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It Ain’t Me: Part 8

Jungkook x Reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Words: 2.4K

Genre: Angst

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If The Witcher had a female protagonist, I’d have probably played it already. Not saying Geralt isn’t amazing or that I don’t plan to play it. I also acknowledge the abundance of badass babes featured throughout the Witcher series (Yen and Ciri can fuck me up) but I’ve always had deep connections to video games with leading ladies or at least games that let me make my own. I get such a rush of raw female empowerment when I see my grey warden Isolde set fire to a horde of darkspawn, or my Marian Hawke slice her way through an army of templars, or when Shaera uses the anchor to seal the breach. And it all began when Lara Croft killed that first T-Rex with only a pair of pistols in the first Tomb Raider.

It’s also important to me as a female gamer to have safe spaces consisting of fellow female gamers. Now that I’m more open in my love for video games, I do notice more men approach me to talk about our mutual interest but I don’t engage them half the time and when I do it’s limited to “yeah I love this game too” because it’s like, as a female gamer I have to try so much harder to prove myself. Like if I don’t know every bit of lore, or the stats of each weapon and piece of armor, or the origins of each race, then I’m a “fake gamer girl” and that is such bullshit because I’ve been playing video games for as long as I’ve known how to spell my name! I feel like guys judge me harder and maybe that isn’t the case but it’s what I’m used to sadly. I will say that I’m lucky to have a male partner that understands this and fosters my love for gaming and a few guy friends that get this as well.

The gaming community as a whole can be a toxic environment for women and I refuse to let that be the case for me.


Magnus Bane’s S2 Wardrobe: a Study | Coats & Jackets (part 2)
↳ Most statement pieces in Magnus’ wardrobe are coats and jackets. Whether they’re short and tailored or long and sweeping, they never fail to make an impression. Since the end of season 1, Magnus’ style has become consistently grittier and darker. In most of season 1, he tried out different looks and aesthetics as he navigated the early stages of getting to know Alec and finding out what he liked (x), but as of season 2 he seems to have transitioned back to what we can assume is his usual style, with studded shoulder straps and a dark color palette at the heart of it. A lot of his jackets are truly statement pieces, as every other one has some variety of shoulder strap embellishment that makes it hard, if not impossible, to look away. He doesn’t shy away from accessorizing a long studded coat with a spiked chain hanging off his hip and a long flowy scarf draped around his neck, but he also shows off some more balanced looks; like a form-fitting velvet jacket with statement buttons down the front and rows of silver chainmail across the shoulder being paired with a sensible black pant.

Imagine Dirk Gently being so excited about getting the agency up and running that he starts handing out invoices to practically everyone over the smallest things.

Imagine him sticking one to the Rowdy 3′s van (for services rendered, to whit, sixteen bloody years of feeding on my psychic energy, you assholes) before legging it up the nearest alley.

shitter  asked:

Kind of a weirdly specific question to ask, but do you have any advice for drawing leather biker-style jackets? I notice you draw them in a lot of your stuff and they always turn out great. I have a male OC that wears one and I can always get the top part/collar right but something about the bottom and the way it's supposed to sort of interact with/hang off of the torso while unzipped is really weird to draw and I always end up making it like hug the skin in weird ways. Adore your art btw!!

Hi! Sorry late reply. I love costuming and I wanted to answer this properly.

I A D O R E leather jackets/biker jackets. And a lot of my understanding of jackets comes from knowing how real leather works vs fake leather/pleather/vinyl. Leather is generally very heavy. So its not going to fold or lay the same way a regular jacket or even vinyl will lay. 

So first stop REFERENCE! If you own a leather jacket or a biker jacket try that thing on and look at it in the mirror. Then look at what its doing to your clothes/undergarments. 

If you don’t own a leather jacket (like a lot of people lol. I own a fake one from forever 21) google or pinterest! Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse. Its a curse for unsourcing artists BUT is a REALLY good way to put together visual research quickly. I just used google for this so here’s some pics I thought were useful 

So a thing to remember is typically people wear light clothes under leather jackets. Real leather like I said is very thick with an intent to protect as well as look just dang cool. Ewan is an avid bike rider so he’s usually wearing it for bike purposes. Wearing a big sweater or a flouncy shirt under a leather jacket is just going to be uncomfortable.

Leather and fake leather typically hang straight down unless they’ve got a belt at the bottom to cinch in.

So going off of your question about how it would hang it basically would hang straight down and a little away falling off of the chest muscles. Depending on whether the jacket is a very form fitting jacket or if its k inda loose to begin with will add to that as well.

So you’ve got your reference here’s a very minimal tutorial. There’s a lot about fabric and costume drawing theory I’m skipping over.

But typically for any sort of costume. Understanding the form underneath is important. You can fudge it later once you’ve got enough practice at it but its more believeable to just lay in a sketch or a light drawing of the figure on its own. You don’t have to go crazy into detail just remember where the bigger or muscles that are interacting are. 

And then on another layer or if you’re using the same sketch layer draw in that jacket.

Points to remember is where is the fabric being stressed/stretched. Where is interacting with the form. Remember that bottom hems typically move out and up if the arms are outstretched. Even if its zipped the rest of the jacket will still move even if its minimally.  An open jacket is fun to play with with action so don’t be afraid to fake it a little. Don’t go to town on the wrinkles because Leather is a heavy fabric and while it will remember wrinkles in elbows typically it just sorta hangs there. There’s always folds on the sleeves or where the body bends. Don’t forget the details so if it has a zipper remember that zippers have two parts. Buttons and seams are going to make it a more believable leather jacket. 

Example if you’re drawing jeans as opposed to suit pants jeans have reinforced seams because they’re originally intended for heavy duty work where as a suit is typically worn in an office so the seams are cleaner and often hidden. Leather jackets fit into the first group like jeans and since the fabric is so heavy seams are pretty obvious and prominent. Buttons are typically big because they have to penetrate through the heaviness of the jacket. Even fake leather jackets have big buttons/zippers/seams to replicate the look of an authentic leather jacket.

I think that’s the short and skinny of it without getting into a 14 week class on fabric lol. Hope that helps!!

Baze Malbus in his Guardian of the Whills uniform. I half also want to give him a really long form covering jacket as I half think despite his penchant for blasters, he’s also fairly bookish and covers up as much as possible in a sort of bookworm student sort of way.

He bulks up during weaponsmith training- though he was pretty big beforehand?

Things he has minor rebellions about where the masters find he’s just as muleish as Chirrut- Chirrut, blasters and his hair. Not EVERY alien has hair, so why all the humans have to shave theirs feels an arbitrary rule.

(All HC)

1920′s Harry AU

The smell of champagne, sweet perfume, musky cologne and cigarette smoke filled Ella nostrils as she opened the door to the hidden bar, it was a small niche in the city of New Orleans. The bar was certainly not big enough for a party this size, bodies of drunk men and women pressed tightly together. She took a deep breath before entering the pub, pushing her way through the crowd, small “excuse me’s” slipping past her lips. She made her way to the dinky bar in the corner of the room. she finally made it there a huff made its way past her lips. Every time someone would walk past her they’d  bump their arm against her shoulder blades a quick apology was made before they moved on. She felt the cold scarp of the flapper dresses of different women brush against her smooth legs. Ella  turned towards the bar tender and smile making its way onto her face trying to cover up the annoyance she felt. He smiled back, she was a regular, he knew her drink by heart. She came here to relax and smoothly dance across the floor but that sure wasn’t gonna happen. She felt as though she was suffocating on the mugginess of the room, it was far too hot in here. She sat down on the stool, a grumpy frown forming on her lips. She slowly sipped on her bubbly cream colored drink, tapping her fingers against the scratched wood of the bar. Ella sees a tall man out of the corner of her eye, his musky yet sweet smell filling her nose. She turns to face him, her jaw dropping slightly at the attractive man’s appearance. An all black suit adored his body, the strong muscles of his arm pressing against the seams of the fabric. She looked down to see the swell of his thighs confined in the tight black pants, a bulge in between them. Her mouth watered at the sight of him, he was absolutely breathtaking. Ella was far too distracted by his beauty to see him look at her, a cocky smirk making its way onto his face as he saw her eyes scan his body.
“See somethin’ yeh like sweetheart?” His husky voice rang through her ears. Her face lit up bright red, heat radiating from her cheeks like the sun radiates its rays on a warm, sunny New Orleans summer day. He chuckled softly, taking a sip of the auburn liquid in his glass. She looked away from him, too embarrassed to face the man she was so obviously checking out. He didn’t say much else, drinking down the rest of the liquor, setting the glass down and making his way past the girl. She looked up, her chocolate eyes ,following his slicked back brown curls through the crowd. A pout adored her lips as he saw his body press up against a blonde with a cherry red flapper dress and lips to match. She stood from her seat at the bar, drinking down the rest of her drink just as the green-eyed man did seconds before her. Ella rushed towards the mysterious man, jealousy filling her veins, even though she had only met him moments before. Her heels clicked against the floor, her walk filled with determination. She finally stood at a place behind the man, neither him or the blonde paying any mind to her. She took a deep breath calming her nerves before she slipped her hand on his back, slowly rubbing up to his shoulder. He didn’t turn around but he felt it. She stood up on her toes giving him a nip to his ear, and a sloppy kiss to his jaw before slipping away into the crowd once more. The man’s eyes darted away from the blonde in front of him trying to find the pretty girl with the gold dress on. His eyes scanned the crowd hurriedly, no sign of her anywhere. She had already left, the heated air of New Orleans feeling cool against her skin after being trapped inside the hot, steamy air of the pub.

The next saturday Ella went back to the pub, this time it was far less crowded only a handful of people there. She had felt relieved when she saw the shortage of people there. She was sitting at the same stool she’d been at last saturday, same drink, and same sparkly gold dress. Hoping the mystery man from last time would make an appearance. That was all she was able to think about for the past week. He filled her brain in ways he wasn’t suppose to. Imaging him on top of her, sheen of sweat covering his body, slicked backed hair now frazzled and sticking against the nap of his neck, heavy breathing, grumbly moans, and his large hands holding her hips as he thrusted deep into her wet heat. She was brought out of her dirty thinking as the bartender clanged the rim on the bottle against the glass, refilling it.
“Oh, I didn’t-” before she could finish the sentence a familiar voice hit her ear drums.
“Yeh didn’t but I did” The mystery man with green eyes says, taking a seat next to her. Spreading his legs and facing the girl, the same suit he’d worn was on his body and looked even better than last week. She composed herself not wanting to seem weird in front of him, she gulped looking him straight in the eyes. She gave him a smile before stuttering out “H-hello” her voice cracking at the end. She wanted to slap herself because of how absolutely ridiculous she must’ve looked to him. He bit his lip trying not to smile like an idiot from how adorable and beautiful the girl in the gold flapper dress was. He jutted his big, ring covered, hand out. She blushed reaching out to shake it.
“ ‘m Harry.’ he said smirking out how easily he could make her flush red. His mind wandered to how red he could get her if he fucked her, nice and deep. His cock stirred in his pants, he was taking away from is explicit thoughts when he heard the girl’s soft voice say “I’m Ella.” He smiles a big goofy smile, shaking her head before pulling away and setting them on his lap, right on his hardening cock. Her eyes followed his hands instinctively and her face grew redder than a tomato as she saw his hard on pressing against the zipper of his pants. He felt no embarrassment only amusement and smugness as he saw her thighs tighten and her eyes divert from his pants to her drink, trying hard not to look at him. Harry reaches to place his hand on her knee, this makes her jolt and look towards him, cheeks still red and as hot as the sun.
“Wanna get outta ‘ere?” He asks jerking his head to the side, to indicate the door to his left. She nodded quickly already feeling the wetness form between her legs. He grabbed her small hand in his larger one, gently helping her off the bar stool, leading her towards the exit. They walked out of the cool bar, the warm air hitting their skin. Ella’s heels clicked against the cement, bouncing off the walls of the quiet city. Harry lead her to a beautiful white car with red leather seats, she stared at the car in awe, softly running her hand along the shiny silver handle of the car. She opened the car door, slipping onto the red leather seat, she winced feeling the leather attack her sweat covered thighs.
Her golden dress had ridden up her soft thighs, the beads of the dress hitting her thighs, scratching at them. Ella didn’t bother to fix her dress, she didn’t care enough to fix it, for she knew it would be on Harry’s floor soon. Harry got into the car, slipping of his suit jacket sweat forming on his forehead as the New Orleans heat circulated around him. He turned the key, revving the car to life. He took a quick glance over to Ella seeing the gold flapper dress higher up on her perfectly tan thighs than it had been previously, she was running her hands against the dashboard fascinated with the simplistic beauty of the car. He gulped seeing a peak of her pretty pink underwear. He diverted his attention back to the wheel, pulling out of his parking space and driving down the road. Harry lived far from the city, he liked the quietness of the country. Though it did get lonely at times, he had lived in the city for most of his childhood, the noises of parties and business men on the street always keeping him up at night. Moving to the country meant he could only hear the birds chirping early in the morning, Feel the soft breeze coming through his open window, sitting outside as the sun began to heat up the earth for another hot day. Ella was fiddling with her fingers not realizing the moving car had come to a stop until Harry opened the door for her, making her smile and step out into the sharp blades of grass. Harry gestured for the beautiful girl to follow him, making their way up a steep, cemented slope until they got to a set of wooden stairs. He reached for the golden door handle pushing the door opening he gestured for Ella to enter first, himself following soon after turning on the lights, that now illuminated the extravagant house. All the walls were pure white, the color of a doves soft wings. Gold accents along with a few paintings were the decorations. A big winding staircase to her left, marble stairs with a golden handle spiraling along with the stairs. Harry slipped passed the girl, starting up the staircase. She took this as a signal to follow him up, his long legs made it to the top before her shorter ones could. He smiled seeing her trying as quickly as she can to rush up the stairs. He grabs her hand as she steps onto the last marble stair. He leads her to a room covered by two large doors. As the door shuts Harry picks the girl up by the bottom of her thighs, his strong hands gripping at the soft skin. A squeal of surprise makes him smile. He lays her gently onto the soft silky bed sheets, He’d not had much motivation to make his bed this morning. Harry bent down, planting soft kisses along her neck before planting a passionate kiss on her lips. His lips were soft, and the slight stubble on his face pricked at her upper lip. She let out a moan into his mouth feeling his clothed bulge rub against her wet heat. Harry’s hands made their way up to her soft brown locks pushing the golden, sparkly headpiece off her head. He slowly slipped his hand down to her freckled shoulder, fiddling with the strap of her dress before softly pushing it down doing the same with other strap. Harry pressed his lips against her shoulder, giving soft sloppy kisses, before moving to her collar bones, giving the same affection as he did before to her neck and shoulders. His long fingers tickled her back, making her let out a soft laugh, he smiles when the pretty sound hit his ears. Ella arches her back so Harry can reach for the warm metal zipper on the back of her dress. He slowly unzips it his knuckles bumping against the soft skin of her back. Harry lets the dress pool at her stomach before slowly slipping it down her feet and onto the wooden floor beneath them. He lets out a grumbly moan seeing the pink undergarments adoring her body. He snaps the waistband of her panties against the skin of her hips. He kisses down her legs starting at her kneecap, rubbing his calloused hand against the soft skin, creating delicious friction the shot straight up her legs, shocking her nerves. He slips of Ella’s shoes, before standing back up to tower over her now  sitting figure. She lets out a soft moan, sitting up to unbutton Harry’s black dress shirt, nearly ripping the buttons of the shirt as she hastily yanked and tugged at it. She let’s the shirt slip down his arms, falling onto the floor behind him. Ella reaches her hands towards his expensive looking belt, his bulge prevalent, straining against the tight black fabric of his pants. She unbuckles it, causing the pants to loosen, she moves to the zipper and button of the pants, hurley trying to get him out of the constricting fabric  Harry grabs Ella’s small hands, giving fluttery kisses to her knuckles. “Slow down, love, it’ll all be off eventually” Her cheeks turned a shade of red, Ella nodded her head before going back to try and get the fabric off his legs, slower this time. She succeed at her task, his black dress pants pooling around his ankles, he swiftly stepped out of them. Harry took Ella’s heart shaped freckled face into his large hands, his hands covering the entirety of her cheek. He leans down, giving her lips soft, teasing kisses. Her body leans back into the smooth fabric, parting her legs so Harry could fit in between them. Harry placed his body on top of hers, heating radiating from both of them, making their skin hot and clammy, he placed his hands on either side of her head; Her pinned up hair, now messy and strands falling from the clips. He stroked his fingers along the pink silk strap of her bra. He could see her hard nipples straining against the fabric. He leaned down kissing her shoulder once again before sliding it down and off her body. Next came the matching underwear, sliding them down her soft tanned legs. Harry glanced at her body, taking in the sight of her naked body sprawled across his sheets, he swiped his tongue across his lips. He let out a growl before slipping his boxers off. Harry shuffled to grab his pants off the floor, plucking the condom out of his back pocket. Neither of them having the patience to wait any longer. He once again placed his hands on the side of her head, her hair now down sprawling across the creme sheets. Harry pushed the tip of himself into her wet heat both of them moaning at the feeling of each other. He fully pushed himself in, stilling to give Ella time to adjust to his thick length. She nods indicating he could move. He let out a groan, gripping Ella’s hips and thrusting into her. Ella reached her hands around to Harry’s back, scratching at the skin. He thrusted harder, hitting her spongy walls, making her admit a loud moan of his name.
“Harry!” He smirked liking the way his name sounded rolling off her tongue. He thrusted again, hitting the same spot inside her. She let out profanities and a string of Harry’s name.
“Fuck, fuck Harry, Harry.” He smiled, groaning as he felt her nails create crescents on his back. He let out a loud groan of her name, leaving bruising markers on her hips.
“Fookin’ ‘ell princess, yehr so tight…so warm” he says mumbling the last part to himself. Ella wrapped her legs around his waist, the heels of her feet digging into his bum. He reaches down rubbing the sensitive bundle of nerves near the top of her mound. Harry pulls out of her, causing her to whine.
“It’s okay love, just need yeh t’ turn ‘round fo’ me.” She nodded her head, flipping herself over so her stomach and breasts lay against the sheets. She moaned feeling the delicious friction against her nipples. Harry pushed himself into her again, giving a tug to her hair so he can have access to her neck. He swiftly started moving his hips, moans coming out of Ella’s mouth. Harry felt so deep tucked inside her, the tip of his cock hitting against the top of her cervix. He reached his hand around her sweaty body, laying his palm on her stomach and spreading his finger out. “Can yeh feel me love? Feel me in yehr tummy?” Ella let out a loud whimper pushing herself back on his cock, her bum making contact with his hips. Harry grabbed her hips, helping her push back against him. One of his large hands left her hip, reaching down to her wet pussy, rubbing tight circles on her bundle of nerves. He let out a moan feeling her walls clench around him. He took control of the situation thrusting into her fast and hard. Her body rubbing against the fabric of the sheets. The headboard began banging on the wall, the sound of moans filling the room along with it. Harry could feel the warm and wet confinements of her pussy began to tighten around him. Ella’s moans becoming louder, he rubbed her clit fast, pinching it in between his ring finger and thumb. Ella felt like it was almost too much, her nerves were on fire, pleasure shooting through her like a bullet; with a few more hard thrusts she came, a loud whine leaving her lips. Harry moaned feeling the warm liquid gush around him and feeling her walls trying to suck his cock dry. One final moan of her name and Harry was cumming, the white liquid beating hard against the latex covering him. He lazily circled his hips, both of them riding out their highs. Ella’s body went lax against the bed, her entire body feeling too heavy to move. Harry pulled out, taking off the condom and disposing of it in the bin. Harry smiled seeing Ella post orgasm, her eyes were fluttering, her lipstick smeared, mascara clotted together under her eyes, her skin glistening from sweat. She looked more beautiful than ever. He walked over to her relaxed body, picking her up with a kiss to her forehead, laying her against the pillow covering her body with the silk sheets. He slipped in bed next to her, his fingers dancing along her arm. He smiled muttering a quiet “Finally got to meet the beautiful girl” before falling asleep himself. His dreams filled with the pretty girl in the gold flapper dress.

She Tastes like Candlelight 



It starts with, of all things, a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt.

Logically, he knows it doesn’t make sense. She comes to work in form-fitted jackets that go tight about her waist. She’s been foregoing the baggy slacks in favor of skirts that stop just below the knees, with nylons clinging to the defined musculature of her calves; he’s pretty sure he can count on one hand the number of times he’s seen her wear shoes other than heels, excluding the clinical, white shoes she wears with her scrubs during autopsies.

He’s seen the looks she gets. Sometimes, it’s during an interview, when a witness’s gaze will linger just a little too long on her bustline, and her hand will go up and fiddle with her necklace, her arm blocking her chest in subtle defiance. Other times, it’s men on the streets of the city, shouting out obscenities to her, having the audacity to call her “baby,” and “sweetheart,” and he fights the urge to yell right back, brandishing his badge and his gun, wanting to scare the misogyny right out of the bones of anyone who thinks they’re entitled to her body, but he knows that she would find it condescending. “Thank you, but I can handle myself, Mulder,” she’d say, and it’s not that he thinks she can’t—he just doesn’t want her to have to.

And still other times, the looks come not from strangers on the sidewalk, or from people he can reduce to photos in a casefile, but from their peers. Educated, talented men who transform themselves into slobbery, teenage boys when sitting adjacent to her in meetings, eyeing her with an inappropriate hunger while she jots down notes in the margins of her agenda sheet. More than once, Mulder has found himself in the elevator with a man who will look down at Scully, and then catch Mulder’s eye over the top of her head, just so that he can wink, including him in some inside joke he has no interest being a part of.

He supposes that he empirically knows that Scully is attractive—it’s more or less objective fact—but he’s never allowed himself to notice. He’s trained himself to observe her through a filter. He considers her appearance through what he aptly names the Sexual Harassment Video Gaze. He quickly shuts down any thought that could be used as an example in a training tape on inappropriate office behavior.

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Prodigy Lance Fic Part 13!!!!

Bee Note: I am so sorry for the long wait! College has been crazy, and my laptop REALLY hates me for some reason, but hopefully I’m back on my (chaotic) updating schedule! There will be one more final part to this fic (which I’m surprisingly ver my dad about; it’s like watching my child leave the nest). I hope you enjoy!! 🖤


To say Lance was excited was an understatement. Lance was practically bouncing off the walls. He hadn’t stopped thanking Allura and hugging everyone in his path, much to Pidge’s annoyance. Lance couldn’t help it. He was going home. To his family. And Lance’s excitement was contagious.

The whole team was radiant, excited to go back home. Allura had informed them that they would all stop and get in touch with their families, but they all agreed that they would see Lance’s family first. Which caused Lance to start crying again. After the initial shock and excitement settled, the team went about their normal business as they headed toward earth. Still being too wound up, Lance made his way to the observatory deck, watching the stars and planets pass by.

With each star and planet that Lance watched pass by, the more the excitement turned into nerves. Lance wondered if his family had changed. Did his dad find a new job? Were they okay? Were they upset at him?

Lance drew his knees to his chest, tucking them under his chin. He could feel the bundle of nerves form in the pit of his stomach.

What would he say to them? Would they greet him with open arms? Or would they turn him away, angry at him for not even telling them where he was going or doing? He had enough time. He could easily form a plan that would explain why-

“I can hear you thinking from the other side of the castle.”

Lance jerked his head toward the voice, startled. Keith was propped against the side of the door, arms crossed. Lance sent him a smile and patted at a spot next to him. Keith made his way toward Lance, gently lowering himself to the ground beside Lance. They both watched the galaxy pass by, a comfortable silence wrapping around them. Lance let out a small sigh.

“Do you think they’ll be upset at me?”

Keith peered at Lance, confused by his statement. “Who? You’re family? Why would they be upset?”

Lance pulled at a loose string on his jacket, thinking, not looking at Keith.

“I mean, I just left. Without saying a simple goodbye, or where I was going. I left them behind when they needed me the most.” Lance finished sadly, yanking the string from his jacket and forming it into a little ball.

Keith laid a hand on Lance’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze, getting Lance to look at him. “Lance, there’s no way you’re family would be mad. Quiznak, you’re defending the entire universe, I’m sure they would understand that! You are still helping them, even when they don’t know it.”

Keith broke his gaze and turned toward the open space, looking at nothing in particular. “I may not know anything about having a family, but I do know that they won’t push you away. That’s not what a family does. They’ll be happy to have you back. Anyone would.”

Lance gazed at Keith, shocked by his words. He felt a smile creep over his face as he could see a blush spreading across Keith’s face, reaching the tips of his ears. Lance shook his head and chuckled around the lump that had formed in his throat. Lance scooted himself closer to Keith, sides touching, basking in the warmth the other gave. Lance felt Keith tense briefly, then slowly melt into his side, letting their sides be practically glued to one anther. The two sat in comfortable silence, watching the world pass by them. Lance then nudged Keith, drawing his attention away from the foreign galaxy.

“You know, I have a enormous family. Like almost a thousand siblings, and millions of cousins. There’s enough love to go around, you know?”

Keith arched his eyebrow and Lance just gave him a small smile.

“You can be apart of my family. Mama would love you. And if you let mi hermanas play with your hair, they’ll be your best friends forever. You don’t have to be alone, Keith. You never were, and I promise, if you’ll let me, I won’t ever let you feel like you are ever again.”

Keith just stared at Lance with wide eyes, not saying anything. Lance stared back, and was starting to try to figure out what he said wrong and try to create a solution when two arms wrapped around him, squeezing him so tightly that Lance felt the air rush out of him in a surprised “Oof!” Lance was frozen in pure shock, until Keith muttered a small “thank you” in Lance’s ear. Lance smiled brightly and wound his arms around Keith, giving him a small “You’re welcome.”

Keith pulled away after a few moments and the two just gazed at one another. When he realize this, Keith quickly pulled away and gave a small cough, trying to hide the redness that he was sure was covering his entire face. Keith rubbed the back of his neck and let out a chocked, “So, uh, you’re a genius?”

Lance chuckled and braced his self on his palms, almost laying down. “Yep.” He said, popping the p at the end. “Although I never really thought of myself that way. I just though I was different. I am glad though. Being normal seems far too boring.”

Keith couldn’t help but laugh, and Lance gave him a dazzling smile.

“Well if it means anything, I’m glade you’re different. We need people who are different. It makes everything more exciting.”

Lance gasped dramatically and fell on his back, squishing his face with his cheeks. “Keith you liiiiiiike mee!” He said in a sing-song voice.

Keith rolled his eyes at his antics. “And here I thought we were rivals and hated each other.” Then Keith remembered something. “Wait, if you never wanted to be in the Garrison or the top of the class, why did you always go after me?”

Lance gave him an apologetic shrug. “I had to pretend. I didn’t want anyone to know the real reason why I was there. I had been made fun of my entire life for wearing hand-me-downs, and coming from a poor family.” Lance set his jaw. “I wasn’t going to go through that ever again. And going to the Garrison meant that none of my siblings would have to go through that. We finally had enough money to buy new clothes, new school supplies. So I had to play the part. Had to pretend it was my life goal to become a fighter pilot. I had to sell the part. So what better way than to declare the top of the fighter class as my life long rival? Sorry about that by the way.”

Keith just shook his head and brushed it off, letting a small smile ghost his lips. “It’s alright. It was kind of amusing and entertaining. When you weren’t being an annoying little shit, of course.”

Lance laughed and sent him another apology. Keith then placed his hand on Lance’s arm, giving him a serious look.

“Lance, you know you don’t have to pretend anymore, right? We want you for you, not who you’re pretending to be. We accept you. Besides,” Keith gave a smirk. “We’re family after all.”

Lance rolled his eyes fondly and was about to recuperate with his own retort with Allura’s voice flooded throughout the castle.

“Attention Paladins! Please report immediately to the hangars we are approaching the Milky Way and will soon be in Earth’s orbit.”

Lance grabbed Keith’s hands and squeezed them tightly, smile beaming as he practically buzzed with excitement. Keith laughed and gave a reassuring squeeze back.

“Yeah, I know Lance.” Keith pulled him and Lance to their feet, throwing his head back when Lance pretty much began to drag him the the hangar.

“We’re home.”

Lost || Oneshot

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Genre: Angst—> Fluff

Wonwoo x reader

You regret your actions towards those you have lost. 

He walked down the streets of Seoul late at night, he took in his surroundings or at least what he could see past his mask and cap. He saw couples, a lot of them, some of them with their children, some of them holding each other tight with smiles on their face. He remembered how good you were with children, his heart ached but he couldn’t help but feel joy at the memory of you. He was unhappy seeing the couples they reminded him too much of his better, happier self. He was supposed to be happy. He should be happy, was what they told him. He had it all the fame, money and the adoration of thousands of people. What more could he possibly want? But it wasn’t like that for him, he wasn’t one to prefer material things over those he cared for.

He couldn’t be happy because he didn’t have you anymore.

Don’t dwell on your past was what they told him when he would relapse to his saddened state; and hear your voice call out his name or your figure in the morning sunrise. Or when your favorite song would play as he listened to music. Too much reminded him of you, especially during his walk tonight. He couldn’t handle it tonight, he promised himself he would keep his composure. They usually never let him go out at night by himself because that’s when he would feel you the most. And tonight of all nights it was especially difficult for the twelve boys to be convinced to let him go, but they understood he might need some alone time when they saw the redness and dark circles under his eyes; so they let him. He scrolled through his phone looking at pictures of you, pictures that he couldn’t bring himself to delete even if he had told the boys he did because he had to erase every trace of you.

He couldn’t forget you. No matter how much he told others he did because in all honesty he wasn’t trying to forget you, he was trying to cling onto the memory of you. It was sad really, he had always been quiet and he often kept to himself but it never was to this extent, he was a lively person and his laugh was music to people’s ears. But it was all gone, any trace of the happy person he once was. When you left so did his happiness, his emotions, any ability he had to keep from being quiet. He stopped reading too, he hadn’t touched a single book in three months, he couldn’t bring himself to do so and escape to a made up world because that world wouldn’t be filled with you.

He continued walking, one hand in his long pea coat that kept his body somewhat warm and one hand on his phone. He walked through the busy streets of Myeongdong, your favorite place to go to in Seoul, as he readjusted the glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose so he could focus on where he was going. He smiled as he saw what he was looking for and where he was heading to, it was a favorite coffee shop of yours. He looks into the window of the cafe and the owner smiles at him, she felt bad for the heartbroken boy so she’d give him a free coffee here and there. He hadn’t really liked that place before but he learned to adore that place after you, he found himself heading in there quite often to fill his emptiness with anything that reminded him of you, you who was miles away. The bell on the door of the cafe rang as he entered, he sat at the same back table you always dragged him to sit at. He placed his phone down and took off his coat and glasses, before he could get up to order your regular order the owner placed two cups and a small red velvet cake at the end of the table.

He smiled up at the older women, that reminded him of his mother, “Thank you m'am, how much do I owe you?”

“Nothing son, you’ve been coming here mostly every day for the past three months. It’s on the house.” She smiled warmly at the boy who seemed to be on the verge of falling apart any minute.

“Thank you.” He said bowing his head slightly. It was scary to see him like that, the once joy filled boy whose smile could light up the world(as you’d like to say), no longer smile because he lost his world.

Three months. It had been three months since he lost you and it was all his fault because he let you. Three months since he heard your voice or saw your soft complexion that made his heart skip a beat. He let you go and he was in a pit of despair, all fraile and weak. Heartbroken would be an understatement, he was nothing without you, he couldn’t live without you. He didn’t want this feeling, he thought he would’ve have felt less alone than he did when he was with you but he was wrong. You were always the one who feared how wrecked you’d end up when it ended, he promised it would never happen, it wasn’t true though because here he was three months after it all ended feeling completely destroyed and lost beyond compare.

You? You were fine he assumed, you didn’t say much when it was done you stayed quiet, nodded your head, collected your things and left. It was odd because you were so heartbroken you wanted to yell, you wanted to scream, you wanted to sob uncontrollably; but you couldn’t. You were always strong in your emotions when it came time to show them because you hardly did. You left god knows where; he texted, he called trying to tell you he took back what he told you that rainy night. But you didn’t pick up, you never saw any of his messages: you didn’t want to. You left them untouched as you tried to forget. Tried to forget how he broke your heart when he promised he would never.

You thought you wouldn’t return but here you were, back in Korea after three months at home, trying to heal and find yourself after being so lost. It wasn’t until tonight that you opened all those voicemails and texts from him and from the twelve boys, telling you to come back, that it was all a mistake. Even Mingyu who wasn’t that close to you because he was jealous over all the attention his best friend was giving you, found himself standing at your door a couple of days after it happened begging you and constantly ringing your phone so you would come back because Wonwoo was so screwed up, he had lost any sense of being.

Y/N I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking…
I thought I was doing it for you, but god am I wrecked…
Im sorry. I can’t live without you…
Pick up the phone Y/N…
Why won’t you open the door? I’m ringing your doorbell…
Why are there stacks of newspapers on your front porch? Where did you go? Don’t leave me…
It’s been a month Y/N. I take that shit back, I’d rather us not see each other everyday but be together than be nothing at all…
Y/N please…
Two months today, I lost 7 kg, the boys are worried they want you to come back too, come back to me…
Y/N I’m heading to your favorite coffee shop again, the owner keeps asking about you. She named a drink after you, you know. She says your the brightest person she’s met. She’s not wrong…
Please Y/N I’m lost without you…
I don’t want this feeling. Where are you? Come back baby…
I’ll be waiting for you, whenever you decide, the back right corner like always…

You went through voicemail after voicemail, text after text. You heard over two months worth of calls and read over hundreds of texts. You were completely shattered, why did he have to do this? He was supposed to be fine, you were the wrecked one. But he wasn’t fine and neither were you. He hurt you and made your heart ache. He had told you it’d be best if you two ended it and went your separate ways in order to find yourselves, but you couldn’t. It was just worse you didn’t know what to do but miss him more and more, more than you missed him when you wouldn’t see each other for months on end because he’d be touring in japan or some other country. You couldn’t live without each other, so tonight after three months of pain and loneliness you found yourself in the same busy streets of Myeongdong. You were thinner and you had lost the glow you carried, a dullness surrounded your form. A thick jacket was draped over your frame and a mask covered your red nose in the cold.

You had walked towards your favorite coffee shop, the same coffee shop that you had walked past three times already, you were hesitant as to whether or not you should enter. You were afraid that’s he would be in there; you were scared that the boy you loved deeply, who barely showed emotions, was completely destroyed by you. But you were also scared he wasn’t and you’d find yourself quite disappointed and saddened because a big part of you wanted to believe that he wouldn’t forget about you and move on.

“He’ll be in there Y/N. Trust me, he left by himself tonight because when he’s with us he doesn’t go in there to keep up with the ‘I’m fine’ facade. But Seungcheol has seen him in there multiple times when he goes to buy chicken for all of us and he takes longer than usual.”

His best friends voice rang in the back of your head. You swept the strand of hair that was sticking to your forehead aside and mustered all the courage you could to go in. The bell on the door rang as you walked in and the familiar scent of coffee hit you suddenly. You looked around, taking in your surroundings, until your eyes wandered to the boy with the black cap that sat at your table. He was fiddling with the mug in his hands and you couldn’t help to notice a mug in front of him and your favorite pastry beside him. You decided to walk toward the boy as an indescribable amount of emotions and thoughts flooded your head.

When he noticed a figure walk closer to where he was sitting he finally decided to look up. He figured it was his mind playing games with him when he first saw you so he didn’t have much of a reaction. It wasn’t until he heard his name escape your lips did he believe you weren’t an allusion. He reached out to touch your arm, you were here after three months. He stood up, the chair he sat at scraping on the floor as he pushed himself off rapidly, and engulfed you in his arms.

“Y/N…” you heard his voice crack.
“I know…I know.” You replied.
He took you all in, your scent filled his nose and he was in a euphoric state. Tears slid down your cheek as you felt the warmness of his body, you were home.
“I’m sorry.  I regret it all since that day.”
“Wonwoo…” you began sobbing quietly as he rubbed circles on your back.      “I was so lost without you, I’ve missed you Wonwoo.”                                         “I never want to lose you again, Y/N. I can’t live without you.”

So you two stood there in each others arms after months of being lost, you were both finally found.

Authors Note: Something i wrote on the quicks, hope you enjoyed it. Btw make sure to send in your requests!