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Ok guys, today I am bringing you a review for the new brand PS Polish and their Dream polish line.

Something to mention is that the company did reach out to me and send me their products for review but I am not paid to do this.

Ok so PS polish was created by Pardis A. Kelly (D.P.M., Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder PS Cosmeceutical) and Stefanie Grotkin (President & Co-Founder PS Cosmeceutical) who founded PS Cosmeceutical in 2012.

They claim their polish is “10 Free”, meaning it is free off:

● Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde resin
● Phthalate
● Toluene
● Camphor
● Lead
● Parabe
● Xylene
● Ethyl Tosylamide
- They say they don’t test on animals, it doesn’t stain and it is quick drying.


Let’s take a moment to talk about my expiearence with shipping and my interactions with their company/customer service.

I am going to start off by saying their customer service is either grossly understaffed or they just don’t seem to have it up and running well.

When I agreed to do a review for PS Polish I was instructed by one of their outreach personnel on how to go about placing an order online through I placed said order and it seemed to work well. But it didn’t give me a tracking number for shipping, just a notice after the order was placed that it would arrive within 7 to 10 business days. Two weeks went by and I never received the product.

I reached out to PS Polish via the e mail their outreach personnel left for me if I had any questions. Nobody ever responded to that e mail. So I tried the live chat option on the site a few times and waited several minuets for any sign of response and nobody ever responded. I tried to submit a customer support ticket but when ever I clicked submit it would redirect me to a page that gave me a 404 Error message.

It seemed there was literally no way to get in contact with this company. Had I been a paying customer I would have been VERY upset with this situation, even as a simple reviewer I was pretty frustrated because at this point it had been almost a month with a missing product.

So I gave it a last ditch effort and sent a message to them on their public Facebook page explaining the issue and telling them that this particular message would be my last attempt at contacting them and a review would come regardless of my having a product or not (which I believe they deleted because when I went back I couldn’t find it).

They eventually did respond and send me two colors and a base and top coat with a tracking number for the shipment. They did not apologize for the lack in response nor did they bother to inform me as to WHY they couldn’t or didn’t respond except for the initial contact I made with the person who acted as their outreach personnel had been let go (which I had to inquire about they didn’t readily offer me that information). However I would like to point out that they were not rude and did seem professional in their wording.

This alone is enough for me to be disinterested in ever actually ordering from them with my own money. In my expiearence the customer service is questionable at best and I truly feel that had I not made a point to make a statement on a public media platform I never would have gotten a response at all.

Take that as you will.


Let’s talk about the formula of these polishes.

They claim to be 10 Free, quick drying and nonstaining.

In my expiearence they were defiantly not quick drying. I would say they dried about the same as a normal polish. The lack of quick drying is evident in the photo I posted of the red color as I used it to stamp (it stamped beautifully by the way) over the lighter shade they sent me and after waiting several minutes it still smeared with the topcoat. If you have a topcoat that is pretty good at preventing smearing maybe you could get away with it but this defiantly smeared and stayed tacky for quite a while.

The colors do stain as well however I would say the level of staining is less significant than other polishes of the same color, even though I did use the Basecoat they sent me with both looks.

As for the colors and texture of the polishes. The red is a very lovely one coater. It’s a cream polish so it goes on pretty smooth and once it did dry it was fairly shiny. The pink took two costs to reach full opacity and I LOVE this shade. It is probably one of my favorite colors in my collection now, and it also dried shiny. Both colors are a pretty good thickness, and stay where you put them in the nail. They self level really well too.

I can’t say I care too much for the base coat, it is a typical base coat.

The topcoat is fantastic. It dried really quickly and it holds a stunning shine to it. I would say it is pretty comparable to Seche Vite in quality.


The smell…. nail polish smells how it does because nitrocellulose is dissolved in a chemical solvent called ethyl acetate. This solvent is what gives nail polish its smell. But with this polish missing several ingredients (not those two) normal polish can have I was shocked to find that it smelled like normal polish.

These polishes run about 15 bucks a polish not including shipping.

The colors are fantastic in my opinion.


Ultimately, I think the quality is pretty good and the formula is fair. But the ordeal I expiearenced with their customer service and the price point really doesn’t work for me.

Perhaps if you are allergic to one of the ingredients in normal polish that PS Polish claims to be free of, or if you don’t mind spending more for the brand name etc you may be interested in these products.

These women did work hard to bring the Dream line to nail polish lovers, so I am in no way disreguarding their effort. However, for me I don’t really find the positives of this expiearence to be worth the splurge.

I would like to see a boost in customer expiearence from them in the future.


- NailartArsenal

Please fire me. I work for a cosmetics manufacturer. For way too many of the products, the ingredients listed on the packaging and other documents DON’T MATCH UP with what we actually put in the product. A while back, we sent some samples to a new customer, who went and got them tested and came back asking us to explain why so many of the ingredients were wrong. My boss told them they must have been very old samples, got the lab to mix up a small batch of each product according to the “correct” ingredients, and then told me to put them in the right bottles to make it look like they’d actually been manufactured in our factory before sending them off for “re-testing.”

bearlytolerable  asked:

13. Yellow tea: What shampoo do you use? 
14. Peppermint tea: What is your favourite gif at the moment? 
15. Ceylon tea: Do you have a song you like, but have bad memories with?

13. Yellow tea: What shampoo do you use? 

I use Shea Moisture’s Coconut and Hibiscus and I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY’S PRODUCTS!!!!!!!! Led by black women, family owned and operated, organic, No Parabens No Phthalates No Paraffin No Mineral Oil No DEA No Petroleum No Formaldehyde No Propylene, cruelty free, free-trade, and 10% of ALL their profits goes to support women-led businesses and local communities. I’m not involved with the company in any way, I just REALLY FUCKING LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS!!!! I don’t let anything else even TOUCH my hair.
14. Peppermint tea: What is your favourite gif at the moment? 

Forever and always these:

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15. Ceylon tea: Do you have a song you like, but have bad memories with?

Um???? I can’t really think of one? I’m sure there is one, but I can’t recall any.

Pregnancy Safe Nail Polishes

If you love your mani-pedi and don’t want to take any chances, then here are some great pregnancy safe polishes to try.

They say it’s safe to paint your nails every now and then during pregnancy, but you can never be too sure! It’s always good to take extra precaution for your baby’s health as most nail polishes contain chemicals that irritate your eyes, nose, throat and lungs just by breathing it in.

External image

1. Knocked Up Nails: They have 21 shades that are all free of the 5 main polish chemicals, including formaldehyde, toluene, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate and camphor. The names are pretty unforgettable too—”O-blue-GYN” and “Red-E or Not, Here Comes Baby.” Haha.

External image

2. Scotch Naturals: each shade is 100% free from formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalates, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone and heavy metals.

External image

3. Acquarella Nail Polish: This polish is free of animal testing, vegan, non-toxic, and safe for use during pregnancy. It’s also said to helps hydrate your nails for less chipping.


The 12X36 TRIO is completed with all Millwork/Cabinets, Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances. The 12X36 features 12VDC Lighting Circuits, and a AC/DC Power Center for ‘plug-and-play’ connection to renewable power sources, such as Solar (PV) and wind. The HVAC system is comprised of an integrated, tankless domestic-hot-water system and air-handler that has a total annual carbon footprint of less than 0.5 Metric Tons annually (almost 20 times less than a conventional home). All woods are FSC certified and formaldehyde-free. The Western Red Cedar used for the exterior cladding and interior finish in the washroom is both aesthetically pleasing and has a natural resistance to mold and rot.