the knee to you”. I for one believe in this doctrine as well but I feel that many of the former rebels may still feel very bitter towards the Lannisters for all the grievances they have suffered because of them. So even though they have since the Red Wedding reaffirmed their allegiance to the Crown, there’s no guarantee that most if not all of them will rebel again if given the chance.

Even though the Riverlords and Northern lords have been crushed at the Twins and now possess very limited military strength, they are still in a position to cause the Crown much trouble if opportunity arises. With Lannister power now weakening, many Riverlords especially in the current political climate would want to avenge themselves of the first wedding as well as any other transgressions by the Lannisters, which means they will not only rebel openly but also do it by rallying behind any of the Lannister’s enemies whether they be a Stark, Tully or any of the pretenders to the throne. 

I know it would have been more costly and even looked upon unfavorably but in the long run don’t you think that it would have been more sound to have done what Joffrey wanted and eliminated the houses that had followed the Starks in rebellion and most likely still secretly oppose the Crown, while also giving their seats to nobles who are loyal to the Lannisters?  

Well, let’s start with a very important factor in this decision: Robb Stark left the Riverlands part of his army behind when he went to the Twins, because he was planning on returning to the North: “aside from her brother Edmure’s modest retinue of friends, the lords of the Trident had remained to hold the riverlands while the king retook the north.”  These Riverlords have 11,000 soldiers between them. 

And while the Lannisters and Tyrells together have the manpower to destroy these remaining forces, their forces are split between many fronts: initially they have to retake Dragonstone and retake Storm’s End from Stannis, then the Tyrells send men to besiege Brightwater Keep, then the Tyrells send men to threaten King’s Landing if anything happens to Margaery, then the Golden Company lands, etc. And keep in mind, a lot of the Lannister forces demobilize  when Tywin’s body is sent back to the Rock.

So the best example of why the Lannisters didn’t do this is the second Siege of Riverrun, where poor Daven is trying to coordinate a military operation with only 1,500 Westermen under his command:

You’ve seen our numbers, Edmure. You’ve seen the ladders, the towers, the trebuchets, the rams. If I speak the command, my coz will bridge your moat and break your gate. Hundreds will die, most of them your own. Your former bannermen will make up the first wave of attackers, so you’ll start your day by killing the fathers and brothers of men who died for you at the Twins. The second wave will be Freys, I have no lack of those. My westermen will follow when your archers are short of arrows and your knights so weary they can hardly lift their blades.

Without the Riverlords, that first wave (which is what really demoralizes Edmure) doesn’t exist and instead the assault will have to go with Freys and Westermen leading the way and maybe the assault fails. 

Which brings me to the ultimate point: yes, on paper, the Lannisters and the Tyrells could completely destroy the armed strength of the Riverlands. But when you back someone into the corner, they fight like a trapped rat, and that pushes up the casualty rate. Just look at what happened at Dragonstone, where a token force of men killed a thousand Westermen. Now imagine that happening again and again in dozens of sieges across the Riverlands.

The roman au no one asked for:

ancient rome au where Reyna pulls a mulan and dresses as a man to run for praetor. but Octavian (her former ally) is suspicious of her and tells her he knows her secret and will go to the senate in the morning. Reyna will not let the 10+ years of pretending go to waste. her bodyguard Jason kills Octavian and no ones the wiser. Reyna runs for praetor and is elected. 


All-New Wolverine #21 by David Marquez

Variant cover by David Lopez


Cover by David Marquez
Variant Cover by LEONARD KIRK
Variant Cover by DAN MORA
Mary Jane Variant Cover by David Lopez
WOLVERINE RACES FOR A CURE! The strange alien disease is spreading quickly and scientists are no closer to a cure than they were when the spaceship crash-landed… With a population rapidly falling to the illness, Laura will have to turn to former allies and new friends to save the day…
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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What would you like the protagonist for the next DA to be like? Another Inquisitor/Warden like figure or a nobody like Hawke? I think it would be interesting if they let us be an elf with a slave background.

As much as I’m still hoping for my Inquisitor to play an active role in DA4 (just because in my own canon, it would be exceptionally out of character for her not to be)… I think I’d like to see a “nobody” like Hawke.

This is less a prediction of what I think Bioware will do and more an expression of what I would do if I were continuing the story from here… 

The next protagonist would be recruited by the former Inquisitor and whatever allies they still have at their side. Most likely someone who is either a Tevinter or very familiar with the territory. Someone who would have the proper skill-set for subterfuge, able to have their actions go under Solas’s radar (hopefully). Probably not a trained spy… It’s always far more interesting to me if the character driving the story forward is a bit of a square peg in a round hole. There’s a larger margin for error, more ways in which they could royally screw things up, and therefore more tension in terms of whether or not they’ll be successful.

Someone with a criminal background would be an interesting choice. A mercenary might be able to get the job done, yet their trustworthiness in terms of being dedicated to the cause would create an interesting tension and provide a lot of freedom for the player to potentially have their next OC have motivations that may or may not coincide with the Inquisitor who hired them on. It would certainly be an odd challenge, writing-wise, to create a character who doesn’t have as much personally invested in fighting/saving Solas when presumably the gamer at the helm has a very vested interest one way or the other. If Bioware is gearing up for a completely new protagonist for DA4, then I don’t envy them in coming up with how to handle that transition.

A team would be assembled to the task - either put together by the new protagonist or recruited the same as they were. Perhaps a combination of both. And each of them might have their own opinions about what they’re supposed to do and whether or not it would be better to be ruthless or diplomatic (kill him vs save him, etc.)

But, again, that’s just what I would do. A nobody, someone Solas doesn’t know and therefore cannot predict, someone who could go relatively unnoticed. Not the leader of some large organization that can be infiltrated and studied from within. Considering how Solas plays chess… I’d want the next protagonist to be a pawn who takes the board while his attention is focused on the larger pieces. 

Interview with Andar

Tagged by the lovely @cantkeepmyeyesoff! Sorry it took so long, but I did do the interview with Andar as requested ;). (Also I loved your title for the interview ;)

1. Pick one of your characters
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Andar is a disillusioned former ally of Solas, now joining the Inquisitor’s cause. He is a Dalish elf, but his clan was destroyed when the Chantry - fearing what was happening to elves all over Thedas - started taking Dalish mages from their clans. Andar had his vallaslin removed by Solas, and hasn’t revealed to either Inquisitor Lavellan, or anyone else in the cause, who he really is.

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You know how in Civil War when Vision just carelessly shot his laser beam into the sky aiming for Falcon but accidentally shot down Rhodey? What if Sam never dodge his laser beam and actually got hit? Falcon doesn’t have a super suit of armor protecting him like War Machine does. What was Vision trying to do by shooting him like that? He would’ve fell and plummeted to the ground exactly like Rhodey did. Just think for a second… Rhodey barely survived that fall with his War Machine armor on, it left him paralyzed! Falcon’s suit just consists of his wings, what chance does Sam have of surviving a fall like that? He would have died! Can you just imagine if they went this route in the movie, Vision accidentally killing a former friend and ally of the Avengers team. Imagine how devistated Cap would be finding out one of his best friends died in that fight? Imagine how Wanda would feel about VIsion after that… would this have split the team apart even more? One can only imagine..

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Greetings and salutations! The date is 3/22 or March 22nd, I'd be GLADion if I could reserve the human incarnate of My Chemical Romance, Sir Edgelord, Team Skull's former "Enforcer", and Ally to that one kid who moved from Kanto! (Aka Gladion). ;)

Crawling in my skin… these wounds, they will not heal.  Fear is how I fall, confusing what is real… Such as this reserve!  Is this really happening?  Is this the real life, or is this Ultra Space?  I hope not; we all saw what it did to Guzma.  Please have Gladion ready to take on all of life’s challenges by March 29th!

~ Manectric-mod

The Protagonist of the “Villain falls in love with Hero story” (I’m still thinking on a title)

Verana Moniq aka Vipra

During a decisive battle for the world’s freedom from the control of NEON Knight (the evil organization she worked for), Vipra fought with the rookie hero Hawkboy (aka Joaquin Moreno). Hawkboy sacrificed himself to save Vipra from an enemy attack, defeating NEON Knight and saving the world in the process. Hawkboy survived and went on to become one of the world’s greatest heroes, and Vipra, deeply affected by his mercy and compassion, left NEON to meditate on her experience, only to discover that she fell in love with the hero.

Now she must fight her doubts, his girlfriends, and her former allies to earn his love and finally find peace and acceptance.

Under the cut are just lines that go with the expressions to get a better sense of her characterization.

Tell me what you think of her!

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What about: memes.

╳ ┈ MEMES, what the hell? A brief moment of reflection on the word and its definition allows him to conclude the cross-dressing guy is referring to internet memes. He has come across a few, though the most notable one for him is ‘REAL SpiderMan TENTACLE PORN’. A meme started by his former ally, Henry Russo, who video taped rogue Doc Ock arms wrestling with Spider-Man. One video downloaded and uploaded a million times and erected the brief era of flash animations, drawings and videos of Spider-Man being fondled, violated, and pleasured by tentacles.

          “All in good fun.”


Time passed slowly. She’d always heard people speak of how it rushed by, but she found that this was a complete falsehood. Every moment since she’d been damaged to the point of non functionality in that last battle, had passed excruciatingly. She had managed to repair herself just enough to keep alive, but as moss and grass slowly covered her, she often pondered if it would have been better to simply die like the mutants she’d fought alongside. It was during one of these reflections when she heard footsteps. Faint, light steps, belonging to someone small or perhaps exceptionally thin. Turning her eyes back on for the first time in ages, she saw a small girl approaching the scene of her last stand. The girl was focused on the skeletal remains of her comrades, not noticing her due to the overgrowth. That would have to change. No sense in focusing on her former allies now. They were beyond help. She on the other hand, was not.

“Little girl. Do not be afraid, but I am in need of some assitance.”

“Was that all?”

King said as he shuffled in his seat to get comfortable, the meeting within the institute was silent as they discussed their new plans, but meanwhile he held no reaction to the scientists before him. After three years of operations in the Institute,King stepped forward and initiated new ideals.

With no more adventuring in his mood, King often spent his time looking over everything through the Directors quarters meeting with Curie, now leading director of Advanced Systems and former Paladin Danse now head of the SRB within private matters.

The kind and caring man the Commonwealth knew was more calculated on how to plan things for the future, seeing the bigger picture. Jokes became questions that needed to be answered, his sense of morals…questionable.

They say change is good, but what does this say to the people of the Commonwealth, his former friends and allies. King’s response: “I am who i am, forever shall i be, bound by my word and action. That is what makes me free.I do what i must to move forward, if you don’t agree, leave before you become another target, and there will be nowhere to hide”

An announcement heard through the radio of diamond city, replacing his old message of peace and desire to help






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just to let you know, a-spec doesnt mean asexual/aromantic. it means autistic, and the ace spectrum should be referred to as the ace-spec, since a-spec has always referred to autistic people. not that i want to start any discourse! i just figured you should know so you don't accidentally upset anyone. have a nice day xx

i am aware of this! in this case i didn’t feel the need to specify which spectrum i was referring to in the tag as i felt it was obvious from the context. the “the a stands for asexual/ace” tag (that i now see might have accidentally given the impression that i use a-spec when referring to ace-spec) was to let people know my stand on the discourse over whether the “a” in the acronym lgbtqia+ stands for “asexual/ace” or “ally” (imo it’s always and without a question the former and ally [while also important to the community] is included in the +)

and please don’t worry about your ask starting any kind of discourse, i think it’s always important to correct people over sensitive issues like this!

Jumping on the dark wiz hc

Myth wizards creating and taming creatures from nightmares
Myth wizards going into people’s dreams and tormenting them into insanity
Fire wizards turning limbs to ash and boiling the seas themselves
Ice wizards freezing someone from the inside out, it starts with a cough, then a rash, blue spots appear on you then freeze over, nobody is safe
Life wizards sending out parasitic spores
Balance wizards sending people’s emotions into frenzies
Storm wizards poisoning water supplies and controlling water in the body
Death wizards resurrecting their loved ones and victims to fight with them and psychological torment their foes with former allies

Thomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of Essex KG PC (/ˈkrɒmwəl/ or /ˈkrɒmwɛl/;[1] c. 1485 – 28 July 1540) was an English lawyer and statesman who served as chief minister to King Henry VIII of England from 1532 to 1540.

Cromwell was one of the strongest and most powerful advocates of the English Reformation. He helped to engineer an annulment of the king’s marriage to Queen Catherine of Aragon so that Henry could lawfully marry Anne Boleyn. Henry failed to obtain the Pope’s approval for the annulment in 1534, so Parliament endorsed the king’s claim to be Supreme Head of the Church of England, giving him the authority to annul his own marriage. Cromwell subsequently charted an evangelical and reformist course for the Church of England from the unique posts of vicegerent in spirituals and vicar-general.[2]:658, fn. 2

During his rise to power, Cromwell made many enemies, including his former ally Anne Boleyn. He played a prominent role in her downfall. He later fell from power, after arranging the king’s marriage to German princess Anne of Cleves. Cromwell had hoped that the marriage would breathe fresh life into the Reformation in England, but Henry found his new bride unattractive and it turned into a disaster for Cromwell, ending in an annulment six months later. Cromwell was arraigned under a bill of attainder and executed for treason and heresy on Tower Hill on 28 July 1540. The king later expressed regret at the loss of his chief minister.[3]

Until the 1950s, historians discounted Cromwell’s role, calling him a doctrinaire hack who was little more than the agent of the despotic King Henry VIII. Geoffrey Elton, however, featured him as the central figure in the Tudor revolution in government in The Tudor Revolution (1953). Elton portrayed Cromwell as the presiding genius, much more so than the king, handling the break with Rome and creating the laws and administrative procedures that reshaped post-Reformation England. Elton wrote that Cromwell had been responsible for translating royal supremacy into parliamentary terms, creating powerful new organs of government to take charge of Church lands, and largely removing the medieval features of central government.

Subsequent historians have agreed with Elton as to Cromwell’s importance, though not with his claims of “revolution”.[4][5][6]Leithead (2004) wrote, “Against significant opposition he secured acceptance of the king’s new powers, created a more united and more easily governable kingdom, and provided the crown, at least temporarily, with a very significant landed endowment.”[7]