Paedophryne amauensis

Paedophryne amauensis is a species of frog from Papua New Guinea discovered in August 2009 and formally described in January 2012. At 7.7 mm  in length, it is considered the world’s smallest known vertebrate. P. amauensis, attaining an average body size of only 7.7 mm. The frog lives on land and its life cycle does not include a tadpole stage. Instead, members of this species hatch as ‘hoppers’: miniatures of the adults. The skeleton is reduced and there are only seven presacral vertebrae present. They are capable of jumping thirty times their body length. The frog is crepuscular and feeds on small invertebrates.

photo credits: wiki

“All I need to know in life I learned from KD: I learned that we live for each other. Teddy bears and roses can be worked into ANY decor… I learned about sisterhood… I learned that you can sing KD songs to your children… I learned to never say "I WAS a KD.” I learned that diamonds are a girls best friend… I learned recruitment week is the best of times and the worst of times… I learned that friendships do last a lifetime… I learned how beautiful memories are: bid day, initiation, homecoming… I learned that footsteps do echo and disappear but memories of laughter and sisterhood are cherished forever…“

It seems like spring is always a season of nostalgia for me, especially so this year since, you know, graduating and stuff. Today at SAI formal recruitment I was brought back to spring term 2010 all over again. We have 19 new members this term. 19. That is a lot of freaking MITs. But they are wonderful and listening to them go around the room telling us why they want to be a part of Sigma Alpha Iota made me so tearful. I was reminded again why I am constantly thankful for Delta Tau.

Because for all the whining, complaining, tension, etc. that comes from having a chapter of 50 girls, the good things are all still true. We accept each other and despite differences there will always be truth in the one thing we all have in common: music*.  We all have passion for music and we all express it in unique and wonderful ways. SAI is about coming together around music, but it’s through that coming together that we find out all the other things we love about each other. 

*(Maybe the other thing that we all have in common is that we’re all in love with PMA.)