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I think it’s so funny how society is quick to brand those problematic lily white women (Taylor swift, Lena Dunham, Amy schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, etc) as feminist examples, but Beyoncé who has been singing feminist songs since destiny child and has always stood up for women had to write Feminist in bold on a mainstream scene but still people questioned whether or not she was a feminist

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If it weren’t for you… I wouldn’t really have mustered the strength to come… S…so… Thank you… 



what kinda power honestly what a crew she has

Inspired by 🍋WHY WE NEED feminism…if you deny this sexism exists, reject the ignorance, brush it off like the blush you expect girls to adorn their faces with, you only contribute to the issue. This is not a joke anymore


Eliza’s eyes carefully scanned her surroundings. One hand rested on her side, holding closed a wound that had already begun to heal, thankfully. The other one was holding up her cell phone in attempt to ping a tower in this universe. Which didn’t seem to be happening. Fantastic. 

She’d been meandering aimlessly through this city for the last twenty thirty minutes, turning up and down random streets in an attempt to find some sort of assistance in learning of her whereabouts. There were ever so slight whispers from people she passed, and a couple of them had asked if she was okay. To which she’d responded with an awkward almost stuttered “Yeah.”

And she was doing pretty great up until the moment when actually bumped right into someone, her bloody hand falling to her catch her fall. A startled cry breaking from her lips as she hit the ground. Why did it always have to happen like this? Blue eyes turned upward to meet with another set of blue hues. “I— um— yeah, i’m sorry. I should really watch where I’m going.”

fic: (where you from?) must be heaven

(Where You From?) Must Be Heaven 
(Camila/Lauren, r)

The pavement glitters, wet from rain Camila missed - she wonders if it ever really rains here, or maybe it’s just an effect, a recognition of the ebullience that follows the rain when the sun breaks through the clouds and the sky turns blue again - and she’s careful, looking at her pink jelly shoes, but there aren’t any puddles, and she finds herself rubbing shoulders with the crowd, pushing open the club doors. 

San Junipero AU.

Fire Over Ploesti by Roy Grinnell

Badly damaged, Lieutenant Colonel Addison E. Baker and Major John L. Jerstad keep “Hell’s Wench” steady, leading their formation for the bombing run over the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania. Both were posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for their efforts.

(National Guard)