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tfw u gay/bi af for ur bro but u dont know how to not be a complete nerd about it :”)

Expression challenge Klance for @teenageunknownkitty and Anon :””) 

Nico’s favourite super hero is captain america but he tries to keep it a secret (for his image) and tells everyone it’s batman until one of his friends sees a glimse of his captain america underwear one day.

me: i need my friends to know that i love and care about them so much and how thankful i am that they’re in my life
brain: that will involve honestly communicating your feelings 


I… really like Overlord… it’s such a good show it’s all I’ve ever wanted out of an anime… I love all of the characters and it’s hard for me to pick a favorite (besides Ainz ofc) but here are some I like a lot!!


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Any sense of restlessness is a sign that your soul is ready to grow. Answering the call of your soul by pursuing a new entrepreneurial activity or a form of creative expression, such as writing, playing music, or sculpting, would be a natural process in aligning yourself with Spirit. If you are restless, this is how you’re being guided or invited by your soul to find deeper fulfillment through more satisfying work and meaningful service.” – Ernest D. Chu in Soul Currency

David ‘Common as Muck’ Tennant

cool concept dont make any autistic person feel bad for the way they stim whether it be the “pretty” way (glitter, slime, sand, etc) or the more unconventional way. no matter how someone stims they shouldnt feel bad for that.


Cliffs Edge - Hayley Kiyoko [x]

so like guys

IT happened

and we even got some extra bits toooooooooo

that behind the back hug was a really nice touch 

extra: i would’ve liked it more if they had ferid’s


Carol Peletier Meme ||  10 Anything you want

paralyzed by fear <–> taking action

“To see her come from a place where she’s…you know, she’s unable to make choices and speak for herself because of this abusive relationship where she’s diminished - her sense of self worth is diminished and then throughout the struggles - trying to survive this apocalypse - she’s just called into action naturally just to do what you have to do to survive. And this just reinforces, I think, what she always knew about herself but was unable to express. […] I think she did [know that about herself]. And there… I could feel that in her character when in season one, there is a defiance there that’s just… there - there’s a protection there that’s just under the surface. But there’s a fear too. So, it’s hard to just - just to get it out. It’s…the fear just overtakes everything. And now that the fear was gone… when Ed went away, and then all that she had left was gone when Sophia went away, she… she just had the permission. There was nobody to say you can’t be this way.” - Melissa McBride

Je crois que c’est officiel. Je suis amoureux de Summer. J’aime son sourire. J’aime ses cheveux. J’aime ses genoux. J’aime cette tâche de naissance en forme de cœur qu’elle a au dessus du sein. J’aime sa façon de s’humecter les lèvres parfois juste avant de parler. J’aime sa façon de rire. J’aime son expression quand elle dort. J’aime entendre cet air dans ma tête à chaque fois que je pense à elle. Et j’aime me sentir bien avec elle. C’est comme si tout était possible. Je ne sais pas comment le dire. Y a un nouveau sens à ma vie.
—  (500) jours ensemble, Tom.