formal fashion


I couldn’t control myself when @upthehillart drew these two loser girlfriends..

also i have been collecting aesthetic for my interpretation of pansy- who by the way, is a total baby girl!

Tina Tamashirou’s bright geometric furisode design uses camellias (a winter flower) with botan peonies (an early spring flower) and a couple of bold ume or sakura (also early spring), which marks this kimono as intended for January or February-ish.

Wait, Coming of Age Ceremony is always held on the second Monday of January! 

Indeed, this kind of furisode, with its super bright colors, joyously playful patterns and youthful makeup is intended for Coming of Age Ceremony wear (when girls turn 20 years old and become adults). 

I lve the use of the bright fluorescent fuchsia with the odd magenta purple in the obi, the lime green with the emerald green, and sky blue tying it all together. The use of a bright crayon-green eri collar is a bold move, since the other two greens are a teal and that lime green. It’s a totally different color temperature but it bounces between the creamy color and the sky blue like a slash of jewel tone and somehow it all works. What a great coordination.