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Preview of my shot for @gemanimate! I have NO idea how to show a WIP for Toon Boom Harmony work since rough animation in this program would just look like straight tweens with no polish (arcs, secondary actions, overlapping actions, drag, squash and stretch, etc). So, uh, have a screencap of my workspace. 

This was also my first time formally tackling the program, so it’s been quite the journey in learning how to build, rig, composite, and animate in it!


Secret World War II Chemical Experiments Tested Troops By Race

As a young U.S. Army soldier during World War II, Rollins Edwards knew better than to refuse an assignment.

When officers led him and a dozen others into a wooden gas chamber and locked the door, he didn’t complain. None of them did. Then, a mixture of mustard gas and a similar agent called lewisite was piped inside.

“It felt like you were on fire,” recalls Edwards, now 93 years old. “Guys started screaming and hollering and trying to break out. And then some of the guys fainted. And finally they opened the door and let us out, and the guys were just, they were in bad shape.”

Edwards was one of 60,000 enlisted men enrolled in a once-secret government program — formally declassified in 1993 — to test mustard gas and other chemical agents on American troops. But there was a specific reason he was chosen: Edwards is African-American.

“They said we were being tested to see what effect these gases would have on black skins,” Edwards says.

An NPR investigation has found evidence that Edwards’ experience was not unique. While the Pentagon admitted decades ago that it used American troops as test subjects in experiments with mustard gas, until now, officials have never spoken about the tests that grouped subjects by race.

For the first time, NPR tracked down some of the men used in the race-based experiments. And it wasn’t just African-Americans. Japanese-Americans were used as test subjects, serving as proxies for the enemy so scientists could explore how mustard gas and other chemicals might affect Japanese troops. Puerto Rican soldiers were also singled out.

White enlisted men were used as scientific control groups. Their reactions were used to establish what was “normal,” and then compared to the minority troops.

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Hello! I actually live in Abilene, TX. I am still in high school, but I really want to become an entomologist. I was wondering if you knew about anything in Texas that can help me on my way to becoming an entomologist, or if you have any tips? Thanks! :) I hope you have a wonderful day!

Hi there! Yes, I absolutely know some things you can do.

Entomology for Beginners: Solitary Activities

Go out and look for bugs! 
Even if you don’t have time to go on hikes or walks specifically to look for bugs, you’d be surprised what you can find in your daily life if you look closely enough. A few years ago, I would walk through a park to campus every day. The walk was only 10-15 minutes long, but I saw so many fun things just from looking around me.

Pay attention to the common things
Look closely at them. Ants, flies, bees, spiders, cockroaches, crickets, etc. See how close you can get to them. Pay attention to their anatomy–how does one ant differ from another you’ve seen? What do you notice about the shape of the fly’s eyes? Does the cricket have wings or not? How long are the antennae? You could do this very casually, or you could keep a little notepad to take notes. Look up some anatomy diagrams for different orders of insects and find them on living individuals.

Hatch eggs/raise young
A few months ago, I started finding insect eggs in my yard. I took them to watch them hatch and document each life stage. Some eggs were moth/butterfly eggs, some were stinkbug eggs. I wasn’t able to identify the stinkbug eggs, and when stinkbugs are growing, they change dramatically in appearance between each molt. Each species of stinkbug can have 6 or more totally different coloration patterns, all of which look nothing like the adult. I wanted to raise them to document each life stage and create a record linking them to the adults. I learned so much doing this, and if you have the time and resources, see if you can find a caterpillar or a nymph and raise it to adulthood. You’ll learn the importance of host plants, you’ll see what happens when they grow and molt, you’ll see very interesting behaviors you wouldn’t normally see in the wild. If you don’t have a container to raise bugs in, use a mason jar with a canning ring holding fabric or paper towel over the opening (don’t poke holes in a lid, the insects can get injured on the sharp edges). I’m planning to write up a guide to raising insects at some point, but for now, feel free to ask more questions and I’ll help you out.

Browse BugGuide [link]!
Find a bug you see all the time, and take its photo (or keep it in a jar) so you can look at it while trying to identify it as far as you can go. I may not know a lot of insect families from memory, but I’ve had a lot of practice going through the guides and looking for distinguishing features. It took me a long time to figure out how the site is organized. Start with the guide page [link], and click on the taxa that fits your bug. Use the tabs at the top to go between Browse (compares all taxa within the selected group), Info (in-depth information about the selected taxa), and Photos (all user submitted photos with verified IDs). 

If you see something and you are totally stuck, you can submit a photo to their ID Request page, and somebody will usually tell you what it is and provide a link to a guide page within a few days. If your photo quality is good enough, they’ll even add it to the guide.

Document your observations on iNaturalist [link]! I LOVE iNaturalist, and I credit it for helping me learn most of what I know. You take photos and upload them to your profile. If you take photos with your cellphone, iNaturalist will use the GPS data and time/data data to document where and when you took the photo, and this information is used to document what species are present in an area at any given time. A lot of university and state projects use iNaturalist data for their research and for obtaining grant money. 

Another thing I love about iNaturalist: it has tools that help you identify what you’ve seen. If you know something is a stinkbug, but you have no idea what kind, iNaturalist’s “compare” tool will show you the most common stinkbugs in your area. Just last year, I didn’t know the difference between a rice stink bug and a brown stink bug, but thanks to iNaturalist and the community of people who use it, now I can instantly identify most stink bugs to species level without looking them up. A screenshot of iNaturalist’s compare tool page is below.

Even better: iNaturalist is a community of people who love nature. It’s a mix of amateurs (like me!), state wildlife employees, and professional naturalists (professors of entomology, ornithology, etc). These people will go through observations and provide IDs, and they will comment on things telling you how you know it’s one species vs another, why it can’t be what you thought it was, etc. Even though it’s online and seems impersonal, I have “met” a ton of people on iNaturalist–everybody is friendly and very willing to help you learn. I have interacted with some people enough that when we end up unexpectedly meeting in person (which has happened a few times!), we both get very excited to finally meet! If you join iNaturalist, send me a message there and I will follow you and help you learn. My profile is here (username: nanofishology) [link]

Entomology for Beginners: Social Activities/Formal Education

Contact the Big Country Master Naturalists
This is the Master Naturalist chapter for Abilene [link] and the surrounding area. Master Naturalists are a group of trained volunteers in Texas who aim to increase the public’s appreciation of natural resources in Texas. I don’t know how active their chapter is, but according to their facebook page [link], they have regular guided hikes in Abilene State Park. If you let them know you are interested in entomology, they might be able to connect you with somebody who can mentor you.

Summer Research Programs
There are a few universities that run formal summer research programs for high school students. It’s too late to apply for this summer, but keep these in mind for next year. Not all are entomology, but even a general biology program will expose you to useful information. A couple sites that list multiple opportunities:
Biology & Biotechnology Paid Co-op/Internship Opportunities
Pathways to Science - High School Programs

Outside of formal programs, there are many professors who will take in high school students to work on research projects during the summer. I looked at colleges around Abilene and didn’t see any specific entomology departments, but you could contact professors at other universities and see if they offered paid summer internships. To find professors: go to a university’s website and navigate to the biology department. There will be a “faculty” page, typically with the professors’ areas of research listed, and you can scroll through until you find one who studies something that interests you. Look at their lab’s website, and when you find somebody who does research that sounds interesting to you, email them! Introduce yourself, ask if they offer summer internships for high school students or if they have a colleague who does. You may not find anything, but it never hurts to ask!

Zoos and Museums
Zoos and museums are a great place to learn about insects. If you have a chance to volunteer at one, that would definitely give you some good experience. I didn’t see a natural history museum in Abilene, but there is the Abilene Zoo. They have a summer teen internship program, and while it doesn’t seem to have any entomology component, you’d still get experience with animals and husbandry. When you are first starting out, it’s a good idea to have a solid foundation in the basics of biology, so that when you learn about arthropods, the concepts are more intuitive and you can see connections between all different forms of life.

More informally, if you have a chance to travel to a science museum, definitely do it. If you go on a trip, say to Dallas or Houston, and you have plans to visit a natural history museum, try emailing them in advance and request a behind-the-scenes tour with the entomology department. You’d be amazed the opportunities you can get if you know to ask for them. Most people who work in biology at museums or universities LOVE sharing their passion with people, and making connections earlier will help you build a strong network of mentors and colleagues as you progress in your education and career. 

This Isn’t Acting, it’s True Love

A/N: I’m not so sure about the ending, but I’m going to post it because its almost two in the morning. Enjoy my lovelies! :3 -Admin Germane

Summary: What started out as a fake romance on “We Got Married”, suddenly blossoms into something more.

Word Count: 2105

It started out like any other Saturday morning at the EXO dormitory. The morning had come too early, and with sleepy minds and empty bellies, the eight EXO members made their way to the dining room to be served breakfast by D.O who was unarguably the best cook in the residence. As “good mornings” and complaints of hungry tummies were exchanged between the members, D.O had finished his cooking and began serving out portions of food to his bandmates.

“Ah, thank you hyung for breakfast.” Kai said, flashing D.O a smile before tucking in to his food.

“I swear Kyungsoo-yah, you’re more of an eomma than Junmyeon-hyung ever was.” Chen said as D.O handed him his food.

“Yah! All Kyungsoo does is cook the food, but who was the one who went through all the tears and bloodshed to raise you!” Suho said, looking up over his second cup of coffee to stare at Chen from the head of the table.

D.O saw Sehun roll his eyes in annoyance at his hyungs bickering, it was way to early for this and D.O silently agreed this to himself as he finally sat down at the table with his own food. But just as D.O sat down, there was a knock at the door. Chanyeol excused himself to go answer the door, although D.O thought he decided to leave the table to escape the childish argument that Chen and Suho were having.

But when Chanyeol returned to the table with a camera crew following behind him, the bickering ended instantly and the chewing of food had stopped momentarily as the once tired EXO members suddenly perked up. The first camera man walked up to D.O and handed him a red envelope, and it took the camera mans full willpower to not laugh at the expression on D.O’s face.

With his cheeks stuffed with food and his eyes blown wide, D.O quickly swallowed his food and took the envelope from the camera man, giving him a nod of his head in thanks. As he opened up the envelope, Baekhyun and Xiumin kept leaning over D.O’s shoulders to see what the envelope could contain.

“Aish,” D.O sighed as he read the letter, his cheeks blushing a furious red. Next to him, Baekhyun laughed as he snatched the letter from D.O’s slacked hand.

“Ha! Kyungsoo’s going on ‘We Got Married’!” Baekhyun laughed, placing the letter down on the table in front of D.O.

“What?! Are you for real?” Chen exclaimed, snatching up the letter and reading it for himself. D.O just sat there in shock, trying to control his blushing face.

D.O’s thoughts raced. Him? On 'We Got Married’? No, there had to be some sort of mistake. But it wasn’t, because his name was printed out clearly on the letter in neat print. A box was placed down in front of him, breaking D.O of his thoughts as he looked up at another camera man that had placed the box down in front of him.

“Change.” D.O read off the top of the box. He looked between his members wearily as he picked up the box and headed towards the bathroom; he could hear the notorious beagle line entertaining the camera men and the soon-to-be audience as he walked down the hall.

D.O opened the box and pulled out a tuxedo, dress shoes, and a dark red tie. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and sighed to himself. He mumbled words of encouragement to himself as he changed, pulling on all the articles of clothing he was given. D.O fixed up his hair and after a quick glance in the mirror, he returned out to the dining room with his shoes in his hands.

“Aww! Kyungsoo-hyung you look so handsome!” Kai fawned over D.O when he finally returned. D.O sent Kai a tentative smile before he was pulled forward by his tie by Suho.

“Aish, D.O you need to learn how to properly tie a tie.” Suho fussed as he fixed the youngers tie, making D.O blush with embarrassment as the cameras captured his every move.

“Hyung, please, I got to go meet my wife.” D.O said, his cheeks glowing brighter as he said the word 'wife’.

“Okay, okay. Aww, my babies are growing up so fast.” Suho teased, wiping away fake tears.

“Yah, Junmyeon, enough with the parent jokes, let the man go.” Xiumin told Suho. Xiumin smiled at D.O and raised up his fist in encouragement.

“Fighting D.O!” Xiumin said, making the other members do the same as they walked him out of the dorm, wishing him luck and telling him they’ll be watching the premiere of the show when it comes out. Once the door was closed behind him, D.O looked at the camera men and took a deep breath.

“Where am I going again?”
D.O now sat in a comfy little café at a two person table, waiting for his “wife” to come in and meet him. D.O looked at one of the cameramen and started messing around with his hair.

“Do I look okay?” he asked the camera as he used the reflective lens as a mirror. D.O couldn’t remember the last time his heart had beat this much before. He was nervous to meet his “wife”, what if she didn’t like him? What if it was someone he didn’t like? Or what if it was Y/N?

No, D.O thought, what are the chances of the show pairing him up with his idol crush? He sighed in anticipation, tapping his foot out of nerves.

“Alright, D.O, your wife is waiting outside the door. We need you to cover your eyes and turn around okay?” one of the cameraman said, making D.O’s heart beat even faster. He nodded his head and followed the instructions, trying to hear his “wife” come into the building.

“Oppa?” he heard a females voice call out teasingly, making D.O’s heart flutter.

“Turn around.” the female said, and D.O did. He turned around and dropped his hands only to see Y/N standing there. D.O laughed and smiled, covering his hand over his mouth in embarrassment as he knelt down towards the ground out of shock, his cheeks flaring up again. Y/N laughed at D.O’s actions; she found it extremely adorable that he was so happy to see her come in.

D.O, still smiling, stood up from his position on the ground and moved towards his new “wife”. It was Y/N. D.O couldn’t believe it, she was even prettier in person. And the red dress that she was wearing matched the color of his tie, making him blush at the fact they were wearing matching colors. He extended his hand out to her and gave her a shy smile.

“Hi, I’m Kyungsoo.” he said as they shook hands. God, her skin was so soft, D.O thought.

“I know. And I’m Y/N.” she smiled, almost stunning D.O with how much more beauty she had in person.

“I know.” D.O admitted shyly, smiling at her. A short, awkward moment passed between them as the two just stared and smiled at each other. When D.O finally realized that they were both still standing he flushed.

“O-Oh, I’m sorry. Here, please sit.” D.O said, his voice shaking in the beginning as he pulled out a chair for Y/N. Y/N giggled and thanked D.O, sitting down at the small table and watching D.O hurry to sit down at the other side. Another moment of awkward silence and staring happened before D.O asked Y/N if she’d like anything to drink, his cheeks remaining a bright red the whole time.
This is going to be a long show, D.O thought to himself as he called over a waiter.
However as the weeks passed, D.O and Y/N had grown very close. D.O now no longer blushed when talking to his “wife” but instead carried on conversations and initiated flirting sessions between the two of them. And the challenges and missions that the show had given the couple made them even closer. The cooking mission they had on their eighth day of being married was the real turning point in the relationship, D.O thought.

He had been suave and gentlemanly as he and Y/N cooked together. He had stood close behind Y/N as he guided her hand to chop vegetables, his chest touching her back as their fingers intertwined with each other’s. Not to mention how he got to place cute little kisses to Y/N’s wrist when she accidently burned her wrist on the stove, letting D.O finally see the girl blush a faint pink, making a smile play on his plush lips.

The close contact between the two made the ratings increase dramatically, making the producers happy as well. But with this, the producers thought the more contact the two could have would be better for viewers. So on the fourteenth day of being married to each other, the PD had informed the two that they will be moving into an apartment for the rest of the program, having the two live together.

“Are you sure you’re comfortable with this Y/N?” D.O asked her as he helped her carry her stuff into the apartment, trying to ignore the many cameras placed around the apartment.

“Yeah, I’m fine with this. Besides, now will actually be like a true married couple!” she said happily, making D.O smile at her positivity. D.O placed the last box of clothes in their shared room, huffing at the intense labor of moving.

The day went on like normal, the two of them went to a local park and had a date together. They held hands as they strolled about the park until Y/N spotted a swing set, running towards it like a child would. D.O smiled at her actions and followed her to the swings, admiring her beautiful smile that seemed to glow under the slightly overcast sky.

“Kyungsoo-oppa! Can you push me?” Y/N asked, making D.O’s heart clench in love.

“Of course jagi.” he said, pushing her back and forth on the swing. The nicknames were merely a formality for the program, but really D.O liked hearing Y/N call him “oppa”. And he’d be lying if he said that he didn’t truly like Y/N. After being “married” her for two weeks, his tiny crush had grown into a full out attraction for the idol. He didn’t know if Y/N felt the same, but D.O did know that he’d enjoy the relationship they have now for as long as it lasts.

As the sun began to set, the two made their way back to the apartment, swinging their locked hands as they walked. Dinner was a normal affair that night, but when the two had started to get ready for bed was when D.O’s nerves had started to come back.

They had to share the full sized bed that was in their tiny bedroom, making D.O’s hands sweat out of nervousness. He rubbed his hands on his sweatpants, trying to wipe away some of the perspiration, but that was when Y/N stepped out of the bathroom, making D.O stop what he was doing just to stare at her.

She was wearing an oversized t-shirt that stopped at the middle of her thighs, leaving her legs exposed for D.O to run his eyes along. D.O swallowed as he felt his cheeks start to heat up, there was no way he could do this, especially with all the cameras focusing on the two of them. He watched as Y/N took a seat next to him on the bed, her shy smile making him feel more at ease. At least he wasn’t the only one that was nervous.

“Well, I guess we should sleep right? Tomorrow will be a busy day.” Y/N spoke softly, making D.O nod in agreement.

“Yeah, we should.” D.O said before turning off the lights and getting under the covers. Even though the room was dark, he knew that the cameras probably had night vision mode so he tried to keep his distance from Y/N, both for her comfort and the viewers comfort.

“Oppa?” Y/N said out in the darkness.

“Yeah?” D.O asked.

“Do you think we could cuddle?” she asked. Sure, they have cuddled before on camera, but now in this situation the idea seemed foreign to D.O.

“Sure, come here.” D.O agreed anyways, allowing Y/N to move into his arms. Her head rested on the top of his chest, her arms moving to wrap themselves around D.O’s waist. D.O’s arms were wrapped around Y/N’s back, his head resting just above her own.

“Are you comfortable?” D.O whispered to her. He felt her nod her head and D.O smiled into the darkness, loving the feeling of having Y/N in his arms. Out of instinct, D.O kissed her forehead.

D.O heard Y/N’s breath hitch in her throat and then D.O suddenly realized his mistake. That had been the first kind of kiss they had exchanged since the cooking incident, making D.O blush.

“I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” D.O apologized, making Y/N giggled into his chest.

“It’s okay Kyungsoo, I actually liked it a lot.” Y/N admitted, nudging her head further into D.O’s chest. D.O’s breath hitched and his heart started to race. She actually liked it?

D.O didn’t know if it was the boldness of the first kiss that spurred him on, or if courage had just decided to well up inside him, but he gently cupped Y/N’s cheek, pulling her into a soft first kiss.

D.O heard her gasp softly at the contact, his lips gently brushing over her own. When he felt Y/N press back against his lips is when D.O relaxed his body, allowing his lips to move gently against her own. His hand rubbed Y/N’s back as they shared a sweet first kiss together, all of it being captured on camera. D.O pulled away and gently stroked Y/N’s cheek with his thumb.

“Y/N. I know we’ve been living a fake relationship, but I’ve grown to like you for real over these past weeks. And, if you want, maybe we wouldn’t have to pretend to be in a relationship anymore, but we can have a real one instead. What do you say? Would you be my girlfriend?” D.O asked, his heart beating so hard he swore it could fly out of his chest. Y/N just giggled and pecked D.O’s cheek.

“Yes Kyungsoo, I would love to.” Y/N blushed, snuggling even closer to D.O’s body. D.O smiled into the darkness and kissed the top of Y/N’s head.

“Goodnight jagi, sleep well.” he told her. D.O and Y/N soon fell asleep in each others arms, their fake relationship becoming reality with the promise of a beautiful and real romance starting when the sun touches the horizon tomorrow morning.

Canada pledges $20M for women's entrepreneurship program

Canada will contribute $20 million Cdn to help female entrepreneurs in developing countries, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Saturday while he attended the G20 summit in Hamburg.

He joined other leaders in congratulating the World Bank on news that it was launching the public-private loan program, an initiative championed by U.S. President Donald Trump’s his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Initial funding of $325 million US for the project includes large donations from Germany, the United States, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the bank said. Trump has said the U.S. will commit $50 million US to the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi). 

The program, formally rolled at the summit, will address the difficulty women-owned small and medium-sized businesses face in developing countries. It’s estimated 70 per cent of these businesses either cannot get loans from financial institutions or obtain financing that meets their needs.

“Canada’s support for We-Fi complements our new Feminist International Assistance Policy, which recognizes that gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls are the best way to build a more peaceful, inclusive and prosperous world,” Trudeau said in a statement.  

“Though Ivanka Trump will be an advocate for We-Fi moving forward, the White House has said she will play no operational, administrative or fund-raising role in the initiative,” CNN reports.

Trump on Saturday praised his daughter, Ivanka, and acknowledged the challenges he has added to her life.

In a rare, self-deprecating moment, the president said during remarks in Hamburg that he’s been proud of his eldest daughter from “day one.”

“If she weren’t my daughter it would be so much easier for her,” he said, adding with a laugh: “That might be the only bad thing she has going, if you want to know the truth.”

The candid aside came as Trump was speaking at the launch of a new women’s entrepreneurship fund that Ivanka Trump helped bring together.​

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How is agent sterling from the naturals a natural? Did her father contribute to her becoming a natural? What happened in her childhood that made her become a natural?

Agent Sterling isn’t a Natural–none of the adult FBI agents in the series are. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have some degree of natural talent–it just means that they’re more likely to be in the top 1% on natural ability than to actually be “one in a million (or billion!)” the way the teens are. For the adults, their current abilities are a combination of a good level of natural talent that has been honed through intensive training they received in adulthood. They’re very, very good! Sometimes, the combination of training/experience/natural ability that they have beats the actual Naturals, who *are* one in a billion, and whose abilities have been honed through childhood experiences, but who (at least when they join the program) lack formal training and experience.

Some thoughts about learning history

So, a lot of people (like 100,000) have reblogged my history post. A lot of them have notes about “how do I learn history like this?” and so on.

I’m just a nerd, not a real historian, but here are some basic outlines about “how to get into the history of a time and place.”

* Don’t try to learn everything at once. You can’t. The world and it’s history are too big.

* Start by being interested in something. This can be a place (“I really want to know the history of India”) or a time (“I really want to know what was going on in the world in 1200”) or both (“I really want to know what was happening in mesoamerican pre-contact with Europe.”) Don’t pick something that you think you “should” study. Pick something that you _really want to know_. There’s no such thing as a bad reason. Do you want to study medieval military culture because swords are cool? AWESOME! Do you want to study Japanese history because you want some context for all the anime you’re watching? AWESOME. Do you want to study west african history because that’s where your ancestors came from? TOTALLY AWESOME.

There is no “wrong” reason and there’s nothing that’s “wrong” to study. Just study it with an open mind and an open heart, ready to learn.

* Type whatever it is into Google. You will get a smattering of pages, one of which will be a wikipedia link. Click this. It will be called something like “History of Malaysia.” Read the article. Each section will have a link to a larger article that expands on those sections. Open all those in new tabs. There will also be links to specific people, places, and events. Open anything that seems cool in a new tab. As you read your new tabs, open further tabs.

* If you are studying modern history, or history which is currently contested, it might help to also read the talk pages, where you’ll get to see people arguing about history.

* After a few hours, or a day, or a week, you’ll be done exploring what you can find on this topic on wikipedia. What you’ve now learned is the basic, mainstream view of this topic. This doesn’t mean it’s correct, necessarily, and it has certain flaws (it will tend to focus on political / military history, it will tend to focus on men and rich people and politically powerful ethnic groups), but it is a basic broad overview of “how we see this thing, roughly” and “here’s what happened in broad strokes, more or less.”

* Maybe this satisfies you? That’s great. Maybe digging through this has made you want to read more history of a different place or time? That’s also great. But if you want to go deeper, start to go deeper.

* You can’t learn everything. Don’t try to. Sometimes people on this website will be like “you don’t know about history X! Shame ON YOU! AND ON YOUR MOTHER!” but, ultimately, there is too much history. Don’t try to know it all. Try to learn some of it well.

* Going deeper generally means books. Some of this stuff you can find on history webpages, and there are some good blogs (like ushistoryminuswhiteguys ) but a lot of stuff on the internet is totally false, and pretty much lies. In general, books are where it’s at (not that books aren’t also sometimes full of lies, but just, less likely than the internet). Look in the sources for the wikipedia articles, for a start. For another start, ask your local librarian. Look for books that will fill in all the gaps from your basic, wikipedia knowledge. So, for instance, if what you’re really interested in is “how did women live?” then look for a book about that. If you’re interested in “what were the ethnic politics” then look for a book about that. If you can’t find a book, ask. But maybe there isn’t one, and you’ll have to glean from other books. Or you’ll have to research and write it yourself.

Try for specific topics or general overviews, but not books which claim to have broad sweeping theories about history (anything by Jared Diamond, say). Those books are universally untrue. There is no correctly “general theory of history.” If there is one, I promise you, you will not first hear about it in a pop book.

Similarly anything that promotes a weird theory or conspiracy or “secret history” is probably a lie.

If Atlantis or aliens or “ancient scientists” are involved it’s definitely a lie.

Some of these books will be dry. I’m sorry. Some of them will have confusing terminology. You can look this up on the internet.

* Be prepared, over time, for your interests to change. It’s totally okay to hop interests. If you started out being really into swords and ended up studying legitimacy in feudal systems, that’s awesome. If you started out studying legitimacy in feudal systems, and ended up studying swords, that’s also awesome.

* So you’ve read a few books, but you don’t have a sense of how it all fits together. Look up professors at a local university. Write to them and talk about your interest and (politely!) ask if they’d be willing to recommend other books to read. Professors are basically just professional nerds, they will often be quite happy to talk about their areas of interest. Particularly if you’re a kid, and thus a potential recruit for academics. Alternatively, look up the people who wrote your favorite books. They are probably professors as well. Ask them for recommendations for more books and about the state of the field.

* OK, now you’ve started to read academic books in this particular field. At this point, it’s a good time to start looking into formal educational programs, because you’re approaching “real expert” and far beyond any advice I can give you.

There’s Only You Tonight

A03, T, Zimbits, 2270 words.

Written for the ‘Swawesome Santa 2016 exchange, for Porcupine Girl

PorcupineGirl requested a soulmate fic, and since I have never written one before, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  I hope I did it justice!

Summary:  Bitty has always dreamed of having a soulmate… but it isn’t until his first hockey practice at Faber that it happens.


Bitty has always dreamed of having a soulmate.  His mama and Coach are soulmates, and both of his mama’s sisters have soulmates.  But not everyone in his family does, so he knows it’s not a sure thing. Only about thirty percent of the population has a soulmate, and some people claim it doesn’t actually mean anything – but Bitty thinks it does.

He sees the look on his mama’s face every time she tells the story of how she and Coach met, and he knows having a soulmate is something special.  Why else would fate have brought her family to a nondescript suburb on the outskirts of Atlanta, to a movie theater where she for once sat off to the side when she otherwise loved to sit in the center?  Where she felt that indescribable flutter in her stomach that spread warmth throughout her entire body, just by passing through the space her soulmate had occupied, sitting in the seat where he had been?

Bitty knows he isn’t going to find his soulmate in his small hometown.  The few times other kids are physical with him are never the type of touch that leads to pleasure, and he quickly learns to avoid contact with his intolerant classmates.

Mama tells Bitty over and over that you can’t force a soulmate connection, that if it is meant to be, it will happen.  But that doesn’t stop him from trying to stack the deck in his favor.  He’s a smart kid, after all, and his love for the soulmate fantasy is tinged with a healthy dose of pragmatism.  

So when it comes time to choose a college, Bitty does his research.  He’s pretty sure that if he does have a soulmate out there somewhere, it’s going to be a boy, and so it makes sense to select a school that is more likely have to a decent sized group of possible mates.  

Samwell is everything he hoped it would be – welcoming to people regardless of who they love, and the perfect picturesque New England backdrop for his soulmate meeting.  Bitty spends orientation week roaming around campus, running his hand over library tables and seats in the coffeehouse, and being as alert as possible for anything that feels remotely unusual.  But it isn’t until his first hockey practice at Faber that it happens.

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anonymous asked:

You mentioned Education in one of your recent reactions, so what sort of education do you think each of the companions have? Is education really that important in the Commonwealth?

I don’t usually answer asks from the top, I make my way up from the bottom (I feel I can make an exception for this one though). I’m currently doing my final year in a degree in Education Studies. 

One of the most important things that I’ve learnt from studying the history of education (among other aspects of education) is that education isn’t just sitting someone down in a school (or similar environment), rather it is the ways that people process knowledge (The phase Knowledge is Power comes to mind) and use that knowledge in everyday life. 

It would be all well and good to teach people in the commonwealth; but what good is knowing how to do algebra when you could be teaching them how to properly weld a gun, or stitch a wound. (I am completely against the idea of children being shown war as well- those Leading by Example quests really put me on edge. Children should be left to have a -somewhat- normal childhood: although I understand it would be difficult to have a normal childhood under these circumstances). To a certain degree, history would be a important subject; the war that ended up ‘ending the world’ can be prevented again if they don’t repeat history- for that to happen, they need to learn it.

As for the Education of the companions, where I say that they may not have any formal education, they would however be knowledgable. They have managed to last this long without us. (This is all HC btw)

Cait: I don’t imagine that Cait would have any formal education; she does have knowledge in fighting, and also I would imagine that she would have a basic understanding in the chem’s she does (so she doesn’t overdose and die)

Curie: Not a formal education per say, however she had been programmed to have her medical knowledge. As she travels the Commonwealth, she will have picked up items that she could study later on.

Danse: I believe the Brotherhood will have a standard education that all of their soldiers receive. Reading (even at a basic level) will be part of it (the have to be able to read the technical documents to know that they could at least be relevant to bring it back to Quinlan), basic medical levels and training in combat.

Deacon: I believe Deacon would be quite well educated. Some (or the majority) would be self taught- his reading would have defiantly be self taught. (He seems quite well spoken in the game- or is that just me?)

Hancock: Diamond City education. Parents probably made him go to the school but he hated it and rebelled. History would probably have been his favourite subject.

MacCready: Not much formal education- knows basic reading, he does read a lot of comic books. Everyone in Little Lamplight got taught how to defend themselves properly; especially if had to leave once they turned 16. Would have picked up medical skills from watching Lucy.

Nick: Probably would- at some points- remember his formal education from pre-war times. 

Piper: Diamond City education. Good at reading and writing, you need to be to be able to write the newspaper (and edit and print it as well). Combat training has come from copying other people, she never had anyone show her.

Preston: Preston’s education would be a military education. Combat and tactical education, with medical compulsory to prevent any fatalities. 

X6-88: No formal education, was programmed to be a fighter, but was also programmed to be able to read and write, as this could come in handy for the Institute. 

Maxson: Same as Danse, but more rigorous. Had to know how to read fluently and write in proper English (I HC that Maxson is really interested in knowing all about the History of the world). Also a military training, mainly tactical; needs to know how to run an army.

Desdemona: Very similar to Deacon. Quite well educated, all self taught. (I HC that when she has downtime (if she ever has downtime) she sits and reads classical literature she found throughout the commonwealth).

(I hope I answered the question okay- I’d also love to know what everyone else thinks of this?)


Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to chime in about all the things that HAVE turned negative that surround B.A.P (i.e.; Himchan’s (perfectly fine) weight, B.A.P not being good enough artists, Youngjae not taking “good enough” selcas, Jongup being the “least attractive” etc etc.) these things are VERY discouraging to the members and to the fandom. We are all human, we all fall short of something; it really isn’t fair that they get drilled for it because they are idols.

Over all we still need to respect B.A.P and all the people who ARE being negative to them (members, fans, and non fans). With love and care, I want to encourage everyone to send the members encouraging messages!

I’ve seen tweets and posts attacking these issues, and people who say negative things, with very harsh words; or people (non BABY) personally coming up to me and attacking me about these issues.

I think it would be wonderful to continue to fight the negative with positive! Instead of using your energy to say something slick/argue to the negative person, use your energy to remind the members that they are good enough! That they are wonderful people no matter what anyone says! That they looked really handsome today! Just something to bring up their spirits.

This isn’t a formal project or program but just whenever you feel discouraged about these, please tweet and encourage the members because they are probably feeling discouraged about it too. It couldn’t hurt to spread positivity to our boys, or to each other!

Let’s continue to bring positive vibes to all the B.A.P members and BABYZ near or far. Let our positive vibes protect the boys…when all things are shut out with positivity, we can move forward with concrete knowledge and self love ♡

As of June, 1989 has been certified 5X platinum in the United States.

The Recording Industry Association of America, which oversees the gold and platinum program, formally issued the certification on June 5, 2015.

The 5X platinum certification confirms that Swift’s album, which has spawned four platinum or multi-platinum singles, has shipped at least 5 million US copies.

—  Headline Planet
[STARCAST] Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun appears in Golden Fishery Radio Star?!

Today is Wednesday, the day of Golden Fishery Radio Star broadcast which is observed by Kyuhyun is aired~!!
Also 12 am of tonight (Wednesday) is the time for Kyuhyun that has started to attack ladies’ heart with honey-like vocal cords and sweet voice to release first solo album ‘At Gwanghwamun’ and start earnest solo album activities~!!
So we have prepared interview of sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun done by Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun that is met through STARCAST. Meet the exciting interview of Kyuhyun who has greatly acted two roles deep from his heart now! : )(*We notice that this interview is a content projected by formalizing entertainment program, ‘Golden Fishery Radio Star’ but unrelated with the program.)

▷Golden Fishery  Radio Star MC, Kyuhyun: Before starting the interview, let’s watch the MV teaser image of Kyuhyun’s solo album title song, ‘At Gwanghwamun’ which was released today morning

▷Golden Fishery  Radio Star MC, Kyuhyun: Ah.. it arouses expectation only by watching the MV teaser. Finally, your solo album is going to be released tonight at 12 o’clock. The title is… ‘At Gwanghwamun’. Why is it ‘At Gwanghwamun’ among so many places?▶ Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: It’s a dating course which many lovers come by since a long time ago. So I thought there would be many people that remember their memories at Gwanghwamun which matches well with this autumn weather. Thus Gwanghwamun, which is a place of such memories, is chosen as the title song material.

▷Golden Fishery  Radio Star MC, Kyuhyun: So do you have memories at Gwanghwamun too?

▶Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: Kenzie composed and wrote the lyrics of title song ‘At Gwanghwamun’. This is a song which the recording was finished before 1~2 years ago. I personally go along well with Kenzie so a great song has been created this time. So I picked it as my title song. I think it would be a song that would be the best to listen at quite lonely mood. Staffs that worked on the recording said that they come up with this song whenever they go to Gwanghwamun  after working on it. Gwanghwamun has so much floating population, right? I think it would appeal a lot…. ^^▷Golden Fishery  Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: Did you also come up with this song when you went to Gwanghwamun after recording it?▶Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: Of course. I went there several times after that and I involuntarily hummed to myself without noticing.

▷Golden Fishery  Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: The teaser image which was released with the first article of solo album is unique. You look like you have received a blow..^^ and it has autumn mood. Do you like it?!

▶Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: I had a bad cold so I had hard time that day. I was filmed by putting on leaves on my eyes and sprinkling it on my head… I fell asleep while I was being filmed. (Zzz)

I was asleep and they had filmed me for about ten minutes like that. I was embarrassed after waking up but the photographer said the shooting was over and I had done well. We also shot at a railroad and I got scared when someone passed by. Actually it was a place where trains didn’t pass and safe to do anything, but I remember that I had got scared beforehand. (Laughs)

▷Golden Fishery  Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: We heard a lot about this album that Eunhyuk could only memorize the new song which wasn’t even released since Kyuhyun sang the song in the bathroom every day that made a lot of noise which was uncomfortable.

▶Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: Eunhyuk uses the main room and there is the bathroom in front of it. I always sing when I take a shower. So washed myself singing along the song that I had turned on while I was preparing this solo album. Since I sing so loud and the bathroom echoes a lot, Eunhyuk kept on hearing it… Maybe for about 50 times….. When I practiced it alone at the tour recently, Eunhyuk sang along to me. I asked him how he knew this and he replied that he memorized it all since I sung it in the bathroom a lot…… (Laughs)

▷Golden Fishery  Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: At the Golden Fishery Radio Star broadcast in April, Yoon Jong Shin said that you were gathering songs. Thanks to your promotion in public TV, many famous artists such as Kenzie, Yiruma, Jung Yup and TVXQ!’s MAX participated. It seems like you have put much greed in this album.

▶Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: I didn’t gather songs after that broadcast was aired. Those that worked with me had already finished working and ‘At close’ which was presented by Honeydew’O (Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yup & Eco bridge) is a song which was also finished its recording already before 2 years ago. I have prepared this album for a long time. I recorded ‘One confession’ recently after that and the style of this song’s composer who is Yoon Young Jun that composed Sung Si Kyung’s ‘Two people’ and ‘It would be good’ matched well with me. I wonder whether he composed a song for me after seeing the broadcast of me saying that I’m collecting songs but he made a good song which came to complete a ballad song called ‘One confession’.▷Golden Fishery  Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: Oh, there are songs that you composed by yourself among album tracks, right?

▶Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun:Yes, there is a song titled ‘My thoughts, Your memories’ which I participated in the composition. Actually I sang the first verse of this song and repeated the chorus once again at the last part. However, I could perform like that because I could only make it like that. This song was composed by me before 3 years ago. I was forgetting it in my memories and since fans’ response was good than I had thought, I completed the song by staying up all night until 6~7 o’clock of the very day of the concert. But a good song got created than I had thought…. Responses around me was really great……. I want to compliment that I’ve wrote it well although I have done it.▷Golden Fishery  Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: We heard that you’ve took long preparing this album….. Did something go wrong…?▶Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: I wanted to released it quite earlier but since I had other activities besides activities of SuperJunior and SuperJunior-M… I am presenting it after a-year delay. I have filled it up sufficiently as much as I’m presenting it after waiting for a long time.▷Golden Fishery  Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: You have chosen ‘At Gwanghwamun’ as the best song in your life. Why did you choose this song?

▶Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: I think when ‘Kyuhyun’ is said, ‘At Gwanghwamun’ would come up one’s mind. I picked this song at the thought that it would become a song that cannot be detached from me. Please think about me along with senior, Lee Moon Sae when you guys go to Gwanghwamun.-Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: This is an official question.

▶Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: The first start of meeting the public as solo singer, Kyuhyun…..?!

▶Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: My strength and my life.

▶Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: I have mentioned before, I think it’s a nest. Nest that would be beside me always strongly at any time. It is like my family and house whenever I can go in. ▷Golden Fishery  Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: Lastly, please give a word of resolution starting solo activity. Additionally, give an encouragement to Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, ‘Kyuhyun’ too. ^^▶Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: I have prepared this solo activity for a long time and fans would have been waiting for this for a long time too. There are people that only know me as a funny and exciting person. I hope and believe that people would get to know the image of sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun this time. Please give much love to ‘At Gwanghwamun’ since the whole tracks of it are going to be released tonight at 12 o’clock

▷Golden Fishery  Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: Really for the last, the day (13th) of the release of your solo album is the same day with Korean SAT. Please give a message for cheering test-takers that have been through hard time.▶Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: My solo album, ‘At Gwanghwamun’ is going to be released on November 13th, and I hope test-takers could be healed by listening to ‘At Gwanghwamun’ after the test is over.
Test-takers, you guys have all done well and I hope you don’t get frustrated even though you don’t do well at that test even though it’s a really important test in your lives. I hope you do great in SAT. Go Go!

Please look forward to Kyuhyun’s first solo album, ‘At Gwanghwamun’ which is going to be released tonight (13th, 12 am). We hope you support Kyuhyun who will show various images through entertainment programs, solo activities, and SuperJunior.
Thank you! : )

Writing/ Picture =SM Entertainment

It felt like you were on fire. Guys started screaming and hollering and trying to break out. And then some of the guys fainted. And finally they opened the door and let us out, and the guys were just, they were in bad shape.
—  Rollins Edwards, a black US soldier who “was one of 60,000 enlisted men enrolled in a once-secret government program—formally declassified in 1993—to test mustard gas and other chemical agents on American troops.” Edwards, like thousands of others, was chosen because of his race, a fact the Pentagon admitted for the first time in June.

I started my 10K training program today! It feels great to be back on a formal program again. I wish I had started this right after finishing C25k as I have lost a little stamina but whatever, I got this. 

I ended up picking the 14 week, go pink training program. It is 3 days a week and builds you up to a full 10k in that time. I am a little intimidated by that distance, but that is all the more reason to go do this! 

Today’s run was:

  • 5 Minute warmup walk
  • 8 Cycles of Run 1 minute (5 MPH), walk 90 seconds (3.5 MPH)
  • 5 Min Cool down walk

I decided to sign up for a 10K on September 20th! That is 85 days from today so I better get training!
Secret World War II Chemical Experiments Tested Troops By Race
While the Pentagon acknowledged years ago that it used American servicemen in World War II mustard gas experiments, NPR found new details about tests that grouped subjects by the color of their skin.

“It felt like you were on fire,” recalls Edwards, now 93 years old. “Guys started screaming and hollering and trying to break out. And then some of the guys fainted. And finally they opened the door and let us out, and the guys were just, they were in bad shape.”

About This Investigation

This is Part 1 of a two-part investigation on mustard gas testing conducted by the U.S. military during World War II. The second story in this report will examine the failures by the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide benefits to those injured by military mustard gas experiments.


Edwards was one of 60,000 enlisted men enrolled in a once-secret government program — formally declassified in 1993 — to test mustard gas and other chemical agents on American troops. But there was a specific reason he was chosen: Edwards is African-American.

“They said we were being tested to see what effect these gases would have on black skins,” Edwards says.

Following the previous Walt Disney Animation Studios short films Paperman and Get a Horse!, the studio decided to formalize a program for pitching shorts. Pixar had long had a steady system for producing short films to accompany theatrical releases, but it was something that Disney Animation no longer generally did. The program was open to pitches from any Walt Disney Animation Studios employee. Osborne pitched his idea to tell a story about a family from the perspective of their dog through the meals they eat. The project was green-lit in October 2013, with a deadline of June 10, 2014, for premiere at Annecy; Feast was completed three days before the festival. Feast was the first film that Osborne has directed.