formative formative influences

honestly rukia was probably the most formative asian heroine of my childhood. nobody else could burn with kindness as fiercely as she could. who could snarl with such disdain, who could hunger so much to be a warrior, stalking across the battlefield with a sword glistening in her fist like a raw diamond.

i mean. here you have a dead girl, talking about justice. demanding for all spirits to be protected, demonstrating to our Male Shounen Protagonist what it means to be selfless, and a hero. she was thoughtful, earnest, and spoke her mind, and she never apologized for it.


15/? favourite fictional males : Peter Petrelli (Heroes)

“because if we save ourselves, who’s going to save everyone else?”

if you were to go (into the woods) today

Fluff Friday: November 25 “Tea Party”

Because I fell in love with smol!Kakashi and doesn’t-know-how-she-became-a-babysitter!Sakura, and wanted to write more about them. Also, Tsunade was supposed to have a bit part, but then I went and had feelings about her all over. Tsunade is just the best, okay?

Wherein Sakura signs a bunch of stuff, Sai’s attempts at real life as guided by books end badly (again), and Sakura’s bed has somehow become the place for cuddles and midnight promises.

(I’m apparently incapable of writing sheer fluff, so this does veer vaguely into angst, because shinobi.)

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“And now,” Tsunade-shishō continues, shoving the completed forms for Kakashi’s custody to the side, “let’s talk finances.”

Sakura does her best not to blanch, because her most esteemed Hokage-sama gets just a little bit touchy when people bring up, refer to, or allude vaguely in the direction of her many gambling debts and terrible credit score, and somehow, village finances and mission pay negotiations manage to almost always skirt too close to that line, even though the only thing they particularly have in common is money. The memories of six desks meeting their end at the touch of a single finger and of two windows shattered in the wake of shinobi Tsunade-shishō has sent flying through them make for excellent incentive for Sakura to approach this more carefully than a surgery for restructuring a shattered limb or one of Gai-sensei’s obstacle courses.

“Right, finances,” Sakura says with an impressive lack of squeaking. She doesn’t dare show fear.

Tsunade-shishō can smell it on you.

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Some re-design (ish) things I sketched. X3 For some reason, lately I’ve been thinking about Danny Phantom getting a reboot that’s got more of a serious undertone while still conserving stupid puns and jokes. I was actually looking at anna-cattish ’s blog and I wanted a reboot to look like some of her art. It’s beautiful. :3 Anyway, I’d love a dp reboot that’s less afraid of angst and serious themes.


get to know me meme: [3/5] favourite movies

↳anchorman: the legend of ron burgundy: “discovered by the germans in 1904, they named it san diego, which of course in german means ‘a whale’s vagina.’”


Fortuna rota volvitur,
Descendo minoratus.
Alter in altum tollitur,
Nimis exultatus.

Rex sedet in vertice;
Caveat ruinam,
Nam sub axe legimus,
Hecubam reginam.

The wheel is turned by Fortune;
I descend, diminished.
Another is raised to the zenith,
Far too exalted.

A king sits on the tipping point;
Let him fear ruin,
For we read, under the axis,
The name “Queen Hecuba.”

When you listen to this, in dark times, you know that these words were written centuries before you were born, and will likely be heard centuries after you die. All of history weeps with you. But you and the orchestra are on the third quarter of the wheel’s turn, and you see yourself descending and know you are about to be flung into the abyss, but you call for another bottle and laugh through your tears. You’ll make sure to leave a very artistic splotch, when the wheel runs over you. That’s the best anyone can hope for.


The Skywalker siblings

(I’m a quite a fan of this theory)

tbh i don’t really care about clarke and bellamy having some grand romance that eclipses everything else in the show with it’s passion and heartbreak

all i want is clarke and bellamy building their society, protecting and caring for their people, surviving, living, finding stability and purpose, making an impact on those around them and being the backbone of their community and determine their community’s future. i want my king and queen of the sky people, making the rules until the day they don’t have to, sacrificing everything and making the tough choices, becoming the leaders they maybe weren’t born to be, but were destined to become after falling from the sky.

i want the slowest of slow burns, one that lingers in the background of their arcs – both joint and individual. i want it to be so slow that the day bellamy kisses clarke while studying maps or the day when clarke sleepily tells bellamy that she loves him after helping deliver a baby that it isn’t a surprise – it’s an inevitability. the strength in these characters is their developments and their partnership – and that’s what i want to see from them, more than anything.