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Trump Jr. admits he has “probably” met with other Russians but not in “formalized meetings”

  • In an interview Tuesday night with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Trump Jr. said the June 2016 meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya may not be the only time he met with a Russian.
  • “I’ve probably met with other people from Russia but certainly not in the context of actual formalized meetings or anything,” Jr. told Hannity.
  • But Trump Jr. has given the same answer before, and it was incorrect then. Read more (7/11/17)

Special counsel Robert Mueller reportedly now looking into Donald Trump Jr.

  • Robert Mueller, the Department of Justice special counsel in charge of the investigation into the Trump campaign’s rumored links to Russian election meddling is now looking into Donald Jr.
  • According to CNN, three U.S. officials say Mueller and the FBI were not fully aware of a June 2016 meeting between Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort and Natalia Veselnitskaya. 
  • One of the U.S. officials said that now that the information is out in the open, it will become part of Mueller’s probe. Read more (7/11/17)

Trump’s lawyer claims Trump didn’t see his son’s emails until they were posted on Twitter

  • An attorney for President Donald Trump claims that the president didn’t see his son’s emails until they were shared on Twitter Tuesday.
  • Jay Sekulow, Trump’s lawyer, told CNN that “The president, by the way, never saw an email — did not see the email — until it was seen today,”
  • Sekulow also claimed that Trump had not even been aware of the June 2016 meeting until “very recently.” Read more (7/11/17)
Special Edition Young Jump GOLD Vol. 1: Aqours Mini-Interviews

Voice of Takami Chika
Belonging to CYaRon!

Inami Anju

Born on February 7. Height 157cm. Blood type B.
Nickname = Anchan

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru Kai?’! It’s Aqours’ 1st single, so it’s the song of our beginning.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
“The same voice actresses performed as different characters in different works, and I was interested in being able to go to a lot of places and time periods. I want to share in the regular experience of ‘fun’ together with everyone as Aqours!”

Voice of Matsuura Kanan
Belonging to AZALEA

Suwa Nanaka

Born on November 2. Height 157cm. Blood type unknown.
Nickname = Suwawa

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“Aqours’ newest single ‘HAPPY PARTY TRAIN’. It’s a song with Kanan as the center, and it also voices a lot of my feelings.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"After I saw Hidamari Sketch, I started aiming to become a voice actress. I also liked foreign dramas, so I wanted to perform more as many types of characters.”

Voice of Kurosawa Dia
Belonging to AZALEA

Komiya Arisa

Born on February 5. Height 163cm. Blood type B.
Nickname = Arisha

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Todokanai Hoshi da to Shite mo’. The title is like that of a ballad, but it’s a rock song, and I like that gap.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"I learned about this genre while acting and dubbing for Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. From now on, I want to go and continue working hard in live-action filming, anime and gravure.”

Voice of Sakurauchi Riko
Belonging to Guilty Kiss

Aida Rikako

Born on August 8. Height 150cm. Blood type O.
Nickname = Rikyako

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru Kai?’, our debut song. I think that it’s a really positive and fresh song that symbolizes Aqours.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"I came across the work of a voice actress through Gintama, and I wanted to become a voice actress. I want to continue acting without deviating from my core as a voice actress.”

Voice of Ohara Mari
Belonging to Guilty Kiss

Suzuki Aina

Born on July 23. Height 147cm. Blood type unknown.
Nickname = Ainya

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Mattete Ai no Uta’, Aqours’ first ballad. Within Aqours’ cast, there’s a lot of us with ‘Ai’ in our names too!”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"I wanted to become an anisong singer, so I entered this world. I want my singing to reach more and more people as Aqours!”

Voice of Kurosawa Ruby
Belonging to CYaRon!

Furihata Ai

Born on February 19. Height 148cm. Blood type B.
Nickname = Furirin (Artisan)

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“I really like the intro of ‘Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou’, so I listen to it a lot.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"My friend said to me, ‘Your voice resembles that character’s’, so I got an interest in voice actors, then I wanted to try to dub by myself. I want to become a voice actress who surprises people with the gap between me and my characters!”

Voice of Tsushima Yoshiko
Belonging to Guilty Kiss

Kobayashi Aika

Born on October 23. Height 155cm. Blood type O.
Nickname = Aikyan

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Waku-Waku-Week!’! The energy of the Uranohoshi Girls’ High School 1st years squeezes into you.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"Auditioning for Aqours was a chance for me to enter into voice-acting work, so I faced my strong feelings of ‘I’ll start with this’. I won’t let go of whatever opportunity I have, and I want to do any job with my all.”

Translation: Dyrea
QC: @yujachachacha

The other two can be found here courtesy of shukamod (@saitou-shuka)!


Future! Au in which these boys become pro heroes… but Deku still can’t tie his neckties properly and Bakugou’s worst enemy are still…well, neckties. He’s not going to wear them. Never

P.s. they are dressed up to attend one of those formal events/interviews etc

P.p.s. I decided that they would eventually change hairstyle: Bakugou with a comfy undercut, Kirishima with a tamer but still badass version of his old spiky hairstyle, Todoroki wants to cut his fringe but he’s still somewhat conscious of the scar so he resolves to this, and Midoriya keeps his curls, just a tad shorter.


so ive been in saint louis for a week doing housing & urban policy research on institutions between 1896 and the 2014 execution of Mike Brown in Ferguson, for a stage/multimedia project and

i guess I’ll start off by saying I dined and drank with Michael Brown Sr., who through a random connection came over to our airbnb and talked about how he’s been and his entourage talked revolution with us and like

it was probably one of the most important conversations I’ll ever have??

to be looking someone who lost their son and had his narrative taken and blown up in media that led to a popular uprising - a series of events that I watched from Japan - to be sharing a bottle of rosé with him and just chit chatting. we’ve actually formally interviewed TONS of people (artists, activists, policy officials, historians, residents) - but he was the only we put down the camera and just talked with.

it’s just been overwhelming. all of this on top of spending 24/7 with other grad students and a professor. I’m glad I got to see @thisclosetodiscourse beforehand so I could recharge.

I think I’ll wait until I’m back home in North Carolina, safe in my room, where I’ll cry about this trip.


This is a little out of character but I tried my best
Jack is such a complicated character but hopefully I did him justice haha

Title: Honest
Pairing: Jack Wilder x reader
Summary: An impromptu interview with Jack gives you more than just an article to write
Word Count: 1,065
Warnings: none

Your name: submit What is this?

             "Jack Wilder!“ you called, sprinting down the street. "Give me 5 minutes to speak with you.”

           He turns around slowly, a reluctant smirk on his face as he waits with his arms crossed against his chest. You catch up to him, barely catching your breath as you stood on the side of the street with you note pad ready and waiting for any quotes he might give you.

           "Are you part of a newspaper?“ he asks, eyebrow raised.

           "Yeah,” you answer breathlessly. “Y/N, I’m with the local newspaper. Could, uh, could I get an interview?”

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Jiang Wen: Deconstructs the Way People Understand History

More Jiang Wen reading! I just finished the “Jiang Wen and His Signature Films: Let the Bullets Fly and Gone with the Bullets” chapter in Shenshen Cai’s book Contemporary Chinese Films and Celebrity Directors. Good stuff. Useful context.

This concluding passage sums up the direction of Shenshen Cai’s positive analysis (emphases mine):

Jiang Wen is a serious film auteur whose movies reflect his critical thinking about the character of the Chinese people, the revolutionary memories of socialist China, the erotic elements in filmic expressions, and the sociopolitical situation of China. In both formal and informal interviews Jiang Wen has said that he is not interested in reflecting on politics and socio-political concerns in his movies. Perhaps due to his previous films being banned by the film bureau and himself being prohibited from making films for several years, Jiang Wen has become more cautious in choosing thematic topics and storylines…. Jiang Wen is a master of employing history in a self-consciously intriguing fashion which deconstructs the way people understand history. Moreover, in his award winning efforts at manufacturing historical fantasies, Jiang Wen engages his film narratives and discourse with contemporary Chinese society and politics in a circuitous and equivocal way.

Jiang Wen’s films are set in a remote time, and are not really historically accurate, so his plots and storylines are superficially irrelevant to any current social and political situations. However, Jiang Wen embeds in his films political and social allusions and allegories through the use of rich and inspirational visual images and expressions, convoluted and intriguing plots and comical or chivalrous characters. Through those seemingly flippant plots, curious and fantasy-like scenes and caricatured stereotypical characters, Jiang Wen’s films serve as socio-political prisms through which typical social figures are represented and a clear picture of contemporary China society emerges. The clever incorporation of social and political episodes into the film plots and mise-en-scènes exposes Jiang Wen’s understanding of government censorship and the enlightened ordinary viewers. In doing so, Jiang Wen deliberately masks the films and their political insinuations under the guise of historical/comical farce, thereby not only avoiding any hardline treatment from the official censors but also providing outlets for the audience to release their suppressed emotions and consolidate their own suspicions.

anonymous asked:

How would you go about contacting/interviewing local spirits? Do you go out and meditate until one shows up? Do you communicate with senses or do you use tarot/divination?

I personally use my senses but you can do those other options too!! 

Procedure 1

If I call them to me instead of going to them, my procedure is as follows:

1) Create my protective barrier, put out an offering and call for the spirit I would like to interview. The calling is usually something like “I call to any [spirit name] that would be interested in speaking with me for an interview. In return, I have an offering of [the offering]”. I formulate my words into energy and send that energy out into the energy network of the environment. I make sure the message is weak enough so that it will disperse before it goes too far and so it doesn’t keep going when I’m not ready for a spirit to appear. 

2) I wait to see if anyone shows up. Usually they don’t. Here is where I would use my senses to see if anyone comes. You could also use the meditation or tools but it might be hard to tell if someone arrives if you have a hard time feeling energy. Using pendulum or Ouija might help but I still recommend being able to discern for their presence before doing this. You don’t need to be a master, being at the level of “I can sense a presence. I don’t know what it is but it doesn’t feel threatening” is fine because you can figure out the rest through your tools and meditations. 

3) Next, even though it was in the call, I ask the spirit if they would like to be interviewed just to make sure. I also ask if it is okay to write down and share the interview. Then I conduct the interview. 

4) Once the interview is finished, I bid the spirit farewell, make sure that they’re gone (another reason why being able to sense their presence is important), cleanse the area, take down my barrier, and dispose of the offering.    

Procedure 2

If I meet them where they live, my procedure is as follows:

1)  I set out an offering and say “Yo anyone want this?”

2) I use my senses to see if anyone does or if anyone is even around. 

3) If someone comes, I ask them if they would like to stay and chat. They usually say no. But if they say yes, we chat for a bit. Before they leave, I ask them if they would be interested in a formal interview. They usually say no. If they say yes, we either do it right then or we schedule a time to meet up later which usually involves me doing the previous procedure except using the contact information that they give me to call them. 

Though the second one seems more simplistic, the first one is actually safer and easier. Also, you can use the first procedure to meet spirits “at their location” just by tweaking the call’s energy to only go within a short distance. The second is better for casual conversations, like walking past your neighbors and stopping to chat with them. It’s also works best if you are using your psychic senses and not tools. If you want to use the first procedure for causal conversation, just cut out the “interview” part of the call.  

Tips for Procedure 1:

Forming the Call Energy-

Requires a bit of knowledge about energy work and visualization but not too hard. Say the call either in your mind or out loud and visualize your words turning into a condensed form of energy in front of you. Feed enough energy into it so that it will be powerful enough to go the distance you want it to before dispersing and disappearing. This is something you just have to get a feel for but start small at first because you don’t want any condensed, energy lingering out there for too long. Once it’s at the strength that I would like, I send out the energy in all directions. Visualize it as it goes. If you’re not sure if the energy completely dispersed after it’s been out there for a bit, you should recall it. Forming this energy takes a bit of practice to perfect so it’d be best to only send it out as far as the edges of your property at first. 

Feeling a presence- 

Exposure and experience is really what you need. If you have a spirit companion and you can’t yet sense their energy then I would refrain from doing this until you can. Gaining the ability to sense your companion’s presence will help you sense the presence of other spirits. For both those who do and don’t have companions, try to learn how to sense the presence of spirits within your property. Once again, do the call but so it only goes a short distance. First, try to sense if anyone shows up. Then use tools such as pendulum, ouijia, or automatic writing to confirm whether or not you sensed something. The important thing is that the tool you use doesn’t give you an answer even if the spirit wasn’t there (as in, dont use tarot or oracle cards for example). 

The most important thing for spirit work is to PRACTICE. Practice, practice practice! If you’ve never done this level of spirit work before, you will fail. Usually it’ll be your first attempt, then your second, maybe it works on the third, but then it fails on the fourth again. 

It’s 100% foolish to think that you will get everything on the first try and then when you don’t, you think it’s because you’re not made for spirit work and that you can’t do it. YOU CAN DO IT! You just need to try and keep trying. 

When you play a sport for the first time, when you pick up an instrument for the first time, when you practice art for the first time, are you immediately at the level of a professional? No. Because the professionals practiced for years and you’re just starting. And then even those who have practiced for years still fail. 

If you don’t practice anything then you’ll never get good at itEven those who were born with good abilities spend time honing them. 

Don’t make excuses. Don’t give up. Practice.

The other most important thing for spirit work is to believe in yourself. If you’re constantly doubting your abilities of course they’ll keep failing. You cast a spell expecting it to not work, you call a spirit expecting it to not work, what do you think will happen? Now belief won’t make anything and everything come true but believing in your abilities is a hell of a lot more useful than constantly putting yourself down. 

My final tip is: try not to go in with a golden standard. You see how other people interact with spirits and you expect your interactions to be exactly the same. Well guess what? That’s not always gonna happen, especially when you’re just starting out. People experience spirit work in many different ways and if you’re too caught up in what “should” happen then you’ll miss what “is” happening. Keep an open mind. 

That’s probably a lot more than what you were looking for but eh, it’s hard to talk about one thing without needing to call attention to a lot of others. But yeah, those are pretty much my processes in-depth for contacting local spirits.

aheartfullofjolllly  asked:

Tell me a story! <3

(In which @socpuppet told me that this ficlet really needed a companion piece and I agreed.)

Jason seems to have stolen someone else’s life.

Not that he minds. It’s just kind of weird.

And it’s not that he meant to steal it, either. He went into that coffee shop expecting to change his life, expecting a James Bond movie every week, and he has the skills for it. But the only person who looked free for an interview when he walked into the coffee shop only two minutes early hadn’t asked him the passphrase. Instead, he’d shaken Brad’s hand, said that online and phone qualifications were more than enough to make the job interview a formality, and said that he’s welcome on the IT team at Bellwether Labs.

And Jason really means to say that he’s got the wrong guy, that some IT nerd somewhere is running late. He’s supposed to have the exciting movie life that he’s been applying for, not spend ten years working his way up to middle management and getting rid of viruses when people click the wrong links on work e-mails.

But honestly? Suddenly the movie life sounds really exhausting.


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hellooo rising seniors!! so junior year just ended (hope we all finished strong) so senior year first semester (i’ve heard) is going to be super busy and it’s best to start work earlier.  so here are my tips / what i’ve been doing

  • have a college list in mind
    • i think it’d be best to consolidate a list before school starts 
  • read the common app essay questions 
  • register for your common app account 
  • read some books!! this isn’t a must to do but some college apps ask for your favorite books so it’d be good to read some more
  • brainstorm some memorable moments in your life that may have changed your prespective etc 
    • it would be good to mind-dump all of these ideas before the school year starts to make the writing portion of college apps to be easier 
  • IF you will have standardized tests to take (if you got caught in that June 2016 ACT Cancellation in South Korea / Hong Kong - i feel you, it sucks) keep studying/reviewing - look at this cancellation as a way to just keep on improving! 
  • RELAX! best tip here - honestly before this school year starts take a break 

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anonymous asked:

hello carey!!! how you doing? hey i was wondering and i hope i'm not bothering but... how exactly does uruha speak/write?? does he sound more like an old person or a pretentious dude? i don't speak japanese and through the years i've seen multiple people make fun of the way he talks/writes like does he use overly difficult words or is he just a bit too formal?

Hello! So in interviews I would say like 100% he sounds pretentious lol I think in that genre everyone is trying to come off as super Cool and Deep ™ in their interviews, but like on his blog for example, most ppl would probably write in a casual style (as they speak ya know) but even there he’s using fancy words and kanjis and its like 🙃 also on the radio sometimes he just throws out a weird fucken word (the first one I can think of off the top of my head is “we understand the ecology of Kai” or some shit,) also the whole delicious thing is something older people tend to say I think LOL
I think he’s probably really smart and thinks a lot but just is like nervous with communication especially to the public? Bc the boys often joke about how he is better performing or doing radio drunk 💀 BUT, they seem to think the shit he says is cool and that he has really interesting opinions so 😤💦💕
Lol this is like the longest answer I’ve ever done can u tell I’m into this boy

anonymous asked:

hello kylie! i'm going to be starting school in about a month, and i'm in uni now but i've been wearing uniform for my whole life :o do you have any cute outfits to recommend? thank you!


- mostly great for layering under sweaters in colder weather, or as a thin overlayer in summer. other ways to wear: with a pinafore, tucked into shorts, with any kind of skirt tbh.

- mostly strap dresses because that’s what i tend to wear. strap dresses are great for wearing over any kind of tee or blouse or rib knit which is great if you’re running late. 

- great layered over a blouse or under a strap dress! 

jackets / coats


- i love wearing skirts :-) with a collared blouse, a t-shirt, a sweater, etc. etc. u can tuck almost anything into a skirt. (also why wear pants in winter when you can wear skirts with tights???)


sorry for the long post today :-) anyway i post a ton of outfits over here so maybe check out that tag for some ideas too?! plus a lot of the linked listings have outfit pics you can steal inspo from too.

electrostatic potential (25/?)

ten/rose. not quite teen but not quite adult this chapter?
surprise! a wee hours friday post! i thoroughly enjoyed writing this chap; hope you guys enjoy reading it. thanks to @goingtothetardis​ and @aroseofstone​ for their invaluable help!
summary: as the doctor and rose traverse time and space looking for adventure, they slowly fall victim to a mysterious energy that can manipulate their emotions. though confused and unnerved by the cerebral affliction, neither of them understands its cause, or realizes that it could jeopardize their friendship. what will it take for them to discover the truth?
this chapter on ao3 | back to chapter 1 on ao3

The Doctor remains mostly silent on their trek back to civilization. Hands in his pockets, chewing on his cheek, his eyes hidden behind his shades as he stares down at the sand. He kicks clouds of it up every now and then, an outlet for his frustration. Though Rose has basically coerced him to cease all attempts to hide his emotions, right now she’s tempted to ask him to make an exception. His internal panicking only amplifies her own.

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College involves an awful lot of interviews, whether it be for gaining admission into a school, getting a job, or applying for a school organization. Everyone tries to be prepared for interviews, but sometimes it’s hard to guess what your interviewer is going to ask. Here are some tips on how to prepare for an interview based on interviews I’ve had to do during college. 

What to do before an interview:

  • Make a list of your accomplishments - You will almost certainly be asked to talk about a time when you were proud of yourself, or the moment when you were happiest, and this is sometimes very difficult to do if you don’t have a story prepared ahead of time. Embellishing a story is okay, but don’t lie. 
  • Think of a good story about how you faced hardship - An incredibly common question you’ll be asked is to describe a time in your life where you faced adversity. This shows what kind of situations you’re able to handle, so think of a good example of a tough time you faced and prepare some kind of explanation for how that experience made you grow as a person. 
  • Practice - Even if it’s just in your head, act out your interview. Think of responses for potential questions. The more you act out your interview, the less nervous you’ll be. 
  • Dress appropriately - Consider the interview. Group interviews can be less formal than other interviews, while personal interviews will require a nice outfit. This seems like an obvious step, but many group interviews I’ve been a part of had people wearing bright pink nail polish and situationally inappropriate clothing. 

During the interview: 

  • Sell yourself - That’s what you’re there to do. Don’t talk negatively about yourself and make self deprecating jokes, you need to really paint yourself in a positive light. Don’t be afraid to proudly talk about your accomplishments and future goals, but of course, don’t come off as cocky. Make them understand why you would be a good fit for the job/school/organization, but don’t flat out say “your organization would be lucky to have me.” 
  • Talk about your hobbies in a professional way - Many interviewers will ask what you like to do outside of school or work. Don’t be afraid to talk about your hobbies if they ask you this, but talk about them in a way that makes them show off your good qualities. For example, if you run a studyblr blog and you sometime give advice to other tumblr users, talk about how you run a blog and provide resources and advice to fellow students. If you write fanfiction, talk about how you write stories in your free time as a creative outlet! 
  • Talk about your leadership capabilities - Organizations and employers want leaders, especially now more than ever. They like to hear about community service and other things that show off your leadership skills. Don’t be afraid to talk about the babysitting you do, or when you were president of a club. Anything that required you to be a leader is legitimate. 
  • Ask questions - Doing so will make you seem prepared. If you have some questions to ask, they’ll think that you really put a lot of thought into this interview before walking in, which always works in your favor. 

After the interview:

  • Send a thank you email if appropriate - You can use your gut with this, but if you think it is appropriate to send your interviewer a quick email thanking them for their time, it could be the thing that gets you the job. 

Group interview?:

  • Stand out - Answer a question first, make them remember your name. Engage with the group to seem friendly. Don’t lose your chance just because you were afraid to speak up. 

Helpful links: 

How to write a resumé

How to write a cover letter