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Forget the gun, you’re one hell of a deputy, and Black Badge needs you. Screw them.      I need you.
Dining Etiquette: Interacting with Staff
Formal Dining: Interacting With Staff - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When interacting with wait staff, keep in mind, they are there to serve you...

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a few fingons

Clay Jensen, everybody 👏🏼
  • Clay: So, uhm, look, I'm not really sure how this is done, uh, I don't wanna be too formal, although it is the winter formal, I don't know if people actually ask people this, like, in the world, but, uhm, I was just saying... I wonder if you wanna dance?
  • Hannah: *decodes Clays babbling after ages* I would love to dance.
  • Clay: Awesome, ok, cool *throws jacket away* *starts madly jumping around*

A smiling Prince Albert Edward (the future King Edward VII) of the United Kingdom with his wife Princess Alexandra of Denmark and their two eldest children Prince Albert Victor and newborn Prince George, 1865.

Happy Birthday Killua!

- I really can’t stay
- Baby it’s cold outside 

Sorry for the lack of activity but let’s celebrate Christmas, New Year, the return of the DGM anime and my +600 followers (wow but really thank you) with this Allen x Lenalee fanart o/ 

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*Totally not canon disclaimer woo*

I started coloring on this last night as I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to shade 2 commissions I’m working on so Arthur got to be my test subject which i’m happy to say helped quite a bit. c:

There’s a few fan pieces that inspired parts of this design but I also added some small touches of my own, especially had fun with the hair, so glowy. :P

Changed that heart color like 5 times before I said screw it and made it green because it’s the second color that comes to mind when I think of Arthur. What that means I don’t know, you’re more then welcome to come to your own conclusions over color lol. 

Imagine Loki knowing you’re pregnant with his baby before you even have the first clue, and he’s bursting with excitement.
But, being the God of Mischief, he decides to wait until you’re at a very formal event before bending to whisper in your ear; “You’re going to have my child, and I couldn’t be happier, my love.”
You give him exactly what he wanted by jumping into his arms with tears streaming down your face, causing the rest of the guests to stare at your sudden outburst.