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There is an account on instagram that posts photos of Shostakovich, I scrolled down looking for the photo of Shostakovich looking at Prokofievs dead body, a photo I had seen in a lecture when I lived in London years ago and since then searched literally everywhere online to find it again.. but never did, and it wasn’t on this Instagram either! So I messaged the owner of the account to ask if he knew this photo, he said no but that he would have a look.
One month later he messaged me this and said

Hi Daniela, I just ran across this in Sofia Khentova’s Monograph. This is from 7 March 1953.

Now this may not seem like a big deal but it was almost a magical moment for me! Hahaha because I find this photo so powerful, if you guys don’t know so much about Music in Russia during that time I would like to urge you to read a bit on it, it’s so interesting… Prokofiev died on the 5th of March, on the exact same day as Stalin.. so this was 2 days after his death.

I’m very grateful to Bryan, the owner of the IG account dschjournal , for taking the time to look for this photo and send it to me :)

please consider lotor pulling keith into a space waltz 

‘Bare’ characters vs ‘Romeo and Juliet’ characters

Okay, so I was talking to my friend about all the Romeo and Juliet parallels in Bare, and then I realised that each character in Bare matches up with a character in Romeo and Juliet, so here’s what I came up with. (This is using the pop/rock opera version of Bare).


Jason = Romeo

At the start of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is a pretty passive character, letting things happen around him, but as the play progresses he becomes more dedicated - this is paralleled with Jason, when at the start he doesn’t seem to play a particularly active role in the story, or in his relationship with Peter, wanting to keep it secret, however he becomes more certain in his feelings over the course of the show, telling Peter he loves him for the first time at the end. Romeo is the ultimate symbol of romance, and that is what Jason’s classmates perceive him to be at the start of the show, upon assuming his heterosexuality. Also, when he believes Juliet is dead, Romeo kills himself. Upon being told that his relationship and love for peter are wrong (thus rendering his relationship and love metaphorically dead- the song ‘Once upon a time’ is basically him mourning his lost relationship with Peter), Jason kills himself. ouch.

Peter = Juliet

Juliet is presented as a shy and obedient character, but once she meets Romeo she is prepared to defy her parents and secretly marry him. Peter is similair to this - he seems to go pretty unnoticed by his classmates (especially when compared to Jason, who is the centre of attention and affection) however he defies his homophobic mother and has a secret relationship with Jason. Also Juliet and Peter are essentially swept off their feet by their respective partners.

Ivy = Rosaline

At the start of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo pines for Rosaline, and says he is ‘in love’ with her but it’s pretty clear he’s not, considering how quickly he forgets her as soon as he meets Juliet. In Bare, Jason tries to pretend to himself that he’s in love with Ivy, which, granted is a little different to R&J , the links are pretty clear - Jason is not in love with Ivy, Romeo is not in love with Rosaline - he’s just convinced himself he is.

Nadia = Mercutio

Mercutio is the loud, quick witted, often dirty and innuendo-rife wordsmith. Nadia is very similair, boasting legendary one-liners such as “Bathroom stalls don’t lie, she’s good with her hands” when Jason remarks on how good Ivy’s drawing is, or when Ivy tells her ‘Don’t touch anything [in my room]’, Nadia quips “Says the whore, uncharacteristically”. Clearly, most of this wit is cruel, and directed at Ivy, but stems from Nadia’s jealousy of Ivy’s beauty , and her own pain at feeling emotionally isolated and lonely relationship-wise.
Mercutio is considered to be the opposite to Romeo (who believes that true love can conquer all), and Nadia is also exactly the opposite of Romeo - cynical, no hope in love, no faith in the world. Both Nadia and Mercutio seem not to believe in the idea of true love. In the song ‘A quiet night at home’ , Nadia has lines which support all this, such as “Pain adores me, God ignores me” , “Play my siren song, attracting none my ship just won’t come in” , and “A tale of star-crossed lovers - life is lived on other stages”.

Sister Chantelle = Friar Lawrence

In Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence is the one who helps Juliet make plans to escape her family and run away with Romeo. Friar Lawrence is also the one who marries Romeo and Juliet to each other in secret. Sister Chantelle gives Peter the support he needs to ‘escape’ his hopelessness, being pretty much the only non homophobic adult in the entire show (in the same way Friar Laurence is the only adult who supports Romeo and Juliet’s union) and in a dream sequence she officiates Peter and Jason’s wedding.

Father = Nurse

In Romeo and Juliet, Nurse is considered to be Juliet’s ‘confidante’, the same way father is who Peter (and eventually Jason) talks to about his feelings and confusion. Also in R&J, towards the end of the play, Nurse essentially ‘betrays’ Juliet by arguing that she should marry another man, Paris, despite the fact that Nurse is aware Juliet and Romeo are already married in secret. In Bare, there is pretty much an exact mirroring of this situation: Father tells Jason being gay isn’t okay while fully aware of the effect that could have, and also while knowing of Peter and Jason’s secret relationship.

Matt = Tybalt

In Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt is Romeo’s enemy and rival, and Romeo eventually kills him. In Bare, Matt and Romeo are clearly rivals - Matt spends the entire show always being second best to Jason (In the words of Nadia “Matt, always a bridesmaid, never a bride”). This rivalry is made very clear in the show, as in their school’s production of Romeo and Juliet, Jason is cast and Romeo, and Matt as Tybalt. During rehearsing the duel scene between these two characters, the two boys start actually fighting, and Matt uses a homophobic slur towards Jason.


Lucas = Benvolio

In Romeo and Juliet, Benvolio is the (failed) peacemaker. This seems to parallel Lucas, who, while being the school drug dealer, also has lines such as “I got your back”, and upon learning of Jason’s relationship with Peter, tells the former “You know we’re still cool, right?” in a (failed) attempt to give Jason some hope to hang on to that things will be okay. Also, during the scene where Jason and Matt fight, Lucas is the one who literally pulls one off the other and then stands between them to put a stop to the brawl. 

Monsta X “This Year, We Are Going To Work As If We Are Dead*”

(*T/N: literal translation is We Are Going To Work (Be Active/Do Activity) As If We Are Dead; however, don’t take it literally! It’s more like exaggeration of saying ‘we are going to work as if there’s no tomorrow’ which means they are really really working, giving all in.)

Monsta X, who came back with the first full album, 'THE CLAN pt.2.5’, which is the last part of 'THE CLAN’ series, talked about great love dor their fans and thankfulness.

Before performing on Mner MCountdown stage on the 23rd, Monsta X, who met up with, expressed their feelings, “our hearts are fluttering and we are worried as well” about this activity.

Shownu said, “It is a new album in five months but it is also the first full album. So I look forward to it. It looks like fans are loving (the album) so I feel excited but also worried. Since (it’s full album), there are many parts that we need to do well. We should not make mistakes and we try our best not to get hurt.

Minhyuk added, ”Since it’s the full album, it feels different from the mini album. So I look forward more and think that we need to do way better.“ "It feels like a real album. Like Wonho hyung, we participated a lot in choreography, writing lyrics, and composing/producing. I have more affection and I feel more attached (to the album)”.

The reason why Monsta X has more expectation and feels pressure is because this album, 'BEAUTIFUL’ is a starting point of having different kinds of 'first experiences’.

Wonho said, “For now, after 'Beautiful’ activity, we will be doing Japan activity, concert, repackage is coming out, and doing the world tour.” “It is (our) first time doing the world tour. The full album is also (our) first time and Japan activity is first time as well,” announced (Wonho), this year’s tight schedule.

Minhyuk added, “The company told us to think that we are all dead this year and work as hard as we can,” and Wonho added saying, “To be honest, we have been hearing this for three years. Every time, they say, 'this time, let’s think that we are all dead and work.’ Haha.

Minhyuk then added, “This time, we’re trying a lot of things for the first time. Last time, we did Asia tour in four cities; although we haven’t decided, it looks like we probbaly will be doing more than ten cities. For Japan activity, we have already done showcase last month and finally will be doing Japan activity formally. The recording and music video are already filmed/done.

Wonho also said, “Number of people for Japan showcase was 3,000 but number of people who applied (for showcase) was several ten thousands. I was thankful for liking us more than we expected,” and showed a gratitude to Japan fans.

That day (the day of the interview), the word Monsta X mentioned the most was 'fan’. While talking about one thing or another, Monsta X never forgot to add their appreciation/gratitude for their fans.

Especially, when the story of the fans of Monsta X recently posting a promotional video on the electronic board through TraineeDotCom was brought out, they said altogether, “We know about it. We are very thankful.

Wonho said, “We haven’t even thought about it but we are so thankful (to fans) for promoting so hard for us. To be honest, it is our job (to promote) but thankful that fans have done it and feel sorry (that they had to do it)… That’s why we want to show our best,” and expressed a great fondness towards fan.

In addition, Monsta X promised to work harder in response to the love of fans.

Shownu said, “This year (with good music), we want to be nominated for 1st place. I would be happy and pleased even if we didn’t place first but just (be picked) as a nominee”, and promised to show good music and successful outcome to repay the fans.

On the other hand, Monsta X’s first full album 'THE CLAN pt.2.5 BEAUTIFUL’ features ten songs including title song, 'Beautiful’.

The title song 'Beautiful’ is a dynamic song that combines Wars of Stars, Athena, Jooheon, and I.M, together with trap and dubstep sound. It has a finishing touch of elegant melody line with enjoyable visual and sound while giving power to the performance.

translated by monstaxtrans ϟ take out with full credit.

Questions for New Witches to Ask Themselves

Exploring these questions will help you figure out what kind of witch you are, how you like to practice, and who you can share your practice with.

  • What drew you to Wicca or Witchcraft in the first place?
  • What do you hope to get from being a Witch?
  • What moves your soul the most?  Being quiet in nature, formal ritual, high drama, music and song, spiritual practices, magick, …?
  • Do you like tradition and hierarchy, or spontaneous responses to your heart’s promptings? Or a balance between the two?
  • How important to you is being able to work magick?  What do you want to be able to do with your magick?
  • What are your esoteric skills or desires?   Divination, psychic abilities, sensing others’ emotions, sensing the Earth energy, feeling One with all existence, astral traveling, …?
  • Do you prefer to do your spiritual work alone or with others? Or both?
  • Do you feel a particular affinity for plants, animals, devas, Gaia, the stars, …?
  • Are you looking for a religion to practice from time to time, or something that permeates every aspect of your life?
  • Are there certain deities or cultures you resonate with?
  • What is the Divine, to you?
  • How important to you is living lightly on the Earth?
  • What are your long-term spiritual goals?
  • What are your values and ideals?  What kind of person do you want to be?
  • Who are you?  Underneath all your roles and masks, who are you, really?

An exhausted Evie was in such a hurry to just get back to her dorm and crash that she didn’t even notice the soft lamplight spilling out from the crack underneath the door, and as such, she was entirely surprised by Mal’s presence in the room when she unlocked the door and stepped inside.  Mal was on her bed, cozy in pajamas as she sat with her knees hugged to her chest.

“Hey,” she greeted.  The tv was on, and she absentmindedly watched.

Evie’s perfect eyebrows furrowed, very confused as to why she was seeing Mal here, already retired for the night.

“…Hi, M.  You’re back early,” she noted, shutting and locking the door behind her.  "What happened to your date?  Ben’s king stuff come up again?“

”…Not exactly.“

Evie lobbed her purse onto her bed, let the gears turn and whirl inside her head for a second, then turned back to Mal with folded arms.

"Why do you have Evasive Face?” she questioned.

“Okay, one, I don’t have a face specifically reserved for evading, and two—”

“Why do you have Evasive Face?”

A defeated smile glided into place on Mal’s expression accompanied by an equally defeated little laugh.  She couldn’t get anything over on that girl.

“…Ben and I broke up,” she announced.  "Or I broke up with Ben, whatever you want to call it.“

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Billie Holiday by Ian Johnson

Eleanora Fagan (April 7, 1915 – July 17, 1959), professionally known as Billie Holiday, was an American jazz musician and singer-songwriter with a career spanning nearly thirty years. Nicknamed “Lady Day” by her friend and music partner Lester Young, Holiday had a seminal influence on jazz music and pop singing. Her vocal style, strongly inspired by jazz instrumentalists, pioneered a new way of manipulating phrasing and tempo. She was known for her vocal delivery and improvisational skills, which made up for her limited range and lack of formal music education.


I’m not sure I know anybody who would appreciate this, but this last track in Max Richter’s score to Woolf Works (a ballet piece based on three of Virginia Woolf’s novels) is devastating. First, it’s prefaced by Gillian Anderson rendering a pitch-perfect reading of Woolf’s final letter to her husband Leonard. A little more than halfway through the piece (12 minutes in), Richter then introduces something else awfully familiar. It can’t be anything but a direct homage to Philip Glass and his score to The Hours. I consider myself formally illiterate in music, so I’m afraid all I can say about this is holy-shit-well-played.

Person at a fairy dance: They played strange music, the likes of which no instrument could recreate, and sang songs with voices no human could replicate. Around their wrists and necks hung strange jewelry, glowing in bright colors. They danced with abandon, but no grace or rhythm could be found. One of them offered a beverage, and after I drank it my head turned fuzzy. I found myself dancing with them, my actions just as wild as theirs and with no desire to leave. 
Fairy: Dude, what’s this human doing at our rave?
Other fairy: idk, just give them some punch.

No guys, you have no idea, Francesco Gabbani is iconic. Last February he competed in the Sanremo Music Festival which is the most popular italian song contest aka the MOST FORMAL music competition in Italy.
The FIRST evening he went on stage with a gorilla

THEN, the second evening, he outdid himself and dressed like THIS. In front of the snobbish jury and audience. And nevertheless HE WON the contest.

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I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive
Hank Williams with his Drifting Cowboys
I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive

Song: I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive / I Could Never Be Ashamed of You

Artist: Hank Williams with his Drifting Cowboys

Record Label: MGM Records 11366

Recorded: June 13, 1952

Location: KNOV Radio Station, Hanger 6, Bill’s Safehouse

During the “Signal from Beyond” mission in Pima, New Mexico, Agent Carter and his squad will have to fight their way to the KNOV radio station to rescue Agent Nico DaSilva. Luckily, DaSilva has planted explosive ordnance around to perimeter to help fend off the Outsiders.

However, by the time Carter reaches DaSilva, he already shows signs of Infection as this song plays in the empty station lobby.

It seems to be a favorite of DaSilva’s as it plays when he visits the Hanger 6 Research and Development facility prior to his meeting with Agent Carter.

In Bill’s safehouse in Lincoln, Massachusetts, Joel calls in a favor for an automobile to escape to city. While they scavenge for parts, Ellie manages to swipe (among other things) a compilation cassette tape featuring the songs of Hank Williams. The solemn words provide some comfort as they drive through the desolate landscape in the rain.

This song was intended to be humorous with its ironic title and chorus. However, it gained a tragic connotation with Hank Williams’ death on January 1, 1953. It would posthumously reach No. 1 on Billboard Country Singles and was covered by the Delta Rhythm Boys, Jerry Lee Lewis, as well as by his son and grandson.

External image

Born in Alabama, he was named Hiram, reflecting his parents’ Masonic connections. However, he was born with spina bifida which would cause him immense pain in his lower back throughout his life. His father would develop a brain aneurysm, leaving his mother in charge of the family.

Despite the onset of the Great Depression and losing their family home in a fire, Lillie Williams made ends meet with several side jobs and the disability pension of her husband Elonzo. Stories conflict on how Hank got his first guitar, but he learned the fundamentals of music through Rufus Payne. Williams would be able to put his talent into songwriting despite never learning formal music notation, basing his compositions on storytelling.

In 1937, Williams changed his name from Hiram to Hank to better prepare for an entry into country music. He won talent shows and performed on air for WSFA radio, funding his career to form the Drifting Cowboys. Lillie would become their manager, successfully conducting tours around the country.

However, during WWII, his band members were drafted while he was deferred due to his back condition. He continued touring with replacements, but continued to have problems with alcoholism to mitigate the pain.

By 1946, he was a successful songwriter for Sterling Records and on December 11, recorded "Never Again” and “Honky Tonkin”. They would become his first hits and earn a contract with MGM Records in 1947. He would continue with hits such as “Move It On Over”, “Lovesick Blues” and “My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It”. He made his debut at the acclaimed Grand Ole Opry, becoming the first performer to receive six encores.

He continued to release hits in the early 50s with “Cold, Cold Heart” and “Moanin’ the Blues”. In 1951, a fall during a hunting trip worsened his back pain leading to consumption and later abuse of painkillers and alcohol. His last recording session would be in September 1952 with “Your Cheatin’ Heart” and Take These Chains from My Heart".

Williams was scheduled to perform in Charleston, West Virginia on December 31, 1952. However an ice storm in Nashville hindered conditions, forcing flight cancellations. A college student, Charles Carr, was hired to drive Williams to the New Year’s Day concert in Canton, Ohio. Williams had drunk a combination of chloral hydrate and alcohol. He saw a doctor who injected vitamin B12 and some morphine. By midnight, they had crossed the state line to Virginia and stopped at an all-night restaurant. Carr asked Williams if he wanted something to eat.

Williams’ last words was his reply that he did not. Stopping for fuel in Oak Hill, West Virginia, Carr realized that Williams had passed.

Despite his short life, Hank Williams proved to be a driving force behind 20th century pop and country music. He obtained 35 singles in the Top 10 of Billboard’s County & Western Charts with 11 reaching No. 1.

Listen to the flip side “I Could Never Be Ashamed of You”.