Interview #403: Danny Lane

Danny Lane “creates raw and honest photographs that beautifully capture the personality and emotion of his subjects.” Based in New York City, USA.

Give a short introduction about yourself:
I’m a 29 year old analog photographer born and raised in New York. I’m also an actor and musician. I like to golf and go bowling and watch movies. I’m tall and skinny.

How’s the weather over there?
Currently, it’s beautiful in New York. We deserve it. It wasn’t so awesome leading up to this summer.

I like your photographs of musicians. How’d you get to photograph them? Who was the most fun to shoot?
Whether it is a musician or a model or a baby…it is always the same. I either write and say “I’d love to shoot with ya” or I get an email that says “we’d love to shoot with ya.” I don’t know who was the most fun to shoot. I really liked shooting with Tei Shi because it was very similar to the way I shoot with models. We just hung out in her apartment. She was super cute, our conversation was fluid, the place was great, etc.

What’s trending?
Hmmm nudity? Pizza? I’ll tell you what I can’t wait until it’s not trending anymore..and it’s all these black leather hats and plain mesh sports shirts. Like I really don’t like menswear at the moment. It’s so boring. Personally, I love floral. That’s trending for me bigtime at the moment.

Photography equipment?
Always vintage 35mm cameras. Natural light. I have been using two cameras almost exclusively. A Miranda G and a Yashica T4.

Upcoming projects or ideas?
Yeaaaa I want to shoot for a publication with Foot Locker employees. Nobody is biting on that. And I am working on a collection of portraits for a small 30-something page pamphlet that I can’t afford to usual. Oh! and instead of a nude beach..I want to shoot a collection called Nude Lake. I am represented (as of very recently) by an agency called Format 34..I am hoping lots of cool projects and assignment come from that!

Any new music to recommend?
My favorite new music is probably this guy Sean Nicholas Savage. I’ve listened to his two newest records Other Life and Bermuda Waterfall like 100 times each. My band Sofa Club is also really cool..for real. I’m not just saying that.

his tumblr and website.