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My muggle boyfriend has invited me to go to his older brother's wedding as his 'add one' (I believe that's what he said) and I'm not sure what I should be wearing. He told me that he isn't ready for them to know that I'm a wizard and I need to blend in. I asked him to help me find an outfit and he said to just wear 'a nice suit'. A nice suit of what? I'm very confused, and I don't want to embarrass him in front of his parents because they already don't like me much. Please help! Thank you.

When going to a muggle wedding we suggest that you wear a cotton or polyester blend suit. Above are a few examples of appropriate suits. The more flowered and flamboyant the better! This is traditional formal wear for a muggle wedding and will surely impress the parents of your boyfriend. Good luck!

All The Small Things 2

Whenever Tom shows up just to see Star, he’s always dressed formally and in a suit.

((This is especially noticeable in Mr Candle Cares, because it’s clear the only reason he changed into his suit WAS just to see Star))

Although upon visiting Marco, he’s perfectly fine wearing his normal garb.

Might not seem like much, but i think you can assume that he wants Star to think highly of him and continue to see him in a good light by dressing well.

He does think highly of Star’s opinion of him, so it kinda makes sense he wants to continue to seem impressive.

He might have not dressed up to visit Marco because at this point Marco and him are more of acquaintances and he has no need to impress Marco (Who he knows isn’t a big fan of him right now).

But maybe it’s also possible Tom is much more comfortable being his normal self around Marco that he feels no need to try to be someone he’s not simply to make Marco tolerate like him.

Maybe in more future episodes Tom and Marco will express more comfort towards each other, they already state they still hang out and clearly have grown to enjoy the other’s presence enough to do so on a regular basis:

I hope we get to see them hang out and grow closer in future episodes, watching these two enjoy one another’s presence and be able to be open with each other is just refreshing to watch.

Ichigo and Rukia

This is a scene from chapter fifteen in my fanfic Dragon Infatuation. Ichigo and Rukia are arguing as is usual. Their poses are based on the silhouettes of them in the very first opening of the anime. 

Ichigo is wearing a zoot suit, and Rukia is wearing a white dress with blue lace pattern and train. 

Here’s a link if you are interested: