formal baby

Black Cat - Jun - Daemon

Around since March 23, 2009 (I know because I drew him for the first time on the same day, dA has the proof!)

His first appearance was as a shadow-like black cat, with one eye always closed. For a long time, though, he had the form of a black panther. He tried many forms, including bunny, dragon, human, and recently even a fox, but he decided to stay as a small black cat.

As a panther he used to be very serious and super protective, walking always closely and growling at people he didn’t trust, or that made me feel sad, always walking by my right, so he could keep his working eye on me. What about his eye? He just appeared like this, there’s no backstory here, actually. As a cat he’s more relaxed, a funny little guy, still very protective, but trusts my own defense a lot more than back when he was big. He says “I don’t need to be big to take care of you anymore, you grew enough to learn a few things about being stronger, I’m proud of you, kid!

Jun always said that as a job, he’d definitely work with music or writing. That is if he could get himself a job. He’s definitely a fan of singing, so he’s usually responsible for getting music playing on repeat in my head pff.

He’s also possibly the hidden agressive part of myself, he has courage to talk, he feels violent and very angry around people that “betrayed his trust” but won’t tell me to hate them, because that’s his job. He has a hard time forgiving some actions, for sure.

On the other side, he is very affectionate towards good friends of mine, not that they really know, honestly. And as much as he likes calling me a moron, he’s the sweetest little cat, always cuddling up to me, singing to me when I feel lonely, and we have long deep talks from time to time. His words can be harsh sometimes, as he scolds me when I do wrong, but he means well, for sure.

So yeah, I used to talk a lot more about Jun back in the time when I had friends in school with daemons so we kinda talked about them a lot! This changed though when I got away from most of them, and made new friends, not knowing how they would react about his existence, I never shared much more about him for a long time. And! I wanna get back to it, so here we go!