Clothes Vocabulary Word List

abaya anorak apparel apron ascot tie attire balaclava ball gown bandanna baseball cap bathing suit battledress beanie bedclothes bell-bottoms belt beret Bermuda shorts bib bikini blazer bloomers blouse boa bonnet   boot bow bow  tie boxer shorts boxers bra bracelet brassiere breeches briefs buckle button button-down shirt caftan camisole camouflage cap cap and gown cape capris cardigan chemise cloak clogs clothes clothing coat collar corset costume coveralls cowboy boots cowboy hat cravat crown cuff cuff links culottes cummerbund dashiki diaper dinner jacket dirndl drawers dress dress  hirt duds dungarees earmuffs earrings elastic evening gown fashion fatigues fedora fez flak jacket flannel nightgown flannel shirt flip-flops formal  wear frock fur fur coat gaiters galoshes garb gabardine garment garters gear getup gilet girdle glasses gloves gown halter top handbag handkerchief hat Hawaiian shirt hazmat suit headscarf helmet hem high heels hoodie hook and  eye hose hosiery hospital gown houndstooth housecoat jacket jeans jersey jewelry jodhpurs jumper jumpsuit kerchief khakis kilt kimono kit knickers lab coat lapel leather jacket leggings leg warmers leotard life jacket lingerie loafers loincloth longjohns long underwear miniskirt mittens moccasins muffler mumu neckerchief necklace nightgown nightshirt onesies outerwear outfit overalls overcoat overshirt pajamas panama hat pants pantsuit pantyhose parka pea coat peplum petticoat pinafore pleat pocket pocketbook polo shirt poncho poodle skirt porkpie hat pullover pumps purse raincoat ring robe rugby shirt sandals sari sarong scarf school  uniform scrubs shawl sheath dress shift shirt shoe shorts shoulder pads shrug singlet skirt slacks slip slippers smock snaps sneakers sock sombrero spacesuit Stetson hat stockings stole suit sunbonnet sundress sunglasses sun hat suspenders sweater sweatpants sweatshirt sweatsuit swimsuit T-shirt tam tank top teddy threads tiara tie tie clip tights toga togs top top coat top  hat train trench coat trunks turtleneck tutu trench coat trousers trunks tube top tunic turban turtleneck shirt tux tuxedo tweed jacket twill twin set umbrella underclothes undershirt underwear uniform veil Velcro vest vestments visor   waders waistcoat wear wedding gown Wellingtons wetsuit white tie wig windbreaker woollens wrap yoke zipper zoris   

and-i-will-wait asked you:What would you wear with the Glimmer and Dancing Dress? (I want to wear it to my high school graduation so not so high heels would be nice so I don’t trip across stage!) Hi there! Congrats on your upcoming graduation! The Glimmer and Dancing Dress would be so lovely for the occasion. Try pairing it with some low heels in a bright springtime shade like coral, teal, or lilac. From there, add a glam necklace and clutch. Hope this helps! <3 Jess, ModStylist