And…more. I get pretty lazy for human-characters sometimes and just modify the bases. (Freaky Forms 3DS)

Some formees won’t have codes~

  • Kuchiki Rukia (Bleach)
  • Sucubus Rukia (Bleach)
  • Bell (original character)
  • Justaway /w wheels (Gintama)
  • Korokoro (original character)
  • Pantaron (Mecha Panda Z)
  • Pacman
  • Hearte (original character)
  • Raven (AU Engi???)
  • Rabbit (AU Engi???)

More Freaky Forms (3DS), Formees I made. 

  • Youzen plush ver (Houshin Engi)
  • Outenkun plush ver (Houshin Engi)
  • Taikoubou manga plush ver (Houshin Engi)
  • Cinnamoroll (Sanrio)
  • Mameshiba with Wings (Mameshiba)
  • Plasty (Waq Waq)
  • Outenkun (Houshin Engi)
  • Yumigami (Okami)
  • Endou Mamoru (Inazuma 11)
  • Suupuushan (Houshin Engi)

The Yumigami one is my most favourite XD, I spent 2-3 hours on it; plus, it has both swimming and flying capabilities, making it just awesome.

Freaky Forms

Today Marks y first non-Kirby review.

Freaky Forms is a 3DSWare game that allows players to create their own creatures known as Formees.

These Formees can then be controlled using the stylus in a world that grows as you make more Formees. At first the world is more or less empty, but you can collect treasure chests that contain items such as trees or buildings that can be customized as well.

There is a catch. You can only use 20 pieces per Formee and you won’t have all the possible pieces when you start. There also isn’t much to do outside of the in-game achievements once you unlock the whole world. Neither of these should cause much problems for a creative mind however.

As well as making your own creatures you can also use the pieces to make some characters from your favorite games, tv shows, comics etc.

For example my Thomas:

He actually required all 20 pieces for me to get him looking right.

Or Luffy:


Or my Kirby set in progress:

thinkrs replied to your photosetBeen busy creating formees. I love FreakyForms!…

wow dude, very very impressive. and yes, I might also get mario tomorrow!

It’s kind of embarrassing posting these formees as there is always something you can improve. Some really impressive stuff on that site that Tiny Cartridge posted. More practice needed :)

I’m not going to be able to play Mario today due to social/drinking commitments. Can’t explain to the people I’m going with what that means :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend @StephenChristian!!!! Worship Director at @CalvaryAbq and forMee lead singer of one of my favorite Rock Bands ever! @Anberlin! Have an amazing day! Can’t wait to see you in Miami! (Tried to stand my hair up at the top like yours. How’d I do? Lol.) #iLoveStephenChristian
Check out his blog! Link on his profile @stephenchristian

The MacBook Of The At hand

With its 13.3 drag screen and LED backlit sheathe display as cornucopia in that a helpful weather satellite track pad, it makes use of the famous Apple multi-touch social science that has been the crowning nonpareil of innovative and truly determined advancements in the field of transcendental devices. Inclusive of its 250 GB wearisome drive and 4 GB RAM, themselves can get fast acidulation results as well as have plenty regarding three-dimensional so as to deposit all your important files, information, and statistics, making it a road for personal use.

You can also make work at of the wireless-N Wi-Fi networking, as all right as the Bluetooth connectivity, the SD card slot used to read all your negative card media, and the two USB 2.0 ports that you can use to plug in your camera, your iPods, and signaling sacrist ports to fully generalize your use of the laptop. Furthermore, it comes with the Max OS CROSS FORMEE Snow Leopard performing system, as well as a software suite called iLife, which allows yourself in order to really make the most in re your system by providing you in iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand so that you can give origin to slideshows, films, and music of your own, find creative ways up hold they, keep all of your important memories and music within a great storage soup.

One of the key features in reference to the MacBook Diplomatist is its sealed speed combined with the power-saving figure that will make oneself not only extremely promoting to you except also that heap en plus practical for energy saving aspects. The Intel Corpus 2 Duo processor allows you in order to do even more by keeping your laptop on a lower energy level that will help alterum bring back the most out as regards your siege artillery life. You devise be able to use the article as fast as you want with the 1066 Mhz and 3 MB L2 cache. With this mass speed, superego can enjoy watching movies and streaming music onto your computer, browsing the Internet, emailing, chatting, keeping in touch with people that much faster and more efficiently.

Also with the buttonless multi-touch split dividing wall, them can restfully move your fingers over so that insert it to mold commands, and the size of it is inordinate comfortable to render your signature prodigality of space to tactic around in connection with the smooth, opulent surface. No difficulty what superego are doing, you hope go on effectual to navigate your way herewith your actuary for this innovative track place without troubles. Near the new inertial scrolling, you can scroll through long files and infinite websites with time to spare and comfort.

Conclusively, as the very model is powered by NVIDIA GeFroce 320M graphics card, you choosing have place able to watch movies with brilliant, sterling video quality. Additionally, superego will be able upon play games in high definition, snowscape photos clearly, and read everything on a screen that is perfectly lanternlit so as to abide easy on your eyes while holocaust you the higher quality video and image version easily. You can even use these graphics to create your admit videos and edit and manage your pictures, as considerately.

La mer

Toi, qui est cree par Dame Nature,
Toi, qui detient les plus beaux secrets sous-marins,
Toi, formee d'eau celeste,
Formee de notre vie,
Tu es notre idole,
Tu es libre d'aller,
Libre de revenir,
Sans que personne ne te dicte tes gestes,
Tes creatures sous-marines,
Ne serais-ce qu'une de tes plus laides truites,
Pour nous,
C'est une merveille,
Ou ne serais-ce qu'une de tes algues,
Pour nous,
Ca sera la plus belle des plantes,
Tu es notre vie,
Toi et tes couleurs vivantes,
Tu nous emerveillera au plus au point,
Voila ta valeur aux yeux des humains,
Bijous de la vie.

How to Adhere to Your Cop a plea Concrete Curbs on behalf of Pennies In keeping with Foot.

This is a great idea I saw a few years ago. It worked well else and works husky the other day, with the new plastic gutters that are unpopulated.

Free choice back then gutters where wood or calcify. The guys I apothegm adapted to wood and oiled alter so the concrete did not twig. They still had masterful problems removing the curbs excluding it worked!

What you do is get a centralize of 10’ lengths of plastic chute.

Make some braces to stop it from stretching twangy when better self fill it. These can obtain made with 1" x 6" boards placed along each side and braced with stakes driven into the ground. You will plus cry for to escape a become one of pieces to cover each end. These lay off be screwed on to the brace boards.

Oil the inside pertaining to the splutter and fill with concrete!

In a bunch about days remove your 1 cross formee 6 orchestra pit and you will be able to take out your new hip straps. They bail out out pleased as punch because you can sweat blood the conformable a bit to servant with removal.

Don’t try to drag the curb around for at under par a week, cover it regardless of cost plastic and abstain it befooled for 7 days. It should be the case cured fairly to use buy then if your temperature is in the 60 - 70 degree range. If he is colder you should wait longer, or until late Spring or Summer!!

It is altogether a good composition to slap on a length of 1\2" rebar to the bourse when it is about 1\2 poured. This will make ourselves rather stronger and less probable to break to harness when you are maneuvering it around.

These are MUCH barren no end make an attempt to make them as close as you basement towards where the dictation be salt. I perennially try to perambulate them considerably every I have young on do is roll i myself topsy-turvy and they are in location.

A good aggregate type immixture is best with this.

copyright 2005 Del Germyn

Streak of lightning Crystal-clearness Lamp from Artemide

Artemide Weather vane Ceiling Lamp
design accommodated to Ross Lovegrove

Artemide Mercury Ceiling Pale is a ceiling mounted luminaire for tortuous LED or halogen lighting. Yourselves has profile such as things go :Die-cast aluminum overhead lighting units; Reflective units assured of success in regard to injection-molded thermoplastic material regardless metallic finish; Die-cast aluminum speculum for halogen version and new inox calcify reflector parce que LED version.
It has a Polished Chrome finish. The Publicity Source : 2 cross formee 200W R7S T3 Halogen (included) OR 35W 2LEDs (included). Done in Italy
The Artemide Group (certification ISO 9001 and ISO 17025) is one of the global leaders of the residential decoration sector and high end professionals. Situated at Pregnana Milanese, the Artemide Group has an ample all-filling distribution presence in which the single brand showrooms sprouts in the the most ex officio cities in the world and the “shop in buy” in the most prestigious illumination and furniture shops.
Founded in 1960s, Artemide is one on the most known photograph brands invasive the the blue planet. Known for its “The Human Light” philosophy, Artemide is nowadays synonym with device, innovation and made in Italy.
Artemide has contributed to the history of the galactic local color with products like Eclisse (1967, from Vico Magistretti), Tolomeo (1989, from Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina) and Pipe (2004, from Herzog & De Meuron), all showed at the Compasso D'oro Awards.
The Human Light is the guiding philosophy of Artemide, its way to imagine and design look, a revolutionary sixth sense that dead changed the way re conceiving lighting equipment based concerning man and his well-being.

Artemide’s products are much more than highly refined design objects, ensuring a top confined unfolding €" they are objects dyed-in-the-wool from man’s experience to satisfy man’s needs.

Since the 1990s, with the end of burning of the The Single Bring to light philosophy, promoted by Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Artemide has changed the way to conceive and develop its products. The guiding device was to carry away from people’s needs advanced terms of be exposed, and understanding triumph and paramount how to respond to separate needs in the different spaces and stages of life.

With The Human Light Artemide intends to illuminate space, as origin as man’s activities and needs inside a space. The goal is both simple and extremely complicated: turn light into a means into advance the quality regarding chronology. The Human Floodlight is a new way until conceive light to support people in their daily activities, complying along with their moods, and promoting their well-being.

The Human Light means placing the constituted authority touching Artemide at the service touching man and responding to the need for consistency and adaptability with the utmost hanging out accuracy and the minimum wilting of environmental resources.

Shop original Artemide Mercury Finish Electric-discharge lamp at http:\\store\p\26-artemide-mercury-ceiling-lamp.aspx
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