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Buddy Morgan stays in the show AU: Buddy & the gang headcanons:

  • After no one believes Eric that Buddy is gay, he kinda forgots to tell him about it and he keeps hainging with them without knowing the small detail. The first times he comments on how hot Robert Redford is and how he wouldn’t date whoever is on TV, the boys give him weird looks but ignore it. It becomes a Thing™ that he and Fez are constantly saying gay shit and everyone thinks they are straight anyway.
  • It wasn’t until Donna, thinking about what Eric told them, finally approaches him with everyone at the Hub and asks. “Ah, yeah. Didn’t Eric told you, guys?”, cut to everyone’s “OH” faces. No one cares, though.
  • Kelso keeps bothering Buddy about if he finds him attractive and every time, Buddy answers with the same: “I told you, you aren’t my type”, five seconds later he turns around to tell the others minus Jackie, “And Jackie is blind as hell, also”. Hyde likes this guy.
  • When he found out about Laurie and Kelso, he wondered why nobody was going to tell Jackie and voiced this to Eric. He wasn’t as close to them yet, but always thought it was shitty no one opened their mouths. He feels guilty, too, since he didn’t say a word either.
  • His crush on Eric is gone with the wind when he starts seeing the kind of boyfriend he is to Donna and how he takes her for granted most times. He always takes Donna’s side when asked about the things, Eric constantly wonders if he does it as a way to try and hide he likes him. Hyde, Fez and Jackie roll their eyes at this all the time.
  • Jackie loves spending time with him. Both are rich and popular, and both love their basement friends. Eric thinks it’s weird Buddy likes spending time with Jackie so much and constantly makes asshole remarks about it that are always answered with sass from Buddy.
  • They go shopping every 15th of the month and he is always telling her to dump Kelso becuse he is dumb as shit and doesn’t deserve him. For time like this, Jackie is grateful she gets Donna to accompany them shopping because otherwise, she may fight Buddy.
  • Fez had a crush on Buddy at some point, it helped him came to terms with the fact that he is NOT straight.
  • Of course, like the good parents they are, Red and Kitty would just know about Buddy’s sexual orentation. They would talk about it between them, maybe mention it to Eric and Hyde, who are going to play dumb in case they get all wrong or something, but nah. After knowing the kid, both agree he’s a good boy and he’s always welcome in the Formans’.
  • When Jackie gets infatuated with Hyde, Buddy tried to talk her out of it with Donna.
  • And when Donna and Eric break up, he sort of understands Eric’s position but still takes Donna’s side once Eric starts acting odd in her presence like wanting to punish her for not being ready for the kind of relationship he wants.
  • During this time, he and Eric fight about it and Buddy feels offended about the fact that Eric kinda acts like if he belongs to him or something. Is also during this time when he gets a key to the basement, yet he doesn’t accept it when Jackie tells him they have never wanted to give her one.
  • It gets old for the rest of the boys that Buddy is mostly taking the girls’ side all the time. It turns out, his parents are divorced and his mother is the rich one. He was also rised with three older sisters, so he feels like if he can understand the girls just a little bit better.
  • He can kick ass. Literally. He is strong enough to face Hyde and Donna. It gets them by surprise, and so no one ever calls him “part of the girls” of their group of friends after seeing Kelso’s black eye.
  • One day, Fez tells him he used to like him and Buddy wants to kill him because he used to like him, too. But now, both have couples and well, there’s unspoken things.
  • Sort of don’t like Kelso but eventually comes to terms with it.
  • Also on Hyde and Jackie’s side during the season 5 Discourse™.
  • Hates dancing, he stays with Hyde every time they go to a party with dacing or something.
  • Originally, Jackie asked him to take her to prom, but he had already promised a cheerleader to help her out since she had just started a relationship with another girl that was going with her cousin as an alibi.
  • Would kill a man for pizza.
  • Constantly buys shit for his friends, constantly ignores Kelso when it comes to gifts because, “you are already taking Jackie’s money, ge tover it”. Everyone suspects he may not like Kelso.
  • When asked why he doesn’t like Kelso, he always says something like, “Oh, I like him just fine. Like I like coffee.” “Er, you don’t like coffee…” “Exactly, Eric.”
  • Buddy not liking Kelso becomes a constant joke.
  • He doesn’t like Kelso because he always thought Fez liked him and he always hated the way Kelso treated Jackie and Donna in general. And because he hit on his sister, slept with her and ignored her after. He tried not to mention it but it came out one day.
  • Instead of dating Jackie in season 8, Fez dates Buddy (finally).

Zenmasters Week 2017: Day 6 - What happened the summer of ‘78?

In 2014 I published my first two fanfictions that detailed my headcanon about what exactly happened between Jackie and Hyde during that summer.

The Renewal Summary: Kelso and Donna are away in California. Eric spends his days sleeping in a stupor of self-loathing and depression. Fez meets a new foe, named Fenton. This leaves Steven Hyde and Jackie Burkhart together all summer in the Forman basement. One of many things Jackie and Hyde fans have never gotten is a story for what led up to that fateful kiss on that seemingly normal day. Well…

After I published The Renewal, one of my readers asked for the story from Hyde’s POV (The Renewal is from Jackie’s POV). That lead to…

The Renewal: Through the Eyes of Steven Hyde: Summary:  This is a companion to my story “The Renewal,” the story of what happens with Jackie and Hyde the summer that Donna and Kelso are in California. “The Renewal” is the main story, narrated from the perspective of the one and only Jackie Burkhart. This is a slightly condensed version of the story told through Hyde’s perspective. I recommend reading “The Renewal” first. Enjoy!

sheakspaere  asked:

do you have any headcanons for the characters sexuality?? i know we just assume they are all str8, but i'm not rly sure about fez and donna and even kelso and would like to read your opinion on that.

I have talked a lot about this, actually. Althought, almost no one shares my opinions. Here’s the summary of it all, lol:

- I headcanon Donna as curious about her sexuality and not sure of what she is experiencing. Because she’s a tomb boy in the 70s, when sexuality started to be truly talked about and people was tired of hiding, she may be a little bit shy about it when she was younger. Especially surrounded by boys that constantly sexualized her, even when she started to date Eric.

She may be bi. In my stories, I never truly develop this as furter to it, but she’s open to the possibility of it happening. And with it I mean falling for a girl, not just lusting after one. So, ultimately, I think she could be bi or pan.

- My older followers know I headcanon Jackie as demisexual, that is sexual attraction born from a connection with someone. No, it’s not “needing” a connection to have sex, but to feel attracted sexually to the person. I talked in depth about it here. And I also have a tag for demi!Jackie here, since I have a lot of upcoming posts in the queue about this.

- Eric, even when my closest friends don’t share this idea with me, is bisexual to me. Probably forever in the closet because of his education. I know we all love how amazing parents Red and Kitty are, but we have to also be realistic. Eric IS afraid of his parents (mostly of Red, and of disappoining both, especially Kitty), and he may find it difficult to speak out and say he is also attracted to boys and he may date one one day.

Ultimatelly, though, in an scenario where Eric is able to get over most his insecurities, especially the ones born from Red’s high specations, I think he would tell them and they would be, eventually, able to accept it and his son’s couple in case he is dating a boy.

- Fez comes to me as pansexual. I have an upcoming post talking about this on queue where I put examples of times when he has come across as such to me, and also some headcanons. I also have a LGBT Fez tag here.

- Another character I have an LGBT tag for is Kelso, althought I must be honest and said I don’t usually heacanon him as part of the community. Gender, though, that’s another thing. He may break the code, to be honest. Yet, I still feel he would identify as male and has a high preference for women.

Now, sexuality… like Fez, maybe pan. Or even bi. But he seems more like in the pam spectrum to me.

- Hyde is the one I actually think is straight. There’s nothing in the show that made me think otherwise. And at the beginning, this is something no one new until now, I was actually watching with all the intention in the world to ship Hyde/Eric because one of my best friends in the world ships them, lol.

Maybe that’s why I headcanon Hyde as straight, in part because I was looking a lot into it and couldn’t find anything, while Fez and Donna took my attention, and then Eric did even more.

In fact, I think the one I headcanon the most as part of the LGBT community, is Eric. Probably because I actually do ship Eric/Buddy, lol.

What are your headcanons?

sheakspaere  asked:

i love all your posts and answears so much... i do not get tired of seen your point of view of the show. I rly want to know what do you think the gang would binge watch on netflix.

Oh, thank you SO much! I’m glad you like my posts and meta :)

Now, it depends on what part of their lives they are in. I’m going to do season 6 characterization for them, without ooc Eric and Donna, a more insightful Fez, and Kelso already in a relationship with Brooke.

- All together in the basement: Freaks and Geeks, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Full House and Fuller House (eww), Star Trek if Eric woke up before Hyde that day/went to the basement before Hyde could grab the remote. Gilmore Girls if the girls got the remote before any of the guys.

They also watch The X-Files. Jackie isn’t a big fan, but still watches. They are all waiting for season 2 of Stranger Things, even if Jackie doesn’t want to admit she loves the show.

If Hyde gets the remote first, though, he would probably put on a concert or a Stage Comedy Show.

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jupiterhyde  asked:

How do you think Hyde and Jackie's real fist meeting (first time talking for real) went?

Thank you for asking! This is an interesting question!

I do think that the first time Jackie and Hyde first saw each other was when Jackie runs into him, Donna, and Kelso in the school gym, as is seen in the episode “Class Picture” (4.20). However, I don’t consider this to be when they actually met and were introduced to each other, and I’m assuming that’s what you’re asking about.

It’s probably not very original, but I think Jackie and Hyde probably would’ve met each other in the Forman basement. I’ve read tons of cute fanfics where Jackie and Hyde meet long before Jackie ever meets Kelso, but for the most part I think it realistically would’ve been Kelso who introduced Jackie to the gang. As a young kid he had a crush on Jackie and as ignorant as he is, he probably thought it would be a good idea to bring her to his friend Eric’s house for their first ‘play date’ (which of course Jackie would probably hate). I imagine this happening shortly after the events from “Class Picture” when they’re around 10-11 years old.

Hyde enters the picture in the basement. I always imagined his early relationship with Jackie to be one of…jealousy, I guess. Once she comes into Kelso’s life and he starts hanging out with her more, Hyde gets jealous that Jackie is taking away his best friend. And maybe just maybe he’s a little jealous that Kelso is getting attention from a cute girl. Just maybe.

(I added a little scenario/fic-like snippet of how they’ve might’ve met below the cut.)

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