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Sweet Tears Pt. 2

Jungkook x Reader { Cat Hybrid/Dystopian Au! } (a)(f)(eventual smut)

Warnings: Mature themes, Language, Abuse, Violence

Who could have known that taking home a hybrid would change ones whole life? How could y/n have guessed he would affect her so much? All she wants to do is help, but she doesn’t even know if he’ll let her.  

Wordcount: 4k+ 


**Thank you so~ much for reading! I really hope you enjoy this chapter plus the rest to come. This chapter is definitely longer, and calmer, but it’ll speed up again soon. I hope to make all of my writing long, and entertaining for you. Please send me feedback and your thoughts, I would love to hear from all of you.



Previously: His screams had stopped, but his hands still firmly clutched the covers. His face was dry of rain but drenched with sweat and tears. You let your head fall lightly on his stomach, head still pounding as a dizzying nausea spread over you. Soft sobs and gasps for air left both of your mouths, chests shaking up and down in unison with every breath.“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Were the only words you were capable of saying, over and over again, softly without fault. It was like a lullaby to both you and the boy who’s name you hadn’t even had time to ask. He fell asleep to the sound of your voice, while you fell asleep to the rise and fall of his chest, ending the first night of many more to come. 

Waking up was harsh. As you attempted to lift your neck up, it proved to be painful. The muscles were stiff and cramped due to the position it had been in for who knows how long, your hair and clothes sticking to your skin in the most uncomfortable ways. Your legs had fallen asleep from the weight of your body being rested on them. A groan left your lips when at the movements of your ankles and toes. Little prickles stung your skin, encouraging you to reach down and rub the numb area in an attempted to stop the feeling.

Getting up was a struggle as you grabbed onto the bed post, using what strength you had left to pull yourself up. All your muscles were sore, not even the amount of stretching you did able to give you relief. Looking around at your surroundings in the midst of rubbing a knot in your neck, you realized you weren’t in your room, but one of the many guest rooms.

Confusion flooded your mind as you looked around. White and gray curtains draped from the top of a large window directly in front of you, the part down the middle of them revealing a dark and starless night. Tops of buildings and the light of the city filled what you could see. A somewhat mesmerizing sight that threatened to take a hold of you.

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Kiss Me? (Moriarty x reader)

Word Count: 1155 

Summary: Moriarty makes a grand comeback from the dead, and you just need his touch to convince yourself he’s actually back.

Author’s note: I’ve been working on this one for so long (maybe like 6 months lol), I’m so glad it’s finally finished XD I significantly shortened it because I went way too off track with the plot.

Warnings: Leading to Smut

After a long day at work, you collapsed on the couch. Without wearing a formal dress, high heels, and a bunch of makeup you could finally relax. You had previously popped a pizza in the oven, so now you were going to watch some telly while waiting for it to be finished. 

With your legs spread across the loveseat, you reached over to grab the TV remote off of your little coffee table. You pressed the red button to turn the television on, and you surfed the channels until you came across something interesting.

You rested your head on a throw pillow as you mindlessly watched the show. After about ten minutes, you were completely immersed in what was happening on screen. The screen glitched black and white for a second before going back to the original channel. 

You furrowed your eyebrows slightly in confusion. You had a wonderful TV show provider that had never lost signal before. You shrugged; there was a first time for everything. You fidgeted on the couch to get comfortable again.

You tried to focus on the people on the screen, but it glitched back to the black and white static again. Then an outline of a man facing the other direction appeared. You could tell that it was him automatically. It was Jim Moriarty; your deceased boyfriend. He turned around, and you saw his face for the first time in three years. 

Your mouth opened in shock, and your heart raced as hope began to bubble up inside of you. “Did you miss me? Did you miss me? Did you miss me? Did you miss me?” His haunting voice repeated over and over in the edited video. 

It was on every television screen in London, and you could hear it across the city. The answer was yes, you certainly did miss him. Suddenly, your television screen went completely black. There wasn’t any noise coming from your sound bar, but the echos of Moriarty’s message were still going on around London. 

A new clip of Moriarty showed him looking down at the ground before slowly lifting his head to look at you. Jim’s dark eyes stared into yours, and you smiled even though you knew that he wasn’t really there. His adam’s apple bobbed up and down before he made a big show of rolling his eyes at you. 

“Did you really think I’d commit suicide, (y/n)? I guess I did go out with a bang… but it’s still a bit boring don’t you think?”

You grinned widely, and you murmured under your breath, “You find everything boring.”

In the exclusive footage, Moriarty leaned closer to the camera. His eyes momentarily sparked with impish delight, and he tilted his head to the side. He licked his lips slowly before asking, “Will you kiss me?”

At the exact same time, an irish voice muttered the same thing next to your ear. You didn’t think twice before swiftly turning around to connect lips with him. Your eyes fluttered closed, but Moriarty’s eyes stayed open. He hasn’t seen you in years, so he didn’t want to prolong his misery. 

He reached up to brush some hair out of your face, and your eyes met his warm brown ones. Tears blinded your vision, and some split onto your cheeks. He was alive. You had wished for this moment. Dreamed about this moment. But now that it came true, you didn’t know how to feel. What to do. You were happy, sad, and angry all at the same time. 

Moriarty wrapped his arms around you, and you reached up to caress his lightly stubbled face. You brought your lips to his again in another kiss, but this one was more passionate. You needed to know that this was real, that he was back in your life. You shut your eyes again as you deepened the kiss, and he followed suit. 

You felt the need to be closer to him after being apart for a long time, so you took a handful of his suit jacket. You pulled him to you, but he lost his grip on the back of the couch. You fell onto the floor narrowly missing the table, and Moriarty tumbled over the couch to land on top of you.

You burst into laughter, and Moriarty could feel the vibrations of your chest. You were so stressed out at the moment, all you could do was laugh to release all of your pent up feelings. Moriarty rolled his eyes at you and he tried to act annoyed, but he couldn’t stop a devilish grin from appearing on his face. When you finally stopped, you had more tears in your eyes. They were happy tears.

Moriarty propped himself up on his elbows, so he could properly look at your whole face. You were smiling widely with your cheeks still damp from the tears. He knew that love was a silly little chemical defect, but the defect was hardwired into every human being. 

Sentiment tended to make people overlook faults and flaws but Moriarty firmly believed that you were complete utter perfection. You were on the side of the angels, but he couldn’t have cared less. Moriarty had been searching for someone just like him for the longest time so he wouldn’t be bored, but he now knew that wasn’t what he needed. 

What he needed was you. You were an ordinary person, but you understood him. You accepted him for who he was, and you didn’t try to change him. However, that didn’t mean you wanted to be a part of the crime in his life. You were able to uphold your own morals, as well as support Jim when he needed it.

His eyes flickered to your lips before he said in a whisper “You haven’t changed. You’re still stunning. My beautiful angel.”

You didn’t want to spoil the moment by addressing the fact that he left you depressed for years, or that you were still mad at him for not telling you he was alive. You just wanted to enjoy your reunion; you could talk to him about that later. You slung your arms around his neck, and you asked softly, “Did you miss me?”

Moriarty playfully rolled his eyes, but his traitorous lips curled into a small smile. His leaned forward to kiss you, and he mumbled against your lips, “Oh, you have no idea darling.”

“Give me an idea, Jimmy.” You demanded with a small smile. You wanted him to kiss you, make love to you, whisper sweet nothings into your ear… the whole package. 

“As you wish.” He murmured in a low tone before his lips made their way to your neck. The oven beeped in the background, signalling that the pizza was done. However, the two of you were making too much noise to take notice of it. 

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Your Choice

Part 5 of the ‘My Mistake’ series, a distinctly not fluffy Darkiplier fanfiction. You may possibly want to check the trigger warnings in the tags for this one, though it’s all text. It’s a long one folks. 

I would recommend starting at the beginning:

  1. My Mistake
  2. Unwanted Guest
  3. Questions part 1
  4. Questions part 2

And now, Your Choice…

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“Did you think this was over?” Dark smirked, shaking his head.
“I guess I did,” I admitted, not entirely sure that I’d intended to. Truths were habit forming.
“I’m not done with you, my dear,” he tutted, “we still need to find that wayward soul of yours.”
“Well I’ve had it with you. Get out of my house! I’m not playing your game any more!” He glared and rolled his shoulders, clasping his hands behind his back. When he spoke there was no anger in his voice, only willpower.
“You will call your precious workplace and excuse yourself. Now.” To my surprise and terror I collected my phone from the table and did as I was bid. I made some weak excuse about gastro, because the last thing a hospital needs is another sick person in it, and excused myself from work. The lie flowed too easily across my tongue, as though the words weren’t mine, even though the voice was. Guilt washed over me as I hung up the phone.
“Good,” he smirked. “Now that’s done, I’m going to leave you with instructions while I attend to a small matter. Do make sure they’re complete when I return.”
“What’s the point if you can just order me to do whatever you want anyway?” I spat, but he ignored my outburst, apparently intrigued by something under his own fingernails.
“You are not to leave the building, nor make any attempt to use any communication device,” he continued. “Take the opportunity to refresh yourself and change into something more suitable. You wont be returning here for some time. Oh, and chose one object to bring with you. Anything you like, something that would be …what was it you wanted to be again? Ah, yes. Useful.” He paused to straighten his suit jacket again, before meeting my gaze.
“I suggest you enjoy making choices while you still can.”

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marykatesmells  asked:

What are some of your college wardrobe essentials? Thanks!

I think college wardrobe essentials completely depend on your personal style/your school/what part of the country you are in/etc. For example, at my sister’s college, they wear ‘real clothes’ to class everyday. However, at my college, everybody wears xl t-shirts and tennis shoes to class. 

Here are my personal college wardrobe essentials. I tried to link items that I own that are available/similar pieces:

For class:

For weekends/etc.:


  • business attire: as a business major, we have to wear business casual/formal attire for presentations. I have a few business shift dresses, a pencil skirt, a blouse, a few midi skirts, a suit, and two business jumpsuits in my college closet at the moment. Those things are also good to have on hand for interviews, etc. I also have a few pairs of heels to pair with business outfits.
  • gameday outfits: for gamedays at my school, everybody dresses up! I usually keep 5-6 dresses and rompers on hand for gameday attire. 
  • chapter attire: my freshman/sophomore year, I had tons of ‘real clothes’ in my closet to wear to sorority chapter. If you plan on joining a sorority, it’s good to have a few business casual outfits on hand. 
  • home: I also have a ton of pieces I wear when I go home/travel. When I am at home, I pretty much never wear just a big tshirt + nike shorts. I prefer to wear ‘real clothes’ as often as I can. I have a few dresses for thanksgiving, easter, and other holidays. I also have a lot of colorful, fun pieces for travel. 

I have been posting my ootd’s throughout my 4 years of college:

I also specifically have my ‘going-out’ outfits here:

I hope that could help answer your question! Again, my college wardrobe essentials might be completely different than others, but these are just the things I find myself wearing the most often in college :)

Second Chance -2- V

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Second Chance -2- Taehyung

Parts; Masterlist, 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 |

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre; Romance, Fluff

Word count; 2.585

Synopsis; When Taehyung left to be a trainee, you were left behind, never once did he contact you until he suddenly shows up after seven years.

“I have to go.” you pulled your shirt out of his hands and quickly started to clean up your stuff and to your surprise he let you walk away, not once did he approach you, you weren’t sure why at first he wanted to know why you had his name on your body and the next he just sat there looking into space. You walked into the music department and sat behind the drums, you could play a lot of instruments, this was something you loved to do and it really took your mind of off things, which you desperately needed, when no other then Jungkook walked in, this was a rare sight because Jungkook didn’t go here but sometimes he came here to team up with certain musicians just to learn and you knew about him wanting to play the drums, that’s when it dawned on you as you looked at the drumkit in front of you and you sighed. “So this is why ” you mumbled to yourself as Jungkook approached you.

“Excuse me but are you going to teach me how to play the drums?” You looked up after taking a deep breath and turned to the teacher who was nodding. “I guess so.” you got up from your seat and let Jungkook take a seat.

“You’re Y/N, right?” You didn’t need to ask him how he knew this because Taehyung or Namjoon probably said something about meeting you. “That’s me, why?”

“I saw pictures of you on Hyungs phone but you were a lot younger.” this made you focus on him again because you hadn’t expected that. It didn’t make any sense though because why would he have pictures of you from so many years ago. “Ah I see, why don’t we start,” you asked him to show what he already knew and to your pleasant surprise he was already pretty good but he just lost the rhythm when it went to fast, which was normal as you had difficulties with that as well when you just started to learn. After awhile he suddenly stopped and turned to you “Noona? Why are you angry at Hyung?”

“I don’t believe that’s any of your business Jungkook.” he nodded but kept looking at you as if this was going to work. “Hyung doesn’t want to tell us what exactly happened and according to Namjoon Hyung, something happened when you were younger?” You sighed because you really didn’t want to have this conversation even though it was Jungkook.

“Jungkook-ah, I love you but really stop asking me about this, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“But maybe we can help.” you shook your head “This is between Taehyung and me, so please just shut up about it.” You turned your back towards him and walked to the teacher who was observing you two. “Sir, I need to leave, is that okay?”

“What happened between you two?”

“Nothing much, he just asked me about something I didn’t want to talk about.”

“I see, how is he doing?”

“He is doing fine, he just needs to work on his rhythm but other than that he is playing okay.”

“That’s good because there is a reason why he came over today and it’s a huge opportunity for you.”

“Really? About what are we talking?”

“They need a new drummer because their drummer just married and won’t be able to join them on their world tour and I know you can play all their songs with your eyes closed, so I talked to the boss of BigHit Entertainment and showed him a video montage of you drumming their songs and now he really likes to meet you.” You were shocked that he had done something like that without discussing it with you and you weren’t sure if you were thankful for this opportunity but then again you couldn’t say no to Bang PD, that was just out of the question.

“You should’ve discussed it first with me because I really don’t like this.”


“Because I can’t stand to be in the same room as Kim Taehyung.”

“Why is that?”

“That’s exactly the thing I didn’t want to talk about with Jungkook.”

“I see but what do you want me to do, do you want me to cancel it?” You shook your head because even you realized that this was a huge thing and it could help your career. “No, I will meet with Bang PDnim, when do I meet him?”

“Tomorrow at BigHit Entertainment at 11 am.” you nodded and put it on your phone so that you wouldn’t be able to forget about it.  “I will be there, so I have to bring something?”

“Your drumsticks.” You sighed and nodded before saying goodbye, you walked towards the bus stop whilst listening to music, this always calmed you down but after the day you had, it was nearly impossible to calm down because first you had to deal with Taehyung and then with Jungkook, which wasn’t that bad to be honest because Jungkook was actually really shy and it had taken him at least an hour to grab the courage to ask you about Taehyung but it still made you on edge and now with this meeting about you possibly joining their world tour, it was just a lot to take in and why did you wear this shirt and why did Taehyung have to spot the tattoo?

The next day you dressed casually but still formal, you didn’t wear heels though as you probably had to play the drums, to show them you could actually play their songs, which wouldn’t be difficult. “Unni, do you have a minute?” you asked through her bedroom door and she opened it before you could, knowing fully well she had a guy in there. “What’s wrong?”

“I have a meeting with BigHit Entertainment today.”

“Don’t lie.”

“I’m not lying really. My teacher arranged it, they want me to join them on the world tour of bts.”

“Do you want to?”
“I’m not sure about this yet.”

“You know you will be seeing Taehyung every day if you join them right?”

“I’m aware of this but it’s a huge opportunity right?” she nodded thoughtfully “It is and you will see the world, which is amazing.”

“I guess so, so should I just go for it?”

“It’s your life and your career, do you want someone like Taehyung to keep you from that?”

“No, I don’t.”

Then go.” You hugged your sister because for once she was helpful and supportive, this didn’t happen often but you loved her for being like this and you wouldn’t forget it. You got ready to leave and once you were standing in front of the building you got nervous because he was the man behind Bts and he was also the guy who took Taehyung away from you, so this was going to interesting. The minute you stepped into the reception hall a woman approached you “Hi are you Y/n?”

“That’s me.” you quickly bowed and she smiled as you looked up. “Nice to meet you, I see you came prepared.” you looked at her in confusion, so she quickly pointed at the drumsticks that were sticking out of your back pocket.

“Ah yes, I thought I had to bring them.” You smiled at her and she nodded. “Good thinking because you will have to play their entire set, just to see if you can keep up with the other band members.”

“That will be no problem.” you smiled confidently at her and she just smiled. “Follow me please.” As you walked through the hallway, you couldn’t help but stare at the walls because they had a lot of pictures on the walls, you could tell they were really proud of their artists, which was good and you started to feel relaxed but that changed the minute she opened the door. In front of you sat Bang PDnim and he was looking really serious that it almost scared you but then again this was a business deal so he had to be professional. You quickly bowed out of respect after introducing yourself and when you heard him chuckle you looked up and was startled that he came so close.

“So you’re the girl V-sshi has been talking about lately.” You felt annoyed by this but smiled anyway. “I guess so.”

“Can I ask how you know each other?”
“We were best friends before he came here to be a trainee.”

“Really?! He never said anything about you.” This made it even worse but then again what did you expect. “Hmm weird.” was all you could say because really you didn’t know why Taehyung suddenly decided to kick you out of his life and for now that wasn’t important. “You know why you are here right?”

“I know, you want me to join the world tour as the drummer.”

“I do but I really need you to prove that you’re really as good as they say and I need you to sign contracts.”

“I understand, let’s start with proving myself.” you smiled as you pulled the drumsticks out of your pocket, which made him smile, you followed him into the practice room and you were surprised to see whole Bangtan waiting for you to arrive, just as the band. “Here she is, please take good care of her.” you bowed to the other guys who were nudging Taehyung for some reason. The band members immediately took you in and gave you the arrangements and it was a good thing that you could read notes because otherwise, this was going to be really hard.

“Alright I’m ready if you guys are?” they got behind their instruments and started playing after you counted down and for an entire hour you played without making too many mistakes, the mistakes you made were because they had made adjustments but after practicing it a few times you nailed it within four hours and everyone was praising you and Bang PD-nim shook your hand and welcomed you to the team and after that you had to sign a lot of forms to make sure you would get into trouble if you ever said anything about Bts or whatever happened within the company, they were cautious enough, which was a good thing nowadays and you signed without overthinking it and the large sum of money that you would get, wasn’t unpleasant as well, not that you were going to spend it because you were planning on putting it on a bank but still.

“We will be leaving at the end of this week, so be sure to get a passport and we will take care of your visa and plane tickets, we will let you know what time we will be leaving.” you thanked them and bowed before leaving, it was a good thing that your painting would be an end piece but now you had to make sure it was finished before you got on that plane.

You decided to pull an all-nighter but before you could leave the building Taehyung called your name “Y/N, please wait a second.” you really wanted to run away but now that you were working for him, you stopped. “What?”
“When did you learn the drums? I never once saw you play them.”

“Ah, I started to learn after you left, It helped me releasing my anger, without hurting myself or others.”

“I didn’t know you had an anger problem?”

“That’s because I didn’t have anger issues, it started when you left me.” with that you walked away leaving him with his guilt, you knew you were being petty but he really hurt you and you just couldn’t be a grown up about it. You called your sister to tell her you wouldn’t come home as you had to work on your painting, she, of course, was fine with it because now she could play house with her boyfriend.

The evening went by and at a certain point, you really had to stop because you were falling asleep and if you didn’t want paint over your face you just needed to stop. “That was about time.” you literally fell from your stool when you heard Taehyung’s voice. “Are you okay?”

“Are you crazy?! What are you doing here?!” your voice cracked because you were still completely in shock. He stretched out his hand to help you up but you pushed it away and stood up by yourself, he narrowed his eyes at your stubbornness but decided to say nothing about it. “I can ask you the same, why are you here, still working on your painting?”

“It has to be done before I go with you guys, so I am working on it.”

“You can do that tomorrow as well.”

“Tae Do you know how much work there is still left to do? I don’t think you do, so please butt out and just go home.”

“You just called me Tae.” your hand flew in front of your mouth because you did and it took you back to when you were still best friends, you always called him that and for some reason, you did it again.

“You are warming up to me, aren’t you?!” you shook your head and tried to push him out of the room but this was just a waste of energy and it was also an opportunity for him to touch you, which he took as he put his hands on your waist, you felt the electric shocks going through your body and it was like you were back at square one, it felt like your crush had returned, which really couldn’t happen. “I’m not leaving.”
“You are, I don’t want you here.”

“Why not, do I make you uncomfortable?”

“Look Taehyung, I will be joining the band this weekend and I will be there almost every day, so can I please have my privacy?!” You needed to convince him to leave because there was no way you could concentrate if he stayed and you just wanted to finish this painting. He was staring at you with so much affection that it was almost impossible to be rude to him but he just needed to leave you alone but when your word got through to him he smiled. “That’s true I will be seeing you for almost three months, I forgot about that.” You took a step back so that he had to let go of you “Right, well then.” you waited for him to leave and as he turned you took a deep breath but you didn’t even have a chance to get back to your easel, as he suddenly grabbed your arm and pulled you against his chest.

“I know you hate me but I really want to be your friend again.” he held you tightly against his chest and for a few seconds you didn’t say or do anything but you just stood there because let’s be honest he was still deeply woven into your heart, not that he needed to know this but for a few seconds you just enjoyed being in his arms. Before he let go he put his hand under your chin and lifted it up and for a second you were afraid he was going to kiss you, but he just stared into your eyes and sighed deeply.

“I will get you back.” with that he pushed his lips against your forehead and lingered for a few seconds and you just stood there frozen but as sudden as he pulled you in a hug he also suddenly let go of you and walked away.

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OOTD 05 - french girly x work

Shiraishi Mai is actually my favourite Larme model, partly because I feel she pulls off classic looks really well. Several of the coordinates in Mai’s “French Girly” section in Larme 026 are even work-friendly (assuming your workplace isn’t very formal). If you’re looking to wear Larme style to work, you could consider using Maiyan’s style as a starting point.

Since the editors shunted this An Another Angelus skirt into a sad little corner, I thought I would make a coordinate mock-up with it. Pairing the coordinate with the tote and heels on the left will give it a sweeter, more casual vibe. With the handbag and boots on the right, the coordinate has a more mature, formal look.

Blouse, heels : Axes Femme
Skirt, boots: An Another Angelus (F.i.n.t)
Tote: Maison de Fleur
Handbag: Samantha Thavasa
Headband: Innocent World