So I’m looking for people who are willing to be part of a documentary about bi/pansexual people who have had limited to no relationships with people of the same sex/gender to them. Have you never been to pride? Do you feel like you’ve experienced bi/panphobia due to your “straight” relationships? Has only dating people of different sexes/genders to you caused you doubt in coming to terms with your sexual identity or are you just fed up with people doubting it because you lack the experience to “prove” it? If so: you would be great for this documentary. Please message me for more information!

Honey: So we have been here for a week now, even a bit longer-

Nyx: Aaand that means that we gotta go, but we still have some questions to answer.

Honey: Well, we can always answer then later. So, till then.

Nyx: Yeah! See ya later!

“Pyrrho, like Epicurus, represented two forms of Greek decadence: related in hatred for dialectics and for all theatrical virtues, deliberately holding in low esteem that which they loved. Epicurus more naive, idyllic, and grateful. Pyrrho more traveled, experienced, and nihilistic: his life was a protest against the great doctrine of identity.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §437 (edited excerpt).

So I really should be packing right now but I just realized that it’s been literal months since Ive seen Rogue One and that Ive never live blogged it before… So guess what I’m doing with my Saturday night?! Feel free to join me in screaming about the unfairness of the ending if you guys want!

(If you guys don’t want to see my commentary blacklist “Kat liveblogs”!)

“‘my body is none of your business’
may seem like an obvious statement
but when you allow
the toxicity of others
to harm your happiness,
poison your positivity,
and lessen your self-love,
then perhaps you need to shout
a little louder.
shout it
from the rooftops.“

- Reb