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Meet Cassie Medley!

My entry for @thesimsociety‘s Bachelor Challenge

Cassie is a music lover, creative, and a bit of a snob. She’s looking for a man that will challenge her both creatively and intellectually… Will Jayson be the one for her?

CC Used: [Genetics/Makeup for all outfits] Hair by simlaughlove / Skin [shiliu] by heihu / Eyes by noodlesims / Blush by mayberries / Lips by pyxis [Everyday] Shirt by waekey / Pants by nolan-sims / Shoes by pixelsforce / Chokers by loverettsims [Formal] Dress by Rusty Nail [Party] Dress by sundayspells [Swimwear] Swimsuit by spellcasterr

- Cassie is a private download - 

I am hip to the needs of high schoolers and Winter formal is upon us– well them, actually! I managed to avoid using any blue or silver in this winter formal look. Instead, I went for some extra subtle black shimmer and metallic black stones to really highlight the contrast of the white. They are like crowns for your dark, magnificent nails. Have fun loves!


So last night I missed my junior prom due to being in the hospital recovering from a surgery. I was so upset about this honestly. I’d had a very rough year and was hoping that this could be an event to end my school year on a high note.

When my mom went to get movies and junk food, she was told that there would be a Teen Prom for the inpatients of the hospital. They dolled up everyone who was up for it in professional makeup, hair, nails, and formal gowns. All the while, the hospital’s tv special crew had heard about my story and made me their “princess” for the night. They followed me as I turned from a sad sick patient to a sick patient who was ready for prom.

I got to wheelchair dance and decorate masks for the “masquerade” and took photos and even talk to some other patients who weren’t feeling so well. When I thought the night couldn’t get any better, I was named Prom Queen of the first ever St. Louis Children’s Hospital Teen Prom.

Even now, thinking about last night, I can’t explain my happiness and gratitude. I never could’ve imagined a night like that and Children’s made it possible.

Thank you, a million times, thank you.


Jersey Boys Nails

Inspired by the “Sherry” Suits

What You’ll Need

  • red, white, black and gold sparkle nail polish
  • tape
  • scissors 
  • dotting tools

1. Paint your nails white except for the ring finger and let dry completely 

2. paint your ring finger gold 

3. using the Chevron tutorial, paint the tip of your nail red to create the body of the suit. 

4. using a small dotting tool, make 3 black dots for buttons

5. for the bow tie, make 4 dots on the sides of the top dot you just made. 

6. connect the dots to make triangles and then fill them in.

7. let the design dry and seal it with a top coat!

Yay you finished!! Now that you have awesome Jersey Boys nails, go see the movie! It’s currently my favorite and I hope you all like it too. 

Let me know what you all think of the movie after you see it

<3 Jaclyn