So I know some of you are looking for formal/prom/homecoming dresses and I posted about the ones @wardrobelust has for now just $50

Well this is the Morticia Tulle Dress on me. I thought it would be good for you to see it on someone who’s not a model and is actually 5ft7ish and an AUS size 12/14

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  • casual or formal outfit for little sim girls!
  • 4 twin packs of swatches: two classic with black skirt, two pastel ones, two super funky polkadot ones and two in monochrome (little Cassandra Goth-ish ^^ )
  • I am keeping the .psd, because I might make some more packs in the future, I feel the cut of this dress is very timeless and can be retextured in a variety of styles. Besides, I feel there is not enough cute things for the little sim princesses!


Thank you for downloading! Feel free to tag me as #kedlu or #kedluu, if you use this, so I can see it :)

So I know some of you may be looking for a formal/prom/homecoming dress so I thought I would point out some of the rad $50AUD ones that @shopwardrobelust have

If I had my formal over again I would defs wear the one in the middle (that I have and will hopefully post a pic in tomorrow) and not have the same dress as two other girls at my formal (true story)