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Very Basic German #2

1. some more regular verbs:

antworten - to respond, answer
arbeiten - to work
fragen - to ask
glauben - to believe, to think
leben - to live
lernen - to learn
machen - to make
reden - to talk
sagen - to say, tell
spielen - to play

2. Auxiliary verbs in the present tense

sein - to be

ich bin
du bist
er/sie/es ist
wir sind
ihr seid
sie sind
Sie sind

haben - to have

ich habe
du hast
er/sie/es hat
wir haben
ihr habt
sie haben
Sie haben

werden - to become, to turn into

ich werde
du wirst
er/sie/es wird
wir werden
ihr werdet
sie werden
Sie werden

3. Let’s look at some basic phrases:

Hallo - Hello
Guten Tag - Good morning (used the entire day, a more formal version of Hello in that sense)
Guten Morgen - Good morning (actually used only in the morning)
Tschüss - Bye
Auf Wiedersehen - Goodbye
Wie geht es dir? - How are you?
Mir geht es gut - I am doing well.
Mir geht es schlecht. - I am doing badly.
Wie heißt du? - What’s your name?
Ich heiße X - My name is X

4. some adjectives

alt - old
jung -young
groß -tall,big
klein - small
dick - fat
dünn - skinny
traurig - sad
glücklich - happy
hungrig - hungry
durstig - thirsty
stark - strong
schwach - weak
schön - beautiful
hässlich - ugly

heiß - hot
regnerisch - rainy
sonnig - sunny
kalt - kühl
bewölkt - cloudy

5. You can now describe someone on a basic level and talk about the weather.

for example:

It is cloudy. - Es ist bewölkt.
He is hungry. - Er ist hungrig.
She is beautiful. - Sie ist hübsch.

Keep practicing verb conjugations and try to make some easy sentences. Next lesson will be about definite and indefinite articles and some nouns!!


Y’know, I’ve been using “Jurassic Park with Faeries” as a shorthand description/summary for my current WIP. But the more I think about it, the more I think that a sentence from one of my recent chapters - 

A few grumbled—quietly, under their breath—that human-faery dalliances were all well and good for tragic ballads, but it was quite another thing when it became such a regular occurrence that the resulting progeny required an entirely new field of cooperative medicine and legal formalization of their dual or singular citizenship status.

- is actually a pretty good summary too.

2# Vocablist

조언을 해줘. - Give me advice. (informal)

난 그위 골수 팬이야. - I’m a huge fan of him. (informal)

난 조금 늦을 거예요. - I’ll be a bit late. (formal) 

우리는 방법을 찾을 거야. - We’ll find a way. (informal)

그냥 몸만와. - Just bring yourself. (informal) 

집안 내력이야. - It runs in the family. (informal)

Sorry these are like super random, but they came to my mind like that.

I also tought that putting informal or formal behind them would be a good idea, for those who are actually learning korean. 

YEAH GUESS WHAT I’VE BEEN WATCHING RECENTLY!! If you guessed cute boys crying you’re correct

Even though he’s Count Troyard now I think he still looks cutest in his lower…class (what is it called idek) uniform  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hey there! I'm going to be a senior in high school next month, and I'm incredibly interested in pursuing a career in game design. The thing is, while I've been playing around with programming in my down time, my high school doesn't offer any actual computer classes, and I'm worried a lack of preparation might really screw me over when I go to college. Is there any way a student not given opportunities in advanced math and computer classes can study a field like computer science? Thank you!

If your primary focus is on programming, you want to become a good programmer first and become a good game programmer second. I didn’t actually formally learn any computer science until I reached the university level either. I started with the introduction to computer science classes, and worked my way up from there. If you’re going to a university, I wouldn’t worry about not learning it in high school. Just make sure that you have a solid math foundation and understand the concept of proof by induction, and pay attention in your theory and lower division classes once you get to college. School is a place to learn, whether at elementary or university level. Be a good student, go to office hours and talk to the professors and TAs to explain what you don’t understand.

That said, if you are planning on studying computer science for game programming specifically, here’s the list of topics I’ve found to be particularly useful. This is by no means comprehensive, but I have found myself thinking “I’m so glad I learned this in school” more than once about each of these.

  • Algorithms, Big O Notation, and how to calculate your program’s run time
  • Data structures and how to store data. Many times, the solution lies in finding the right structure to solve the problem.
  • Object-oriented principles at work. Object-oriented programming has four fundamental principles - inheritance, encapsulation, dynamic dispatch, and polymorphism. I’ve found myself referring to all four of them quite often.

  • Proof by induction, and just what this means.
  • A rock-solid understanding of trigonometry. How the angle, sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant relate to each other.
  • Matrix math, specifically multiplication and inversion.
  • Vector math. Normalization, addition, and subtraction, especially in 3 dimensions
  • More advanced vector math. How vectors are used to represent planes, and the concepts of the dot and cross product.

It’s ok if you don’t jump into the super advanced subjects right away. Work on building a solid foundation and understanding of these concepts - the more advanced subjects are built on them, and a shaky foundation will lead to confusion when things get advanced.


Dia knows better than to expect any productivity when she meets with the school director to discuss club fundings.

Mari’s got her shoes propped up on her desk and a pile of untouched paperwork carelessly strewn to the side like scraps. Her eyes light up when Dia knocks on the door (which is left wide open, meant to invite any students who may wander by) and her feet slam down to the floor. She’s already got her arms wide open, as if she expects Dia to dive in for a hug.


“Hello, Director.” How curt. Dia strides over and deposits the forms on her desk, refusing to acknowledge the gesture. “Have you gone over the budget plan as I had requested?”

“Oh, nooo, I thought that was your job. Student Council President, yes~?”

A muscle beneath Dia’s left eye twitches. “That may be, but the director must review it before any finalizations.”

Mari hums and tilts her head back, arms loosely crossed over her chest. The sun’s beating through the window and drawing sweat over her fair skin, something Dia takes notice of for approximately two seconds. The top button of her shirt is undone.

In the end, Mari is still her superior here, she has to remind herself.

“Tell you what. I’ll just say I read and approved everything, because I trust your judgment and I don’t wanna bore myself to sleep. O-K?”


A compliment is still a compliment, and Dia is caught off guard enough that a bit of color rises to her cheeks. Mari seals it in place with a playful wink. Dia even forgets to argue back.

“Dia-san.” Oh, now she’s just making fun of her. “By the way, when are you ever gonna drop the formality?”

That’s a good question, actually. Dia seizes the opportunity to reel her composure back in and she straightens her back, stiffly gathering the forms and ordering them out with a couple taps on the desk.

“If that is all then, Director,” she sneers, though there’s no real malice in it.

The corners of Mari’s eyes crinkle and she huffs. “Well, Miss President…”

“I’ll see you after school.” Dia pauses at the door, glancing over her shoulder with a disdainful smile. Her cheeks are still tinged. “Mari-san.”

Bashing Trump for no reason

So hours after the Charlottesville attack
Trump made a statement essential condemning violence in strongest possible terms and people got pissed why?
Thats easy
“Cause he didnt make a statement sooner”
Then when he made the statement people now are bashing him cause he didnt say what the media wanted him to say he essentially said “dont be violent both sides are to blame” people got pissed cause he didn’t explicitly mention the KKK or the white supremacists I found him not be the best president I have seen worse presidents but now I think this bullshit really? Cause he didn’t mention a group of people and he didn’t say something sooner god damn people need to calm down and stop bashing him for saying something actually good and being more formal than normal.

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Imagine Claire taking Jamie through the stones and ordering a battery of vaccines and tests and doctors are shocked by his medical history and the scars on his back

Vietnam AU Part 1

Vietnam AU Part 2

Vietnam AU Part 3

Claire extended a hand toward the visitor.

“Dr. Gowan – so nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about your work.”

The doctor – a bespectacled, older gentleman carrying a battered satchel – doffed his cap.

“The pleasure is all mine, Nurse Randall. And I’m pleasantly surprised that you’ve heard of my work.”

Claire smiled kindly, noticing the mud splattered on the neurosurgeon’s olive trousers. “Well, reading your studies of the impact of combat injuries on the cerebellum are an interesting way to spend the time here at Chu Lai. We’re a bit short on other forms of entertainment.”

Dr. Gowan shook his head. “Well then – I’m impressed. And as for our soldier here – Joe told me a bit about him, but perhaps you can fill in the details?”

“Of course. Can you help me wheel him to one of the examination rooms? I don’t want to disturb the other patients.”

And a few moments later they had carefully guided Jamie’s bed to the room adjoining the doctors’ offices. Dr. Gowan had politely introduced himself to Jamie – who had gripped his hand and whispered something in return – and now in the spare room, he pulled up a wheeled stool directly to Jamie’s side.

“…and it seems to be some kind of dysphasia, as he’s lost the ability to speak English. But he hasn’t lost his ability to speak Gaelic – and he can understand English perfectly well. His back is healing well – no infection – so I doubt the injury is contributing to the condition.”

Dr. Gowan glanced up as Joe Abernathy padded into the room and sat behind the desk, but proceeded with his examination of Jamie’s vitals.

“That’s good – move your eyes to the left. Now to the right. Splendid.”

He jotted down his observations in a dog-eared notebook, so worn from use its shape had conformed to the angles of his battered satchel.

“Now – Captain Fraser. Tell me about your family.”

Jamie furrowed his brow, but began to speak.

And spoke, eyes darting between Dr. Gowan and Dr. Abernathy – but always returning to Claire. Short, quick. Piercing her heart.

After a while he paused, glancing to Claire. She recognized need when she saw it, and quickly rose to help him sip a cup of water.

“Hu chen-na?”

Joe, Claire, and Jamie’s heads swiveled to Dr. Gowan.

Jamie coughed in shock.

“Hu chen-na?” Dr. Gowan repeated.

“You never told me you spoke Gaelic, Ned!” Joe exclaimed. “You could have saved us a lot of trouble – ”

To Claire’s surprise, the older man blushed. “Oh no no no, I don’t really *speak* the language. My great-granddad immigrated from Edinburgh, and taught me a few words when I was small. I just asked Captain Fraser about his mother.”

Jamie’s reply was soft, full of feeling.

This was a man who loved women, Claire realized. And not for the obvious reasons – because he genuinely cares. He reveres them.

*He would revere you, Claire.*

But she shook the thought – warm but traitorous – from her head. No. No – she had to keep to what she’d said to him earlier.

But why did she feel such a gaping hole in her chest?

“Well. No obvious signs of trauma – and he can answer questions asked in the same language. His Gaelic is perfect – were you taught from birth?”

Jamie nodded, wincing as the motion pulled at his wounds.

“So – I assume you already did an x-ray when he came in? To check for bleeding on the brain?”

“Yes – and there was no swelling that we could find.” Joe tapped his fingers on the desk, pulling his collar away from his neck with his free hand. Despite the fans lazily circling overhead, it was impossible to escape the near-oppressive humidity. “But that was three days ago – I hadn’t thought of doing another one. You think it would be a good idea?”

“It couldn’t hurt – and I’ll be staying the night anyway. Nurse Randall – could you make the arrangements?”

“Of course.” Any time to just be near Jamie – as long as he couldn’t touch her. She wouldn’t be able to honor her promise if she was touching him.

She rose. “I’ll leave you three to it – will go speak with Alec.”

She smiled at them – and Jamie’s eyes, open wide, followed her to the door.

Past dinner now – and Claire was finally off duty.

Drs. Gowan and Abernathy had invited her to dinner in the officers’ mess – a rare treat. Ned had wanted to hear more about her interest in his work – and finally able to share her clear love for all things medical with an esteemed doctor, Claire was in her element.

“See, Ned – I told you. She’s a natural. She’d be a shoo-in for any medical school that wanted her, especially after spending time at Chu Lai. There isn’t anyone else I’d want next to me in the OR than this gal here.”

Claire had blushed – and her heart had lifted at Joe’s praise. She worked so hard to be recognized for her brain, and perhaps with the goal of attending medical school front and center in her mind, that could take her focus away from Jamie.

But when Joe had gone back to the bar to get them another round – the booze was certainly better here than in the mess hall – Dr. Gowan had hunched across the table.

“I told you my Gaelic isn’t perfect – but I know enough. And Captain Fraser – Jamie – when I took him for the x-ray, he gripped my hand and asked me to tell you something.”

Claire stiffened, heart skittering in her chest.

“What did he say?” she breathed.

“Let me get this right – the language is actually quite formal. Ah. He said that you take very good care of him. He said – tell her I’m grateful. Tell her I trust her to make the right decision. And tell her that I understand.”

She released a shaky breath, laying her trembling palms flat on the table. Frank’s gold ring jeered at her in the fluorescent light.

“Claire – it’s none of my business. I won’t pretend to understand it – but that man is *drawn* to you. That is something very, very rare. And I recommend you take the gift that is being offered.”

“Why so serious?” Joe slammed down three more tall beers. “This party is just getting started!”

Claire swallowed, suddenly incapable of speech.

Two hours and five drinks later, Claire – surprisingly steady – decided to walk the long way back to her quarters.

If by the long way, she meant walking through the recovery ward.

What was it that drew her to him so? Yes, he was good-looking. Yes, he was clean-cut – a Marine Captain, and a brave one, after all.

His voice was beautiful. His hands were beautiful. His flaming hair was beautiful.

They had never truly had a conversation – so why did she feel she’d learned more about *who* he was, and in three days, than she’d ever learned about any other person?

And then her feet had led her to his bed. From the gentle rise and fall of his bandages she could tell he was in a deep, restorative sleep. The painkillers undoubtedly helped – but he needed as much rest as he could get.

What did he dream about?

Powerless to stop herself, she stepped to his side and knelt to be eye-to-eye with his heartbreakingly beautiful face.

And watched her fingers reach out to gently tuck a few loose strands of hair behind his ear.

And felt her heart stop as his lips curved into a smile.

11849) I feel like at the rate I'm going, I'm not going to lose enough weight to look good at formal. I'm actually contemplating not going because I just keep binging and gaining. I feel so pathetic.