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OOTD 05 - french girly x work

Shiraishi Mai is actually my favourite Larme model, partly because I feel she pulls off classic looks really well. Several of the coordinates in Mai’s “French Girly” section in Larme 026 are even work-friendly (assuming your workplace isn’t very formal). If you’re looking to wear Larme style to work, you could consider using Maiyan’s style as a starting point.

Since the editors shunted this An Another Angelus skirt into a sad little corner, I thought I would make a coordinate mock-up with it. Pairing the coordinate with the tote and heels on the left will give it a sweeter, more casual vibe. With the handbag and boots on the right, the coordinate has a more mature, formal look.

Blouse, heels : Axes Femme
Skirt, boots: An Another Angelus (F.i.n.t)
Tote: Maison de Fleur
Handbag: Samantha Thavasa
Headband: Innocent World

You wear a dress that he really likes (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -he was really shocked because he’s never once seen you in anything overly revealing before. You were a jeans and his tshirt kinda girl, so the dress that was a pleasant surprise- “oh yes baby you look great. This right here is sweetest treat I’ve ever had” 

Jeonghan: -he was your date for an event your friend invited you to. So he was excited to see your formal attire, the heels weren’t seen but he heard them and the long dress was amazing on your body. Highlighting curves he didn’t know you had- “well look at you all dressed up. Are you ready to go gorgeous, I get to show you off”

Joshua: -when it came to you he did anything even shopping he may have hated it and all of that. He was surprised to see that you were wearing a floral dress and high heeled sandals, he loved it a lot to the point he wanted to actually go shopping to get you more clothing like that- “come on babe we need to get you more of those dresses. You look so amazing right now”

Jun: -any reason to show you off he took, your cape dress and high heels was personally his favorite to the point he bought you more. He liked to dress up and he liked when you dressed up as well- “come on baby lets go show off your dress I think it looks amazing on you like every other one”

Hoshi: -you wore a babydoll shift dress and you liked that it looked cute and innocent. But that’s not what Soonyoung thought even when you were out with the boys, he thought you were up to something more than that- “baby what are you trying at? You don’t dress like that unless you want something”

Wonwoo: -your bodycon dress was something he wasn’t expecting especially with those heels he loved. You two were going on your first public date where people might see you together and he didn’t want anyone getting any bad ideas about you- “princess as much as I like your dress it’s a no come on. Let me pick out your dress but you’re keeping those heels on”

Woozi: -he never made you wear anything you didn’t feel comfortable in even if you looked great in a dresses and skirts. So when you guys were going out for a date this evening and the wrap dress was amazing for him, the heels were smaller so you two were close to the same height and that was a bonus.- “come on baby you look great and I can’t believe you actually wore a dress for a date.”

DK: -your definition of a dress would be his shirt but of course male shirts were meant for breast. So you got a shirt dress and skipped out on the heels for the reason you didn’t think it looked right. He personally was in heaven everytime you wore the dress because it looked like his shirt.- “yes she’s wearing the dress again!”

Mingyu: -your most recent modeling job meant the princess line dress was something he would be seeing more often. So the first day he saw you in the dress and heels he blushed and had no idea how to act- “you look so good baby, I uh feel under dressed now”

The8: -it was something that you started recently the Disney dresses, he loved it they always gave you a childlike sense and the boot heels that you wore with them made him giggle.- “Alice in Wonderland this time jagi? You look so cute in it”

Seungkwan: -the bandage dress was something new that all the boys were getting to see for the first time especially when you showing up during an interview. He was in the middle of talking when he saw you in a dress like that on you to the point his mind went blank- “oh um yeah uh my hearts beating really fast right now I’m sorry”

Vernon: -the dress you wore to meet his parents was more of a distraction for him than it was for his parents. By the time your dinner with his parents Hansol was unable to help his out burst- “gosh baby you have no idea what that dress does for me. Why don’t you wear more of them” 

Dino: -he was such a dork about you in a dress because he just love it especially the popover dress because you looked cute and all adult like which he just couldn’t handle- “you know what your dresses do to me Y/N why do you do this to me?”

The ULTIMATE What-Shit-To-Pack List for a UK Uni Student-to-be

Im compiling a list (and jeez its long so youre in for the long hall on this one) of stuff to take to uni :) so heres what ive compiled to be the essentials for you.

Pointers: this list is based on living in en suite accom with a ¾ bed and is self catered.



A lot of stuff you probably have at home already, bring it rather than buy new.

I will judge you silently if you don’t have an empty alcohol bottle collection by the end of first year.


Essentially the usual stuff youd take on holiday, but more of it. Think about where in the country youre living (THE NORTH IS FUCKING COLD JUST FYI) and what weathers we get during the year.

 Also have a mix of party and practical clothing. The lil black dress for the society formal? Yes! Those heels for that job interview? Yes! The trainers, jeans and hoodie combo? Hell yes!

Hoodies are beautiful, you will live in them.

Lots and lots and lots of underwear.


Duvet + pillows

Duvet case +  pillow cases (2 sets)

Sheets (2 sets)

Mattress protector (to turn the hard squeaky bed into a comfy marshmallow of love)

Cushions and teddies from home because aesthetic



Bedroom Furniture

Desk lamp

Storage baskets/boxes

Washing hamper and/or bin

Plug extensions

Laptop stand


Stuff/mementos to decorate room a little

Speakers for ipod/iphone

Clothes hangers

Door hanger shoe organiser (because you can store scarves/hats/etc in them too!



Diary/Planner. I wholeheartedly recommend one from staples! You can move stuff without tearing pages out, write in your own dates/months etc so pages aren’t wasted and can get plastic sleeves for memory sticks etc and those coloured book marker thingies.

Notebooks for each module (way less disorganised than sheets of paper and folders)

Lined paper (good for scrap or that shitty 5 credit plagiarism module you have to do)

Post-it notes

Paperclips and pushpins

Pens, pencils, rubbers, sharpner, highlighters etc

Washi tape – its special tape that you can use to stick things to the walls instead of blu tak as it doesn’t leave a mark! That’s how all my posters are stuck up. Its about £3 on amazon :)

Laptop, bag, charger, mouse, mousemat


In your “Man Drawer” – yes that is a reference to Michael McIntyre but trust me you’ll have one of these

At least a months worth of any prescription meds youre on so youre covered until you’ve signed up to a doctors

Batteries – AA and AAA are most useful

Plasters – for the times when you drop the knife and slash yourself and need to not bleed all over your dinner haha

Paracetamol and ibuprofen

Passport, ID, Have a folder of important docs: contract, copy of results, important certificates (sadly the pen licence you got in year 4 wont get you into a bar im afraid) CV etc


Lanyard to keep your flatkeys and fob on




hampoo, conditioner, showergel, soap,

Hand soap

Toothbrush, toothpaste

Flannels and towels

A shower hanger – you get them from ikea and they hang off of the door, they then can be used to store things like shampoo and soap

Razors, pads and tampons


A washbag (for when you travel home

Loo paper

Bleach, shower cleaner, sponge and j cloths




16 piece set of cheap as shit cutlery – IT WILL GO WALKIES

Cheap drinking glasses

Cheap crockery – plates, mugs, bowl, - ACCEPT THAT IT MAY BE BROKEN

3 sizes of pot. One for soup/instant noodles (aka food of the gods) one for pasta and a large one for the weekends when youre making 1.5 kilos of spaghetti bolognaise to last 4 meals.

Frying pan

Tuppaware – greatest invention

Spatula and cooking spoon and mixing spoons etc

Pyrex bowl






Biscuit tin and biscuits

Pack of cards and/or cards against humanity

Overnight bag (for the weekend home)

Suitcase (for dragging a load of washing home at xmas)

Ikea bag – the haut couture of students when carrying their laundry down to the laundry room


Things youll get given in freshers:

The opportunity to buy a cactus. -  my cacti are called Edmund and Baldrick. They are my best friends.

Energy drink


Condoms – even if you don’t plan to use them now keep them just in case. You genuinely never know trust me.

greygreenwolf rachelah93 and stark-and-spice I hope this is useful!

Making 1.5kg of spaghetti bolognaise is  great. trust me.

I wanted to put photos on this but tumblr is shitty. so if you need picks ask and ill post them separate