AU ideas based off my college experiences

So originally I had these on somebody else’s “college experiences = au ideas” post, but I have since thought of more. So I put them all on their own post.

  • “We accidentally took each other’s smoothies because they were ready at the same time and they were under the same name” au
  • “I’m running the snack table at the Blood Drive and you look very faint so I brought you cookies” au
  • “I confessed to you that I’m only at this meeting to get the free t-shirt and oh shit you’re the one running this meeting” au
  • “We’ve silently bonded over our mutual hatred of the person who keeps taking over group discussion and now communicate solely through shared looks and eye rolls” au
  • “We’ve never met but have mutual friends and got invited to the same snow day sledding excursion and you yanked my ankle and made me trip as I tried to claw my way back up the slippery hill” au
  • “Our floor took a group trip to that creepy, supposedly-haunted cemetery just outside of town and we’re the only two people brave enough to get out of the car and explore” au
  • “I always see you around when I’m acting particularly stupid and OF FUCKING COURSE you’re the one working the desk when i have to come and explain that i dropped my dorm key into the heater” au

New additions

  • “The electricity in the dorm went off, and now we’re trapped in a dark, hot elevator together. Also fuck you’re claustrophobic and I have an anxiety disorder so we’re trying to calm each other down” au
  • “Dorm fire drill at midnight and you smiled at me because we’re both in dorky animal print robes” au
  • “You brought your dog to campus for funsies and I’m about to spend 30 minutes petting it” au
  • “We’re bored and you heard I had a taser so you want me to tase you for fun” au
  • “I’m drunk and crying in the bathroom and our friends need to get in here to brush their teeth so you’re trying all kinds of innocent tactics to lure me out” au
  • “Hey stranger I need to collect urban legends and memorates for my folklore class would you tell me a bunch of scary stories?” au
  • “Our classmate showed up to class drunk off her ass and you and I are bonding while walking her down the stairs and taking her back to her apartment” au

Sorry, had to cut out the name of my second account there.

I do like Beast Wars, it has more good things in it than bad things, it’s a fun show. I’ve always hated CGI-shows in the 90s though because they used to look so ugly, and yeah, Beast Wars hasn’t aged well in the visual department. You can say about Beast Wars whatever you want, it looks awful. And for an animated show, that’s not good, and I cannot blame anybody who can’t bare to watch the show because of how it looks, it does not look good.

I remember almost stopping watching it, because the first season was so directionless and random and I couldn’t follow the plot at all. But I decided to bite my way through it and it gets a lot better in seasons 2 and 3. The original Transformers cartoon makes no sense either, but I found that much more enjoyable than BW Season 1, probably because it was paced a bit less awkward.

What saved it for me were the characters and, as I said, the later seasons. The prior shows weren’t very character-driven, there were only a handful of characters that are actually interesting. In BW, I remember pretty much everybody, and Dinobot is easily one of the best overall TF Characters.

I like Beast Wars, but I don’t think it would be in my Top 5. Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up with it, I have no nostalgia with this show, I only watched it two years ago. But I see why people love it, I like it too. :)

And thank you, I am glad you like my Airazor!


simplelations IF THIS IS AN AU WHERE SASORI NEVER LEFT SUNA he probably aged like a normal person he’s simultaneously nice but also the Devil

tsunade would send sakura to them as a student because she doesn’t trust him nor his mischievous grandma and it’s only natural for her to make sakura suffer through this indirect rivalry    

tbh tho